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“My favorite genre of twitter is straight men reacting to Oscar Isaac”

How many more men would be bi if we let them

How many more men would be bi if we let them

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you know what i want all of us to normalize? trans people changing their name more than once.

you changed your name again because the other one didn’t work for you? that’s cool.

you changed your name again because you found another better one? that’s cool.

you changed your name back because it just felt better? that’s cool!

also normalize not changing your name at all, or having several different names, and just normalize all kinds of relationships with names, because it really does get complicated for some. and that’s cool.

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does it sound like im okay? does it fucking sound like-


OP are you okay


being horny is so fucking stupid. if you horny you’re immediately a dumbass. that person could literally just be wearing a t shirt and the sight of their collarbone feels like you just snorted a line of coke. god fucking forbid they wear pants rolled over their ankles. you’re foaming at the mouth and crounched on the floor like a fucking animal. you catch the sight of (1) toned muscle? flatlined. dead.

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Ways I’ve found Queer People show affection:



-*incomprehensible list of emojis*


-I would die for you

-*sends picture of rock* it’s you

-bitch I’ll fight you

-hey do you wanna feel REALLY gay? *sends picture of hot person*

-*sends gif of two animals hugging* it’s us

-*sends gif of two animals fighting* it’s us

-hey wanna hear something cursed? Too late you’re hearing it anyway

You forgot their one specific colored heart emoji

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Anyone who does not reblog this is an idiot.

preach ^

please, just respect people’s identities

They/them/theirs pronouns are just as valid as any other pronouns and if you think otherwise uhh there’s the door 🚪now get the fuck out

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my mom, turning up “we will rock you”: football babey!

me, internally: straight people think they understand queen which is cute

it’s gay pride darling

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(blows a kiss) for they/them bisexuals

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by @ fjirvine on tiktok

This is might officially my new favorite video. It’s got everything

  • Trans
  • They Might Be Giants
  • Trans
  • Repurposing lyrics as dialogue
  • Telling off old people
  • Trans
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Happy Pride Month Eleanor Roosevelt was queer, the Little Mermaid is a gay love story, James Dean liked men, Emily Dickinson was a lesbian, Nikola Tesla was asexual, Freddie Mercury was bisexual & British Indian, and black trans women pioneered the gay rights movement.

Florence Nightingale was a lesbian, Leonardo da Vinci was gay, Michelangelo too, Jane Austen liked women, Hatshepsut was not cisgender, and Alexander the Great was a power bottom

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every time u like one of my posts ur kissing me and if u reblog it that’s with tongue

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Now that I’m studying bio, may I just say how fervently I wish my primary association with the words “alpha, beta, omega” was literally anything other than what it is

My nutrition professor was talking about vitamins and said, “the only reason you all even know the words alpha and omega is because of sororities,” and I wanted so badly to raise my hand and be like “if you’re gonna be a dick for some reason, please let me explain to you in depth my immediate connotations for those words”

I’m in training to become a phlebotomist and at my last class we did blood typing and let me tell you when I walked into the lab to see A/B/O written in massive letters on the whiteboard I felt six years come off my lifespan

once I used a phrase alpha and omega of something during a lecture and one of the students giggled so hysterically I *knew* and I looked at her and she looked at me, and let me tell you, this was the most profound moment of horror and understanding I have ever shared with another person

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Okay, hot take? Bisexual and pansexual are functionally synonyms, and the decision to ID as one or the other comes down to personal preference and interpretation, and any attempt to further separate the two is driving a wedge between two communities that should have nothing but love and solidarity for one another. 

We have more in common than not, and the words for our respective identities should not be pitted against each other. 

Yeah with overlapping identities like this I just go for whichever one I like the pride flag the most.

That’s so valid. 

There is a distinction between pansexual and bisexual but it is a very fine line, so fine that people who fit the definition for pansexual better may ID as bisexual instead for a variety of personal reasons and vice versa. But there is a distinction and acting like they are perfect synonyms can be quite invalidating.

Bisexual - attraction to multiple genders where gender is a factor within the attraction, and can include a preference for one gender over another, or attraction that feels different when it’s directed at a specific gender.

Pansexual- attraction to people regardless of gender. Gender is not a factor, you’d expect a blanket sensation of attraction regardless of which gender it is attracted to, and no sense of intuitive gender preference (though perhaps a logical one).

Notice that neither of these definitions actually exclude transgender or non-binary people and arguing otherwise is biphobic and transphobic. But there is still a distinction - practically, the issues they face and the relationships they will end up in are the same, but emotionally and subjectively they feel different.

Me reading the first post: I totally agree 100% quit telling me that calling myself bisexual means I’m transphobic

Me reading post four: OH I never heard that distinction before. Being attracted to masculine ppl DOES feel different to me than being attracted to feminine ppl. It never occurred to me that pansexual people experienced attraction different from me in that way. Today I have learned something.

Okay, so this is a better explanation than I have seen before, and I’m really glad it crossed my dash. *throws love and support @ my bi and pan friends across the globe bc they’re all valid*

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  • Don’t try that mascara/arm hair shit. I’ve been passing for more than a year with short, blond arm hair. It’s not an important secondary sex characteristic.
  • Board shorts (without pockets in the front) do wonders to minimize the width of your hips. Always choose board shorts over swim trunks. Choose them over cargo shorts if it’s appropriate.
  • Speak from your chest, never from your head.
  • The goal of binding should not be an entirely flat chest; you should bind for your body type.
  • GC2b makes the best binders out there, and their products are designed specifically for trans men/transmasculine people.
  • It might seem useless if you’re pre-T, but working out can be a big help for dysphoria.
  • Eyebrows are really important to passing pre-testosterone. Muss that shit up. Make them look unkempt.
  • When you ask for a haircut, make sure the edges in the back are squared, not rounded.
  • If you have peach fuzz, I would advise shaving it. Cis guys shed theirs when they go through puberty. Shaving can also help with facial hair dysphoria.
  • Don’t ever buy a binder from Amazon. They run in strange sizes (I was an XXL even though I’m a M in GC2b) and take weeks/months to come. It’s also difficult to breathe in them after a few hours.

@shyguyshiloh @kuchenkat

Spread the word, especially for the board shorts thing!!!!!! They do WONDERS for making hips appear slimmer!!!!!


for my masculine children :-*

Adding a couple things. 

-Patience is a virtue you need to come to terms with. Even on T, things take time. My voice dropped immediately, but my cycle continued for 6 months. We’re all different. 

-In the summer, HYDRATE YOURSELF. A binder is an extra layer, and mine have always been very warm. 

-When its not too hot, layers are your friend. You’d be surprised what even simply an undershirt can do to smooth out your look. 

-You are going to get misgendered. This is a fact, and it sucks. Learn to politely correct people. Remember you might be the first (openly) trans person they meet, so be a good ambassador. 

-When you start T, your smell will change. You will sweat like you’ve never sweat before, and it WILL STINK. Adjust your bathing habits accordingly. 

*coughs in direction of my trans friendos*

If you have a really large chest you might do better with Underworks binders. They aren’t pretty, they’re not soft, but they do a good job and were the first on the market for a very long time. I couldn’t stand gc2b so if you’re like me, try Underworks.

Don’t double bind.

DON’T USE DUCK TAPE. I still have scars from a dumb decision I made as a teen and I’m 31 now.

When the time comes for top surgery, shop around. Find someone who will tailor your chest to your needs. Look at their portfolio. Compare surgeons. See if you can find someone who will work with your health insurance if you have it.

Be safe. Be healthy. Take your time. It’s not a race or a competition.

*incoherent screaming* MY TRANS MEN/ TRANS MASCULINE FOLLOWERS, L O O K👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

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