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Imagine going to Camilo’s house for dinner because all the Madrigals want to meet you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and Camilo knew one another from school. You were in the same class and although you hadn’t really spent much time together you knew of one another. You knew Camilo because he was part of the most famous family in Colombia, not to mention his reputation as a hilarious prankster which made him well known throughout the school. Camilo knew of you because he’d had a crush on you for years. You were the only person he got nervous around and his confidence dried up whenever you looked at him with those piercingly beautiful eyes. So when the two of you were paired together on a school project Camilo was both ecstatic and nervous.
You worked on the project during school hours, spending much time together which Camilo greatly enjoyed. When it became clear you wouldn’t finish it in school hours he suggested you go to his house after school. You agreed, not going to pass up a chance to see the incredible Madrigal house and together you made your way there. Camilo said most of his family should be out which was a good thing so you’d have the place to yourself. True to form, nobody was around when you arrived and so Camilo gave you a grand tour and then you finally settled down to work.
That evening
Camilo stumbled into the dining room utterly exhausted from the day’s events. He loved being around you but he found himself concentrating on what you were saying so much it hurt his head. When you left he felt like he’d been in a blissful daze and it took him a while for him to get his bearings. His eagle-eyed family noticed this of course and Isabela frowned as he sat down next to her “why are you walking like that?”. “Nothing i’m just tired”. “Aww tough day at school?” Luisa asked and Camilo went to agree when Dolores spoke up “that’s not what I heard...”. “Ow that means she heard some gossip! What did you hear?” Mirabel cried excitedly. “Well, Mrs Diaz’s daughter told me she saw you coming home with a girl. Apparently you brought her inside casita and everything. She didn’t leave for hours” Dolores smirked doing that typical “oh” of hers before everyone erupted into a barrage of questions. “You know you aren’t allowed to bring guests home without telling us!” his mother cried “and unsupervised” his father added. “Wait was it a date?” Isabela asked as Mirabel cried “who was she?”. “No it wasn’t a date and you don’t know her!”. “I’m in the same year as you” Mirabel cried and she looked to Dolores who would know the answer to all her questions. “It certainly sounds like a date and her name’s y/n” Dolores replied simply. “Y/n L/n!” Mirabel cried and Camilo winced. Now they had a name they’d be like bloodhounds. “Wait l/n? I think I went to school with her sister, they’re a really lovely family” Luisa commented and finally Abuela Madrigal got everyone’s attention. “Everyone stop talking! Now Camilo, who is this girl and why did you bring her over here without telling us?”. “She’s just a girl from my school Abuela” Camilo looked down managing not to blush, very aware everyone was watching him. "It wasn’t a big deal, We had a school project and she came over to finish it. That’s all!". 
His Abuela didn’t agree. 
“It is a big deal! We are the Madrigals, there are things we have to do, ways we have to present ourselves to guests. You know I like to welcome everyone who steps into this house, it keeps the family reputation". Camilo nodded "I do and you did...in a way". A smirk filled Mirabel’s face "you didn’t". "Did what?' his father and Abuela said at the same time. Camilo smirked, egged on by Mirabel "I shapeshifted into you Abuela and welcomed her into the house. She liked it a lot so don't worry I was the perfect host". "You what!" Abuela cried and Mirabel, Isabela and even Luisa smirked. "Tell me you're lying". "He’s not" Dolores chimed in "his heart always speeds up when he’s lying...like when he said it wasn’t a date”. Camilo glared at her but gave his Abuela and parents a winning smile "it was just a joke and y/n found it funny believe me". "I don’t care we have traditions and they must be upheld so you will invite this girl back and we will do things properly". Camilo went to argue when his mother shot him a look and he groaned in defeat “yes Abuela”. Isabela smirked and leant in "remember how you acted when I had Mariano visiting? Payback time".
The next day
At the earliest opportunity Camilo was ordered out of the house by his Abuela to track you down and invite you back for dinner. He relented, realising there was no way of getting out of this and walked with Luisa who he hoped would help track you down. She was a good few heads taller than him and towered over him in the square. "Do you see her?" he asked and she paused “me? I have no idea what she looks like". "Well she has brown hair" he started. "Ow that narrows it down" Luisa commented and he rolled his eyes "let me finish! She has light brown hair, she’s about Madirgal’s skin tone and my height. She usually wears blue or something purple or green...". Luisa groaned "none of this is helping". "Okay just pick me up!" Camilo sighed. "Do what?" Luisa asked and he groaned "don’t make me say it again". Lusia lifted him easily onto her shoulder and he got a good look at the market. "See her?" Luisa called and he frowned “give me a sec". He inspected the crowd and every laugh or bright colour made him pause. Finally he saw you, not too far away from them with a vendor. "There she is!" Camilo cried, just a little too loudly as you looked up and saw him. Camilo immediately blushed and waved awkwardly. You waved back and Camilo was pretty red. "Are you blushing?" Luisa asked as she put him on the floor. "No!" He cried "I'm just warm from all of this, I'm gonna go talk to her" and he rushed over to you.
"Y/n!" he said and you turned around startled before smiling "hey Camilo, everything okay? I saw you over there with Luisa, did you lose someone?". "Erm yeah Antonio...". "Ow no that's awful, he’s your little brother right?". Camilo nodded "yeah but...it’ll be fine". "Fine?" you asked confused why he wasn’t scared that his baby brother was missing and Camilo backtracked. "I mean when we find him...want to help me look?". You nodded "of course" and hurried to help him.
The two of you wandered all over town to look for his little brother that was back at home but you never complained. Not even when you’d been all over town, into the woods and back in the square. Camilo was trying to work out a way to ask you to come to dinner but he kept getting distracted by you. You were just so interesting and intelligent. You knew so much about so many things and he kept getting amazed by your knowledge until finally he ran out of time.
You’d been all over town and no Antonio so you’d ended up back at the square where you’d been an hour ago. You sighed as you scanned the market and didn’t see Antonio. “Maybe we should go tell your parents or get the police? If he’s been gone this long it must be serious”. Camilo panicked and just said the first thing that came to him “yeah okay...ow wait there’s Luisa! She’s with Antonio so everything must be fine”. "Really? Where?” you asked cranking to see her but Camilo grabbed your arm "y/n I need your help with something...well something else". That got your attention "what is it?". "Well see my Abuela really likes having guests and she was upset I invited you over when she wasn't home so she wants me to invite you back so she can play hostess". "Play hostess, what does that involve?" you asked. "Well she’ll greet you at the door and there would be a meal but other than that it’d be just like last time...if you had any other homework you wanted to do? Or we don’t have to do homework, We could just hang out or whatever, we could...draw?" he said his brain completely failing to think of a task teenagers would do for fun. "Are you a good artist?” you asked smiling and he shook his head "nope, i have no idea why i suggested that". You laughed loudly and Camilo was sure you were laughing at him until you shot him a smile "well I think it sounds great, I'd love to come back". "Really?" Camilo asked "that's great! How’s tomorrow night?". You nodded "tomorrow works for me! I'll meet you at yours" and you walked away. Camilo stared after you in a daze until you disappeared from sight. Then he reflected on how things had gone and nodded to himself “I nailed that” he said to himself grinning smugly.
The day of the dinner
Despite Camilo’s good news Abuela Madrigal was angry he’d given her so little time to prepare. "I mean barely 24 hours to plan a dinner party" she said as she set the table with the best plates. "Well I kept telling you that you didn’t have to do this" he pointed out. "Of course we have to, now go wait by the door she'll be here soon" his Abuela cried. "Who?" Antonio asked and Isabela smirked "Camilo’s girlfriend". "Y/n is not my girlfriend!” he cried. "Yeah but you want her to be" Dolores chimed in and Mirabel nodded "big time, he’s always staring at her in school". "Where do you all keep coming from!" he cried and rushed from the room.
Camilo stepped out onto the porch and enjoyed the fresh air, it helped calm the blush on his cheeks. He had no idea how he was going to get through this evening but he didn’t have much time to figure it out as you appeared down the path. “Camilo!” you called and he smiled widely “hey y/n!”. He rushed down to meet you and paused as he saw how beautiful you looked. He couldn’t tell if you’d put in extra effort or not because to him you always looked this good. He led you up to the house and gave you what he thought was a pep talk. “So don’t worry if you forget names and just tell me if they’re being too annoying...maybe we need a help signal if they’re getting too much, how about you twirl your hair three times and sneeze as our escape signal?”. You laughed “don’t worry Camilo i’m sure it’ll be fine, your family all seem nice”. “Sure...” Camilo said and he opened the front door where one person was stood waiting. Antonio. You smiled “so you must be the little run away”. Antonio frowned and Camilo nodded for him to agree. You introduced yourself and told Antonio his toy Leopard was very pretty. “I have a real one too!” he cried and you jumped as an actual Leopard appeared. Camilo could’ve kicked himself, he definitely should’ve told you about that but you reacted well. “They’re gorgeous” you smiled and Antonio beamed.
You stepped closer to the leopard and Antonio turned to Camilo. "Is this your girlfriend Camilo?" he asked in a whisper. The only problem was Antonio hadn't mastered whispers yet so he just said it in a husky voice meaning you very much heard it. "Antonio! Why don’t you go find mami?" Camilo said pushing him away and when he turned around his family had swarmed. "It’s so nice to meet you y/n, Camilo has told us so much about you" Isabela said in a sickeningly sweet voice. "He has?” you asked blushing and Mirabel nodded "he just doesn’t shut up about you" and Dolores nodded "trust me I'd know". You blushed even more and Camilo had finally managed to push them back when his Abuela and parents appeared. "Ahh so this is the young woman I've heard so much about" his Abuela said. Camilo face planted, his family were going to make you think he was a stalker or something. You hadn't run away yet though, instead you turned and smiled at his Abuela and parents. You introduced yourself and thanked them for inviting you to dinner. You complimented casita and asked if there was anything you could do to help with dinner. Camilo knew by their reaction they liked you instantly. As you walked into the dining room you complimented his mother’s dress and she was beaming, sun filling the dining room. "Dinner will be a few moments so sit and relax” his Abuela said and you looked around unsure where to sit. Camilo realised you were looking for him and felt quite special. He rushed forwards and showed the seat marked out for you next to him. You sat down next to each other and he smiled "I feel like I should apologise already". You chuckled "you don’t need to, your family are nice. Very welcoming". Camilo raised his eyebrow “that's one way to put it. Thank you for putting up with all this". You shook your head and went to tell Camilo it was fine when his cousins interrupted. "So y/n you go to school with Camilo?” Luisa asked. You nodded "yep, have done since we were five". Isabela leant forwards "what's he like in class? Class clown I'm guessing since he’s obviously not the class brains". The others laughed and Camilo glared but you didn’t laugh. "Well yes but in a good way. He always makes the day more fun and he’s the most popular person at school because he’s so funny". Camilo sat there smiling proudly as Isabela’s plan failed and Luisa nodded "so y/n any idea what you’d like to go when you graduate?". "Geez Luisa you're becoming more and more like Abuela" Camilo commented and you laughed but placed a hand on his arm "it's fine, I don’t mind" before turning back to Luisa "I'd love to be a dancer". "A dancer?" Camilo’s mother Pepa asked returning to the room and you nodded "I love dance and basically anything related to music so i’d like to pursue something along those lines". All the adults rejoined and his Abuela heard "ahh so can you play any instruments?". Camilo snorted "she can play just about anything, y/n is a great musician". You smiled at that and Camilo noticed his family all shooting him looks and blushed. "Well you'll definitely have to play something for us after dinner then" his Abuela suggested and you nodded "I'd love to".
The night was a huge success. You were your usual charming self through dinner and didn’t get overwhelmed by his huge family once. You joked around with his sister and cousins. You were polite and sweet to his Abuela and so naturally brilliant with his parents. You played the piano as requested and it was beautiful. Camilo was transfixed just like the rest of the family and you even inspired the youngest member. At the end of your song Antoni came forwards and told you he wanted to learn to play like you. You offered to teach him a little and his family was practically gushing over the way you handled Antonio. You lifted him onto the bench with you and showed him how to play some chords. When he got through the sequence without making any mistakes he beamed at all his family who all grinned back in return. It was safe to say his family all loved you and he could only imagine how much they’d encourage him to date you as if it was up to him. You said he was popular but everyone liked you because you were just so nice. You treated everyone with kindness but were no pushover and were extremely intelligent. Camilo was pushing his luck with you, gifts and all, no matter how much he liked you, which was something his family didn’t seem to get.
When the night was over Camilo led you outside and his family all gave you heartfelt goodbyes and asked you to come again. When you finally reached the front door Camilo sighed happily feeling the fresh air. You stood beside him and looked up at the night sky, as if surprised how much time had passed. "So..." Camilo said glancing at you awkwardly. He knew at the end of dates was when you typically asked for another one but he was still trying to work up the courage to do that. He, Camilo, who had never been nervous in his life. He remembered his own door ceremony he’d actually made jokes as he walked down the carpet and made his Abuela laugh in a very undignified way. But now he was more nervous than he’d ever been staring at you. 
"Yes?” you asked as Camilo had just stopped talking and trailed off into silence.  Camilo hurried to continue "i erm...well i...was wondering I'd you'd maybe like to do something like this again?". "Come over for dinner?'” you asked and he shook his head. It was now or never and Madrigals were brave, so Camilo went for it. "No, well we can if you want but I meant more the two of us...alone". You smiled "like a date?". Camilo went bright red and he struggled to form words. "I...well...yes" he finally managed "if you’d want to of course". "I'd like to go on a date with you Camilo" you replied and he froze "you would? Really?". You nodded smiling "yep, you're the most interesting and funniest boy I’ve ever met. You have a way of making everyone feel safe and comfortable around you and that’s one reason I was so happy we got put together for our project...I’d love to spend more time with you". Camilo felt like he was floating to get such glowing praise from you and he stammered like an idiot before he saw you noticed his reaction and were blushing lightly. "Well then erm...I'll come up with some ideas of what we can do and tell you them at school". You nodded "sounds great" and looked at him. Camilo stared back at you and supposed this would be the time one of the people on a date would lean forward and kiss the other. However Camilo had used up all his bravery asking you for a second date, he didn’t have any more courage in him...but the casita did!  
The house pushed Camilo up and forward and it did the same to you. Camilo couldn’t really stop himself but he wouldn’t have wanted to anyway. The house had the bravery to do what he didn’t and he kissed you. Your eyes widened in shock at first but then you smiled and closed them enjoying the kiss.
Camilo walked back inside practically strutting and composed himself before entering the kitchen. Everyone paused the second he entered and he sighed "okay so what did you think?'. "She’s lovely mi amor" his mother gushed and his father nodded "such a lovely young girl". "I’ve always liked her" Mirabel added and Luisa nodded "very nice girl". "She’s really nice, can you ask her to come back and teach me again?" Antonio asked. "I have to admit she was perfect. Still no idea why she’s interested in you..." Isabela said. Finally his Abuela nodded "I agree with everyone, she is a lovely girl Camilo...". There was a pause and Camilo nodded "I agree...". "So?" his mother asked and he paused "so what?". "Are you two together?" his father asked and he blushed. "They are!" Isabela cried noticing his reaction and Camilo tried to deny it but Dolores smirked "he asked her out on an official date just now and she said yes". They all exploded in excitement and Camilo told them they were being crazy and excused himself from the room.
Despite his words he was secretly as overjoyed as his family and as he went up to his room he patted the house “thanks casita, you did good”.
I love Dolores and Camilo’s sibling relationship so much! The few moments we got in the movie were so funny and I need more Disney! I bet Camilo was such a handful of a little brother and Dolores would be such a funny big sister because she literally hears everything you say or do! 
Not to mention they killed their verses in we don’t talk about Bruno. I just need more of these chaotic siblings and I need it now!
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Zuko x Kyoshi Warrior Series: Part Three
Tumblr media
You and Zuko head for your weekend away but things don’t go as planned and your date is royally interuped. 
Part One here
Part Two here
The day of your mini getaway with Zuko was here. Suki and a few of your warrior sisters were coming with you on the trip as bodyguards and while to others that might’ve felt awkward you felt relief. Walking with them to the launch pad you could just pretend this was a warrior outing where you’d forgotten your gear or something. Their presence brought you comfort and suppressed the nerves you felt. You were excited too of course to be spending time with Zuko but you couldn’t help but feel like this trip would be a step away from your and Zuko’s casual “friendship”. A trip away was a lot of time to devote to one another and this might determine if you and Zuko were to stay friends or become...well more.
Your took an airship and arrived at your destination within 2 hours. You stepped out to find the air slightly chillier. You bundled your coat closer and Zuko noticed “come, there should be a carriage waiting” and he hurried you into it and warmth engulfed you. “The city is the north of the Fire Nation so naturally it’s a little bit colder”. You could tell he was a bit nervous and so you smiled “it’s fine! I’ve just gotten so used to the warm fire nation air it was a bit of a shock”. Zuko smiled “Well i’ll have fires lit in every room of our house and i’ve brought extra layers just in case. You won’t be cold for long”.
You arrived at the *house* you were staying at which was actually a large mansion. Of course to Zuko this was what all houses were like and anything was small compared to the palace. Still it was homely and true to Zuko’s word soon a fire was roaring in every room. Your bedroom was very extravagant and if you’d forgotten by however slim the chance that Zuko was Firelord and filthy rich this was a stark reminder. You had a quick rest from travelling before it was time for your tour of this city.
Zuko led you around the city personally and was totally in his element. He told you facts he must’ve had memorised since he was a child and you listened surprised by how much he knew. The city was beautiful and you were pleased you were familiar enough with the Fire Nation by now to notice the differences from this city to the capital. You mentioned this to Zuko and he seemed to swell, his smile growing even wider. You spent the remainder of the day out in the city and it was nice. Zuko had guards of course but this far out in the Fire Nation nobody should recognise him on sight so your warrior sisters stayed several feet ahead and behind, out of uniform which made it all feel normal. You still hadn’t gotten used to the cold and on the walk home Zuko brushed your hand and his eyes widened in shock “y/n your hands are freezing!”. You looked down “oh no they’re fine...”. “You should have told me, clearly we’ll need to use those extra layers tomorrow but for now here take my coat”. You paused as Zuko held out his jacket which was probably worth more than your entire village and hesitated “but won’t you be cold?”. Zuko shook his head “no don’t worry, fire benders can regulate their body heat so i’ll just do that. Please take my coat, I don’t want you to catch a chill”. You nodded and Zuko wrapped it around your shoulders making you blush “thank you Zuko” you said looking at him fleetingly and you spotted a blush on his cheek as well. “No problem” he smiled but he seemed very happy. You caught thy eyes of your warrior sisters a few meters away and they were all smiling too. Apparently you weren’t the only one who found this whole situation very adorable.
You reached the house and were happy to find it was very toasty. Zuko led you to your room and you took his jacket off and held it out to him “thank you for letting me borrow it Zuko”. He smiled “no problem, we’ll get you kitted out in the warmest garments tomorrow and i’ll wear another warm coat just in case that’s not enough”. You laughed a light blush on your cheeks “how gallant of you”. Zuko smiled also blushing “well I do try” and you laughed along with him. “So tomorrow you can have a lie-in and then we’ll head to the museum around mid-morning?”. “Sounds great” you nodded and Zuko smiled “great! Okay so i’ll leave you to relax for the night. If you need anything my rooms just down the hall...or I guess you could just ask a guard, well whatever works for you”. You smiled and squeezed his arm “thank you Zuko, tonight was lovely”. “I’m glad you enjoyed it cold and all” he smiled searching your face. “I did” you agreed not breaking his eye contact. Zuko looked away first to disguise his blush “wonderful well hopefully tomorrow should be even better! Have a good sleep”. “You too” you nodded and you watched Zuko walk away, glancing back at you over his shoulder as he went.
You stepped into your room blushing vividly. At the capital you’d hoped Zuko liked you but here you were actually letting yourself believe it more and more. There were small signs and signals which were easier to notice and there was just an atmosphere between the two of you that was so charged it couldn’t be friendship or so you hoped.  
You got ready for bed but you weren’t sleepy so you left your room and found your warrior sisters in their shared room. You knocked and they all paused before they saw it was you “y/n you know you don’t have to knock” Suki smiled and you blushed “thanks” and came into the room. They all stared at you and you paused “what?”. “So...you and Zuko seem happy” one of your sisters said in a high tone and you shot her a look. You lasted four seconds before you burst “what have I got myself into? He’s perfect” and they all laughed. “What you’ve done is gone and captured the heart of the most powerful man in the Fire Nation who just so happens to be a great person” your sister teased pushing you “i’d say a big congratulations is in order!”. You shook your head but you couldn’t stop smiling.
You had meant to go back to your room before you fell asleep but you stayed up talking with your sisters for hours and fell asleep wrapped up with them without meaning to. You woke up feeling safe and secure due to their presence and sat with them as you all stretched and woke up properly. It was early so you had some time before you’d have to go upstairs and make yourself presentable. Or so you thought.
There was a knock at the door and you turned as Suki opened it “Firelord Zuko!” she said surprised. You shot up and turned to see everyone in the room bowing. You quickly copied them before rushing to the door “sorry am I late or something?”. “No not at all. I just wanted to ask if you’d prefer to eat breakfast here and head straight to the museum or get food out, I know we planned to eat here but we both saw that really nice cafe on the way back here last night so I thought you might like to try it this morning and go to the museum a little later?”. You thought for a second before nodding “I think that sounds good. We have all day to spend at the museum so it might be nice to try some local foods while were here...although you might have to help me pick what to eat, i’m not too familiar with Fire Nation delicacies”. “It’d be my pleasure” he smiled “okay so i’ll meet you in the upstairs living room whenever you’re ready”. You nodded “I’ll grab my stuff and be there shortly”. Zuko nodded “no problem see you then. Ladies” he said addressing your warrior sisters and he bowed before leaving. You closed the door and your sister sighed “he’s just so kind...does he have a brother you could set me up with? A cousin?”. You smiled “he has two sisters but one is Azula and the other is 5 years old”. “Dammit!”.  
You got dressed quickly and met Zuko in the living room. At the restaurant Zuko was super helpful. He explained all the dishes to you and helped you select one that sounded nice. His main concern was the spice but surprisingly you had no trouble with it. When you finished the whole thing without breaking a sweat Zuko actually looked impressed. The waiter noticed too “wow it’s very impressive to see a non-native finish a whole bowl of spiced noodles, your boyfriend must’ve shared our food with you often?”. You blushed looking up at Zuko worried he’d get scared off but he just chuckled at the look of shock on your face. “I think sharing foods is one of the best ways to introduce someone to your culture” he told the waiter who nodded “that is very true sir! Food is the doorway to the heart as my grandmother used to say”. Zuko nodded “she sounds very wise, please may we have the bill?”. “Yes of course” the waiter nodded and they rushed away. Neither you nor Zuko mentioned what the waiter was inferred or the fact Zuko hadn’t refuted it and you couldn’t look at Zuko for half an hour without blushing at the memory.
You and Zuko arrived at the museum later than expected and so it was far busier. You queued up to get in and found it amusing none of the other art-lovers knew the Firelord was standing right beside them. Finally you were allowed inside and you made your way to a map. Zuko took out a piece of paper from his pocket and frowned “I did some research beforehand and thought there might be some exhibitions you’d like to see” he said handing the paper to you bashfully. You took it surprised “you did all this?”. Zuko nodded “yeah but I probably got some of the art terms mixed up. I know you like landscape paintings so stayed away from the portrait exhibition but wasn’t sure if I confused that with horizontal paintings..”. You chuckled “no you were right the first time and all the times judging by this list” you said smiling as Zuko had circles everything you’d possibly want to see “You picked everything I would’ve picked”. “Really?” Zuko asked surprised before he smiled “Great! Okay let’s begin, so the first one is on the ground floor and according to the map it should be this way”. You smiled and fell in step with him. “You know I feel like after this we should do something you like” you commented “as much as you appreciate art I can’t help feeling like i’ve dragged you here”. Zuko shook his head “not at all! I’m happy to be here”. “Are you sure?” you asked “is there no other things you’d like us to do? An interest of yours?”. Zuko blushed looking down “this is what I mean when I said I was boring. I don’t really have hobbies besides work and training. The only things I really do for fun is sit in the gardens or read occasionally...so i’m more than happy to piggyback on your hobbies”. You nodded “of course whatever you want and again I don’t think you're boring. The pond is beautiful and I can’t think of a better evening than being curled up with a book. Zuko smiled “then we’ll have to visit the pond then when we get back home, the turtle ducks are very entertaining”. You laughed “I already can’t wait”.
The museum was wonderful, it was much larger than the one in the capital and the range of pieces was mesmerising. So much so the place was packed, every room had a swarm of people and so it was difficult to get a good look at each piece without someone cutting in front of you or a queue forming behind you. So when you walked into the room filled with one of your favourite painter’s works to find it packed your shoulders slumped slightly. Zuko noticed and frowned “i’ll be right back” he called and walked to one of the security guards. You were too busy staring at one of the few unoccupied paintings you didn’t realise the staff making her way to the centre of the room. “This exhibit is temporarily closed” she called “if you could all make your way to the exit please it will be open again in half an hour”. You frowned and began to follow the crowd when Zuko appeared beside you “hey, don’t worry we can stay”. You paused “but the guard said...”. “I know, I may have convinced her to let us have the room to ourselves for a little while”. A small smile formed on your face “what? How?”. “I name-dropped” Zuko said wincing “I know really embarrassing but I also know how much you like Eziro’s work so I thought I’d pull some strings to let you enjoy it without a screaming kid on one side of you and a loud tourist yelling into a phone on the other”. You smiled “that’s so sweet but you know I don’t expect you to use your title to get us things right?”. Zuko nodded “of course, that’s why I wanted to do it. I knew it wouldn’t affect how you acted around me”. You nodded “yeah...I’ve known you were Firelord for a while now, the novelty has worn off”. “Ow really?” Zuko asked smirking and you admired how nice he looked when he did that. You then remembered Zuko had got you half an hour of uninterrupted art time so you dragged your eyes away from the pretty boy and looked around the room. “We appear to have gotten sidetracked from the art”. Zuko nodded “I wonder how that happened” still smirking. You blushed and he held out an arm to you “well I believe there’s only one place to start” and he gestured to Eziro’s section. You took his arm and made your way forwards.
After you’d seen those masterpieces up close you were content and so you didn’t mind being blocked by school children or having loud people all around you. Not to mention you hadn’t dropped Zuko’s arm since that room and you couldn’t stop smiling. Apparently you and Zuko were both in such a happy daze you missed the fact none of your Kyoshi Warrior sisters were around. You’d lost them in the crowd, which wouldn’t have been a problem if someone hadn’t been watching you and Zuko the whole time. You and Zuko were debating over what was prettier winter or summer paintings when a man approached. “Sorry to disturb you both but we need you to come with us. A boy stole your purse earlier and we need you to confirm the item is yours”. You and Zuko looked at one another and began searching your pockets. “I still have my purse” you said locating it and Zuko nodded “me...ow wait no I don’t”. The guard nodded “yes, don’t worry we’ve recovered it but you need to come with us to make a statement”. This was common protocol so you didn’t wonder how the guard knew it was Zuko’s purse or wonder why their badges looked different to the other guards. You and Zuko followed the man as he led you to the back of the museum. He scanned into the museum staff entrance and led you down a corridor into a small room. “It’s there” the man said looking at Zuko and pointed to a covered item on the table. Zuko took a step forward before he frowned. Something definitely wasn’t right. Suddenly two other men rushed into the room from the opposite direction. They were in between you and Zuko and crowded him. One slammed him down on the table from behind while the other tried to put some handcuffs on him. You reacted as soon as you saw what was happening and reached for your fans in your top pocket but the original man noticed and grabbed your hand. “Don’t do anything stupid we won’t harm you, the last thing we want to do is harm a high born lady” the man told you. You paused confused what on earth the man meant before it hit you, without all your warrior makeup and gear they had no idea who you were. They must’ve assumed you were Urila or some other rich noblewoman Zuko was dating. They didn’t know what you could do. You assessed the room and realised in these narrow quarters you didn’t have the advantage. You had no idea where the exit was or if you’d be able to get out of the doors without a key. So you played the part and waited for your opening.  You shook and made tears appear in your eyes “please don’t hurt me” you cowered and the man laughed, happy to see a woman so scared. “We won’t...atleast not too much. Grab her”. Zuko seemed to guess what you were doing and played along “leave her alone! She hasn’t done anything wrong, she’s just my date”. “Wow what a charmer” the kidnapper laughed “don’t worry she’s not the one we want” and he pushed Zuko harshly. You bit back your anger and surveyed the men, sizing them up. They led you and Zuko further into the building. They handcuffed Zuko but didn’t even bother with you they underestimated you that much. They led you outside where two carriages waited. They pushed Zuko towards one and you to another. “Wait why isn’t she coming with me?” Zuko asked. “Because she’s our leverage over you” he cried seizing you by the arm “you fail to comply and she gets it”. You shrieked as if terrified but met Zuko’s eyes with an unfaltering gaze. You nodded and mouthed “five...four...”. Zuko nodded “fine” and the man let go of your arm. “Now Zuko!” you yelled. You used earth bending to trip the man leading Zuko and Zuko used the distraction to break out of his grip. His hands were bound behind his back but that wasn’t the only way a firebender could bend. He spat fire at the two men and you worked on the one behind you. 
You immediately dodged his punches and overbalanced him as he used too much force. You smashed your knee into his stomach winding him and flipped him using your sash to bind his hands. You grabbed his weapon and rushed to Zuko who was getting backed into a corner by the two men. One of the men sidestepped Zuko’s bending and knocked him harshly into a wall. “Zuko!” you yelled angrily and bent a wall of earth between them and him. “Why don’t you pick on someone who isn’t tied up?” you yelled and bent a large chunk of rock at the boss. The man grunted “you take the prince i’ll deal with this one”. You spotted Zuko from behind the rock barrier and noticed he’d somehow got his handcuffed hands in front of him now. It wasn’t much but it was better and you made a split-second decision. “Zuko here” you called and slid the sword across the ground to him. “Really? Giving away your only weapon to your boyfriend?” the man asked mockingly “If I were you I'd worry about yourself”. You took out the fans you always kept on you and smiled “funny, I was going to say the same thing to you and it’s not my only weapon”.
The two men charged you and Zuko at the same time. You brought the earth up around their feet and while Zuko’s opponent got caught and tripped yours didn’t and leapt over it. He was a lot taller than you but you found that was an advantage. You were a lot quicker than him and dodged his first attack with ease. You could tell by looking at him his most dangerous quality was his strength. If he did manage to hit you it would hurt but he was slow and cumbersome because of all the muscle and weight he carried. So you danced around him taking the fight away from the carriages and where you could bend a little easier. Your fans enhanced your bending and you sent rock after rock at him. He took the first two without complaint but after a while they began to hurt. When one hit him on the shoulder he growled in pain and yelled running at you. It was almost too easy. You stayed in place giving him a target to run at before pulling up the earth around you. The man crashed into it and broke the rock apart with his force. While he was floored you bent the earth around him to trap him and rushed back to Zuko. He was doing well with bound hands and would have easily outmatched the man sword to sword if he had the use of both hands but his handcuffs were really restricting him. You could hear voices back the way you’d come and knew you had to end this. You smashed a rock into the back of the man’s head and the minute he went down you bent the earth up around his waist trapping him in place. That got Zuko’s attention. “Come on we’ve got to go!” you cried and rushed to the driver seat of the carriage. Zuko leapt up beside you and you snapped the reigns.  
You sped back to the house where Suki and the others were waiting. You were relieved to see your warrior sisters all present and unharmed. “You’re back!” Suki cried and you nodded “but they’re probably right behind us”. Suki nodded “Okay we’ll head to the airship and get Zuko out of here right away”.
Once you reached the ship Suki ordered it to take off immediately. She also arranged to have medics look over you both but you could hardly relax. Zuko didn’t seem able to either and he gave Suki some messages to send ahead for preparations to secure the capital. Once he’d done all he could he dismissed everyone and asked not to be disturbed. You headed towards the door too but Zuko grabbed your arm “y/n can you stay?”. You nodded “of course” and Zuko’s frown eased slightly. You watched everyone leave the room and it seemed to take forever. With what had happened the silence felt very poignant but that wasn’t the only tense thing in the room.  Finally everyone had left and Zuko closed the door turning to face you, he looked...nervous almost timid. " Y/n I owe you so much already but now we can add my life to the list. You’re the reason we got out of that, if you weren’t with me I’d be in the back of that truck on my way to god knows where. How can I even begin to thank you?". You shook your head "You don’t need to thank me...I mean you were only here, away from the capital and all its safety because of me so technically I put you in danger in the first place. Not to mention even off duty I'm still your bodyguard so saving your life isn’t something you need to thank me for".  Zuko shook his head "see I don't agree with any of that. I was there because I wanted to be there. I suggested the trip and I was the one who encouraged it and in terms of not thanking you because it’s your job. I don’t care if you're paid to keep me safe, you risked your life for mine tonight. You could have just escaped or kept playing the damsel and gotten away but you didn’t. You almost singlehandedly took out all of those men and it was impressive but I have to admit I was scared...not for me but for you. I was terrified they were going to hurt you but I should have known better...you’re a Kyoshi Warrior after all. However I still wish you didn’t have such a dangerous role. This was the first time I saw you put your life at risk for mine and I didn’t like it. Not a bit”. Zuko stared at you intensely and you looked down "if you don’t like me putting myself at risk for you then I don’t think we’ve discussed what a good bodyguard does" you tried to joke but Zuko didn’t laugh or take his eyes off you. "No I understand what you should do but seeing you fight tonight made me realise how real your role is and how easily you could get hurt. This is not something I can have happen to you. I see you and I just want you to be safe and happy... I think I actually wouldn’t be able to let you face risks alone. You’d command me to stay behind while you assess the danger and I wouldn’t be able to because I’d be worried about you so I’d have to come too which kind of defeats the object of a bodyguard”. “Well maybe stop seeing me as y/n and see me just as a body. A guard with no name there to protect you?” you suggested.  "Perhaps I could have tried that when we first met but that would be impossible now" Zuko admitted "I notice every time you enter a room and just your presence relaxes me in the same way your absence makes me uncomfortable. I like being around you and I've developed feelings for you y/n which can’t be ignored not anymore". Zuko was now standing right in front of you and you stared at him captivated. "You have feelings for me? You like me?" you asked and Zuko smiled shyly "that's an understatement and I know this might seem out of nowhere and it’s totally fine if you don’t feel the same way but I had to let you know. That’s why I can’t be the cause of any harm to you. Someone hurting you would hurt me far more than an attack on my life...you’re what I prioritise y/n. I like you". Your emotions all flared inside you and you felt like you were on fire with how monumental this was. You’d hoped Zuko might be fond of you but to hear him confess all this was unbelievable. You pinched your own shaking hand to make sure it was real and Zuko frowned “y/n? Are you okay?”. You nodded “I’m just in shock...I like you too and I feel like i’m dreaming. I did the pinch test and that didn’t wake me up so this must be real but I don’t know it still feels like i’m dreaming”. “You like me too?” Zuko asked his voice happier and higher than you’d ever heard it. You nodded laughing and Zuko had a wide smile before an idea occurred to him. “Well I know of one another test you can try to make sure this is real...”. You saw a light blush on Zuko’s cheeks and he glanced to your lips before looking back at your eyes. You could’ve pointed out that was a technique for panic attacks not dreams but of course you didn’t. You just smiled and kissed the Firelord.
In retrospect it probably broke several ancient laws to just kiss the Firelord, not to mention your oath’s as a warrior, but seeing Zuko stare at you with such an intense gaze and hearing him tell you things like that broke your resolve. Zuko didn’t seem to mind at all. He kissed you back immediately and wound his arms around your waist pulling you closer. It was an intense kiss, the adrenaline from the assassination attempt and the emotion from your confessions to one another making it far more passionate than either of you intended. You didn’t want it to end and were fairly certain the two of you would have stayed like that forever if Suki hasn’t intervened.
A loud knock broke the two of you out of your spell and Suki’s voice muffled from the door swept into the room. "Firelord Zuko y/n can I come in?" she called “we have some information on who tried to kidnap you”. You and Zuko stared at the door before removing your hands from one another. Zuko straightened his shirt and tidied his collar before he stood up taller “come in”. He stepped away from you but no more than a few steps and you appreciated the gesture. Suki walked inside and nodded to you both, if it was obvious something had happened she didn’t point it out. "So the palace received a ransom note sent before your escape and we know who was responsible for this. Azula is leading a rebellion against you in your father's name".
That was quite a bombshell but if Zuko was shaken he didn’t let it show. He asked Suki a few more questions and began planning ways to fortify his position on the throne. This wasn’t just an assassination attempt but a full-blown rebellion. Your stomach was in knots just thinking about it but Zuko gave clear commands before dismissing Suki as they couldn’t do too much more until you reached the Fire Nation Capital. After Suki left Zuko stayed looking over the notes Suki had given him and you approached cautiously. "Are you okay?" you asked as gently as possible. It couldn’t be easy to learn your sister and your father wanted to overthrow you and were willing to kill you to do it. You placed a hand on Zuko’s shoulder and felt the muscles relax. "I'm strangely fine or I guess not so strangely" he said turning you have you lacing his hand with yours "everything Suki told me was bad, don’t get me wrong and I’m nervous but it felt like a knife with a blunt edge. It didn’t hit me so hard because my brain was still processing the fact you like me back and we just had an amazing first kiss...it’s hard to feel anything but happiness after something like that”. You blushed “well i’m glad it didn’t vanish the second you heard the news, I guess we picked a good time huh?”. Zuko chuckled “I know, if things weren’t about to get crazy enough...but i’m glad I told you how I feel”. You nodded “me too...” and stared up at Zuko before a thought occurred to you “I know you have so much on at the moment but do you have any idea what happens now...with us?”. A smile appeared on Zuko’s worried face “now that I do know. I’d like to date you”. You smiled pleased at how quickly Zuko had answered “wow that was a quick answer”. “Well of course” Zuko smiled “I know I like you and I’d like to keep spending time with you and being close to you as much as I can...unless this whole day scared you away?” he asked his smile turning into a smirk. “It probably should’ve” you admitted “but you’re stuck with me i’m afraid”. “Perfect” Zuko replied with a dazzling grin and you blushed. “Now in terms of how we proceed forwards” Zuko said, the Firelord side of him clearly on show “I've given it some thought and I think we have to tell Suki purely for the fact I don’t want you serving me anymore. Not just because it puts you at risk but because it puts an awkward skew between us. I can’t date you and employ you without feeling ethically wrong. I don’t want there to be any cohesion or unfair power balance hanging over you”. You smiled and nodded. That thought had occurred to you. Zuko was your boss and dating him would be...complicated so this made sense. "I agree. Personal and professional would be better kept separate...which we’ve done such a great job of so far". Zuko laughed "that is very true. So we agree you won’t be my bodyguard anymore which brings up a few more uncertainties. I understand you moved to the Fire Nation purely for work and now you’ve settled in...so you might not want to move back home?" Zuko asked a hopeful tone in his voice. You smiled nodding "I don’t want to move back to Kyoshi Island. I’ve been here a year and it feels like home now, not just because of work or my warrior sisters but for other reasons” and you glanced at Zuko who blushed vividly. "Well I can’t pretend that isn’t a relief. I have a few ideas about jobs in the capital I think you’d be good for but in the meantime how about you take it easy? Relax a bit?". “Relax?” you asked and Zuko nodded “yeah have a little time off. A paid vacation”.  You paused contemplating the idea "i haven’t had a holiday since...I was sent to that Fire Nation prison when Azula beat us. Is that weird?". Zuko chuckled "nope the last time I went to prison was some of the best reflection time I ever got! The quiet cells, the solitary confinement” he continued smirking “so no you’re not weird”. You laughed at Zuko’s joke and shook your head “we have to be the only young people in the world with such a fond memory of prison”. “I’m going to take that as an encouraging sign” Zuko smirked “it must mean we’re very compatible and are going to be very happy together”. You laughed and nodded “I like that, let’s go with that”. Zuko admired your smile and you just looked up at him in awe of his resilience and so thankful he was safe in front of you as opposed to locked up in a cart to his sister. “It might sound stupid to say but I’m really grateful for today all things considered,” Zuko said softly “it could have gone really bad but somehow it didn’t and I actually think it was a very positive trip”. “I think the kiss is definitely still messing with your head” you joked and Zuko smiled “maybe and I hope it never stops. It’s just so odd, after Mai when I thought about dating again I didn't think it would be so easy. I didn’t think i’d just stumble across a girl I liked, that's why I tried to match myself with suitors based on our personalities and interests. I spent so much time on that and you were in front of me all along...i have been very lucky in that aspect". You blinked "wait so am I like Mai?" you asked confused. Zuko shook his head smiling "no you’re nothing alike. Your personalities and temperaments are complete opposites. Not to mention you don’t look anything alike but I think the two of you would actually get on really well in a strange way". You hummed “that’s comforting I think”. Zuko nodded “it’s definitely a compliment but i’m done talking about the past. All I want to think about is you and the future so how about we go tell the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors about us?”.
You found Suki in the control room overseeing your safe return. When Zuko asked to speak to her she agreed and led you into a small room. She looked at the two of you worried and Zuko closed the door before coming to stand next to you. "So...there’s something we have to tell you". Suki’s whole expression changed, her worried frown vanished into a curious excited stare. "We?" she asked looking between the two of you. "We’re together" Zuko said with a smile as he looked at you. Suki’s face broke into a wide grin "I'm so happy for you!" she cried rushing to hug you both. To say you were relieved was an understatement. "You're not mad?" you asked and Suki smirked. "Ow please y/n I knew about your crush on Zuko for ages and did nothing". Zuko paused "wait how long have you had a crush on me y/n?". You blushed "erm...pretty much since I first arrived the palace". Zuko laughed "really? Wow that’s a while, i’m flattered" he said with a teasing smirk. "Hey you’re one to talk” Suki cried “I knew you liked y/n since that night she walked into your study and you froze for like 10 seconds just staring at her". Now Zuko blushed "I...yeah that's true". "I guess it is about time then" you smiled and Zuko nodded "I agree" taking your hand. Suki smiled "I'm really pleased for you guys and y/n don’t worry this doesn’t affect your role as a Kyoshi Warrior". You smiled "thanks Suki but we actually have some things to ask you about that". Zuko frowned "see I don’t like the idea of y/n dating me and also being employed by me. I just think the power balance is too skewed and I don’t want it to influence our relationship". Suki nodded "I understand. What did you guys have in mind?". "Well I’d like to stay in the capital for obvious reasons but we thought avoiding palace work would probably be best in general". Suki nodded "no problem, was there any service or company you were thinking of?". Zuko nodded "I have a few in mind which we can discuss later but for now we just wanted to make sure you’re okay with y/n taking a step back from her duties?". Suki nodded "of course! Whatever you need, a good reference, help looking for work, a friend just let me know". You smiled and hugged Suki again “thank you for...everything”. Suki smiled “you have no reason to thank me and well done for getting your man” she added in a quiet whisper “we all knew he liked you” and with a wink she dismissed herself.
“Well that went well” you said still blushing and Zuko smiled making you think he’d heard everything Suki had said. “It did and now onto the next step” he said turning to the palace which was appearing on the horizon.
Is it just me who thinks Suki is an amazing friend? I bet she’s a great wing woman and just so supportive...I might’ve gotten distracted by Suki while writing this but it’s okay! I managed to get back on track and keep talking about Zuko.
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Zuko x Kyoshi Warrior Series: Part Two
Tumblr media
After capturing one another’s attention you and the Firelord spend more time together. Your warrior sisters begin to suspect there’s something between the two of you and you begin to believe them, cautiously accepting they may be correct but you’re not the only one who has noticed how Zuko acts around you.
Part one here
Part three here
Tag list: @daddystevee​
The next day you were very excited for your meeting with Zuko . You weren’t foolish enough to pretend this was a date or anything romantic but you were happy to have formed a bond. You couldn’t wait for the evening and were excitedly apprehensive all morning. You involuntarily held your breath as Zuko passed your post outside his study, wondering how he’d greet you but he was deep in conversation with his advisor and didn’t seem to notice you. No problem you told yourself, he is Firelord after all. He was just busy. It didn’t mean anything. However as the hours passed and you saw Zuko several more times without even a look of recognition your spirit began to plummet. Had you overestimated yesterday? Was Zuko having second thoughts at wanting to see you this evening or maybe it had been a spur of the moment thing to get to know his staff better? Either way you returned from your shift a lot moodier than when you left and Suki noticed. You explained the situation briefly, leaving out the museum trip and acted as if you were simply confused about the plans for tonight. Truthfully you didn’t know where to meet Zuko or many other details. Suki assured you she’d sort it discreetly and left for her shift. Suki really was a miracle worker. She sent you a note half an hour later explaining how Zuko still wanted to see you. Apparently he’d even cleared part of his day to make sure there would be no interruptions. It would take place in his study and you didn’t have to wear your uniform. Feeling reassured you dressed casually and made your way to his office. You felt exposed without your armour and face paint but Zuko had said this wasn’t work so you didn’t need to dress official. You knocked on the door, right on time, and Zuko called to come in. Zuko was alone except for your fearless leader Suki. Aware of the fact you weren’t completely alone so should use titles, you bowed  "Firelord Zuko".
As you had your head down you didn’t notice Zuko’s reaction to seeing you out of uniform for the first time but Suki did. She saw the way Zuko’s eyes widened in surprise and a smirk formed on her face as he blushed slightly when you met his eye.
“Good evening, am I too early or is now okay?” you asked. Zuko stared for a few seconds before he stood up “no now is perfect, please come in” he said gesturing to the seats across from his desk. “Can we finish this tomorrow morning please Suki?” he asked the lead Kyoshi Warrior and she nodded “of course sir” and made her way to the door. Suki smiled at you as she passed and you struggled not to blush remembering you didn’t have your makeup to hide behind. “Take any seat you’d like” Zuko called noticing you hesitate for which one of the many to choose. You took one across from him and tried to act casual, like it was every day the Firelord invited you to share your opinions with him. Zuko packed away some loose papers and you sat watching him, resisting the urge to fidget. “So have you had a good day?" you asked awkwardly. Zuko seemed to appreciate the question and smiled "actually it's been rather manic. That's why I wasn’t able to get word to you sooner and i’m sorry about that, I bet you thought I was awfully rude or flaky". You shook your head "no at all, I hope you resolved the chaos". He winced "yes we did just about, how was your day?" he asked and you smiled. Your mother had always told you, you could tell a person had good manners when they returned that greeting and asked how you were too. Most high born people lacked the manners for such civil conversation etiquette, especially with people who worked for them, but not the Firelord apparently. "Good, I had work and then spent the day doing errands before this". Zuko nodded "I'm pleased you’re enjoying your life here and I'm not too awful a charge". "Not at all" you replied and Zuko’s smile grew more. "Would you like some tea?" he asked suddenly gesturing to a tray beside him and you nodded standing up to help but Zuko waved you away. "No allow me" Zuko smiled "I worked in a tea shop for a while so I should be good at it". "No?" you asked thinking he was joking but his smile wasn’t mischievous "I promise it’s true, so this brings back old memories". You smiled watching him and Zuko set down the cup before looking at you "i must admit this is a little odd for me as it’s the first time I've seen you outside of your warrior paint and uniform. You look rather different". You blushed automatically wondering if it was a good or bad different "ow?". Zuko picked up on your cautious tone "not odd in a bad way I assure you! I’m just surprised about some small things, for example I didn’t realise your hair was so long and wavy or how golden your skin is". You blushed "yes the makeup is good for disguising ourselves and making us all appear very similar. I was impressed you could tell me apart from all the warriors the other day in our room”. Zuko shook away your compliment "your eyes are very distinctive. They are larger than your other sisters and a very striking shade of green. I couldn’t confuse you for anyone else and that’s the thing I noticed again when you walked in here this evening. It’s what made me sure it was indeed you. They’re very unique".  You blushed again unsure what to say to something so direct and Zuko coughed realising "so, the matter of the jewels. My first thought was to try and return all the items to the earth king and water tribe leaders but I wondered your thoughts on the matter. Do you think that would be enough and if that is not possible what would be best?".
You and Zuko discussed potential options for an hour before deciding on a final plan. After that you figured you’d go home but Zuko looked at the clock and smiled "now that's over how about some food?". You paused "together?". He nodded "of course! I know you're giving up your personal time to be here and so I will give you due royal treatment. I've had the chef prepare some Earth Nation food if you’d like to join me? But I understand this was heavy so of course if you’d rather retire I can have the food sent to your room instead?". You shook your head "no I was just surprised that's all. I'd love to not have to cook". Zuko laughed "then right this way". He led you to a dining room that was already set up for two and you eyed all the finery with wide eyes. Zuko gestured to a seat and you took it. You spotted two of your warrior sisters on guard and although they smiled at you, you felt awkward having them on duty while you dined with royalty. "Firelord Zuko I am not sure if i can join you" you said softly "I feel guilty having my warrior sisters work while I’m here, we are all equals and I fear this upsets that balance". Zuko frowned "hmmm so if they weren’t guarding us it would be okay?". You nodded and went to clarify your sisters shouldn’t just be sent away and lose their shift when Zuko stood up "warriors please take the evening off with full pay of course". They both bowed to Zuko and retreated "does that make you feel better?" he asked. You nodded, pleasantly surprised, "a lot thank you Zuko". Zuko smiled as you said his name "you know what, let's serve ourselves as well. That way none of the servants will miss out on a night off". He did the rounds telling all the servants to take the night off with pay and turned back to you "now it feels more normal. Just two young people having dinner". You smiled touched "yes" although normal was a word you would never use to describe Zuko.
Through dinner Zuko asked you multiple questions to get to know you better. Were you a bender, did you have siblings, what was your family like, why were you drawn to art so much, did you miss the Earth Nation. He genuinely took an interest in you and you in him. He was far more than just a Firelord and soon hours slipped by without you noticing. Zuko eventually checked the time and paused "y/n I’m really enjoying this but I did not realise how late it is. I should retire soon as I am up early in the morning to meet with some nobel dignitaries. I apologise for being rather boring but I must sadly end it here". You smiled “don’t apologise and you’re one of the least boring men I've ever met". Zuko blushed and you wondered if you’d gone too far but he just smiled "thank you y/n the feeling is mutual. Now about our trip to the gallery. I'm afraid I am busy in the close future so it will have to be a little later than ideal. How is next weekend?". You froze, when he said later you figured it’d be next month or later atleast. For him to arrange it so soon meant he really wanted to meet with you and was making time for you. He was serious about this trip and actually wanted it to take place, it wasn’t just a courtesy or an empty promise. "However, I know you do not have work next weekend as I checked with Suki so if you’d rather take the weekend for yourself we could arrange another date". You shook your head "no i’d be in the gallery anyway so I'd love to show you around". Zuko smiled "then next saturday it is! Thank you for tonight y/n I really appreciate it and had a good time". You nodded "I did too" and meant it. Zuko led you to your room despite your protests and bid you goodnight once more outside the door. “Goodnight y/n and I’m looking forward to next Saturday”. “Me too” you smiled and with a bow you separated. You stumbled inside to find some of your warrior sisters had been spying on you. “Next Saturday?” one of them cried “y/n did the Firelord ask you for a second date?”. “It wasn’t a date!” you cried and the girl rolled her eyes. “Y/n we all know it wasn’t just business. Foko and Soh Ba saw him take you to dinner, they were on guard when you came into the room”. You looked to your two warrior sisters who nodded adamantly and you blushed. “He was just being nice i’m sure”. Your sisters all began to mutter in disagreement and their smiles got wider “y/n why can’t you just entertain the notion the Firelord likes you?”. You played with your hair nervously “because it’s too odd a notion. You all know I find him attractive but he’s so unobtainable as the Firelord. I don’t want to entertain such things because if they’re not true then that will be rather painful”. The smiles on your sister’s faces vanished and they all rushed to comfort you. “We were only teasing y/n but the Firelord does seem very fond of you”. “It’s difficult because he’s a very kind person anyway. Did Foko and Soh Ba tell you he gave everyone working tonight the night off with pay? Sometimes it’s hard to remember he’s the man in charge of the wealthiest country in the four nations, he just not what i expected at all”. “We’re all very surprised by him” your sisters nodded “but y/n just promise us you won’t talk yourself out of anything with him. We’re not saying he’s in love with you or a proposal is around the corner but the two of you do seem very compatible and he smiles a lot around you. Don’t say no to anything just because you’re scared of where it will go”. You were nervous about things with Zuko but you always felt stronger around your fellow warriors so you nodded “I promise”.
The next week passed by rather quickly. You had a few chats with Zuko whenever you were working on a shift that brought you into direct contact with him. He also came to find you directly after he broke it off with Urila and you felt pleased he classed you as a friend enough to confide in you about something so sensitive. Apparently the breakup had been pleasantly civil and Zuko definitely seemed relieved it was over so you knew it was the right decision. Finally the day of the museum trip arrived and it was a beautiful sunny afternoon so you decided to wear a yellow dress you’d been meaning to wear for months but never had the occasion. Zuko was meeting you there so you travelled the familiar path to the gallery excited and nervous. The guards at the entrance let you through and made a path to Zuko for you. Zuko was stood at the top of the steps and paused when he spotted you "y/n?". You squinted in the sun trying to make out Zuko’s features as you got closer "yes it's me, why?". "Nothing" Zuko said blushing but the sun blocked you from noticing. You arrived at the top of the steps and Zuko returned your smile. "You look lovely, your dress is very nice" Zuko complimented you and this time you blushed and very obviously. "Thank you I thought it would be nice to dress up and with such lovely weather...I like your hair" you commented noting how Zuko had it down. It was the first time you’d seen it not in a bun or ponytail and it looked very nice. Rather wild but if anything that made him look all the more handsome. He touched the strands that fell to his chin self-consciously "ow yeah? I thought seeing as this isn’t formal business i’d try and be a little less Firelord and a little more Zuko". You smiled "I like that but Firelord you is good too". Zuko smiled pleased and slightly flustered so he just gestured to the hall "shall we go in?".
This time the visit was a lot nicer. You talked to Zuko about some of the history but as a pleasant surprise he’d also done some research of his own so he could debate ideas with you which was a nice touch. After exploring all your favourite exhibits you ended the trip with a visit to the large stained glass window. You led Zuko up the staircase and stood back, eager to see his reaction. Zuko’s eyes fell on the large window and the minute he looked up he froze midsentence "wow". You smiled at his reaction and stared too "it’s beautiful isn’t it?". He nodded "it really is...how have I never seen this before?". Zuko showed no sign of wanting to move so you located a spare bench and lightly pulled him towards it "shall we sit?". Zuko nodded and gazed at the window for a while longer before he turned to you "thank you for telling me about this place y/n, I can understand why you come here so often, I can imagine just sitting here peacefully for hours". You smiled "you're welcome, it's definitely become my favourite place in the Fire Nation and well anywhere". "Really?” Zuko asked and you blushed "don’t get me wrong the palace is lovely and of course I love Kyoshi Island but there's something so peaceful about sitting here in the art...so relaxing". Zuko nodded "I agree and don’t worry I'm not offended. I hate how the palace feels". You laughed shocked "you do?". Zuko nodded "it's so cold and full of old memories. I'm hoping to change that and you've given me an idea as to how". You were going to ask what Zuko meant when a man approached bowing. You recognised him as the museum director and explained that to Zuko. "Firelord it's an honour to have you in my museum, thank you very much for paying us a visit" he said bowing once more and Zuko smiled telling him to stand. "The honour is all mine plus it’s the wonderful lady beside me you should be thanking. Y/n here is the one who told me about your museum". The man turned and examined your face "you look familiar...you're here often aren’t you? Usually in your warrior outfit". You smiled "yes that is me". “Well thank you very much for giving us such a glowing review. You’re welcome in the museum anytime. I’ll make sure you’re placed on the VIP list and of course you as well Firelord and now i’ll leave you to enjoy the window” and he bowed leaving. “I’m on the VIP list!” you cried and Zuko chuckled at how happy you were.
Zuko didn’t want to repeat his date with Urila so he didn’t suggest dinner outside. Instead you sat in the cafe, ate cake and just talked and talked. Zuko spent all day with you and then together you walked back to the palace. "I've never been interested in art but with you it’s infectious" Zuko admitted as you neared the palace gates. "In a good way I hope?" you asked and Zuko nodded "in a very good way". You smiled and Zuko paused to greet the guards who opened the gates before he carried on "I'd love to do this again but I understand there’s only so many times you can go to the same museum so I've been researching other museums that have strong ethical policies and there are a few scattered across the Fire Nation. Would you like to visit some with me?". Your heart leapt in pleasant surprise and you smiled "really? I'd love to!". Zuko grinned "great! Obviously it's a bigger deal than a day out so we'll have to plan it more strategically meaning it likely won’t be until next month is that okay?". You nodded "of course and thank you for doing this. It's so nice to feel like the Firelord genuinely cares about this.  At first I just thought you were indulging me to be polite but now I just see it's the type of person you are". Zuko blushed but was smiling pleased "of course I wasn’t just indulging you. You're a very interesting person and I like being around you" . You blushed but nodded "I like being around you too". Zuko smiled "that is good to hear" and you both blushed like idiots.
After that you got a flutter in your chest every time you saw Zuko and felt the feeling might be mutual. You noticed Zuko blushing a few times when you were together and caught him watching you a fair amount of times. He had your trip scheduled for three weeks time but saw you regularly both at work and in his free time. You’d walk through the gardens together or join him in the evenings for his nightly tea. You were both becoming important fixtures in each other's lives and you couldn’t be happier...until an old face threatened the balance.
Ty lee was now officially a Kyoshi Warrior. For the past year she’d been on the island finishing off her training and now she’d graduated she joined you all in the Fire Nation to start her new job. You were happy to see her initially, bygones had long since become bygones and you weren’t mad she’d worked with Azula to take you down and send all of you to prison, but then she mentioned how just before this she’d been on vacation with Mai. You’d completely forgotten the two of them were best friends and wondered if having Ty lee around would be awkward.  
You knew everyone was shocked when Mai and Zuko broke up, Ty lee probably included and had heard a lot of people say how the two of them were soulmates and would eventually get back together. Was Ty lee of this opinion? Did she want Mai and Zuko to get back together? Once she heard the way your warrior sisters insinuated you and Zuko liked one another would she intervene? Tell Mai? Convince her to come back and fight for Zuko?
You liked Zuko a lot but had no solid proof Zuko liked you back and had no idea how you’d compete with a rich, beautiful deadly girl like Mai who Zuko had conveniently been in love with not so long ago.
So needless to say you were a bit on edge around Ty lee and tried to avoid her. You knew she was good at disguising how she really felt and that worried you greatly but the whole situation was taken out of your hands.
It was your warrior sister Tolan’s birthday and everyone was going into the capital city to celebrate. You’d already spent time with her that day because you had the graveyard shift tonight and couldn’t join them but your sisters tried to persuade you. You told them for the millionth time you couldn’t because you had work and several of them rolled their eyes giving you knowing smirks. "Ow come on y/n we all know the Firelord will let you off for sure" one of your warrior sisters called "you're his favourite for obvious reasons". You blushed as all the girls laughed and another one shushed them. “Duh why do you think he chose her for this shift? It’s so they can be alone together”. You blushed vividly and another jumped in. “Plus sorry Tolan but you know y/n wouldn’t get out of it even if she could, because then she and Zuko wouldn’t get to check each other out a thousand times an hour". "Stop it" you cried but a small smile was on your face as the thought of Zuko liking you. It was then you realised Ty lee was also in the room. She hadn't joined in the conversation and was just watching looking rather confused. She noticed you watching her and you darted your eyes away "well either way I have to go" and you walked away swiftly. Now for better or worse Ty lee knew.
You tried to monitor Ty lee’s behaviour the next few days but couldn’t spot anything odd or different. Still she was great at putting on a mask so that did nothing to ease your worries and the tension between the two of you got worse and worse. When it got so bad it affected your sleep and eating habits you confided to Suki about your worries. While she didn’t think you had anything to fear she did manage to keep the two of you on separate guard shifts and separated you as much as possible. Still there were times where it wasn’t possible for you to avoid one another. During such time you noticed Ty lee watching you and it killed you wondering why. On one occasion you took over a shift from her and Zuko smiled widely, coming over to talk to you immediately. You noticed Ty lee watching this as she headed for the door and she only stopped when she realised you were staring back. Zuko would also occasionally visit you in your quarters with books he’d told you about or to get your opinion on things and Ty lee always seemed to catch the two of you. She obviously knew Zuko so he'd greet her and then there would be an awkward pause before you both waited for her to leave.
One day you were in your room when Ty lee came to tell you Zuko wanted to see you. "Y/n your...I mean the...Zuko wants you" she babbled trying to find the right words "i mean Firelord Zuko requests your presence". You blushed but nodded "thanks" and hurried there. You were going on your museum trip the next day and Zuko just wanted to confirm you knew the time to meet him at the airfield and to go through the weekend plan so you returned 15 minutes later to find the common room empty apart from Ty lee. Silence hung in the air as you closed the door and you both looked at one another before looking away. Ty lee sighed "I'm sorry for earlier I didn’t mean to...i mixed up my words". You shrugged "it's fine honestly". Ty lee frowned "I promise I didn’t mean anything by it". You nodded "don’t worry about it I...i get why you’d be awkward, not that there’s anything to be awkward about but you don’t have to explain yourself to me is what I'm saying" you blushed. Ty lee frowned and hesitated before deciding to just say what she was thinking. "Y/n I'm really sorry things have been awkward between us. I didn't mean them to be and I promise they don’t have to be. It’s honestly fine! I don’t mind that you’re Zuko’s new girlfriend and I know Mai would feel the same way". You blushed "well I'm not even dating Zuko we’re just friends". Ty lee smiled "well I can see that's a lie! You're both clearly infatuated and trust me i’ve known Zuko since he was seven so I can tell when he has a crush. He’s crazy about you y/n". You were blushing like crazy but felt happy "thanks Ty lee this was a lot better than I thought it’d be, I'm glad we did this". Ty lee nodded "me too" and squeezed your hand before disappearing.
You had your best night’s sleep in weeks that night because now you knew Ty lee wasn’t a dangerous obstacle you had to overcome and also because you officially had a new warrior sister. The morning came quickly and the day you’d been waiting for was finally here. Your weekend away with Zuko had arrived.
So this was supppper long but I put the read more thing in and I promise the next parts aren’t short novels, I just couldn’t work out how to cut this one down/didn’t really want to.
Also I like including my own activism and moral issues I think are important in my writing and I think it worked pretty well here. 
Part 3 will be coming soon!
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gladerwolfstarkimagines · 10 days ago
Imagine having a crush on Camilo and being a mess whenever he teases or flirts with you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Camilo knew the effect he had on you and so of course took every opportunity to embarrass you. Seeing as you were best friends with Mirabel and the same age as both of them, this happened a lot. At school he’s always find a way to sit near you in class and would turn randomly around just to make you blush. Every time you came to the house he’d find out within minutes (you were pretty sure he had a deal with Dolores) and he’d find you and flirt with you every time. Mirabel always groaned and left the room for a few minutes to give you "flirty time" as she called it. You secretly loved those moments even if you suspected he was just teasing you. Camilo was a people person who loved attention, it made sense he had a flirty extroverted personality, it didn’t mean anything. Plus everyone liked Camilo, not just people your own age but everyone old and young alike. He was a cheeky trouble maker but he was also so charming and quick it was hard to dislike him. Pretty much everyone adored him and the fact he could sing, dance and had a gorgeous grin just made everything worse. Leaving you hopelessly smitten and at the mercy of the shapeshifter.
You were contemplating all this as you walked to the Madrigal house for Antonio’s ceremony with a pot of food in hand. You had intended to show up early to help Mirabel but, late as usual, you arrived when the party was already in full swing. You’d barely been in the house 5 minutes when Camilo found you and honestly that was pretty slow for him. You were watching the wall play with hats amused when you heard a chuckle "did you really think my grandmother wouldn't make enough food to feed the whole of Colombia?" a familiar voice asked and you turned to see Camilo. He wore his signature smirk and looked as good as ever, but before you could reply he spoke again. "So what did you bring" he asked opening up the lid of the pot in your hands and you gasped swatting his hands away "get off! It's not for you Camilo". He smiled "well I mean you brought it for everyone so technically it is". "You're so clever" you teased sarcastically and he smirked, "I know but it feels so good to finally hear you say it". You blushed and Camilo smiled "come I'll show you where you can put it".
Camilo directed you to the kitchen, fighting through all the crowds to make a path for you and his over the top nature made you laugh and smile constantly. Finally you made it and he collapsed on the counter in *exhaustion*. “I didn’t think we were going to make it” he panted. You rolled your eyes smiling and set the pot down. Immediately Camilo popped his head back up, bringing it close to yours “so...you excited for the party? We’ve always been too young to enjoy them properly but now we’re finally old enough”. “I seem to remember you having a pretty good time at your own ceremony” you replied moving back and Camilo relented. “I’ll admit I can see why you’d think that” he shrugged. “You ate so much candy you threw up” you smirked laughing at the memory and Camilo blushed bashfully “yeah...I do not plan on doing that tonight”. “Doing what tonight?” his aunt said entering the room and more people pilled in after her. “Nothing tia!” he called as more and more people followed the magical healer into the room. As you and Camilo got pushed further into the back of the room he began the dramatics again. "Woah...house too small, even if it is magical. Abort y/n! Abort" he cried grabbing your arm. You laughed at Camilo’s performance "where?". "The window behind you, quick before we’re crushed!" he cried leaping out of it. You climbed out after him instead of leaping and smirked to see him laying down in the plants "so is there a reason you didn’t jump too?" he asked. "Because I didn’t want to make a fool of myself" you said pointedly and Camilo just turned on his side placing a hand on his hip "I have no idea what you mean". "Sure you don’t" you smirked knocking his arm so his head fell and Camilo leapt up after you as you started walking away. "Ow come on you know I can totally make the plant look work, I saw you checking me out". You blushed "I was not!". "You always do, whenever you think I'm not paying attention you're just eyeing me up and down". You were a red mess and went to dispute the claim when Camila shrugged "hey I don't blame you I just wish you owned it more. Just walk in a room and yell Camilo twirl for me and I’ll happily do it. Not for just anyone of course but if you demanded it y/n then I would happily oblige". “I don’t need you to do a catwalk every time we see each other” you finally managed to reply and Camilo just smirked. “Sure but you’d love it I can tell”. You shook your head lost for words, utterly enjoying how carefree and fun Camilo was before the sound of the party inside brought you back to reality. "I should go find Mirabel" you said and Camilo went to joke before he realised why you needed to find her. "Tonight will be hard for her so I should go to her" you clarified and Camilo nodded, now all serious. "Of course, come on I know where she'll be". He again led you in through an unusual entranced (a window) but sure enough he found Mirabel. "There she is" he said "look after her and erm...hopefully I'll see you later?" he asked. You nodded blushing "you might do and good luck". "I don’t need luck I was born lucky" he said with a wink and he strut back into the party. You stated after him smiling fondly before you rushed to Mirabel.
“Let me guess” you called “you spent all morning helping to prove to your family you’re totally okay even though you’re feeling pretty crap?” you called. Mirabel smiled and hugged you “you know me too well...but what took you so long to find me?". You went to reply when she smiled "let me guess...he has curly hair, a huge appetite and can shapeshift into anyone". You blushed "Camilo was just showing me where to put the food I brought". Mirabel laughed "knew it! God the two of you are so predictable. When will you just confess your love to one another and start dating". "Never because it's not like that" you said knocking her with your hip "Camilo is just an extroverted socialite, he’s charming and he knows it, he’s just a huge flirt". "He’s a troublemaker alright but you're the only one he flirts with" Mirabel replied. You blushed and changed the subject.
Antonio’s ceremony was a huge success! He touched the door and animals began flooding to him, communicating with him in a way that was impossible for anyone else. Everyone swarmed into his rainforest room and you followed before realising Mirabel wasn’t coming. You grabbed her hand and squeezed “you want to go outside for a bit?”. “No i’ll be fine, just gonna go grab some water. You go ahead I’ll come find you”. “Are you sure?” you asked and Mirabel nodded “totally! Go on, i’ll be right behind you”. So you relented and walked into Antonio’s amazing room. It was so huge and cool you couldn’t stop staring and everyone felt the same. The celebration well and truly began and everyone began dancing and singing. You were called to join by some girls you knew so you joined in, you loved dancing and were so caught up in the celebrations you threw yourself into it.
You’d been dancing for a few minutes and were having lots of fun when you felt someone tap you on your right shoulder. When you went to turn around someone gripped your left hand and twirled you several times before they dipped you. "How did I never know you can dance?" Camilo asked his face appearing in front of you. You blushed realising he was the one who grabbed you and shrugged "I don’t do it often". "Well we’ll have to change that" he grinned and he brought you back upright but didn’t take his hand from yours. "Y/n will you dance with me?" he asked sweeping onto one knee in a dramatic show. You blushed as people stared but more because Camilo wanted to dance with you. You were slightly intimidated as you expected Camilo was a very good dancer, could you keep up? Would you make a fool of yourself? But the look on Camilo’s face told you he wasn’t taking no for an answer and so caught up in the feeling of happiness and joy you agreed.
Camilo cheered and leapt to his feet before he began dancing with you. It wasn’t as terrifying as you expected. You were mainly just dancing beside one another. Sometimes other people would join in and you were all together making it less scary. Camilo was completely focused on you throughout and he’d occasionally grab your hand or dance to you. He lifted you a few times and encouraged and excited you went along with it. Camilo grinned as you flawlessly dismounted from one of the lifts and the joy danced in his eyes as he grabbed you. “Y/n you're just so amazing!" he cried and in the excitement he leant in and pecked you on the lips. You froze bringing your hands to them and Camilo paused too. "You just...did you mean to do that?" you asked the party going on around you as if nothing had happened, making you feel like you and Camilo were in your own little bubble. In reply Camilo just shrugged leaning in closer "why, do you want me to do it again?" he asked. You felt as if a rug had been pulled out from under you and a shiver ran down your spine at Camilo’s words. Hearing your crush ask you that so confidently made you weak and Camilo’s beautiful smile as he gazed at you made it hard to focus. You very much did want him to do it again and Camilo seemed to sense that by the smile he wore watching you. Camilo went to speak, moving even closer when suddenly Mirabel appeared telling the house was in danger.
Of course that ruined the mood. Everyone rushed to the staircase to see what was going on but there was nothing. No cracks like Mirabel described and the candle looked fine. After a minute or two Grandma Madrigal addressed the concerned crowd. "Everything is fine" she clapped "back to the party". You frowned at Mirabel’s crestfallen face and felt a hand on your arm "y/n?" Camilo asked. "I need to go after her" you said more than a little reluctantly but you were Mirabel’s best friend. That meant you couldn’t just dance and kiss Mirabel’s hot cousin while she was in a crisis somewhere. Camilo understood this and he nodded "no problem but about what happened back in there..." he said raking a hand through his hair "why don’t you come find me again later? If you want of course". You blushed but the look in Camilo’s eyes wasn’t jokey, he was serious and it made your stomach bubble in excitement. "Okay" you nodded and he smiled widely "great, well until then" and with a sweet charming smile he disappeared back into Antonio’s room. For the second time that night you stared after Camilo in a daze before rushing after Mirabel.
You found her in the courtyard and after getting her all healed you listened to her story. You assured her you believed her and would help her work out what was happening with the magic tomorrow. You asked if she’d like to rejoin the party or retreat to her room. She chose the latter and so you went with her, you stole tons of food and had a sleepover. You made it your mission to take Mirabel’s mind off the party and magic and when she finally started smiling and laughing again you were so relieved. You stayed up talking for hours until finally Mirabel fell asleep. You wrapped her up in blankets and laid next to her trying to sleep...but you couldn’t. You kept replaying the night’s events and it felt like sleep would never come, so you decided to go to the bathroom for some air and try again in a bit.
You left Mirabel’s room and made your way down the hall. On the way back you had a good view of Antonio’s room and were surprised to see there were still some people partying. You didn’t really pay attention to them until you heard a distinctive voice. You paused realising it was Camilo and looked over the bannister to see him...with his arms around two girls. He was walking with them to the door and seemed to be enjoying himself a lot. You couldn’t hear what he was saying but he seemed to be flirting or charming them. You stood frozen in disbelief, after tonight and that brief kiss you’d let yourself believe he liked you back. That he wasn’t just a flirt, a Madrigal boy using his gift to get girls but here you were. He spoke to the girls a bit more on the doorstep before calling good night and then he turned around coming back inside. You didn’t even realise he could see you upstairs until his eyes fell on you. He smiled before recognising the look in your eye and it clicked. "Y/n...it’s not at you think!" he cried racing up the stairs, cutting you off from Mirabel’s room. Not wanting to speak to him and being blocked from your escape you cried "how could you" and raced away. You also knew this house well and to the left there was a balcony with stairs leading downstairs into the garden. You didn’t really care where the staircase led you, you just wanted to get away from Camilo before he saw you were crying. You fled down the stairs faster than you’d ever done before but Camilo had his gift. He used his abilities to transform into someone with long strong limbs and practically leapt down the stairs landing right behind you. "Y/n wait" he said transforming back into himself, catching your hand in his, but you tugged it away "don’t touch me, don’t ever touch me again". Camilo nodded releasing you "okay but y/n please let me explain". "Explain what!" you cried "it was pretty obvious what was going on". "But it wasn’t! Y/n, please stop and just listen to me". "Listen to what? Your excuses? You trying to tell me those girls didn’t mean anything?". "Y/n they were my cousins!" Camilo cried and you paused "your...they can’t be I know your cousins Camilo". "They’re my cousins on my dad’s side" he explained "they're literally related to me. Nothing is going on with them I promise". You paused, the girls did look like Camilo’s dad Félix and you did remember Mirabel saying Antonio's extended family was coming to the ceremony. It all made sense and that made you feel like an idiot who overreacted when you and Camilo weren’t even officially anything. You wiped away your tears and looked down "ow...". "Ow" Camilo agreed and his expression softened into concern "y/n I'm sorry I hurt you". "It’s okay, I overreacted" you shrugged but Camilo shook his head "not at all! I get how it looked to you and I'd have been the exact same if the roles were reversed". "Really?" you asked and he nodded "of course! I don’t flirt with just anyone no matter my reputation. I've always noticed you and it’s taken me months of pretending i’m not flirting with you just to work up the courage to actually flirt with you! I'd be super upset if I found out you liked someone else...especially after that kiss". You blushed but couldn’t help but smile "it was barely a peck, are you telling me those 2 seconds were that good?". Camilo nodded "hand over heart the best 2 seconds of my life...but if you need further convincing?" he asked suggestively with a smirk. You blushed at the way he was looking at you and how close he was stood to you. "I think I do" you agreed and Camilo kissed you once again, this time it was more than a peck. It was officially your first kiss so it was still sweet and hesitant but so much better than the one earlier. This one lasted so much longer and you totally forgot the rest of the world existed...until it started yelling at you.
"Y/n, Camilo, are you two still arguing...ahhh" you heard someone cry and you both broke apart to see Mirabel, hanging out of her window now shielding her eyes.  “Definitely done arguing!" she cried and slammed her window shut. You and Camilo laughed before you looked at one another and blushed. "So, how was it?" Camilo asked staring at you and you smiled "pretty good so I see what you mean". Camilo smiled, staring at you adoringly for a few seconds before he looked around "how about we go for a walk? I'm not ready for bed just yet" holding out a hand to you. You nodded and took his hand "me either". 
 When you returned to Mirabel’s room hours later dawn wasn’t far away and you accidentally woke her as you got in beside her. "Antonio!" she cried before she saw it was you and smirked "well well well...still want to tell me you don’t have a crush on Camilo after you spent how many hours together?”. You blushed “okay fine I admit I like Camilo...and we’re dating so that’s convenient". Mirabel threw her pillow at you before seizing you in a hug "I knew it! I'm so happy for you both!" she cried. "You two will be perfect together... but you better not prefer him to me. I'm still your favourite Madrigal". "Always" you nodded and settled down to go to sleep. You closed your eyes and let out a happy sigh, Antonio’s ceremony would definitely be one you remembered fondly. 
Camilo is an amazing charater and the more I watch Encanto the more I love him and Luisa. Plus Delores...and Pepa...okay I love all of the them.  
Also my favourite character growing up was Leo Valdez from the Percy Jackson series and Camilo reminds me of him soooo much. The curly hair, the cheeky nature, similar heritage and bascially everything! So I was a goner for Camilo the minute I saw him. 
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gladerwolfstarkimagines · 17 days ago
Sokka x Zuko and Azula’s sister Part Two: You travel to the Southern Water Tribe where Sokka and the answer to your question is waiting.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part one here
@fablehavenandfandomsfanatic​ hope you enjoy it :) 
The moment of truth was here. Although you were fairly certain what your answer would be this was the moment where you’d realise if you liked Sokka or not. The staircase folded out of the airship and hit the ground with a loud clang that made your already rapidly beating heart jump. You descended from the ship and walked next to Azula and Zuko, your anxiety growing with every step until you saw him. You spotted Sokka, stood at the bottom of the ship and paused seeing him in proper water tribe clothes. He looked...very good. Your nerves rose as you got closer and finally stood in front of him.
"Zuko, Azula...y/n!" Sokka cried a grin sweeping across his face. Sokka’s eyes met yours and you knew then and there that you liked him. Your nerves swept away as Sokka stepped past your siblings and seized you in a hug "what a wonderful surprise! I had no idea you were coming". "It was a last-minute addition" Zuko explained "y/n really wanted to see the Water Tribe and asked to come...I hope that’s okay, we didn’t have time to send a messenger hawk ahead". Sokka shook his head "don’t be silly of course it’s fine! I can finally return the favour for all those cool fire nation tours you took me on" Sokka smiled at you and you nodded "that sounds nice".
You realised things felt different with Sokka now you realised you liked him. While Sokka chatted away happily telling you random facts about every building you passed, you paused to respond. You thought over your replies in your head to make sure they weren't stupid and looked away any time he looked at you. It was weird having a crush on someone and you weren’t sure how to play it, especially after you’d told him never to try anything with you. After explaining your dilemma to Azula she told you the only way Sokka would become something more was if you told him how you felt. “Even if he cares about you he won’t try anything because he knows you don’t want that or that’s what he thinks, so you’ve got to tell him” she explained bluntly. “But how do i do that” you cried and Azula rolled her eyes "wow y/n you really are the baby of the family...you take him somewhere private and slip it into the conversation. Mention how things have changed since you first met. It’s as simple as “”hey remember when I made you promise not to make a move on me...well I take it back””. Literally just say anything! You know he finds you attractive so what have you got to lose?". You blinked at Azula in response and she sighed "you're going to stress over this and make it way worse than it has to be aren’t you?”. You nodded your head "almost definitely".
The next day you had it all planned. Sokka was taking you fishing which was a private activity where you’d be alone. So you figured it’d be a great place to tell him how you felt. You stared at the water as Sokka rowed it out into the middle of the ocean, lost in thought until he nudged you. “Earth to y/n, we’re here”. “Sorry” you said blushing “I was just lost in the view, your home is beautiful”. “It is” Sokka agreed “but abysmally cold so I suggest we start fishing before the bait freezes”. You nodded and stood up to help Sokka with the fishing gear. You were soon stood over the edge of the boat staring into the water as you focused on fishing. You proved to be a very skilled fisherwoman and after catching 3 fish while Sokka hadn’t caught one you couldn’t help bragging. “We’re using the same bait right? Yours hasn’t fallen off or something?”. Sokka grinned “big talk for a first time fisher”. “All that experience and not a single fish to show for it” you retorted smiling “you must be just a little jealous I’m beating you at this”. Sokka laughed “not at all, Zuko told me you were good at everything so I figured that’d apply to this too. Not to mention you’re not the first princess I've come across. I know just how capable you can be" Sokka smirked and you nodded "so I've heard". This seemed like a good entranceway so you carried on "I understand you've been pretty successful in your dating past, charming princesses and warriors alike! Quite the ladies man". Sokka laughed but shook his head "it wasn’t like that. I've only dated two people and both times..." he sighed "let's just say it hasn't ended well". You frowned seeing Sokka’s expression and worried you’d upset him. “Sokka i’m sorry I didn’t mean to...". "No it’s fine" he smiled "honestly don’t worry". "Do you want me to change the subject or do you want to talk about it?" you asked. Sokka smiled "I'll explain, you're my friend so you should probably know. My first girlfriend Yue, the princess" he said nodding at you "she gave up her life to save the moon spirit...she was already half spirit so it was more like repaying a debt but either way she was with me one minute and gone the next". You frowned "ow Sokka I'm so sorry". He smiled sadly "thank you...then there was Suki, she’s the warrior. I loved her a lot but we just weren't meant to be. She had the responsibility of her whole island and customs on her shoulders and I had my tribe to look after...we hardly saw each other and gradually we just grew apart so we broke up". "That must've been difficult" you commented and Sokka nodded "it was. I hadn't stopped loving her but it was the best thing to do".
An awkward silence settled and you really wanted to throw yourself into the ocean. Your attempt to lead the conversation down a flirty path had led Sokka to discuss how his first girlfriend died in his arms and how he was still in love with his ex. You were actually impressed at how bad a mess you’d made of this.
When you returned to your room hours later your sister was waiting for you. "So?” Azula grinned “did you tell him". "No instead I asked him about his dead first love and the warrior he’s still in love with". Azula frowned "how did you...what did...huh?". "I don’t even know" you replied and dove face-first into your bed.
That evening was your first night in the water tribe and you wanted to make a good impression.  "Do we dress fire nation or water tribe?" you asked and Azula smiled. "I'm dressing fire nation but you should definitely dress water tribe”. "Why?" you asked and Azula smiled "to show Sokka how good you look in blue of course". You blushed "Azula I can’t go forward with him now..." you started but your sister silenced you with a look. "Of course you can! I asked around, Yue died ages ago and with regards to the Kyoshi warrior they’ve been broken up nearly 2 years! When he flirted with you initially they’d been broken up a while so it wasn’t a rebound, he was ready to move on and he still is!". You frowned "but everything he said...". "Is in the past" Azula said firmly "you're the future and so now put a blue outfit on and go get your guy!”.
You hadn’t worn blue a lot being fire nation royalty and so you kept glancing at yourself nervously. “Are you sure we’re not too pale for blue?” you asked Azula “maybe I should just go change”. Azula sighed and grabbed your arm “nope! We both know that’s just an excuse to get out of seeing Sokka. You’re coming with me”. You let Azula drag you into the large room and raised an eyebrow. “Wow” you breathed noticing all the intricate decorations the water tribe had used to decorate their hall. It was beautiful and everyone in the village must’ve helped. It was nice to feel such a strong sense of community and you instantly felt proud to be wearing blue.
Sokka’s POV
Sokka was talking to Zuko when he spotted you. You’d literally just entered the room and his eyes were drawn to you. You looked beautiful. So beautiful Sokka didn’t recognise you at first. He was so used to seeing you in red, that seeing you in his nation’s colours made you look like a spirit or a figment of his imagination. He watched as you openly admired everything his tribe had done and felt a warm pride feeling fill his chest. He was pleased you liked his home. "Sokka?" Zuko asked and Sokka jumped realising your brother was right next to him. "What?". "So what do you think? Should I do what Mai said?". Sokka had no idea what Zuko had said so he just took a lucky guess "I think you should always do what Mai says". Zuko nodded "that's a good point" and Sokka sighed in relief.
Your POV
You spotted Katara and made your way over to her, pleased you knew someone. She complimented your outfit and offered to show you around. You gladly accepted and let Katara introduce you to different people she knew. You soon found yourself talking to Sokka and Katara’s dad Hakoda and saw the similarities between him and his son. Both were outgoing men with charming personalities and it made you smile to see how Sokka was literally a carbon copy. While you were talking Sokka appeared and hearing his name he sighed. "Dad please tell me you haven’t been saying anything embarrassing". Hakoda grinned "me? Not at all! I was just telling y/n how you slept with rabbity until you were seven". "Dad!" Sokka yelped and Hakoda burst into warm laughter. "I'm joking I never mentioned it..." Hakoda grinned "until now". You laughed and couldn’t stop smiling at Sokka’s expression.
Sokka offered to give you a tour of the room and despite the fact Katara had literally just done that you agreed, hoping the water bender wouldn’t give you away. She didn’t, Katara just shot you a small smile and you blushed before following Sokka. Sokka took you on a sweep of the room and you smiled as his commentary was always more colourful than everyone elses. "You look good by the way" Sokka said suddenly and you blushed "really?". Sokka nodded “blue suits you, I know it’s basically treason to wear blue in the fire nation but you should really change that rule”. You blushed very pleased with Sokka’s comment “I’ll make sure to tell Zuko that the second we return”. Sokka ended the tour by the fire and you gratefully held your hands out to its warmth. Sokka smiled “you can take the girl out of the fire nation but you can’t take the fire nation out of the girl”. You smiled “well we can’t all have your superhuman resistance to cold”. “That is true” Sokka grinned bragging and you shook your head pushing him playfully. Sokka laughed before he turned back to you “so I have an idea of something fun we could do, if you’re brave enough to handle some more cold weather”. You paused “sure but what would we be doing?”. Sokka smirked “well that’s the thing ...I want it to be a surprise". You smiled "why?". "Because it's the sort of thing that is better if you just experience it, so will you trust me to handle it?". You nodded "sure! Just tell me when and where to meet you". Sokka winced "so that's where the trust part comes in...you have to meet me at the edge of town in the middle of the night".
You were 90% sure Sokka wasn’t trying to murder you, so you met him outside his home in the thermal clothes he’d gotten you. Sokka waved warmly when he spotted you "you're here! Great we have some ground to cover". You frowned "I am very curious as to what you have planned". Sokka smiled "you'll love it! But I am going to explain it to you because well there is a chance it won’t go as planned". You frowned "Sokka what are you...". "I'm taking you to see the Aurora" Sokka exclaimed and you grinned "the spirit lights that dance across the night sky? Really?". Sokka nodded and you squeezed his arm "that's amazing! Thank you". Sokka blushed as you hugged him "hey don’t thank me yet, they're a natural phenomenon so there's no guarantee we’ll see it but they're usually pretty frequent this time of year so fingers crossed". You nodded your head and now, determined to see the Aurora, you pressed on without any further questions.
When you’d been walking for a while Sokka stopped. “Okay we can stop here, this is as good a place as anywhere" Sokka explained sinking into the snow. He searched in his bag and passed you a cup. "It’s tea" he explained "we can’t light a fire so we have to drink warm liquids to stay warm". You nodded and sipped the tea eagerly. After you finished the tea you prepared to see the lights and made a snow mound to lay on. Sokka helped and when it was done you laid beside one another and stared up at the sky. “So have you enjoyed your time here so far?" Sokka asked and you nodded. "Your home is so beautiful and your family are very kind, you and your father are very alike". "We are?" Sokka asked "I always get told I look nothing like him and take after my mother". "Not looks wise but personality-wise" you agreed "you're both confident and charming! I see what everyone in the Fire Nation meant about people from the Water Tribe". Sokka went to enquire what you meant when you grabbed his arm "Sokka was that just a..." when you gasped as lights lit up the sky.
The lights danced across the sky, more and more colours appearing as you stared in wonder. You hadn’t seen anything as beautiful as this ever in your life and couldn’t tear your eyes away even if you’d wanted to. After 15 minutes the lights began to fade until they disappeared completely. "Sokka that was amazing!" you gasped turning on your side to face him and Sokka turned on his side too. "I'm glad you liked it" he smiled and you smiled back. "Y/n what did you mean about the Water Tribe? What does the Fire Nation say about us”. You blushed "ow just...us firebenders know we’re no charmers, but we heard that people from the Water Tribe were very charming and smooth, I'm pretty sure Avatar Kuruk started the rumours to be honest. He apparently won the affection of his fire bender teacher and she was supposed to be a very strict and serious woman...anyway the rumour is that people from the Water Tribe are very good at making people fall for them and I always thought it was a rumour before..." you trailed off and Sokka tilted his head "but now you don’t know?". You blushed "not so much". Sokka stared at you and you saw his brain trying to decipher what you said. You sighed "Sokka when we first met and I told you not to try anything...I do that with everyone as a defence mechanism, to protect myself but I...I regret my decision". Sokka’s eyes widened "you do? Regarding me?". You nodded blushing "it might be one-sided but I...I like being around you. You're fun and smart and different to anyone else I've met. I missed you when you left and that's how I realised...I like you Sokka". Sokka sat up abruptly and stared at the ground, a dazed look on his face. You sat up too and watched him nervously, "Sokka?" you asked with a frown. A grin suddenly broke out on Sokka’s face and he spun round to face you again "this is amazing news!". "It is?” you asked and he nodded "of course it is! Y/n I felt all that too but I meant my promise to you and I wasn’t going to break it so hearing you say all this, it reaffirms everything I've been feeling and makes me so happy i could..." Sokka gasped before he grinned "can i kiss you?". You paused a little taken back but nodded excitedly "yes". Sokka leant over and kissed you softly.
When Sokka pulled away you sighed happily and laid back down on your back staring up at the sky, lost in your dazed happiness. Sokka smiled and laid on his side beside you,watching you with a content smile on his face. "What are you thinking about?" he asked. "How that was a pretty good first kiss for me to have" you replied. "With me?" Sokka asked and you shook your head "in general". "You've never kissed anyone?" Sokka asked and you shook your head "no, I've always been aware people just see my title and so I've been scared of intimacy or anyone who tries to get close to me... honestly the very idea terrifies me so I never give people the chance". Sokka nodded "and are you panicking right now? Does this make you nervous". "No" you laughed "you’re the first person I don’t feel that way around, I feel safe around you...is that odd to say?". "No it’s wonderful" Sokka smiled "plus the blush on your face is totally adorable". Your blushed deepened and you hurried to cover your face with your hands. Sokka laughed "hey no come on I was admiring that" he grinned tugging your hands away. He overpowered you and smiled "beautiful” he commented gazing at you. You blushed and your hands restrained just buried your head against Sokka. Sokka smiled and dropped your hands. He wrapped his arms around you and laid back supporting you. He held onto you and you relaxed into his embrace. "I'm really glad you feel comfortable around me" Sokka said softly "I'll always put in the effort to make sure you do and if I ever do anything to make you worry just tell me okay?". You nodded looking up at him "okay" and Sokka smiled "good". You stared at Sokka admiring the way the moonlight danced across his blue eyes and leaned forwards. You kissed him softly and Sokka cupped your cheek gently. You pulled away after a few seconds cautiously and Sokka sighed happily "I’m never gonna get tired of this" he commented and you chuckled slightly resting back against him.
The rest of the week passed in a blur. You and Sokka spent a lot of time together and even managed a few dates. Azula and some of Sokka’s friends clocked on to your behaviour and made you blush with their teasing but really you were immensely proud to be with Sokka. So much so you decided to tell the one person who still didn’t know...Zuko. You planned on doing it on your penultimate day in the water tribe. You invited Sokka round for breakfast and he was so nervous he actually beat you there. You walked into the dining room to find him already sat with Zuko. He shot you a nervous smile and you decided to put you both out of your misery. When you’d sat down you turned to Zuko.  "Zuko I have something to tell you" you said and he paused "what is it?" automatically going tense. You glanced to Sokka and he smiled at you. "Sokka and I are dating". Zuko tensed and his eyes shot to Sokka "what did I tell you about going near my sister?". Sokka frowned but you glared. "I came to him Zuko! Sokka never tried anything with me". "Yeah I'll believe that" Zuko glared "I saw all the letters he wrote to you...so that's why you wanted to come here, for him?". "Well yes, I thought I liked Sokka and wanted to see if i did and I knew the moment I saw him that I did". Zuko glared "how long has this been going on?". “Since Monday night. I told Sokka, he returned my feelings and we agreed to start dating". "I'm sure he did, this was all your plan wasn’t it?" Zuko asked Sokka "this way you could claim you weren’t doing what I told you not to but you could get into my sister’s head and flirt with her". Zuko wasn’t the only sibling with a bad temper and you finally snapped. "Enough" you yelled "Zuko I told you this as a courtesy but it has nothing to do with you! Your behaviour has been childish and sexist. You don’t get to warn people off me and Sokka does not need your permission to date me! He just needs mine and if you can’t see that then you’re more like dad than you think" and you stormed away.
You rushed out of the house and sat down in the snow just outside, too angry to find anywhere better. You were just starting to shiver from the cold when a coat appeared around your shoulders. "Here" Sokka said sitting beside you "figured you’d need this". "Thank you" you said stiffly "that didn’t go well". Sokka shrugged "actually I think it did. You told Zuko we’re dating, called out his toxic behaviour and established boundaries. It wasn’t easy or all roses but you did a good job and I want to thank you". "Thank me?" you asked and he nodded "for standing up for me. The past me would've been uncomfortable or embarrassed at having my girlfriend speak up for me but I saw you yelling and defending my honour and I felt smitten" Sokka smiled "I quite like having the fire nation yelling at people for me". You blushed but smiled "well get used to it, I'm not going anywhere". Sokka smiled "good" and leant in to kiss you. Just as his lips touched yours the door opened and Zuko tensed. "Y/n can I talk to you please?" he asked and Sokka hurried away from you.
You and Zuko walked away from the houses and to the water edge. You remained silent the whole way. Zuko was the one who asked to talk and in your opinion he had a lot to say. Zuko finally sighed “y/n i’m sorry”. You were surprised but weren’t ready to celebrate yet, you looked at him sceptically and he carried on. “I was behaving immaturely. You’re not my property to protect. You’re my sister which means as much as I want the best for you, your opinion matters the most. You get to decide who you date and not me. I was acting like father, as if you were mine to command and I’m truly really sorry”. You saw genuine guilt in your brother's eye and thawed “Azula got to you didn’t she?” you asked. Zuko nodded “she heard the whole thing and flew into the room to yell at me...but before that I was already thinking about what you’d said. You were totally right...when did you become so smart?”. You smiled sadly “probably in the years we were apart. I’ve grown up a lot in that time”. Zuko nodded “I see that now, me and Azula both need to stop treating you like our baby sibling as much”. You shrugged “sometimes it’s nice...like when you let me eat the last smore the other night or pick which play we watch” you smiled. Zuko smiled back “then that stays” and you both laughed. “I’m going to find Sokka and apologise to him” Zuko informed you “and again i’m very sorry. I promise to never overstep with you again”. You smiled and accepted his hug “you can always tell me your opinion but just treat me like your equal. That’s all I want”. Zuko nodded “I promise I will, I’m very proud of you y/n”. You blushed “thanks Zuko” and walked home together. Sokka and Azula were waiting in the doorway. “So has Zu Zu done enough grovelling?” Azula asked. You nodded laughing “he has and we’re okay”. Zuko nodded “thankfully but Sokka can I speak to you?”. Sokka nodded and Azula stood up taller “wait is this the *you hurt y/n and we’ll kill you* speech? I’m coming!”. “No it’s not that speech” Zuko said smiling slightly at the fear in Sokka’s eye “something tells me Sokka is already very aware of what we’ll do to anyone who hurts our sister”. Sokka swallowed “painfully so”. Azula shrugged “fine, let’s go back inside y/n and leave these two to it”.  
Sokka and Zuko returned all smiles and you knew the last hurdle had well and truly been cleared. You left the following day and it was bittersweet. You’d remember this trip and the Water Tribe exceptionally fondly but that also meant you were reluctant to leave. You hugged Sokka for the hundredth time in an hour and stared disapprovingly at the ship that would take you home. Sokka laughed catching the look in your eye “don’t worry it won’t be long, I’ll come to the fire nation later this month and you can come here as much as you want. Just drop me a message and I’ll arrange the Air bison airline”. You smiled at Sokka’s joke and hugged him again “I know it’s just...you and Suki grew apart because you lived so far away from one another. What if...”. Sokka didn’t let you finish that thought. He swiftly grabbed your hand drawing your attention to him. “Y/n what happened with me in my past relationships is in no way certain to happen again with us. It doesn’t mean the same problems will occur and i’ll make sure they don’t. To an extent you let a relationship fall away by not trying harder to save it and I have no intention of having that happen with us. So don’t worry. Everything will be okay and i’ll see you again soon enough...not that I have much choice, my dad and Katara are already asking me when you’ll be coming back to visit. I think you were a huge hit”. You smiled “I’m glad, they’re both so lovely and kind like you...thanks for reassuring me, it means a lot”. Sokka smiled kissing your cheek lightly “no problem, that’s what I’m here for”. You enjoyed the sensation of trust Sokka’s words gave you and were revealing in the moment when your sister interrupted. “Sorry to break this up but i’ve stalled Zuko as much as I can. If we don’t leave now he’d going to have a tantrum and Mai’s not here to calm him down”. You smirked at how Azula made Zuko sound and nodded “fine let’s go”. Sokka led you up to the airship and hugged you one more time. “I’ll write you every week atleast and may drop in from time to time so don’t get comfortable without me”. “I promise I won’t” you agreed and with a final kiss joined everyone on the airship. Sokka stayed to see the ship depart and waved to you from the ground. Despite the cold you went onto the balcony and waved back until the water tribe faded away. Sokka did the exact same and waved long after the ship was just a small dot in the sky.
Azula and Zuko watched you and finally Azula turned to him “so...care to admit you were wrong this whole time and I was right”. Zuko rolled his eyes “does someone always have to be right?”. “Yes and it’s usually always me”. Zuko scoffed and Azula raised an eyebrow “i’m not joking I’ve been keeping count. I’ve been right 459 times and you’ve been right 12 times”. Zuko shook his head “okay fine make it 460! You were right, Sokka and y/n make a good couple and he might actually be good enough for her”. Azula smiled “he really cares about her and that’s the main thing. I think this one is going to be here for the long haul”. Zuko nodded “I agree”.
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💖 LOVE TRAIN 💖 Send this to all the blogs you love! Don’t forget to spread the love! Happy New Year!!!!! *jumps up and down like a child*
Happy New Year!!!! Hope you have a great 2022 🥰🥰
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Zuko x Kyoshi Warrior series Part One -  Imagine being a Kyoshi Warrior, serving as the Firelord’s bodyguard and developing a crush on Zuko
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part Two Here
Part Three Here
When you moved to the Fire Nation to guard the Firelord you didn’t think falling for him would be one of the hardest parts of the job, however it happened fairly quickly.
You’d been a Kyoshi warrior for three years now and so of course you remembered Zuko from that time he attacked and almost burned down your home on Kyoshi Island. You hadn’t fought him directly but you’d got a good enough look at his behaviour to be wary of him. However after your first day of work that all vanished.
Zuko took the time to meet with all the Kyoshi Warriors one on one on sometime in their first week. He apologised to you all directly for harming your home and explained he wasn’t that person anymore. He confided in you his plans for the Fire Nation and told you he hoped to be a good leader. He promised to listen to any complaints you had and told you he was personally available if you had any concerns or if your move to the Fire Nation could be made any smoother. Finally he thanked you for agreeing to be his guard and told you he hoped you would be happy here.
To say you were shocked was an understatement. Suki had told you all he was a good person but you weren’t expecting this. He was so honest about his mistakes and apologised sincerely. You found your respect for him cautiously growing each day and it didn’t take long to blossom. You’d interacted with royals before and they treated bodyguards as glorified servants. Zuko didn’t do that. He learnt all your names and said please and thank you every time you assisted him. He greeted you every time you started your shift and also said goodbye when you left. He showed you a level of respect that few gave to their staff and you couldn’t believe the change he’d gone through in such a short space of time.
Once you knew Zuko was a good person you began to notice how he was appealing in other ways too. He was the same age as you and you saw it more and more as you grew more comfortable around one another. He wasn’t always the thoughtful careful Firelord, sometimes he acted like an awkward young man and it was very endearing. Your crush appeared rather suddenly but once it arrived it was impossible to hide. The other warriors, your sisters, of course all knew. You walked in one day while Zuko was still changing and the look on your face gave it away. They all teased you but luckily never in front of Zuko so you managed to be professional until a turn of events brought you into Zuko’s path more often. Zuko had recently been dumped by his girlfriend Mai and you knew he was receiving pressure from the nobles to date. He’d received multiple offers from a range of high ranking Fire Nation women and even ones from the Earth Kingdom but he rejected them and you could understand why. It must've been hard enough dating as the prince but now he was Firelord? How on earth did a teenager handle that? How did you work out who actually liked you and who just wanted to be queen? Everyone in the Fire Nation knew him on sight, how could he be sure what their intentions were or that they weren’t being coached on what to say to him?
Zuko must have worked it out though because he eventually agree to meet one girl. It was arranged she’d come to the palace for a date and Zuko was very nervous. You were guarding him that day and stood behind him waiting for her arrival. Zuko fiddled with the hem of his robe as he waited and you noticed how stressed he looked. “Would you like me to guard the corridor Firelord Zuko?” you asked “that way I can warn you when she’s coming and give you a signal”. Zuko nodded at you relieved “yes please y/n...I know it’s silly but i’m quite nervous”. You smiled as you passed him “don’t be, you’ll have a great time and i’m sure you’ll get along swimmingly”.
It was as if you cursed them. From the moment Urila appeared you got a bad feeling. She was beautiful but very over adorned. She had her best jewels on and her hair was arranged in an extravagant manner which must have taken her hours. She appeared to take great pride in her appearance which of course there was nothing wrong with but considering Zuko usually got ready for the day in four minutes flat you wondered how they would get along. She walked ahead of her guide as if they weren’t there and her face only broke into a smile once she saw Zuko. She sunk into a curtsy and extended her hand to Zuko “Firelord it is my honour to make your acquaintance”. Zuko kissed her hand hesitantly and thanked her for coming. There was a sense of awkwardness in the air that didn’t vanish the whole date. Zuko fumbled with his words over dinner and there were several lapses in conversation when they both stared at the food in silence. They only really discussed formalities and any topic one of them seemed enthusiastic about the other seemed to have no interest in. When the date ended and Urila left you saw Zuko’s shoulders relax and he sunk down into a seat in thought. You watched him out of the corner of your eye and wondered what he was thinking.
“Firelord” you asked hesitantly and Zuko looked at you “hmm...sorry y/n I was miles away. What is it?”. “I just wanted to know if there was anything else you require of me? My shift is ending”. Zuko stood up “no of course not, you may leave but before you go can I ask you something...personal?”. Your eyes widened and Zuko noticed your reaction “nothing weird! I just want to know your opinion on that”. “The date?” you asked and Zuko nodded "was it just me or did that go very badly?" he asked. You froze "you’re asking me?". Zuko nodded "yes, you've worked for me for a while haven’t you? You were one of the first ones here and I feel like you must know me by now so please tell me was I more awkward than usual or was the date just not good full stop?". You paused "well did you enjoy it? That's all that matters". Zuko frowned "not really but it was the first one...still you haven’t answered my question". You paled "I...I think you were wonderful". Zuko's eyes narrowed "you don’t have to lie to please me y/n, be honest it’s okay. What did you think of Urila?". Your face changed and Zuko laughed "i saw that! You didn't like her". You babbled "of course I do! She seems like a very lovely girl...". "But?" Zuko asked and you paused. He was smiling and seemed to be encouraging you so you carried on. "But I think the two of you are very different. You're from similar circles but your interests are completely separate. You don’t seem to have much in common. She likes fashion, fine food and expensive trinkets. You like...simpler more personal things, less materialistic". Zuko nodded "I noticed that too. I don’t imagine she’d enjoy just sitting by a pond or curling up with a book for hours as I do". You nodded "perhaps not sir. But maybe she would? It was only one date after all". Zuko nodded "that is true...maybe I'm being too hasty". You weren't sure what to say so you stayed quiet. "Maybe I'm just too boring? I have spent my past years with a man more than triple my age as my sole companion. Maybe I’m becoming my uncle". You laughed at the look of horror on Zuko’s face "i’m sure there are worse things". Zuko nodded "you're right once again. You give very good advice y/n and your perspectives are very logical and fair. Maybe I should have you on my council". You went to disagree when you realised he was joking. You smiled relaxing "and you're not boring Firelord Zuko. Many people share your interests". Zuko nodded "yes but probably not women my own age...more like middle-aged widows". You chuckled but shook your head "I don’t think so". "Well what are your hobbies then?" Zuko asked "maybe you'll make me feel less old". You paused "I like art". Zuko paused "really? Are you a talented artist?". You shook your head "no I'm rubbish at painting itself but I love admiring finished works. My favourite place in the whole Fire Nation is the art museum right here in the capital. Granted I haven’t been anywhere else in the Fire Nation but I can’t imagine there would be anywhere quite as relaxing and peaceful. There’s a huge window made of stained glass and i love to stare at it in the sunlight. It's the most captivating thing I've ever seen". You trailed off lost in thought before remembering who you were with. You averted your eyes and Zuko smiled "that sounds nice. I think I remember the window you mean but I can’t recall being as captivated by it. I'll have to re-visit it I think". You nodded "you should" and silence fell. You realised you’d probably outstayed your welcome and quickly gathered yourself. "I'll leave you in peace now, have a good night Firelord Zuko" and you bowed. Zuko nodded "goodnight y/n". He seemed to be lost in thought staring at the floor but he looked up and watched as you left. His frown only growing deeper as he wondered why that five-minute conversation with you had been more fun than anything he’d said to Urila.
Zuko apparently took your advice. You heard he'd asked Urila for another date and at the art gallery no less! You supposed it couldn't be a coincidence but were utterly shocked when Zuko asked you to come and act as a guide. "I figured you could point out all the best pieces and would be a lot more natural around me than a tour guide". You struggled not to roll your eyes at that but we're glad your crush apparently wasn't so obvious. You of course agreed and awkwardly accompanied Zuko to the gallery where Urila was waiting. She eyed you suspiciously when you arrived before sweeping into a bow before Zuko. He hastily told her to rise and explained the day plan. They'd spend an hour or two in the gallery and then have dinner outside in the gardens. You thought it sounded like the perfect date but Urila didn't sound impressed. You stood awkwardly nearby and Urila kept glancing at you before she sighed "shouldn't she be...scouting the perimeter or something?". Zuko turned confused and spotted you "ow no y/n isn't my bodyguard. Well she is but that's not why she's here today, she's our tour guide. Y/n loves this place and has agreed to show us around". "Right" Urila nodded "well shall we get started?". It sounded like she meant "get this over with" but you didn't judge. Art wasn't everyone's thing and you respected that. Still you hoped to get Urila excited about at least one artwork and planned your route mentally. You entered alongside the couple and turned to them "I thought first we could look at the beautiful landscape collection, then onto the elementalist exhibit and perhaps finish with the modern artwork section?". Zuko smiled nodding eagerly but Urila merely shrugged. You smiled awkwardly and nodded "this way" and gestured to a room. You led Zuko and Urila around the room explaining different paintings and their finer details. Things you hadn't noticed the first time you came, which you now found extremely interesting. Zuko nodded along and asked questions but Urila was clearly getting bored. "And now onto the Elementalist section" you called and Urila paused "wait that was only the first part?". You paused "erm yes...this is the second part of the tour". The girl didn't comment but she didn't look impressed. You decided to try and up the ante and so moved to one of the most impressive paintings in the whole museum. "Now this is a masterpiece in every sense of the word, it was created by Ysiyo. A talented fire bender and prominent member of the Inta clan. She was one of the first female painters recorded and if that wasn't impressive enough she did this whole painting using fire bending". Zuko's eyes widened "that's amazing!". You smiled, pleased he liked the information you’d collated and carried on "I agree! She did it using a rather complex process involving wax and..." when you noticed Urila had moved on. She walked towards another wall and examined the painting with an unimpressed expression "and who did this one?" she asked. You paused momentarily thrown off but regained yourself. "This was painted by a man named Deroh and is called Dizin Island after the famous Island of the same name. His story is rather interesting, see he started off as a historian as most do on Dizin Island however he was so entranced by the island's beauty that he...". "Uh-huh and this one?" Urila asked moving on. You stumbled over your words getting flustered and Urila sighed "never mind" and carried on. You noticed Zuko watching with a frown and felt embarrassment overcome you. He probably regretted bringing you, you weren't good around other people and didn't know as much about all the paintings as would've been best. You swallowed, trying to hide your embarrassment and followed the pair. You made your way through the remainder of the Elementalist section in silence and didn't comment as neither of the two asked you any questions. You exited and were anxious to proceed onto the next and final part of the tour. You directed them to the stairs where the next exhibit was but Urila paused. She was staring off down the hall and didn't appear to be listening. "Urila" Zuko called and she spun around "can't we go in that room? It says precious jewels from all over the four nations! That will be much more beautiful". Zuko turned to you "is that section good?". You frowned "well I haven't been in there too much to be honest...". "Come on let's go!" Urila called "we've seen enough paintings". Zuko shrugged and shot you a look "don't worry if you don't know much we can just look" and you nodded relieved and stepped gingerly into the room. In truth there was a very specific reason why you disliked this part of the museum. Only a handful of the jewels were actually from the Fire Nation meaning when they said they'd been "obtained" from the Water Tribe or Earth Kingdom they meant stolen without any compensation ever being given. You liked this gallery so much because it had the largest collection of Fire Nation art in the world with far fewer pieces stolen from other cultures than normal, this exhibit was a large exception. Urila and Zuko didn't seem to notice though and Urila appeared to be enjoying herself greatly. "Now this is art" she cried as she stared at a huge emerald from the earth Kingdom. Zuko nodded staring at a Fire Nation ruby "they are very beautiful". "And to think they're all yours"  Urila smiled "you own them all". Zuko hesitated "well technically I don't own them...most of them are donations or property of the museum". "Most of these aren't actually donations" you commented unable to help yourself "they were stolen". Zuko froze "they were what?". You paused "everything here that isn't from the Fire Nation was taken by force, I doubt any of the nations ever received compensation for them or are even aware you have them". Urila scoffed "and your Earth Nation hasn't stolen things from us". You paused "we have but to a much lesser extent, especially given how much richer the Fire Nation has always been...". You went to continue but Urila cut you off as she spotted a large diamond. "Now that is gorgeous" she cried "don't you think so Firelord Zuko". Zuko frowned going closer to examine it "yes...it's from the Water Tribe" and he glanced back to you. Urila smiled at him unaware he was now uncomfortable "i bet you own so many jewels like this don't you. You could probably afford ones twice the size of this being Firelord". You knew most men loved flexing their power but Urila 's comments only seemed to make Zuko more uncomfortable. "Maybe" he agreed "but I don't really care for jewels". Ow" Urila replied looking away as if scolded and you saw Zuko panic. "But we do have some nice treasures in the palace vault, perhaps I could show them to you?" Zuko offered. Urila's face lit up once again and she clutched Zuko's arm happily and didn't let go as they walked around the rest of the room. You were very grateful that when you exited the exhibit Zuko said he was hungry so he moved on to dinner and you were free to go. You hastily made your way back to the palace and found your warrior sisters in your shared quarters. "So how was your date?" one of them called and you rolled your eyes. "You know I didn't think third-wheeling could be as bad as the graveyard shift but I was wrong...it was worse". Your warrior sisters laughed "really? What happened?". "Eugh just everything went wrong. Urila seemed to hate me being there and she disliked art anyway so we were off to a horrible start. Then she wouldn't let me finish my explanations and kept just asking me questions before I finished speaking. She caught me off guard and I forgot all my facts making me look like an idiot. I could just see the embarrassment in Zuko's face. Then she broke the tour to go into the jewel room and that was awful, just a gallery of colonisation". Your warrior sisters chuckled "so if Zuko asks you for another date it's a resounding no?". You shook your head at their laughter "stop phrasing it that way! I wasn't on the date I was the guide, nothing else". "We know we were just teasing! Now come join us, we're in a heated pai sho tournament" and you laughed their quips forgotten. Not 15 minutes later the door went. You were intently watching the game so didn't bother looking up but heard your leader Suki gasp "Firelord Zuko". Everyone froze and turned to see Zuko standing there smiling awkwardly. "Hi I hope you don't mind me stopping by, I know you're all off duty". "Not at all Firelord" Suki bowed and you all copied her "how can we help?". Zuko looked down "I was just hoping to speak with y/n...". He scanned the room, momentarily bewildered by all the faces with matching face paint before his eyes landed on yours and he smiled in recognition "do you have a moment y/n?". You were very grateful for the warrior paint, it hid your blush well as you nodded and made your way to the door. Your sisters all shot you knowing smiles and even Suki was concealing a smirk. Zuko was waiting outside and you walked to him nervously. Apparently the feeling was mutual as Zuko shot you an unsure smile. "Hi, so firstly I wanted to make sure you got home okay". "I did thank you" you smiled "how was your meal?". Zuko paused "ah that’s why I’m here. Y/n I want to apologise for how Urila treated you. Yes you're employed by me but you're not my property to boss around or talk down to. I'm sorry she treated you like that and I want you to know I don't see you that way". You paused "I...so you weren’t disappointed in me?". Zuko’s eyes widened "disappointed? Y/n I was the opposite. Your composure was excellent and I was very impressed you knew so much about art. I was the embarrassed one having to subject you go that!". You shook away his words but Zuko wouldn’t let it drop "no it's not right she treated you like that and I won't stand for it". You swallowed "I...thank you Firelord Zuko". He smiled "Zuko” he corrected you “I think you know me well enough by now to be informal with me when we’re alone”. You were too flustered to reply but luckily Zuko carried on. “I also came here because I wanted your opinion...Urila’s behaviour on the date was really against my own expectations and morals. Seeing her treat you that way made me think we’re not compatible and I wanted to hear your views?". You winced before nodding "I agree with your deductions. I don’t think she’s a bad person but she does seem to prefer a louder lifestyle to you and your personalities are very different, perhaps too dissimilar?". Zuko nodded "exactly my thought. I'm going to end it with her". You panicked "because of what I...". "No no don’t worry you haven’t decided it! I've been having doubts and I admire your insight that’s all. I will see her once more because I promised to show her the vaults and that will be the end of it". "Well if it's what you want then I'm pleased" you replied and Zuko nodded "thank you y/n and one final thing before i promise to leave you alone. I greatly enjoyed your commentary and wondered if you’d indulge me with it once more? I'd like to go back to the gallery and hear more about Deroh and Ysiyo, the latter especially. Not to mention we didn’t get a chance to see that glass window you admire so much which I would like to hear your views on. Would you perhaps be willing to have one more visit with me?". You blushed vividly, your warrior makeup saving you once again. "Of course it would be my honour!". Zuko smiled "you can say no, this is me asking y/n the girl not y/n the Kyoshi Warrior". Again your blush flared and you managed to not combust on the spot. "No I'd love to! It sounds like fun, I love talking about art and i’m very pleased you enjoyed it". Zuko smiled "I did but I am also concerned with the jewel room. I’d like to start altering the problem and think your insights would be most helpful, would you perhaps be willing to meet with me say tomorrow night and educate me on the matter? In your work hours of course". You were utterly shocked the Firelord cared so much and stuttered "I'd...yes and can I say I find it really admirable how willing to change and consider other cultures you are. It's a very wonderful quality". This time Zuko blushed and he had no makeup to hide it. "Thank you that is very kind of you to say. I mean to be a good Firelord and that means listening to those more intelligent than me" he smiled looking at you. You smiled back "you flatter me but I'd be very happy to help in any way I can". Zuko grinned very pleased "excellent! I'll see you tomorrow night and then we can plan our trip to the museum". You nodded "sounds good" and bowed. Zuko blushed again "ah you don’t have to bow to me when we’re alone". You blushed "okay goodnight Zuko". He smiled as you used his name not his title and nodded "goodnight y/n" and disappeared down the corridor.
You stumbled back into the room and felt like you were walking in air. "So what did the Firelord want?" one of the girls asked and you paused "I...he wanted to see me tomorrow night for...". They didn’t let you finish before they all swarmed you screaming. "The Firelord and y/n!" they all began chanting, shouting similar ridiculous things and you blushed, fighting them off. "Stop! It’s not like that. He wants my help improving the museum system". The others all stopped "ow well that doesn’t sound very sexy". "Because it’s not" you retorted shoving them "it's purely professional". "For now" one of them murmured and the others all broke into laughter again. You could only imagine what they’d say if they heard he’d asked you to the museum for fun next week too. You held that little detail close to your chest and enjoyed the excitement it gave you.
So this is set after the TV show ends and around the time of the first comic. I’ve heard a lot of speculate about how Zuko would have changed the dynamic and life of servants in the palace after he became Firelord and this was born.  
Hope you enjoyed it! I’ve got some ideas for a few more part (thinking six total but we’ll see)
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Gogo x female reader: Imagine being Tadashi’s twin sister and struggling to cope after his death. Gogo comforts you and takes you to her secret bird watching place to help you get away from life for a while.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tadashi’s death hit everyone hard but as his twin it affected you a LOT. You’d never been separated from Tadashi, you’d always lived together, gone to the same school and even the same college. He was literally born three minutes before you so even from birth you’d never been without him. While that meant you were pretty much together 24/7 the two of you were very close and you loved both your brothers so much life without them was unthinkable. Therefore when the unthinkable did happen, like Hiro it took you a while to be able to face life again. The first time you stepped into your college you had to turn right back around and leave because it reminded you of Tadashi too much. Seeing his empty chair in class was also a tough day but small step by small step you got used to the new normal and that was thanks to your friends. Honey Lemon, Wassabi, Gogo and Fred were so supportive and having Hiro join your school also helped. Tadashi’s death really made you grateful for all the wonderful people in your life however some days were just too difficult. 
Gogo’s POV
For a Tuesday morning today hadn’t been too terrible. Gogo got a full hour in the lab alone before more students stumbled and started trying to talk to her. She’d managed to streamline her helmet even more which was a serious win so she took herself off to the dining room for an early dinner. Gogo was sitting at a table near the door when she spotted you in the corridor. She saw you rush from the labs and watched as you headed straight for the back door. You definitely looked upset and worry immediately seized Gogo. She dropped her uneaten food on a table and hurried after you. She knew you pretty well so headed to the gardens around the back which she knew you liked to hide in when you were sad. Those first few weeks when you were trying to come back to school you spent a lot of time out here and Gogo soon worked out if you couldn’t be found likely you’d be here. Sure enough you were sat on a bench, legs curled up to your chest as you hugged your knees, crying softly. Gogo frowned to see you upset, she hated seeing you sad and so rather than walking away as she might’ve done with other people she came closer. You looked up hearing a noise and saw who it was. “Gogo...hey” you said wiping away your tears and sitting up as if you were totally fine. “Don’t” Gogo said firmly “you don’t have to stop crying or get up. I just came to see if you wanted someone to keep you company? Someone to sit with you for a while?”. You smiled gratefully and nodded “that’d be nice but are you sure? Don’t you have that big project due soon?”. “This is more important” she told you and sunk down next to you on the bench. “Do you wanna talk about it?” she asked hesitantly. You sighed “it’s stupid I...I walked into my physics lecture and the seating had all been changed. Everything had been moved around and I had no idea where Tadashi’s old seat had been moved to. I couldn’t find it and I panicked. I used to sit near it and even though I know he’s gone I could sometimes pretend he wasn’t. I’d act like he was just late or home taking care of Hiro, you know something so him...but now I have no idea which one was his seat and it just felt like all the traces of him were being removed bit by bit until there’s nothing left of him”. Gogo wrapped an arm around your shoulders as you cried and the affection helped you feel less alone. When you stopped she turned to you and spoke softly “I don’t think that’s stupid. I get it, seeing how the college is changing after he’s gone must be hard. As if he was never here in this first place”. You nodded and shed a few more tears before you sighed loudly “will this ever stop?” you asked “I think i’m getting better. I go all week without crying and then the teacher moves a table and i’m blubbering all over again. I just want it to get better already, when will I stop missing him?”. Gogo paused, how do you answer something like that? She bit her lip in thought “I’m honestly not sure. I’ve never lost someone personally but I know everyone says time makes everything better so you have to believe it will get better but perhaps not in the way you might want? I think you’ll always miss Tadashi a little bit and I know I always will and that’s perfectly normal. Sometimes it will make us want to cry and that’s okay too. I think the important thing is remembering that even though he’s gone he’s never going to be forgotten. No matter how much things change physically we’ll never forget how much we loved him so he can’t disappear, not really. We’ll honour his memory and whenever you are feeling sad just remember you’re not alone. We’re all here for you y/n and if you ever need a shoulder to cry on well we’re here...I’m here”. 
Your POV
Gogo’s words were really sweet and you squeezed her hand touched. “Thanks Gogo you’re so great and patient with me. I know you hate emotions so thanks for being so kind to me”. “I don’t hate emotions I hate people who overreact and trust me that does not describe this situation”. You smiled “well thanks anyway” and Gogo looked away awkwardly. You shrugged “sometimes things just seem to pile up and it hits me all at once. Does that ever happen to you?”. Gogo’s eyes widened as you described exactly what she experienced. This was exactly the reason she disappeared into the woods every month to go bird watching. Gogo nodded “I get that too, it just suddenly feels like life is going at double the normal speed. Like there’s too much going on and you can’t focus”. You nodded “yeah exactly! It’s so overwhelming. How do you cope with it?”. Gogo shrugged “I try and calm my brain by reminding myself I don’t have to go a million miles an hour. I try and slow down a bit”. You grinned “you realise you just said that right? You slow?”. Gogo grinned “I know crazy right” and you smiled brightly.  “You know there’s something I do every month or so which I find really helps. I take myself out of my normal routine and just get away from it all for a few hours. I do it whenever life feels too much and I find I feel better afterwards, less overwhelmed. Would you like to try it with me?”. You paused unsure if you were more curious or flattered at Gogo’s offer. Either way there was no way you were passing up on Gogo’s mysterious offer, you agreed enthusiastically.
Gogo led you to her motorbike and passed you her spare helmet. You put it on before climbing on behind her and holding on tight. Gogo flinched and you hesitated “sorry was that too tight?”. “No it was...fine you just made me jump” she said and you noticed she sounded a bit different than normal but didn’t think much of it. Gogo started the engine and the two of you sped off. Your Aunt had always said how dangerous motorbikes were but you trusted Gogo completely and found the ride enjoyable! You drove way out of the city before a large forest came into view and Gogo stopped. “Muirahara Woods“ you said reading a sign and Gogo nodded “you ever been here before?”. You shook your head  “nope, I’ve never even heard of it”. Gogo nodded "figures, most people in the city never venture outside it so this place is largely untouched. It's just nature, you can't even get a good phone reception most of the time". You nodded "okay now this is starting to seem less relaxing and scarier". Gogo shook her head "don't worry we'll be fine. Come on this isn't even the main part" and she led you deeper into the forest.
Gogo took you to a stream and walked along a rock until you were in the centre of it. There she sat down and started taking things out of her bag. She placed a set of binoculars and a book with pictures of birds on the rock. "So this is my thing" she said rather awkwardly "you might find it weird or boring but I like to come here and watch the birds. It relaxes me and makes me realise that no matter what's going on in my life there's so many beautiful things around us like this place and that they'll always be here and that makes me feel a little calmer". You nodded, agreeing more with each word that Gogo said "I get that" you smiled "it reminds you there's something more than us in this world. There's so much life and beauty" you smiled watching the lake "it's wonderful Gogo". Gogo blushed before clearing her throat "yeah well let's see how good at bird watching you are" and she passed you the binoculars. Gogo told you all the best places to look and common birds in the area. You found the process of scoping out the trees quite calming, especially when mixed with the sound of the river and Gogo's comforting presence. You were very much enjoying your time in Muirahara Woods and Gogo appeared to be too.
Gogo's POV
Gogo had wondered the whole ride over here if this was a mistake. This was her secret place, her sanctuary. She came here to get away from everyone so why was she bringing some who knew her so well here? All the logic in her head told her she'd regret this but she'd ignored that voice and now she was very grateful to her past self for being emotional instead of logical. Gogo sat, watching you look for birds with that determined expression on your face and she found it adorable. She liked being around you and the silence and whole situation was extremely comfortable, she couldn't be more relaxed and that was a rare occurrence when socialising for Gogo. She also felt happy, mainly because you seemed a lot happier. Gone was that sniffling girl from the bench and instead, you looked excited and amused. After some time Gogo mentioned the sun was setting so you should head back, You agreed and told her you didn’t think bird watching was boring at all. With only a 2 second pause Gogo replied it totally was which seemed to tickle you. You laughed hard at her comment just as a few rays of sun snook through the trees and highlighted your face. Gogo stared as the light lit up your features and made your smile seem heavenly. She’d always liked your smile and had missed it in the past few months but now seeing it return more and more frequently filled her with hope. You looked so beautiful it took Gogo's breath away and when you finished laughing she felt in a daze. You saw Gogo staring at you and smiled warmly "thank you for bringing me here Gogo I really appreciate it" you said leaning in closer to grab her hand and squeeze it. Gogo let you grab her hand and blushed as you held it in your own. "Anytime, I come here once a month like I said so if you'd like to tag along that'd be cool". "Really?" you asked "you wouldn’t mind.". "No I really wouldn't" Gogo replied, surprising even herself how instinctively that reply came to her. She meant every word.
Your Pov
So you joined Gogo on each of her bird watching trips and enjoyed it just as much each time. You got into the hobby, even saving up to buy your own binoculars and bird watching gear. You also offered to pay Gogo some petrol money but she refused to take even a penny from you.
Your trips soon became more frequent and you had one scheduled for that very afternoon so you were walking to the lab to meet Gogo. You went to enter the lap when you paused hearing your name. “Ah of course the monthly date with y/n” Fred called and you heard someone hiss followed by laughing. “I told you it’s not a date!” Gogo cried and Wasabi hummed in agreement. “That’s true because that would imply you’ve actually been honest with y/n about your crush on her and you have not at all”. Gogo’s what you wanted to cry. Gogo had a crush on you? Gogo, the coolest person you knew actually got crushes too?
In reply to Wasabi’s comment you heard a slapping sound followed by more laughter. “No need for violence!” Wasabi cried and Gogo grunted “I told you to stop teasing me about y/n, we’re just friends”. “You know she likes you too don’t you?” Hiro spoke up and your eyes widened at your little brother selling you out. “She...she does?” Gogo asked and Hiro laughed “totally. She always talks about you and when Aunt Cas asked where the two of you go and what you do she blushed like crazy. Baymax said her heart rate increased when she said your name and she went even redder, it was hilarious”. “See so it is a date!” Fred cried and you heard another slapping sound followed by more sounds of pain. “Okay everyone stop hitting one another, verbally and physically!” Honey Lemon cried and Gogo sighed “whatever, y/n’s waiting for me”. “Bet you loved saying that” Hiro commented and silence followed what you could only imagine was a deathly glare from Gogo. “I’m not above slapping a child” she hissed and stormed away.
You stood there stunned for a few seconds before realising Gogo was on her way to meet you so you had to move, now. You raced outside to meet Gogo by her bike and got there just after her. She turned and smiled at you "hey you ready to go?". "Sure!” you smiled trying to act like nothing had changed and tried to be as friendly as you always had been. Gogo glanced at your smile before nodding and you wondered if she’d noticed how odd you sounded. If she did, she didn’t say anything and just got on her bike. This time, knowing Gogo liked you, things felt different. Now holding her when she drove made your heart speed up and anytime she looked at you, you had to look away to avoid blushing. You sat together like always bird watching but even that felt tenser. These things kept building all day and you felt the tension in your rising until it became very noticeable. When you told Gogo you thought you could see a rare bird she cried “where!” and leant across you to borrow your binoculars. You flinched at how closer her face came to yours and Gogo sighed “okay what’s wrong with you?”. Your eyes widened “me? What do you mean? Nothing’s wrong with me...I’m totally fine!”. “No you’re not, you’ve been jumpy all afternoon and you won’t look me in the eye. So tell me what’s wrong”. You blushed staring at the floor “I...I don’t want to say. I’m scared to”. Gogo sighed “y/n if you don’t want to tell me you don’t have to but whatever it is I promise to do my best to help you. No questions asked. I just want to make you feel better”. You trusted Gogo and felt safe with her so you decided to be honest. “Okay...well I heard you talking to the others and Fred called this a date and that made me blush and act all stupid because I like you and I’m really mad at Hiro for telling you that but I just can’t stop thinking about what you said in the lab and keep wondering if you’re thinking about it too and that’s why I can’t look you in the eye” you said rapidly before collapsing for breath. Gogo’s eyes widened and she blushed too “you heard everything we said...”. You nodded “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I heard my name and then after that I could resist. I wanted to know your reply”. Gogo nodded “makes sense, I’d have listened in too...so how do you feel about what you heard?”. “Good and bad” you explained and Gogo nodded frowning slightly “okay, can you explain that a bit?”. “Well it’s bad because now I can’t even look you in the eye and my heart races anytime you talk to me or look in my direction and honestly I don’t think my heart’s even beaten this quick before but it’s also good because...I like you”. Gogo smiled “you do?”. You nodded “I always have, you’re just so independent and impressive. I find pretty much everything you do so cool and interesting...Tadashi used to tease me about it all the time”. Gogo shook her head “that weasel! He used to tease me too” she cried and your jaw dropped “he did not?”. “Every single time you left the room he’d shoot me this dumb smile and say stupid stuff about how we’d be siblings if you and I...” Gogo blushed at the thought “yeah he was a menace”. You shook your head “I can’t believe he knew and never told either of us” you said amused. Gogo shrugged “well I did make him promise never to tell you”. You grinned “me too!”. Gogo chuckled “so he might’ve been an embarassing annoying bastard but he was honest...figures he was pretty great a guy”. You nodded smiling fondly “he was” before your attention returned to Gogo. “So...now we both know as well as all our friends and family, what do you want to do?”. Gogo sat up straight and answered without hesitation as if she’d been planning for this secanrio for ages. “I want to date you y/n” she said simply “but I understand you’re still grieving and if this isn’t a great time then I’m happy to wait”.  
You in turn surprised Gogo with how quick you replied. "No! I mean I don’t need to wait and I don't want to. I want to date you now...if you don’t mind the occasional grief breakdown". Gogo chuckled "of course not" and you smiled "you know when we first met I was so intimidated by you, you looked so cool and confident...It took me weeks to build up the courage to speak to you and when I did I realised I'd been all wrong about you". "Really?" Gogo asked and you turned to see her staring at you very dominant and confident. Just because she was your friend now didn't mean she was any less physically impressive...especially when she was staring at you like that. "You don’t think I'm cool anymore?" she asked with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. "I take it all back" you stammered and Gogo laughed "good I want you to find me cool" and she kissed you. Of course the kiss tasted like bubble gum and was the greatest thing you’d ever experienced. You just melted into it and forgot anything else existed apart from Gogo. So when she pulled away you were slightly disappointed and just a tad dazed. You didn’t move back from Gogo, you stayed staring and babbled "I...we...I really enjoyed that". You blushed vividly and Gogo smiled "me too and trust me we'll do lots more of this but it’s going to get dark soon so how about we head back to San Fransokyo and get something to eat?" She asked offering you a hand up. You nodded "deal!" and placed your hand in hers. Gogo lifted you up easily and pulled you very close to her. You blushed immediately and Gogo chuckled dropping her hands from you and stepping back. Her eyes lingered on you before she turned and walked in the direction of the bike. You figured after telling her you liked her all the excitement and tension would be gone but now it felt doubled. Every time she looked at you you remembered she liked you and that got your heart beating faster. Then she’d smirk and your heart felt like it was going to explode. Tadashi had been right you were whipped for Gogo but you didn’t mind. Anyone would be if Gogo looked at them the way she kept looking at you.
You rode back to town and got some food at a nearby restaurant you both liked. After that Gogo walked you home and when you reached your door you wondered if she’d kiss you again. It was so good the first time you wanted another one and Gogo seemed to notice you glancing at her more. "So..." you said stopping near your house "thanks for today it was really nice and just what I needed". Gogo smiled "no problem!". From the way you were looking at her it was totally obvious you wanted to kiss her but Gogo wasn’t going to cave so easily. She wanted you to sweat a bit more. "So I'll see you tomorrow" Gogo smirked and you looked at her "wait do I have something in my eye?". Gogo turned around hiding her smile "in your eye...”. You nodded “yeah it feels like I do, can you check?”. “Hmm let me take a look" Gogo smirked and she leant in close. Gogo placed a hand on the wall behind you getting really close and you blushed. "Nope not that I can see" she shrugged but she didn’t move away. She met your eyes and saw the expression in them. It was so good she almost caved but apparently you’d realised you’d been caught. "You're just making me sweat aren’t you?" you asked and Gogo smirked "totally" and pressed you up against the wall kissing you. This time you were more ready for it so wrapped your arms around her neck and pulled her closer. Gogo smiled at your budding confidence and kissed you back harsher. You sighed against her lips and almost whined when she pulled away. "That was...also really good” you stammered and Gogo laughed "I'm gonna know when it's a bad kiss because you review everyone one". You blushed "I can’t help it...I know it's only been two but wow. You're just amazing". Gogo grinned "I do try and as much as I'd like to stay here with you trapped against a wall I should get going...I've still got that big project to complete". "Of course! Do you news any help?" you asked having completely forgotten about it. Gogo smiled "thanks but I think your presence would be more of a distraction than anything...not sure I'd focus on my work if you were there". You blushed but very much understood what Gogo meant "noted, so I'll see you at school tomorrow?". Gogo nodded "see you at school" and shot you her signature smirk before disappearing around the corner. You unlocked your front door and practically fell inside, you just felt so giddily happy. How had things worked out so well?
So i’m very late but I recently started the big hero 6 tv show and my crush on Gogo came jolting back so of course I conjured up romantic situations and had to write about them. 
Anyone else still not over how cool she is?
Also Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you get through the holidays and have some time relaxing ❤️❤️
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gladerwolfstarkimagines · a month ago
Sokka x Zuko and Azula’s sister series: Part One
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine being Zuko and Azula’s younger sister and Sokka having a crush on you. You reject him worried about his intentions but slowly find yourself falling for the water tribe boy.
Part two here
You were Zuko and Azula’s younger sister, the twin of Azula but with no fire bending abilities and so both your siblings were fond of you. Zuko because he saw the way your father treated you because you couldn't bend and Azula because due to your lack of bending she didn’t see you as a threat but just as her sister. You were always in the middle of your two siblings, the one who they came to settle arguments and petty disputes. You loved your siblings a lot and the feeling was mutual so they were just a tad overprotective of you, particularly when their friends started taking an interest in you...
Sokka’s POV
"Remind me why we've never met your younger sister before?" Toph asked and Zuko sighed "y/n never felt welcome here because of our father and so she avoided the capital and lived in the colonies with family friends most of the time. She really likes travelling and just stayed out of the war entirely. This will be her first time in the capital in years". "You must be happy to see her huh?" Katara asked and Zuko grinned "you have no idea!".
As soon as your ship arrived the gang watched as Zuko turned from Firelord into a happy older brother. "Y/n!" Zuko cried and he ran forwards to hug you. Sokka followed him with his eyes and then gaped "that’s Zuko’s sister?". "Yeah so?" Toph asked confused. "She looks nothing like him she’s....hot!" Sokka cried with a large grin on his face. Zuko had been holding out on him. 
Still reeling from this revelation Sokka tried to catch Zuko alone but it was hard. Zuko had thrown you a large welcome home party and he’d hardly left your side for hours. However finally Azula ousted him claiming twin time and Sokka snook up beside him. "So your sister...why did you never tell me about her before?" Sokka asked "i’m insulted?". Zuko frowned "I told you about y/n before". "Yeah but why did you never introduce me to her?". "You want to meet her?". "Duh??? I mean I knew your family had good genes and Azula’s pretty and all but y/n is something else!". Zuko narrowed his eyes "wait you want me to introduce you because you like her?". "Yes! Fire nation girls are always good but wow your parents did wonders on this one". Zuko attacked Sokka and Sokka yelped caught off guard. "She’s my baby sister!" Zuko cried "you are going nowhere near her!". "Aww come on Zuko, you know me! Don’t you trust me?". "I trust you but nobodies good enough for my sister, imagine it I asked your permission to date Katara!". Sokka started to laugh "I'd honestly wish you luck, you may be the Firelord but Aang’s the avatar. You really think you can compete with that?". Zuko blushed "that wasn't my point, the point is wouldn’t you be protective of Katara?". "Yes but I also know she’s her own person and I can’t control who she dates". "You're just saying that because you want to date my sister". "Maybe a little bit" Sokka admitted "but I also think we’d really get on”. Zuko scoffed going to turn away but Sokka grabbed his arm "no really! Zuko think about it! Me and your sister are a lot alike. Firstly we’re both non-benders with powerful siblings who overshadow us. Secondly were both from nations who put a lot of pressure on us and thirdly we both know you!". Zuko groaned loudly "what's it going to take to make you give this up?". "How about, you let me talk to her tonight and watch us. If you don’t think she likes me or don’t like how I act around her then I'll stop seeing her". "Fine" Zuko agreed "but i swear Sokka you hurt her at all and I'll..". "Yeah yeah burn me, banish me..hunt me down with your army, whatever...y/n’s waiting for me!" and he rushed away.
Your POV
The palace had changed a lot since you’d last been here and you were pleased. It reminded you less of your childhood and more of somewhere pleasant. Zuko had made everywhere brighter and removed most of the flags and portraits which used to haunt every wall. It was nice to see that the palace wasn’t the only thing that had changed, Azula and Zuko were different too. They were no longer at each other’s throats and were more confident. Zuko was the happiest you’d ever seen him and Azula had a much healthier attitude without your father’s abuse. She was still your older sister though and she stepped away to go scold Ty lee for doing handstands on the furniture leaving you alone. You were admiring how much nicer the ballroom looked without all the heavy drapes when someone appeared in front of you.
"Hi i’m Sokka" the boy said and you blinked "hi...Zuko’s friend right?". Your brother had told you all about his journeys and that name sounded familiar so you took a guess. Thankfully you were correct and Sokka nodded "so you've heard of me?". "Yeah Zuko writes to me all the time! Water tribe right?”. Sokka nodded and you smiled "if the hair, eyes and everything didn’t give it away. So Sokka how are you enjoying the fire nation?". "Very much" he smiled glancing at you but you didn’t seem to notice. "How’s your return been?" he asked. You sighed "it’s okay, just a bunch of idiot guys thinking they have a chance with me either because they're a non-bender or they know my brother". Sokka gulped as you looked at him "but anyway did Zuko ask you to talk to me? I'm pretty sure he wants me to become friends with all his friends so i’m guessing he sent you over?". Sokka shook his head "i came on my own i err wanted to meet you". "Ow really?" you asked suspiciously and Sokka nodded "Zuko talks so much about you i wanted to see the real deal, I feel like I already know you". You smiled and Sokka just stared. "That’s sweet, would you like to dance?". Sokka paused "what?". "A new song is starting and i’d love to join in and now i know you're my brother’s friend who won’t try anything i feel safe asking you, so care to join me?". You held out a hand and Sokka took it immediately "okay".
Zuko’s POV
Zuko glowered watching you and Sokka dance and Azula chuckled appearing beside him. "Leave it alone brother you’ll only make it worse by disapproving". "So what we just let this happen?" he asked outraged at the very idea. "They're dancing not getting engaged but either way i’d let it happen". "What?" Zuko yelled "you approve of her and Sokka?". Azula shrugged "of all your friends Sokka is the best, i think y/n and him would get on". Zuko glared "y/n is not being forced into anything". "Did i say that?' Azula asked annoyed "if i thought he was pressuring her at all i’d kill him myself but look how he’s looking at her, our sister has ever inch of power and it’s wonderful".
Sokka’s POV
Sokka was worried you’d be too advanced a dancer for him but luckily you were a skilled and thoughtful partner. You led Sokka around effortlessly and helped him feel at ease. Soon enough he stopped feeling out of place and was beginning to enjoy it. You chatted to him softly and the song slipped away quickly.  After dancing you grabbed a drink and carried on talking together. Sokka was surprised how conveniently he'd got to spend time with you and so he wasn’t upset when it came to an end. Ty lee and Mai suddenly called out to you and you smiled "sorry i promised Ty lee i’d spend time with her, you can come too if you want?". "No it’s fine i should probably find my friends, they'll be thinking i ditched them for a pretty face". Sokka was building up to asking you out but you shattered that with your next sentence. "Just tell them i’m Zuko and Azula’s sister and they’ll realise there’s no way this could be romantic" you laughed. Sokka laughed loudly "ha ha! Ha ha! Yeah good one! See you later y/n!" and rushed away to hide the large blush on his face.
Your POV
After the party you returned to your family's wing of the palace to find Zuko, Mai and Azula all waiting for you and based on the expression on Mai’s face they’d been waiting a while. "So how was it?" Zuko asked and you looked from him to Mai confused "how was what?". "Sokka? the boy you were dancing with...are you two a thing now?" Mai asked. You laughed "Sokka? We’re just friends! What am i dating every guy i talk with?". "No but...he didn’t ask you out?" Zuko asked. You shook your head "no of course not, why would he?". "Because he fancies you" Zuko said and Mai hit him "Zuko!". "No he doesn’t" you laughed "he was just being a friend". Azula shot you a look and you paused "ow...i didn’t even realise". “Yep...there it goes” Azula smirked and you frowned “I...I’m going to bed” and you stormed into your room angrily. You slammed your door and sighed sinking onto the floor. Just when you thought you’d made a real friend it turned out he wanted more from you. You were sick of being pursued just because of your title or looks, why couldn’t anyone just want to be your friend? You slumped into bed with this angry thought while a certain boy’s face lingered in your mind. 
The next day Sokka appeared before you at breakfast just as he had last night.  "Hey y/n" Sokka smiled but you didn’t return his greeting or smile. "Zuko told me what you told him" you replied coldly. Sokka paled "y/n I can explain...". "Why did you lie to me? Were you pretending to be genuinely interested in me as a friend just to get my guard down or something? God you're just like all the other fire nation guys". Sokka shook his head "no that's not it! Y/n I did like you...a lot! That's why I talked to Zuko about asking you out but when i started getting to know you and you mentioned how so many guys think they have a shot with you just because they know Zuko and how you felt safer with me because you could trust me not to have any bad intentions...I decided to just be your friend". "That seems pretty convenient" you replied and Sokka nodded "I know it sounds like that but it’s true, as much as I think you're very interesting and beautiful I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. Zuko mentioned how you didn’t like the capital and I guessed not knowing which men you can trust can’t help so I figured being your friend would be better than trying anything with you. I promise all I want from you is a friendship, you can trust me. I won’t try anything". You eyed Sokka suspiciously but he saw a glimmer of truth there and got the instinct to believe this boy, you decided to trust it. "If I do you can turn me over to your brother and sister” Sokka carried on and you opened your eyes wide. "Wow you are telling the truth". Sokka smiled "I really am". "Okay fine we can be friends" you agreed and Sokka sighed in relief "great! Fancy a walk in the gardens?". “Lead the way” you smiled and Sokka started down the corridor.
Zuko’s POV
Zuko was glancing out of the window above the gardens when something caught his eye. Zuko’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as he saw who you were with. "Why are they still together?" he yelled and Mai frowned coming to stand beside him "why? Did you do something to wreck Sokka’s chances?". Zuko paused "well not really but I do happen to know y/n hates guys trying to get close to her so I may have left slip Sokka’s true intentions with that in mind but I was only doing it to protect her”. Mai frowned "well y/n clearly doesn't care. Your plan failed I guess". Zuko sighed massaging his temple and Mai frowned "don’t you trust Sokka?". "Of course I do just not with my sister". "Well y/n’s not a kid anymore Zuko, you can’t scare guys away from her, leave them be. Y/n’s smart if she trusts him then you should so don't do anything else to mess with them, okay?". "But..." Zuko started when Mai shot him a glare and he sighed "fine".
Your POV
After that day you started spending lots of time with Sokka. It was nice knowing he was never going to try anything with you and so you didn’t have to always be on your guard like you normally were. You could be natural and that helped the two of you get closer. When the time came for Sokka to leave you were genuinely upset. You weren’t sure what you’d do for fun without him and realised you’d enjoyed your time at home for the first time in years because of him. When he wasn’t here...you worried all that would melt away.
2 months later
Sokka had left a while ago and while your home didn’t transform into a horrible place you felt Sokka’s absence profoundly and realised you’d actually formed a pretty strong bond there. You wrote to each other regularly but it wasn’t the same. You figured you’d stop missing him after a few weeks but as time passed and you still wanted to see him you contemplated there might be more behind this than you thought...maybe you missed the water tribesmen for a particular reason.
You’d never had romantic feelings for anyone before and so had no idea if what you felt for Sokka was more than just a friendship or not. However you knew there was only one way to find out, you had to see him again.
Zuko was planning a diplomatic trip to the water tribe for a festival they were having and you caught him in the last minute planning stages with your sister. You figured it’d be easier to make your request with a short time frame, that way your siblings would be blindsighted and wouldn’t work out your true intentions for wanting to come with them. “Y/n” Azula said spotting you first and Zuko’s head jerked up “hey what brings you here?” he asked softly. “Not much I just wanted to ask you about something”. Zuko nodded setting his papers down “of course, ask me anything”. You smiled awkwardly and hovered in front of them "Can I come with you both to the water tribe?". Zuko paused "why on earth would you want to come with us to the Water Tribe?". You shrugged "I've never seen the water tribe before that's all...and you know I love travelling". Zuko shrugged "of course you can come! Why didn’t I think to invite you...It’s a bit last minute but I’ll go tell the captain the change of plans and work on getting you some warm clothes, I’ll have it all ready by tonight” he smiled and patted you before walking away. You smiled at how easy that was when you heard a cough. Your sister smirked at you from the far end of the table and you winced "ow hey Azula I forgot you were there". "Figures" she smiled "so want to admit the real reason you asked Zu Zu to tag along?". You paused "I have no idea what you mean" and Azula smirked. "Well he's got blue eyes, brown hair he usually wears in a ponytail and he’s very goofy for a princess to have a crush on". You blushed "what Sokka? That's not why I'm going at all". Azula sighed "and people say you're the sibling who got all the social skills...y/n you're very obviously blushing right now! Not to mention your letters to one another come and go a thousand times a day". You sighed "fine I want to see Sokka again but Azula please don’t tell Zuko! He won’t let me come if he knows”. Azula smiled "relax, I have no intention of telling our brother". "You don’t...why? Are you gonna try and get me to convince Zuko to give you and Ty lee that holiday again? Because i already told you i tried...". "No” Azula said sharply "you're my little sister, I like the idea of you sneaking around behind Zuko’s back like I did so I won’t tell him". You raised an eyebrow "weird but for our family not too weird, thanks I guess?". Azula nodded "no problem but be careful y/n, from what i’ve seen that boy of yours is quite the charmer and he isn’t inexperienced with princesses either". You frowned but were too embarrassed to ask what she meant so just fled from the room. What on earth were you getting into?
You looked into the stuff Azula said and saw it was true. Apparently Sokka had quite the dating history He’d dated a water tribe princess, a kyoshi warrior, had the affection of the world’s only metal bender and even Ty lee had found him attractive. This all played on your mind the whole journey to the water tribe and you were worried you’d underestimated Sokka. You’d been so focused on working out if you liked him you didn’t pay a second thought to what would happen if you did....you’d be way out of your depth dating someone like Sokka and the thought made you wary. However there was no time for that now, the ship was pulling into the dock on the other side stood your water tribesman.
So I totally forgot Kiyi exists until after I wrote this, so in this universe Azula and Zuko only have one other sibling. 
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BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award you're supposed to paste it in the asks of eight people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing happens, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out !! <3
Awwww this is so sweet @yellowbadgermole !! Thank you for being such a wonderful follower, it's so nice and comforting knowing I have such a nice person viewing my work 🥰 Consider this very much returned! Have a great Christmas and new years 💜💜
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Mako x Fire Nation Princess Series: Part Five
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The attack on your life leads to some big reactions from you family and from Mako.
Part One Here
Part Two Here
Part Three Here
Part Four Here
Korra, being an incredibly strong swimmer and the Avatar got you all back to the island in minutes. Tenzin and the entire staff were ready and waiting. You were pulled from the sea and wrapped in many many towels. Lin was hurt so Tenzin made her get help while Mako explained the story. You sat beside him adding in details and giving names and information as you could. Tenzin had called your family and they were apparently already on their way. He and Korra left to go scope the area where you'd been attacked and round up Jazak and his men leaving the two of you alone for the first time since the attack.
"Are you okay?" Mako asked and you nodded "thanks to you". "Are you tired?" Mako asked and you shook your head "there’s no way I'll be able to sleep tonight". Mako nodded "that makes sense, are you cold? I could get Korra to lend you a coat or jumper?" Mako asked and you smiled "Mako I'm fine" but he saw you shiver. Mako wrapped an arm around you and you hesitated before leaning into him. Mako shifted to give you more room and you settled against his chest comfortably. You both stared out of the window and watched the last rays of the sun disappear peacefully. "This was not how I expected tonight to go" you said tugging your blanket around your shoulders. "You had big plans huh?" Mako grinned smugly and you knocked his shoulder. "I know you did too! You weren’t subtle, neither of us were. Even my grandmother figured it out" you groaned and Mako laughed pulling you closer. "I know it didn’t go as we thought it would and your family will most likely never let me see you again or let you outside the palace walls but I'm glad you're okay. That’s all that matters and tonight made me realise that" Mako replied thoughtfully. You smiled tracing his hand "my family will have to let me see you again, you're the reason I'm alive". Mako blushed brushing away your statement but you wouldn't let him "no it's true! I've never seen anyone fight the way you did Mako. You were so quick and savage, if it wasn’t for you...let's just say I see why the chief made you such a high ranking guard". Mako chuckled "yeah it's pretty instinctive in me I guess, as long as I can remember I've had people who it's my duty to protect". You paused unsure at Mako’s tone "you mean before you became a bodyguard?". Mako nodded "Bolin was my first charge. The day my parents were murdered I knew I could never let any harm come to him and so I learnt ways to protect him. Letting him sleep next to the wall, making him take day jobs instead of night ones, finding a safe space for him to hide while I'll stole...then I became an official bodyguard for Wu and it was like second nature". You frowned "do you enjoy it or is it something you have to do?". Mako shrugged "I'm not sure...i think I started doing it because I was good at it. I never really had much chance to do stuff just because I enjoyed them". You frowned at that and went to comment when the door opened "y/n your parents and great grandparents are here" Tenzin called. "Already?" you asked. It should have taken them atleast another hour for them to get here from the Fire Nation. Tenzin nodded and your family appeared. You rushed to them and they wrapped you in a tight hug. They all began to fuss over you and you reassured them you were fine and finally got them to let go of you. Your father then turned his attention to Mako "can someone please explain what on earth happened?".Once you and Mako had told the story your father predictably blamed Mako. "I knew we shouldn't have let her come along with him" your father said and you were ready to defend Mako when your great grandfather beat you to it.  "Actually I think sending her with Mako is the reason they’re both still alive" Zuko pointed out. You nodded "it definitely is! We defended one another and because of our teamwork we got out of there. Not to mention Mako was amazing! He heard the attack, sprang into action and defended me like a dragon" you smiled glancing at Mako "he even refused Jazak’s offer to spare his life in return for mine. He did everything right and I won’t let you question him". Your father blinked surprised and your great-grandma Mai smiled "I don’t think anyone will dare question it again".
While your great grandparents stayed in Republic City to arrange the return of the criminals to the Fire Nation and smooth over anything they could, you and Mako were rushed back to the Fire Nation as a priority. So you waited outside the ship for Mako who was speaking to Beifong when you heard a commotion. Someone was trying to get onto the launch pad but the guards wouldn’t let them. They called your name and you squinted before you realised who it was. “Bolin!” you cried “let him through” and the guards parted. Bolin ran up to you out of breath “thanks y/n!”. “Are you okay?” you asked “I can go grab Mako if you want to see him. He’s okay I promise”. Bolin shook his head “no don’t worry I just saw him, it’s you I wanted to see”. You paused “ow?” and Bolin nodded “Y/n I heard what happened...how you stayed and fought with Mako instead of hiding and I just wanted to thank you” Bolin said his expression more serious than you’d ever seen it. “You didn’t leave him like you easily could have. You stayed and helped fight off the attackers. Because of you he’s still here and I ... I can’t thank you enough for protecting my brother”. You smiled touched “Bolin you don’t have to thank me”. “I do, Mako’s my rock and I don’t know what I’d do without him but thanks to you I don’t have to find out”. “Aw Bolin....” you called and pulled him into a hug which Bolin happily accepted. “I’ll never forget this” Bolin told you “you’ve got my respect for life. You’re officially my family and if you need anything at all just ask” Bolin promised and you smiled “thank you Bolin, I think of you as family too”. Mako suddenly appeared and saw you and Bolin both teary-eyed and paused “what happened?”. “Nothing we were just bonding over how much we love you” you replied and Mako blushed “ow...”. Bolin chuckled “good to see some things haven’t changed. Travel safe and let me know when you arrive yeah?” he asked you both. Mako nodded “of course” and he and Bolin hugged tightly before Bolin left. “Everything go okay with Beifong?” you asked and Mako nodded so you boarded the ship for home.
On the ship your parents began fussing over you straight away. Were you warm enough? Did you want anything to eat? Were you sure you didn’t want to see the physician again until finally they left the two of you alone. One small detail that made you smile was that they included Mako in their fussing. Even your father gave him another blanket in case he was cold and asked if any of his injuries from yesterday were hurting. Mako seemed a bit stunned that your father had apparently accepted him and stared at the door after him. You chuckled “something wrong?”. Mako shook his head “no just your dad patted me on the arm...he’s never been that nice to me”. You winced that something that small was the nicest thing your father had done for your boyfriend but atleast it was a step in the right direction however small. “Well i’m sorry it’s taken him so long to trust you and that it took something as horrible as putting your life at risk to make him show you respect but hopefully he’ll make it up to you”. Mako shook his head “he doesn’t need to and I want to thank you...for standing up for me back there against Jazak and to your father. You didn't have to say all that" Mako blushed and you smiled. “Yes I did, you deserve to have someone stand up for you Mako and I know you’re used to being the one to protect people, the one who jumps in and saves others but that doesn’t mean you don’t have people who wouldn’t do the same for you. I’ll always defend you Mako and keep you safe, you don’t have to be the big strong one anymore...you can be vulnerable and let someone else share the hard work”. Mako blinked rapidly at you before he turned away. “Mako?” you asked as the silence stretched on before you realised his eyes were wet with tears. Mako coughed “I’ve had people say similar things when I was younger but with those times I never believed or trusted the person. However when you said that I got chills because I knew it was true. You fought for me back there and I do feel safe with you. I’ve never had that with...well anyone so thank you y/n” Mako managed before the tears won out. You grabbed him in a tight hug and held him until the tears subsided. Mako sighed against you and you smiled “you okay?”. Mako nodded “yeah, thanks for that. I didn’t realise how much I needed to hear it and it proved to me I made the right decision...y/n I handed my resignation in to Beifong earlier today. I gave her my 2 months notice and can start preparing to move to the Fire Nation...to be with you” he said blushing. You grinned and flung your arms around him again “Mako that’s amazing! I’m happy” and you kissed him softly. Mako kissed you back and you both felt swept up in the love you felt for each other. You weren’t distracted from one another until the ship landed which was thankfully a while.
Once you arrived in the Fire Nation Firelord Izumi put you and Mako first. She said all questioning could wait and insisted the two of you eat, sleep and take some time to recover before anything official. Then once she had you both looked over by the best doctor in the Fire Nation she got you to give statements and declared the matter finished. She ensured the people who did this were caught and punished while also rewarding those who helped. Firelord Izumi invited all those in Republic City that fought against Jazak to the Fire Nation for a special award. They received the highest order of the Fire Nation, the Szeto medal of honour and a lavish party was thrown for them. Everyone invited attended. Avatar Korra stood front and centre looking very cute as she received her medal while Asami watched looking very proud. Tenzin stood beside the Avatar, standing out in a good way with his Airbender traditional wear. Lin and her officers were there, all looking slightly uncomfortable in their formal Earth Kingdom clothes but they all looked rather excited to be honoured by the Firelord. Your Fire Nation guards were there too of course, all stood shoulders back staring straight ahead to show how important this award was to them. Finally, there was Mako. He received the highest honour your grandmother could give him and was actually bumped up several ranks in the Fire Nation hierarchy. Jazak, Okum and anyone else found to have cultivated the attack were stripped of their titles and ironically some of them were given to Mako now making him a high member of society. Not nobel level but high enough he could command respect as their equal. Mako seemed to understand the meaning of your grandmother’s actions and if he didn’t Bolin surely appeared to. He was crying softly as your grandmother pinned the medal to Mako’s chest while Asami passed him tissues.
After the ceremony the party began and everyone milled around feeling rather strange with their new titles. You found Mako toying with his nervously and smiled “you excellency” you grinned bowing and Mako rolled his eyes smirking “please don’t do that”. You laughed “fine, I take it the party thrown for you was a bit much?”. Mako blushed “a little bit...however Bolin’s loving it. He’s already asked me if the title extends to him or if we get a family island?”. You laughed watching Bolin who was wowing all the Fire Nation nobles with his friendliness. “No island i’m afraid but how about he comes to Ember Island this summer with Opal?”. Mako paused “what?”. “It’s a family tradition” you smirked “every summer the royal family goes to the Ember Islands for a small holiday. Even my grandmother managed atleast a week. This year the invitation is being extended to you and Bolin and anyone else you’d like to bring”. “Wow I...are you sure, we don’t mind if we shouldn’t come”. “No my family requested it specifically. Even my dad told me to make sure I ask you so we’re all in agreement. We want you and Bolin there, you’re family too”. Mako blushed and you smiled “ready to jump back into the party or would you like a minute?”. “I’ll be there just give me a sec” Mako told you and you nodded rejoining everyone. Mako watched you wondering how he’d found himself in this wonderful situation. He knew your family really cared for him and it felt odd having that again after so long. He watched how, despite his uncertainty at first, Bolin fit right in as did all his friends and he was amazed how well his two worlds collided. He thought about his parents and what they’d think of this situation. He wished he had his mom with him to help with all the Fire Nation customs but he had you and that was more than enough. Mako looked around the room which seemed so rich and out of reach for him originally but now felt like home. Mako smiled at the thought of a palace feeling like home and made his way to rejoin you and the party. He was ready to go into this next chapter with you and he had a good feeling about the future.
He was right.
The visit to Ember Islands was a huge success. Your families bonded and that’s when Mako knew you were the one. He couldn’t see himself with anyone apart from you and that made him very eager to move to the Fire Nation. He managed to reduce his notice to a month and moved to the Fire Nation straight away. Then he spent some time with you before searching for jobs. He decided he was done being a security guard and instead went back into being a detective. The two of you moved from strength to strength and the Fire Nation people soon loved you as a couple. Mako proposed after you’d been together for 3 years. He did it at Ember Islands which was now your favourite place to go together and all your friends and family were there. You said yes and the two of you were married the following year. The wedding was obviously very extravagant being a royal event but the two of you also had a smaller celebration in Republic City which gave you that personal feel. Mako moved into the palace and his friends were constantly visiting, thrilled at the thought of staying in a palace. Bolin was the most frequent visitor who practically lived there whenever Opal was off with airbending work. When you became Firelord Mako was Firelord consort and he was the perfect support system. He raised you up and never got jealous or insecure at having such a powerful wife. He was also a great leader by your side. He was fair, smart and the people all loved his humble beginnings. The two of you lived and long and happy life together and left the Fire Nation a more progressive, prosperous nation than when you found it. You were both forever grateful for that night in Republic City and never stopped loving one another even for a second. It was the perfect fairytale.    
And that’s the end of the Mako series! Ngl I was eager to get this finished before christmas so that’s why I’ve posted two parts in one! 
Hope you liked it :) 
Mako is a great character and I like writing for him a lot
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Mako x Fire Nation Princess Series: Part Four
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and Mako decide to do something special to mark the one year anniversary since you met and travel to Republic City for a holiday. Everything is going great...until someone sees it as a chance to attack the Princess of the Fire Nation.
Part One Here
Part Two Here
Part Three Here
Part Five Here
Your nine-month anniversary was soon approaching and Mako had an idea for it. He suggested you come visit Republic City, it was close to a year since you’d met in that exact city so he thought it would be a nice thing to do. Not to mention Mako was becoming more and more serious about moving to the Fire Nation so it’d be a good idea to visit while he still lived there. So you agreed and then moved on to the biggest hurdle, convincing your family.
The first person you approached was your mother. She’d always been lenient with your freedom and she was a big Mako fan so she was a good person to approach first. Your mother agreed a holiday away together would be nice but also warned you that your father might not agree and would claim it was too dangerous. However your mom was sneaky and mischievous so she advised you to speak to your grandmother before your father. If the Firelord approved then there wasn’t much your father could say against it. So you went straight to Firelord Izumi.
Your grandmother usually had a tea break around 3 pm every afternoon so you and Mako made your way to her office. You agreed it’d be a good thing for you to speak to her one on one so Mako just came for the moral support. “You’ve got this” he smiled at you and you nodded “I’m getting us that holiday if it’s the last thing I do”. Mako chuckled “well please don’t actually sacrifice your life for it”. “So don’t challenge my grandmother to an angi kai?” you asked pretending to be confused and Mako shook his head smiling “no don’t do that”. “Got it” you nodded and with a grin you knocked on your grandmother’s door.
Izumi called for you to come in and smiled as soon as she saw you. “Y/n, what a lovely surprise. What brings you to my office at such a boring hour?”. You laughed “coincidentally something remotely serious” you replied and your grandmother feigned shock. “Don’t tell me you’re actually embracing your future role?”. “No we're not there yet” you admitted and your grandmother smiled “well there’s plenty of time for that. In the meantime come and sit. I’ll get us some tea and you can tell me what’s on your mind”. Once you had a steaming tea in front of you, your grandmother smiled “now how can I help?”. “Well I wanted your permission for a trip Mako and I were thinking of taking. You see it’s our 9 month anniversary soon and almost to the same date marks the first time we met a year ago so we were thinking of going back to that spot to celebrate”. “To Republic City?” Izumi asked and you nodded. "I know you're worried about my safety but Mako is sure we can get Lin Beifong’s support and Tenzin has offered to let me stay in his home with him, his family and the Avatar so i’d really be very safe. Plus that far away from the Fire Nation nobody should even recognise me! Even if they did Mako and I are both skilled and he’s promised he’ll ensure I get back to the Fire Nation safely. We’ll protect one another I promise!". Izumi paused "is Mako here?". You nodded "he’s outside". "Bring him in" she said and you called his name. Mako appeared waving awkwardly "hi". Izumi nodded in reply “this visit to your city and y/n’s plan to stay with Tenzin, do you live with Tenzin yourself?". "No, I live on the mainland but it's not far and the island is very well guarded. It has...". Izumi nodded "yes but what about your apartment? I’m under no pretences that the two of you won’t be together 24/7 and so y/n will be staying over at your place more than at Tenzin’s". Your grandmother was perceptive and both Mako and you blushed. Mako recovered first "my apartment is on one of the top floors of a popular towerblock. It's in a good neighbourhood and lots of my neighbours are from the force so no criminals would want to come into our building". Izumi frowned "that's not enough...you mentioned Lin could help, would she be willing to have some officer patrol the building?”. Mako nodded “i’m pretty sure yeah, I can send her a fire hawk straight away”. “Good, you’d also have a task force of Fire Nation guards too who would follow you everywhere which is unnegotiable, would that be acceptable?”. You and Mako nodded before you paused “wait does this mean...you’ll let us go?”. Izumi smiled “if Lin Beifong herself is part of your security team then you couldn’t be in safer hands. I’ll give this my blessing and speak to your father”. You and Mako burst in excitement and rushed to thank your grandmother. She brushed away your thanks and told you to have a good time.
So two weeks later you were on your way to Republic City just as you had been a year ago. This time however you wouldn’t dream of ditching your company. You and Mako watched as the city came closer and closer and Mako got more excited with every mile covered. “I can’t decide on what to show you first!” he cried “the park, the arena, the docks? The Fire Nation district? There’s just so much!”. You laughed “whatever you decide will be perfect” but apparently your first stop had already been decided for you. Lin Beifong was waiting for you on the air pad and she immediately launched into an extensive talk of how this weekend would go. She was strict but fair. The two of you could go anywhere you wanted in the city but no dodging guards and you must tell them where you were at all times. Lin was not adding a royal assassination to her record.
So, after a royal lecture, you and Mako were free. Mako decided that the best thing to do would be a quickfire tour of all the tourist attractions before heading to dinner with his friends. So you had a busy first day. You saw everything and anything remotely touristy. You visited Aang Memorial Island, Yue Bay, Little Ba Sing Sei, Kyoshi Bridge, Harmony Tower, Avatar Korra Park, had a tour of the Pro-Bending Arena (where Mako attracted a lot of attention which made him blush adorably) and of course the Spirit Wilds which were the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen. Then the two of you headed over to the Fire Nation district to meet his friends for dinner. They’d chosen a Fire Nation restaurant to make you feel more at home and you loved how thoughtful Mako’s friends were. Korra and Asami were already outside waiting when you arrived. They spotted you and rushed over seizing the two of you in a hug before asking you what you thought about everything you’d seen. Mako predicted Bolin would be late so you went inside and got a table while you waited for him. You knew Bolin had arrived when Mako was put in a headlock meant to be a hug. Apparently Bolin still didn’t know his own strength and nearly crushed Mako’s windpipe before Opal told him he was hugging too tight again. After that Bolin gave you an equally bone-crushing hug and Opal gave you a much gentler but still lovely one.
Your table was the loudest one in the whole restaurant and you loved it. Everyone chattered happily and a lot happened. Old stories were shared, new details were added and you all caught up in each other’s lives. You helped everyone pick Fire Nation food and it was a very memorable occasion. After a fair few drinks had been consumed Korra challenged Bolin to an arm-wrestling match to work out who was the strongest (according to Mako and Asami this had happened several times) and Korra won to the fury of Bolin who placed his fists down so hard he made everything in the restaurant shake. You had a really good night but the restaurant had to close sometime so after paying your hefty bill and adding a good tip for the tears and violence courtesy of Bolin and Korra you all left. 
It was quite late, you’d apparently been in the restaurant for hours and so Mako suggested you head back to his. You agreed, stopping to get Fireflake hot chocolates and strolled calmly through the streets of the city. Mako chuckled suddenly “you know it was around this time a year ago wasn’t it?”. You smiled “it was...let’s walk past where we met?”. Mako agreed and you walked arm in arm through the bustling city. You found the same building and Mako smiled “if I’d have known who I was going to meet that night...”. “You’d have run for the hills?” you asked chuckling and Mako smirked “not at all. That night changed my life for the better or should I say you did”. You blushed “you changed my life for the better too. I always thought I’d be paired off with some boring Fire Nation guy and then I stumble across this amazing one while ditching my guards...I liked you from the moment I saw you”. “You did?” Mako asked and you nodded “I’ve seen a lot of Fire Nation men but you stood out, that’s why I knew you were different. Your Earth Kingdom heritage showed and you were honestly the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. I didn’t need your help ducking those guards but when a hot guy walks over to you and offers you his coat, you take it”. Mako laughed blushing in a way that had nothing to do with the spicy hot chocolate. Mako stumbled over his words trying to think of a reply before he just gave up. “Cat got your tongue?” you asked and Mako blushed “I just never know what to say when you compliment me. What do you say when a girl like you calls you hot? 9 months and I still haven’t worked that out”. You smiled “you don’t have to say anything” and leant up to kiss him. That Mako had gotten used to. He kissed you back immediately and you wrapped your arms around his neck to get closer. The two of you forgot there was anyone else in the world and got lost in one another. Finally Mako separated for breath and panted looking at you with dilated pupils. “If you wanted to continue this my apartment isn’t too far from here...” he said a blush appearing on his cheeks once again. You smiled “let’s go” and put your hand in Mako’s.
Mako led you to his apartment building and you nodded to the Fire Nation and Republic City guards as you passed. You took the stairs and got to Mako’s apartment quickly. You had a very brief lookover of the apartment before Mako captured your attention and you were wrapped in his arms once more. Suddenly the situation you were in dawned on you and it made you really happy. You were here sharing a private sweet moment with your boyfriend who you cared for dearly. It felt so nice kissing Mako here in his apartment hidden away from everyone. There were few guards and you were just alone in a city with your boyfriend, privacy a royal couldn’t dream of. You weren’t the heir to the throne or the future of the Fire Nation at this moment, just a normal girl. Then there was a loud noise outside the window.
Mako broke the kiss but didn’t move away from you. He was several stories up so there shouldn’t be any noise from outside this high up. "What was that" you asked and Mako frowned. He moved away from you and opened the blinds to see a guard from upstairs tumble off the roof. Mako jolted and closed the curtains. "Y/n I think we need to go". He took your hand and pulled you away from the window. In the hallway you heard a distinct thump and Mako crept to the door. "Mako what is it?". "There’s someone out there" he said "I'll go out and see who it is, you hide and...". "What no way" you cried outraged. "Y/n they're here for you". "So I abandon you? No way" you repeated adamant you wouldn’t leave Mako. "But y/n you're the future Firelord I'm...". "You're Mako!" you cried "you matter just as much as me, you have family and a little brother and friends...I'm not sacrificing you, we go out together or both stay here". Mako went to argue when the door was thrown open. Mako rushes in front of you and you both prepared to fight when you saw their faces. "Jazak?" you asked recognising the man in front and Mako tensed “you know him?”. You nodded “he’s Okum’s father”. “Princess” Jazak nodded “you’ll forgive me if I don’t bow”. “What do you think you’re doing?” Mako yelled and the man shrugged “finally taking a stand. For too long this family has ruined the Fire Nation. It all started with her great grandfather ruining all of Firelord Ozai’s hard work and with each generation they’ve got worse and worse. We thought with the right person by her side she’d get things back on track but you couldn’t even pick the boy chosen for you could you?”.
You glared "so this all because I rejected Okum?" you cried and Jazak shrugged. “It didn’t start from that but it was the catalyst that made us realise your bloodline needs to be corrected. So it's ironic the boy you chose over him will be taken down at the same time as you...see if you’d have chosen my son you’d be married by now and all would be well but you chose this" Okum’s father said featuring at Mako "an ex-con with no respectable lineage and your family encouraged it! Actually allowed you to leave the fire nation with him...that was too good a chance to miss so we came too. Your family are wholly to blame for what's going to happen to you". "Just try touch her" Mako spat. The men beside Jazak laughed. There was only two of you and 6 attackers at least, probably more on the way...how could you fight them all? However Jazak must’ve seen something in Mako because he hesitated. “You know it doesn’t have to end with your death” Jazak told Mako "If you step aside we won’t kill you. Plus we don’t even want to kill her, we just want to ransom her but if you move to protect her then we will kill you. Your brother won’t even find your body and you will be forgotten all alone". You gripped Mako’s arm "Mako it’s okay" you said concerned for his life but Mako jumped violently "No it’s not, there’s no way I'm letting them take you even if it does kill me but trust me I don’t plan on going down easily”. You sighed "but Mako I don’t want you to get hurt for me!". "I could say the same for you” Mako smiled sadly "so there’s only one solution, we stick together and neither of us gets what we want". You frowned "but I'm not worth your life". Mako shrugged "I honestly can’t think of a better cause than the girl I love". You laughed in shock. You and Mako had skirted around the word before but this was the first time either of you had said. "The girl you..." you blushed and Mako nodded "I was planning on telling you soon but I guess now is as good a time as any. I love you so there’s no way I'm letting them take you". You paused staring "but what if...". "Please" Mako said "let's handle this together” taking your hand. You nodded smiling "I love you too by the way". Mako grinned and Jazak groaned "guess it’s the hard way. Hope her love was worth it, because you're dead" and he sent a fire stream right at Mako. However all of Mako’s experience as pro-bender and the years spent watching his back on the streets gave him incredible reflexes so he sidestepped the attack with ease and turned to Jazak. “You’re going to regret ever ruining our holiday” and he jumped into the middle of the group. Mako worked on injuring as many of them as possible providing a distraction. He sent out large blasts of fire to cause as much chaos as possible. In contrast you used precise shots to incapacitate two of the hitmen before they even realise what was happening. “It’s a distraction! Get the girl” Jazak yelled, not as dumb as he looked, and two of the men turned to you. The other two, including Jazak focused on Mako. Mako locked eyes with you and you could see the worry in them but you nodded to him. You could handle this, you were the princess of the freaking Fire Nation and heir to the throne. You could handle this group in your sleep.
You attacked first surprising everyone and managed to floor one of the men before he even realised what had happened. After that everyone sprang into action and things got messy. A lot of Mako’s furniture was smashed and more than one of the attacks hit the wrong person but after a few minutes everyone was on the floor except you and Mako. Mako quickly grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the door. He hurried you down the stairwell and out of the building aware there were likely more around. Sure enough he found two in the reception and took them out with some lightning bending. You were dazed, the adrenaline running out and so just stepped over the men trusting Mako’s instincts. You finally made it outside and Mako was telling you how he’d get you to Air Temple Island where you’d be safe when he spotted someone on the floor. "Chief" he called and rushed forwards. You saw it was Lin Beifong and helped Mako turn her over. She groaned and you saw Mako’s face fill with relief. "Eugh....Princess? Well done kid now get her out of here!". Mako nodded "I'm on it!". "Head to Air Temple Island! With Tenzin and the Avatar she’ll be safe". Mako nodded "way ahead of you, let's go". He moved to pick her up but Lin frowned "no! Your mission is the princess, I'll show you down". "We’re not leaving you here" you said and Mako nodded "princess’s orders!". Mako carried Lin as you searched for her car. You finally spotted Lin’s car just around the corner and Mako laid Lin on the back seat. You went to get in next her to her but she grunted "front seat is more protected, get in there". You didn't argue and got in beside Mako. He sped you to the docks and then used his officer title and Lin’s reputation to get a boat. You were halfway to Air Temple island when you heard motors. "I told you to leave me!" Lin barked and Mako gripped the boat steering wheel harder "we can make it!".
The boat picked up speed but you could see lights appearing behind you. The men had smaller boats that could travel faster and were gaining on you. “Y/n take the wheel I’ll shoot at them” Mako called. Lin groaned “you can’t let the princess get involved, what if she gets hurt”. “I can handle it” you told her and slid into the driver seat. Apparently Mako’s shots gave the group ideas and they soon returned the fire, literally. Lin was the lookout and yelled “duck” whenever one came too closer however the boat itself wasn’t so lucky. The right side was hit and went up in flames before the water could put it out. “Shit!” Beifong cried rushing to the side and she and Mako tried to put it out but they weren’t water benders. “We’re going to have to abandon ship” Lin called and Mako nodded “but not before taking these jerks out first”. The three of you stood back to back and fired at the speedboats. One by one your marks hit and just in time. The smoke began getting too strong and Lin broke out in a coughing fit. “That’s our queue!” Mako cried “everyone off the boat” and you all leapt overboard. You gasped as you fell into the cold water. The current was stronger than expected but you managed to stay afloat. "Y/n" Mako yelled from somewhere nearby and you nodded "I'm fine! Where’s Lin?". “I’m right here” the officer replied and you saw Mako was holding her up much to the seasoned officer’s disdain but she didn’t verbally complain. “We have to get away from the ship before it blows” Mako called and you frowned unsure how Mako could swim and hold Lin when the lights in air temple island flared on. "Mako" a voice yelled from right behind you and you both turned to see the Avatar had swum out to rescue you. “Korra” Mako smiled “thank god”. Korra grinned despite the situation “did someone want an Avatar?”.
Next part is the last one! 
This was meant to be the last one but it was far too long so I had to split it into two. 
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Hey i haven’t been reading any ATLA fics like I used to because you know like the fandom died down but sometimes every now and then I would read a few. I would just like to say that I still read your fics and I’m glad you’re still out here writing them 🥰
That's so sweet, thank you so much for reaching out I really appreciate it 🥰🥰 I know everyone else got bored but I'm well and truly obsessed so i'm not losing interest any time soon. Thanks again and have a great christmas!! 🎄
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Zuko x Mai’s Sister Series: Part Three
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Zuko’s birthday brings all his friends to the Fire Nation meaning you finally get to meet them! The only down side is nobody knows about the two of you by eyes and ears are everywhere, including those of your sister Mai.
Part one here
Part two here
So you and Zuko started dating secretly and it was honestly pretty easy. Your weekly meetings were basically already informal so now you just officially classed them as dates. You also stayed in the palace on every visit which made your access to one another pretty straightforward. True to his word Zuko helped you keep your job at the prison and he more than took your mind off your parents disowning you. You missed Tomtom terribly and dreaded the day you’d have to discuss the matter with Mai but safe in the palace walls with your childhood crush it all seemed so far away.  Zuko’s birthday was fast approaching and he told you he’d invited all his friends to the palace so this would be your last visit alone together for 2 weeks. None of Zuko’s friends or anyone knew about the two of you so you’d have to act like friends around them which would be difficult. So you intended to make the most of the time you had and so did Zuko apparently.
Zuko knew you had a fondness for nature and so he transformed the library (your favourite place in the palace) into an indoor garden. He was practically bouncing on his feet when he met you off the airship and led you to the door gleefully. You pushed open the door and gasped. Plants and flowers were absolutely everywhere! Leaves littered the floor so densely you couldn’t even see the floorboards. A large tree sat in the centre, its branches reaching up to the second floor. Lanterns were hung everywhere and plants coiled up the bookcases. “Zuko...” you breathed “this must’ve taken you ages”. “Well I had help” he smiled “Daon and Okuno took the lead” he said nodding to two servants nearby “and the gardeners were so helpful. Thank you all for your help” Zuko smiled bowing to them and the servants beamed back also bowing. You smiled to see how kind Zuko was to his staff and linked your arm through his “I love it, thank you so much...I’m the luckiest person alive”. Zuko smiled trailing your cheekbone with his hand “I wouldn’t say that, that’s my title” and he kissed you softly. 
You and Zuko stayed in the room all day and you relaxed on a sofa Zuko had somehow managed to match to the indoor oasis. “I’m pleased how it turned out but I am sad the turtle ducks didn’t work out”. You chuckled “you were going to put ducks in here? How?”. Zuko smiled “see the idea was to get a large area of water which we could later turn into a fountain but the ducks didn’t agree...we brought them in here just to see how they’d handle being inside and they were very boisterous. They attacked the bookshelves and considering your love of libraries I figured you wouldn’t appreciate that”. You chuckled “no I wouldn’t, you know me well”. Zuko blushed “well considering we’ve known each other practically all our lives i’m pleased to hear you say that”. You smiled and leant back into him enjoying the gentle breeze and the wonderful sights and smells. Zuko really did plan the best dates, even if you couldn’t leave the palace. 
 As you prepared to leave after your weekend together Zuko briefed you on the following weeks activities. “So next week" Zuko said "everyone is coming friday and I know you work Thursdays but if you maybe wanted to come up on the evening we could have one night alone together?". "Deal" you agreed "then i can give you your present". Zuko sighed "y/n i said no gifts". "I know but i can’t not get my boyfriend a present!" you cried. Zuko frowned and you grabbed his hand gently "it’s nothing fancy i promise just a small gesture to show you how much you mean to mean to me".  That made Zuko blush wildly and it cracked right through his restraint. Zuko frown turned into a smile and he pulled you to him holding you against him "fine...".
1 week later 
Zuko’s birthday rolled around soon enough and you showed up on the Thursday as agreed. You arrived and made your way to Zuko’s quarters like you did every time, when you heard voices. You opened the door and froze to see a group of four people all with Zuko. Judging by their appearance and with all everything Zuko had told you about them you deduced this was Sokka, Katara, Toph and the Avatar. "Y/n!" Zuko cried spotting you and you smiled awkwardly "hi, i’m glad i’m not the only one who arrived early" you said pretending to be relieved. "Not at all" Zuko smiled "everyone this is my friend y/n, y/n this is Sokka, Katara, Toph and Aang" he said introducing you to each of them in turn. You shook everyone’s hands and enjoyed their witty comments. "Wait Zuko you have friends other than us?" Katara asked pretending to be shocked and Zuko rolled his eyes "ha ha, i’ve actually known y/n longer than any of you, we went to school together". "No way! What was Zuko like in school?" Aang cried and you smiled "honestly? He wasn’t that good at it". "Hey" Zuko cried and you smiled "i’m teasing, he always put in a lot of effort but finished second sadly". Aang and the others all laughed but Sokka paused "you look really familiar...". "Ow..." you said looking down "you probably know my sister, some people say we have a resemblance". "Who’s your sister?" Katara asked and you took a breath "Mai". "Of course!" Sokka cried "you look identical!". "Well i wouldn’t say identical" you stated panicked and Zuko nodded quickly coming to your defence. "Yeah their faces are completely different". "Practically twins!" Toph cried and you went to argue with her before realising she was teasing you. You laughed and shook your head "well anyway, Mai’s my older sister". "Older so you're....". "Same age as me" Zuko said. "4 months older actually" you corrected him and Zuko smirked “and she never lets me forget it”.
You stayed with the gang talking for over an hour and found they were all very likeable. You saw why Zuko was so fond of them and were looking forward to spending more of the weekend with them but honestly after all the travelling you were just rather tired. So when there was a lull in conversation you explained you were going to retire for the night and they all bid you goodnight. Zuko caught your eye and stood up “of course but you don’t know where your room is, let me show you” and he led you from the room. You’d been to the palace more times than you could count at this stage and stayed in the same room every time...but the gang didn’t know that. So you and Zuko slipped out of the room together and when you were far away enough Zuko spun to you. "Y/n i’m so sorry! I had no idea they were coming today” he started but you shook your head "don’t be silly, it’s not anyone’s fault! I know how much your friends mean to you, i’m happy they're here early!". Zuko smiled "i have missed them....what do you think of them?". "They’re exactly how i imagined they’d be' you smiled "they're lovely". "Great! Zuko smiled pleased “I hoped you’d like them and I’m looking forward to having all the people I care about under one roof”. You nodded “me too, it’ll be different to our usual visits but a good different i’m sure”. Zuko nodded “about that...seeing as we won’t get our last evening alone how about you go wait for me in my room and i’ll get away as soon as I can. We can atleast salvage a few hours together?”. You smiled "i’m all for that but don’t ditch your friends for me, you can see me any time this is a special occasion! Go enjoy it! Don’t worry about me i’ll be fine”. Zuko nodded “good point, okay I won’t leave my friends early but maybe you could sleep in my room anyway? I just like being beside you". You blushed but nodded "okay i’ll head to yours and wait but take all the time you need, okay?". Zuko nodded smiling at you "got it, i’ll see you later" and you noticed how happy and carefree he seemed. The sight alone was enough to make you happy and you smiled watching him walk away. You’d have to invite his friends over more often.
You fell asleep before Zuko came to bed but woke up to find him tangled with you and smiled. You leant closer into him and admired how handsome he was. His hair down, his expressions relaxed, so you did what you’d wanted to since you got here and kissed him softly. Zuko kissed you back opening his eyes sleepily "how did you know I was awake?" he smiled. “Your eyes were moving behind your eyelids and your breath was too fast, plus you’ve never slept in later than me ever” you smiled. Zuko smiled pulling you closer “okay you caught me but can you blame me? You make it very hard to get out of bed”. “You’re one to talk!” you cried. Zuko grinned “really? You still find me attractive like this? All sleepy and smelly?". You smiled "you mean all adorable looking with that bedhead? Your hair looks really good down". Zuko knew you liked his hair and smiled "i may have left it down when i got into bed for this reason". "You sneak" you cried but Zuko just pulled you even closer so you rested atop of him "hey i’m sorry but i’m weak, I love seeing you look at me in that way...the way you're looking at me right now" he said his voice going deeper and you kissed him. Zuko kissed you back passionately and pulled you down beside him. As much as you could’ve stayed there forever you were aware there was a palace of people waiting to see Zuko and knew if you didn’t stop this soon you’d just stay in bed all morning. So you disentangled yourself and stood up "nope i’m not falling for that again. One kiss with you turns into five, which turns into a whole morning laid in bed together and while that is definitely not a bad situation to be in we have a busy weekend planned remember?”. Zuko sighed sitting up “we do...but maybe they can all just go away as a birthday present to me”. You laughed “everyone is here to celebrate you, there are worse problems to have”. “I suppose” Zuko nodded “but you’ll come back and stay with me tonight as well won’t you? I like waking up beside you and if I can’t touch you all day I atleast want you beside me at night”. You nodded kissing him softly “I promise we can make up for it every night” and Zuko’s eyes lit up “okay! In that case the day doesn’t seem as bad anymore!” and he sprung out of bed.
Zuko had to handle some Firelord duties so you walked to the dining room alone. Zuko’s friends were already in there when you entered and you walked in awkwardly when someone cried your name and flung themselves at you. “Y/n!" Ty lee screeched and you laughed hugging her back. "It’s so good to see you" Ty lee smiled "you’ve changed so much and somehow also look the exact same”. You smiled taking her hand "it’s great to see you too! When did you get in?". "This morning, you?". "Last night" you smiled and Ty lee grinned "this is going to be so great! All of us back together again! Mai kept me up to date with you but i haven’t seen you in the flesh for ages". "Is Mai coming too?" Katara asked and you nodded “yes Mai is invited". "Won't that be awkward?" Sokka asked and you frowned as Toph agreed "yeah i mean weren’t Zuko and Mai childhood sweethearts". You looked down awkwardly but luckily you had a saviour. "i mean they broke up 2 years ago and Mai’s dating another guy, i think you guys are being dramatic" Suki said and you smiled at her. Of course being Zuko’s bodyguard Suki knew the two of you were dating but she’d promised Zuko not to tell anyone and you could tell she meant it. Suki noticed your smile and gave you a subtle wink, you made a mental note to tell Zuko all the Kyoshi Warriors deserved raises starting with their leader. Ty lee agreed "yeah Mai and Zuko are cool now, they’ll be fine". "Is she bringing her new boyfriend?" Sokka asked you and you paused as he looked at you for an answer "i’m not sure...". "No she’s not" Ty lee jumped in and Sokka nodded "yeah that’d be awkward, when does she get here?". Again Sokka directed the question at you and again you didn’t know the answer even though she was your own sister. You paused and looked to Ty lee who smiled reassuringly "sometime this afternoon" she answered. The others all nodded and you hoped they hadn’t noticed how uncomfortable talking about your sister made you. 
After breakfast it was agreed you’d all go outside a play a friendly game of Fireball until Zuko was done. He finished early with his duties and came out to join in. Of course bending wasn’t allowed but as Ty lee started using her gymnastic skills and Toph used her senses to predict where people were going to move everyone just started cheating mercilessly. That was when the fun and chaos started. You’d never seen Zuko laugh so much and honestly hadn’t had such a good time in ages, but when Toph threw a large rock at Sokka and actually hit him that was when it was decided the game should end.
So you all returned to the palace to find someone was waiting for you in the dining room. "Mai!" Ty lee cried rushing forwards once again to strangle your sister with a hug. Zuko placed a hand on your back gently and you nodded to him subtly telling him it was okay. You’d be expected to interact with Mai given she was your sister so you stepped forwards with a large smile on your face. "Mai" you grinned "it’s so nice to see you". "You too!” Mai nodded her eyes flitting over you trying to take you all in "it feels like it’s been ages". "It does” you agreed hugging her when Zuko appeared. "Mai it’s great to see you" he said saving you and you stepped back relieved. You made your way to the back of the room where Sokka was watching the whole thing, an ice pack pressed to his head. "Still think we look identical?" you asked."Nahhhh you look way different" he said and you nodded "now did i hear Zuko correctly or did he say you designed the early versions of the current Fire Nation ships?" you asked, fully intending to draw Sokka into a long conversation and it worked. Sokka chatted to you until dinner was ready meaning Mai didn’t get a chance to. It wasn’t that you disliked your sister just she was your big sister and could always see straight through you. You worried five minutes alone together and she’d guess you were dating Zuko, got disowned and had changed your shampoo just because she was that powerful. 
So you did everything to avoid her but at dinner the table was rather small and you were sat right across from her. "So i hear you and Zuko have been working of reforms" Mai said and you nodded glancing at him "yes, we’re seeing some amazing progress". "That’s really great, i’m so pleased you’re finally getting to do your improvements" your sister said giving one of her rare smiles. You smiled back "well it’s all thanks to Zuko really". "Not at all!” Zuko objected “it’s all y/n’s ideas and she’s the one doing all the hard work. I just make people do as she says" Zuko smiled and everyone laughed. "Sorry what does the project entail?" Ty lee asked and you took a breath "so for about 6 months now me and Zuko have been working on reforming the prison system". "As a former guard i can say it’s needed" Sokka commented and you nodded "exactly! Our focus at the moment is to improve general prisoner treatment so no more fighting prisoners, less abuse, nicer treatment as well as more effective rehabilitation and reformation". Everyone around the table nodded and seemed to really respect what you were doing. They all told you how good it sounded and offered to help if you needed anything. To say you were touched was an understatement. You’d never had that with a group of people before, you’d never had them all acknowledge what you were doing and openly encourage you. It was nice and you felt happy. You caught Zuko watching you and blushed. He seemed really proud of you and you worried his smug smile might make everyone suspicious but nobody seemed to notice. Afterwards everyone retired to the living room for some after-dinner games. It was really nice to see representation from all the nations. Aang convinced you all to play this old Airbender game at it was the clear favourite but perhaps too much. Everyone got very competitive and Katara and Sokka began sibling arguing over who actually won. Aang suggested a break to let them cool off and everyone agreed. People drifted off to go get drinks or use the toilet and you turned to find Mai making a beeline for you. “Hey” you smiled cautiously and Mai nodded “can we talk?”. You froze “erm sure! What about?  How are things? How’s Kei Lo?”. Mai sighed "Y/n i ...I know you’re not speaking to mom and dad. I felt awful i had no clue how bad things had gotten, can we please talk privately about it later". The others all returned and you’d never been so happy to have a bunch of people walk into a room. You nodded "of course" and squeezed Mai’s hand "we’ll talk later" before stepping away. Zuko appeared beside you "you okay?" he whispered. You nodded "great, thanks for all that at dinner". He smiled “I was trying not to be too obvious but i think i failed with all the compliments". "I was just as bad" you grinned. “Y/n, Zuko you coming?” Sokka called and you both jumped before rushing back over. 
The party games continued well into the night and you stifled back any yawns to continue with the fun. It would all have to end soon but nobody wanted to admit defeat yet. Zuko stepped away on some Firelord business and you all waited for him chatting and lingering around the room. When it had been a while you turned to go and find where Zuko had gone and banged into someone. Suki crashed into you spilling her drink all over you and gasped. "Y/n i’m so sorry" she cried but you shook your head "it’s okay really...". "No i’m such a clutz". "It’s fine i’ll just go change" you smiled and left the room. As you exited Mai entered and she paused "y/n where are you going?". "Just to change my shirt". "You’re not avoiding me are you?" she asked and you paused "what? Of course not!". "Because it’s been hours since dinner and you still haven’t spoken to me". "Mai i’m not running away i just need to change, i’ll be right back". "You promise?" Mai asked and you nodded "i promise". "Okay thanks y/n, sorry for all that. I was just worried you were avoiding me". You smiled "no problem, see you soon" and walked away. You were almost at your own room when a door opened and you were tugged inside. You stumbled into Zuko’s room and blinked. “Suki deserves a raise" Zuko told you with a smile and you stared "you planned this?". "Yep, to get you alone with me" Zuko smiled "i figured tonight would be our only chance so i recruited Suki...that’s not too desperate is it?". "Not at all" you smiled "although for future reference any plans that don’t involve liquids being thrown on me would get my vote”. Zuko noticed your damp clothes and nodded “yeah I didn’t think that part through did i...well I guess i’ll just have to make it up to you”. ***
When the clock struck midnight you were still awake and you turned to Zuko with a smile. "It’s officially your birthday, happy birthday!”. Zuko nodded "it is, I've caught you up again". You rolled your eyes making Zuko chuckle. Your face then went really serious and Zuko was about to ask you what was wrong when you spoke. "Zuko i...just wanted to say, i’m really glad you’re my boyfriend and we met again". "Me too" Zuko agreed kissing your hand and you smiled. "You've made my life better in every way and you're so caring and kind...i love you so much for that". Zuko paused and saw the blush on your cheeks. He’d told you he loved you before but this was your first time saying it. He knew emotions were difficult for you and that this took a lot for you to say. "That’s it, this is my best birthday ever" Zuko exclaimed and your blush deepened. "I mean it" Zuko smiled "hearing you say that...i love you too y/n". You smiled curling into him more "i like that". You woke up wrapped with Zuko and the memory of last night came back to you. You smiled and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Good morning?" Zuko asked opening an eye and you nodded "good morning" and kissed him again. You were very enthusiastic and Zuko picked up on this. When you separated he had a big grin "what was that for?" Zuko asked and you smiled “no reason, i’m just happy. I feel the best i’ve ever felt and I can’t look at you without wanting to kiss you”. Zuko chuckled "well i’m not opposed to that" and kissed you again. Seeing as it was a special occasion you weren’t opposed to spending more time in bed but then something important came to mind.
"Your present" you gasped leaping out of bed "I forgot to give it to you the other night, can we go get it? I really want to see you open it". Zuko nodded and the two of you got ready before cautiously hurrying to your room. Zuko sat on the sofa and you passed him a box "here". Zuko took it frowning and you smirked "i promise it cost me barely anything". Zuko looked at you "promise?". You nodded "i hope you like it”. "I’m sure i will..." Zuko started before he saw what it was. Your family crest was the first thing Zuko noticed and the traditional Fire Nation design was unmissable. You were giving him your family’s heirloom which was a big deal in the Fire Nation, it was one of the most important things you could give someone. You’d turned it into a beautiful necklace and although it might not have cost much the meaning was priceless. "Y/n i can’t accept this" Zuko said trying to hand you the box but you pushed his hands back "Zuko please, I want you to have it. My grandfather gave it me and told me to give it to one person I loved and trusted more than anything and that’s you Zuko. He told me I’d know when the time was right and I do. It’s the one thing i have to give of my lineage and you’re the one person i want to have it". Zuko blushed and closed his hand around the necklace "you know you're gonna be able to get me to do anything by telling me that don’t you?". You smirked "maybe...but it’s all true". Zuko leant forwards and kissed you softly "thank you it’s the nicest present i’ve ever received, help me put it on?". You fastened the clasp around Zuko’s neck and he smiled inspecting it in a mirror. "I’ll have to hide it or your crest will give away our relationship but it’ll always be under my shirt" Zuko told you. You smiled at how sweet and oddly comforting that was. "Sounds great" and stared up at him happily when there was a loud knock. The door opened before either of you could react and Mai called your name before she froze looking at you and Zuko stood together in shock.    “Mai” you gasped “I was just giving Zuko his present...are you okay?”. “I was looking for you, you never came back last night”. Your eyes widened “our talk! Mai i’m so sorry! I came to change my shirt when I realised I hadn’t wrapped Zuko’s present and by the time I finished with all that I fell asleep, i’m so sorry do you want to talk now?”. Mai nodded and Zuko coughed “i’ll leave you both alone, thanks again y/n” and with a smile he left. The door closed and you turned to Mai “so you heard about my falling out with mom and dad?”. Mai stared at the bed for so long you repeated yourself “Mai?”. She jumped before shaking her head “sorry, yes they told me you have virtually disowned yourself?”. You nodded your head “they told me I had the end of the year before they did it to me so I decided to beat them to it”. “They did what!” Mai cried and you paused “i’m guessing they left that part out?”. Mai nodded her head “they did...y/n why didn’t you tell me?”. You paused confused what to say. “Truthfully? The thought never crossed my mind” you replied and Mai looked down upset “but i’m your sister, I know we’re not that close but i’ll always be there for you”. You smiled “I know Mai I feel the same way”. “No but you’re the little sister! You shouldn’t feel the same....are you okay for money? I don’t remember how well your job pays”. You nodded “I can sustain myself don’t worry”. “Where are you living?”. You paused “well mainly just by the prison, I don’t have anywhere else because I don’t need it, I work a lot”. Mai frowned “well you know you always have a room with me and Kei Lo right?”. You grinned “you moved in together?”. Mai nodded smiling “a few weeks ago”. “I’m so pleased for you!” you smiled “we really haven’t been very good sisters have we?”. Mai frowned “we haven’t”. “Well maybe we could change that?” you offered “attempt to stay in contact more?”. Mai nodded “i’m terrible with letters but what if we met up once a month or so? I could come to you or you could come to me? I could even invite Tomtom over too....i’m guessing you haven’t been able to see him since...”. You nodded your head “i miss him a lot, how is he?”. “He’s good, he misses you too...he told me”. That almost broke your heart and Mai could tell so she took your hand “don’t worry y/n, for once I’m going to act like the big sister and protect you both, I promise”. You threw your arms around Mai in a hug and it felt like your worries had been healed by your older sister. Talk over, you and Mai followed the noise to find Zuko opening his presents from everyone else. You sat down beside Mai at one end and watched as Zuko opened an odd-shaped present from Ty lee. “What is it?” Zuko asked and you saw Ty le frown. “Zuko it’s a shoehorn” you called “remember you said the other week how you always wanted one as a kid?”. Zuko smiled at the memory and looked to Ty lee “you remembered?”. She smiled “of course!....do you hate it?”. “No it’s lovely” Zuko smiled and you grinned to see Ty lee smile. Katara passed Zuko his presents and she paused at the last one “who’s this one from?”. You took one look at the expensive wrapping paper and smiled. Zuko did too. “Azula” you both said. “She was really pleased with herself I wonder what it...” Zuko started before he gasped “no way the fifth edition!”. “The what?” Toph asked. You smiled and went to explain before you figured it’d be best someone else did. “They’re these old Fire Nation stories our mom used to read us. Our father destroyed them all or so we thought" Zuko told her. “Is that it now?” you asked “that’s the last one for your collection right?”. Zuko grinned “it is! I am so reading these to de-stress after council meetings”. You smiled at Zuko adoringly and resisted the urge to hug him.
As today was Zuko’s official birthday a huge ball was being thrown. His family all came, his mother, little sister, Iroh as well as half the Fire Nation. You didn’t get to see him much but it was okay, the past few days had been pretty fun and you had all of Zuko’s friends to keep you entertained. 
Throughout the first portion of the evening where everyone was arriving you noticed Mai’s eye kept going to you and you wondered why. You’d caught her eyes on you all day come to think of it and it was unnerving. You felt like there was something hanging over you which apparently there was.  
After dinner you returned to your room to change shoes and turned to find Mai had followed you making you jump. “Mai are you okay?” you asked trying to calm your racing heart. “We need to talk” she replied in answer. You gulped and let her in the room. "Y/n i lied earlier, i came into your room late last night and you weren’t here". "Ow i errr went for a walk" you lied. Mai raised an eyebrow "and i moved your shoe onto the middle of the bed to see if you came back at any point in the night. The shoe was in the same position this morning y/n, you didn’t sleep in your own bed last night so who’s were you in?". You blinked rapidly trying to come up with a lie when Mai breathed "you were with Zuko weren’t you?". You shook your head "what because you saw him in here this morning? No...". "I saw you gave him grandfather’s pendant y/n. I spotted it when Zuko bent forward to pick up Azula’s present. Not to mention how obvious the signs were when i started looking for them. The two of you were practically always staring at each other or having cute meaningful moments. It’s very clear what’s going on y/n". You couldn’t think of any way out of it and so you burst into an apology "Mai i’m so sorry!" you cried. “We’ve been dating for 3 months now and I never meant to keep it from you but I just didn’t know how to tell you and I didn’t want to hurt you...”. “3 months?” Mai asked and you nodded “yes, officially 3 months but I guess it’s been going on before that, Mai let me explain everything....”. “Are you happy?” Mai asked suddenly and you paused “I...what?”. “Are you happy?” she repeated “I can see Zuko is, but are you?”. You nodded your head “so happy”. “Then that’s all that matters”. 
You froze “but I....aren’t you upset?”. Mai shook her head “When we were kids I remember Azula telling me you and Zuko liked each other and it made me mad because I liked him too. I knew I used my power as an older sibling to intimidate you and it always haunted me...I thought Azula was wrong as you and Zuko never interacted or showed interest in one another but I knew you were good at hiding your feelings and always wondered if you were just pretending...I see I was right. Y/n I’m so sorry for making you feel like he was mine”. You blinked “I...it wasn’t your fault”. “It was and i’m just happy you and Zuko have found each other after all that”. You smiled slightly “it was very lucky, if I hadn’t come here for the reforms...I’d not have found the strength to leave mom and dad, to go for that promotion, my life would still be consumed by work...Zuko’s been amazing”. Mai smiled “so it’s pretty serious huh?”. You blushed “I don’t know...I mean I love him but it’s only been 3 months officially”. “Wait you love him?”. You blushed and looked down “why is that too soon to say? I’ve never dated anyone before so don’t know the typical timelines”. Mai chuckled “it’s never too soon, you love someone when you love them but i’ve never seen you get emotional around anyone so to hear you say you love him...I can tell this is real and I’m so pleased for you”. Mai hugged you and you clutched her tightly “I wanted to tell you for months, I’m so sorry Mai”. Mai soothed you wiping away your tears “you did nothing wrong y/n’s it’s fine” and hugged you once more.
You and Mai returned to the party and you didn’t think anyone would have noticed your absence but one person did. Suki passed you a note in familiar handwriting asking you to meet in Zuko’s office. You made your way there and found Zuko waiting in the dark. He jumped as the door opened and rushed over to you immediately “y/n are you okay? I noticed Mai and you were gone and when I asked Ty lee she said Mai had something to discuss with you. Is everything okay? She doesn’t know does she?”. “She does but it’s okay, she’s fine with it!” you cried smiling and Zuko paused “she is? She wasn’t angry?”. You shook your head “she asked if we were happy and when I told her we were she said that was all that mattered. She’s cool with it”. Zuko laughed “wow...that’s amazing! Although i’m sorry, I should’ve told Mai rather than it all falling on you”. You shook your head “it’s fine, she took it well so I don’t care. I just feel so happy. A few months ago I was just living day by day and now I have so much more! My life passion is being fulfilled through the reforms, I finally feel like I have a sister and I have an amazing boyfriend who I’m head over heels for...it feels like a dream”. Zuko stepped closer “I know...but I assure you it’s real and I’m not going to let anything ruin it”. Zuko came to stand right in front of you and you looked up at him suddenly bashful. Even in the dim light his eyes shone and he looked very beautiful. Zuko moved even closer, leaning in to kiss you when the clock suddenly struck. You remembered the fireworks were meant to start at 9 o’clock and panicked “we’re late! We have to get you downstairs to the gardens...”. You went to rush away when Zuko when caught your hand and pulled you back “that can wait” and he crashed into you. You never got tired of kissing Zuko but moments like this were just magical. Just when you were running out of breath a large bang sounded and colour emerged in the sky. You both pulled away and you laughed to see you had the best seats in the house to view the fireworks. “This is amazing!” you cried and Zuko smiled “glad you like it...I wanted to share this with you so I pulled some strings and made sure the fireworks would go off no matter what”. “You’re the best” you grinned and Zuko chuckled “look who’s talking” and tugged you into a hug. You stayed pressed together watching the fireworks and you couldn’t remember a more beautiful moment in your life.  
When I first watched the show I thought Mai was just a horrible sister and then I rewatched it and read the comics and now I think she’d actually be an amazing sister! I love Mai so much 🥰
Also I think this is the last part (mainly cus I don’t know where else I can take the plot line) so thank you for reading all 3 parts!!!
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gladerwolfstarkimagines · a month ago
Mako x Fire Nation Princess Imagine Series: Part 3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You invite Mako’s friends to the Fire Nation in an attempt to get to know them better but a revelation from Mako makes things particularly hard for one of them...
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You appreciated all the effort Mako was making to get used to your lifestyle so you invited him to make himself more at home at the palace by having some of his friends over. You were dying to get to know Bolin better so encouraged him to invite them to a small (and this time it was small) get together. Mako agreed and now his two worlds were going to collide.
Mako’s POV
Mako stood at the air terminus waiting for the ship. He was oddly nervous but also excited. This would be his two worlds merging and he hoped it all went smoothly. He spotted the ship and heard Bolin calling his name. He waved, laughing as the noise got louder and louder until he finally saw Bolin. His little brother rushed to him crashing into him in a painful hug. Mako patted him before he moved to welcome Korra and Asami too. "Wow inviting us to your new home eh?" Korra asked. Mako blushed "it's not my house it's y/n’s". "Yeah but you've been here so often it may as well be" the avatar joked "speaking of which where is your better half?". "Y/n was rushed away on some Firelord training but she will be with us as soon as she can I assure you". Maki led his friends through the palace to their wing and Bolin chatted none stop until he grew tired. "Aren't we there yet? I feel like we've been down this corridor before". "Mako are you lost?" Korra teased and Mako shook his head. "No I know the way, we haven't been down this one yet". "How can you tell they all look the same" Bolin sighed. "No they don't" Mako said and Bolin shot him a look "er yeah they do". "Well I guess with practice I’ve gotten used to them". Mako reached some double doors where two guards were posted. They saw Mako and nodded to him opening the doors. Mako nodded back and his friends watched amused. "Did you see that?" Korra smirked "he's so important the guards all recognise him". "Well can you blame them? I'd want to know who my potential boss could be one day" Asami shrugged. "It's not that, they just remember my face because they have to. They're responsible for knowing who should be in the palace and who shouldn't be" Mako explained only blushing slightly. The others all nodded "fair enough but you do seem to have settled in here well" Asami smiled and Mako felt very happy to hear them say that. "Thanks" he smiled “so this is all yours” he said gesturing to the large room with bedrooms leading off “let me give you a quick tour...”. 
Your POV
You rushed into the room an hour later and interrupted a heated discussion between Bolin and Asami about if Varick was really such a great inventor or not. They both paused and all eyes fell to you. "Sorry I'm late!" you called in greeting. "My grandmother wanted me to sit in on an important meeting that only happens once every 5 years and of course it was rescheduled to this morning so I had to miss your arrival but I hope you can all forgive me" you finished. The avatar laughed and Asami smiled "of course we can, your majesty". You brushed that away "you don't need to say any of that, especially if we're alone. Anyway how are you all? It's so great to see you! I’m sure Mako has been a good host even if I wasn’t" you smiled sitting on the arm of his chair. Mako placed an arm around you and you looked at him fondly. "We’re great!" Bolin cried "the palace looks even fancier than before! Have you got more portraits and gold?". You laughed "not to my knowledge but I'm glad you like the look of things Bolin! Korra? Asami? How are you?". "We're really good" Asami smiled squeezing Korra's hand "the Fire nation is just beautiful this time of year". You nodded "it is! I was planning on showing you some of the sights later if you'd be interested?". "Definitely!" Korra and Asami smiled but you noticed Bolin didn't seem thrilled. "How does that sound to you Bolin?". Bolin quickly put a smile on his face "yeah that all sounds great!". "Are you sure? If there's something else you'd rather do...". Bolin shook his head "nope!" and you nodded "okay great...well I'll let you guys settle in then we can head out!".
You knew it was stupid but you wanted Mako’s friends to really like you, especially Bolin but the boy seemed largely indifferent. Every cool thing you showed him he got less and less excited about. Sure he smiled and told you it was nice but you were excellent as seeing through pleasantries and Mako’s brother was not warming up to you. Finally the tour ended and you returned to the palace to receive good news. “Bolin, Opal and her family have arrived and are waiting inside” you called and Bolin gave his first genuine smile of the day “really? Her ship is early” and he ran off down the corridor. The others all laughed and you smiled but your worry hadn’t gone away. What was wrong with Mako’s brother?
 The party rolled around and it was a nice casual event...well for the palace. There were people from all the four nations and it was nice to see all the people Mako knew here. He chatted happily to Su Yin Beifong and Tenzin before nodding to Lin his boss and exchanged pleasantries with Korra’s family. You could tell he was happy, he’d been the most confident he’d been at any party and walked around the room head held high. You were so proud of him and couldn’t be happier! The feeling was not mutual.
Bolin’s POV 
Bolin watched the room filled with people and just saw Fire Nation finery everywhere he looked. The more fabulous things he saw the more disheartened he became, if Mako was at ease here and he wasn’t what did that mean for the two of them? Bolin was jolted out of his thoughts when Korra chuckled seeing Mako make small talk with the Firelord he just happened to get stuck next to. Asami noticed too and smiled "Is it just me or is Mako more...". "Serious here?" Bolin asked and Asami winced "not serious but definitely different. He seems so at ease around everyone and the royals all seem to love him". Korra nodded "I know! Did you see he just made the Firelord laugh! Y/n said her grandmother likes him". Bolin stared at Mako "he does fit in rather well...not to mention he looks like all of them...more than he looks like me". Asami and Korra frowned at the tone of Bolin's voice when he said that. "Maybe but that doesn't mean anything, he's still the same Mako!" Asami said gently and Bolin mustered a smile "yeah I know..." but it wasn't a convincing one.
Mako’s POV 
"Is it just me or has Bolin been off?" you asked Mako. Mako frowned and looked over to where his brother was sat pushing his food around. "Hmm maybe, he never wastes food. I'll go see what's wrong". Mako had noticed Bolin hadn’t spoken to you much today and he had been getting a cold vibe from his baby brother but he’d hoped it was nothing. However now you’d noticed he was determined to put a stop to it so he approached Bolin swiftly and pulled him to one side. ”Are you okay?” Mako asked “you’ve been off all day, is something bothering you?”. Bolin shook his head “no nothing...” but he fiddled with his hands like he always did when he was lying. Mako raised an eyebrow “you sure? Because you don’t seem too happy to be here”. “Why would I?” Bolin cried “this isn’t my home and it’s not yours, am I supposed to be overjoyed at every dragon statue and fancy party? They’re royalty Mako it’s what they do!”. Mako frowned “of course you don’t have to be overjoyed but y/n went to all this effort bringing you here and you're kind of acting like a brat". "Ow I'm a brat?" Bolin cried "is that why you're spending so much time away from me then? Soon you’ll just move here and won't come back". Mako paused unable to refute his brothers claim and Bolin gasped "wait are you actually planning on moving here! Why? It's gross here, Republic City is so much better!". "Bolin calm down! It's nothing to do with either city" Mako explained "more y/n..." he trailed off looking at you as you chatted to Korra and Asami. "What she's asked you to? Just because she's a princess doesn't mean she can order you around! Trust me I checked after Eska". Mako shook his head vigorously "that's not it at all! Y/n doesn't even know that I'm thinking of moving here and she'd never command me around. She's not that type of person and you know it!". Bolin raised his hands "fine so why are you moving here?". "For y /n!" Mako said getting annoyed "I want to be around her more and things are going really well so I thought I'd take the plunge. But it's very much just an idea I had, I'm not going anywhere any time soon". "But you will eventually" Bolin snapped "you'll move to the Fire Nation and ditch all of us". Mako shook his head "Bolin you're being childish! I'm not ditching anyone I'm simply considering moving closer to my girlfriend. It's not like y/n can just move out of the Fire Nation so I'm happy to move closer to her to be together. If this was you and Opal I'd be happy for you so why can't you act like a grown-up and stop making this all about you?". "Why don't you act like a grown-up and stop making this all about you" Bolin retorted and Mako frowned "what? That doesn't even make sense" but he didn't have time to reply because Bolin had already run from the room crying.
Your POV  
You had no idea what had happened with Bolin and Mako as you were chatting to Asami and Korra, two of Mako’s friends who actually liked you. Then a servant appeared at your elbow and told you a nobleman was causing trouble. So you dealt with that issue and were just returning to the ballroom when you saw a figure emerge crying dramatically. You frowned as you recognised the stocky figure "Bolin?". You followed him down the corridor and outside where he sat on a bench sadly. You looked around wondering if to go get Mako but decided to make sure Bolin was okay first. "Hey Bolin" you called "are you alright? What's wrong?". Bolin looked up at your voice but his eyes hardened when he saw it was you “nothing” he pouted. You frowned “well clearly something’s wrong...why don’t you tell me and then I can help?”. Bolin shook his head “no thanks”. “Is it Mako?” you asked “did he say something”. Bolin sighed standing up “I know you’re just trying to help but stop!” Bolin cried and he began walking away. Utterly exasperated you watched him go before calling after him “why don’t you like me?”. Bolin paused “what?”. “Why don’t you like me?” you repeated “It’s like everything I do displeases you and you’ve just got this vendetta against me. Have I done something to you?”. Bolin sighed “I don’t dislike you but I have every reason to”. “Why? I’ve been nothing but kind to you!” you cried and Bolin nodded “oh yeah? Stealing my brother from me is kind?”. You stared “what? I’m not stealing anyone!”. “Yes you are! Mako’s all that’s left of my family and now he wants to move here to be with you!”. “What?” you asked as a voice cried “Bolin!” and Mako appeared “why would you tell her that? You know it was a secret!”. “Because I don’t want it to happen!” Bolin replied and Mako sighed. One crisis at a time he dealt with his sobbing brother first. “Bo...you know no matter what happens we’ll always be brothers don’t you?”. “Yeah of course but it just sucks! I thought you’d always be around and there if I needed you. Back when I travelled the world with Kuvira knowing you were back home was a big comfort to me. We don’t have much family as it is and the idea of it becoming even less... just makes me panic! What if I need you and you’re not there? You’ve always been there Mako”. “And that will continue” Mako said firmly “Bolin I will always be here for you no matter where I live. If you need me you just tell me and I come to you or you come to me. Simple as that”. Bolin shot a look at you “but this is the palace...i’m not welcome here anytime, i’m not royalty”. “So?” you said stepping in “you don’t have to be royalty to be welcome here. Your Mako’s brother! If you ever need him or even just miss him then go straight to the Fire Nation embassy in Republic City and they’ll arrange your travel here anytime, day or night”. “You mean it? You don’t hate me after the fuss I caused”. You chuckled shaking your head “of course not! You were just worried about losing your brother which is something I totally get, he’s pretty special”. Mako blushed and Bolin just got teary again “he is...I love him so much” he said and you laughed as he began to cry again. “Okay Bo...reign it in a little” Mako sighed and you smiled “would you like a hug Bolin?”. “Yes please!” he cried and rushed into your arms. Mako sighed but placed an arm around you both too. “I’m really glad of all the girls it could have been, you’re the one my brother is leaving me for” Bolin told you. You chuckled at Bolin’s word choice and felt Mako tense. “No problem” you grinned and hugged Bolin who squeezed you tightly.  
“I really am sorry I was such a brat earlier” Bolin told you on your way back to the hall. “It’s fine don’t give it a second thought” you smiled and entered to come face to face with Opal and Suyin Beifong. “There you are!” Opal cried looking at Bolin “where did you go?”. “I erm..had a moment but y/n and Mako calmed me down and we’re friends now”. “That’s a relief” Suyin said kindly before her eyes fell on you “Princess Y/n how wonderful to see you again, thank you so much for inviting us”. “You’re very welcome Su! It’s been far too long, how’s that wonderful family of yours?”. “Why don’t you come and see for yourself, they’re all dying to see you”. You nodded and went to walk away with Su when Bolin burst. “Wait you know the Beifongs?” Bolin cried and Opal smirked “of course she does! Our families have been friends ever since Firelord Zuko burnt my grandma Toph’s feet”. Suyin nodded “and y/n’s grandmother and I were great friends growing up, I’ve known y/n since the day she was born”. You smiled warmly at Su and Opal sidled up next to Bolin “you’d have realised all this if you hadn’t spent all day ducking y/n”. Bolin blushed “yeah...I acted like an idiot but i’m trying to make up for it”. You went to tell Bolin he had nothing to make up when his eyes lit up and a smile broke onto his face “and I know exactly how!” and he rushed away. You and Mako looked to Opal who shrugged “with Bolin i’ve learnt nothing can surprise me”. You chuckled when Asami and Korra appeared “hey is everything okay?”. You nodded “Bolin was a little upset but we sorted it”. Mako nodded “leave it to Bolin to cause a scene after being here less than 24 hours”. 
The group broke out into small talk and you chatted with all the Beifongs getting reacquainted with them. You were in an intriguing conversation about making a fire bender version of power disk with Wing and Wei when you heard a microphone switch on. “Ladies and Gentlemen can I have your attention please” a voice called and you all looked around. Mako immediately clasped his hand to his face “what is he doing?”. “Hey everyone!” Bolin smiled at the crowd “I’m Bolin! Some of you may know me as Nuktuk hero of the South or = from my bending days in Republic City or you know...for being Mako’s little brother”. That got a few nods and Bolin cringed but carried on “anyway I wanted to thank you for your hospitality, particularly that of my brother’s girlfriend Princess Y/n and so please enjoy the show by the amazing and talented master Pabu!”. Bolin moved back to reveal Pabu, dressed in very adorable miniature Fire Nation attire stood on a small stand. Bolin pulled out some hoops from behind his back and began waving them around the fire ferret who hopped through them all effortlessly. The act got harder and harder and finished with Pabu doing several flips before landing in a handstand. Everyone cheered and Mako was surprised to see how much the serious Fire Nation people loved the little ferret. People began queuing up to stroke him and you laughed “he’s a hit! Pabu was amazing”. Mako smirked amused “he was, so has Bolin done enough to call it even?”. “Of course” you grinned and rushed away to find him.
You joined the queue to speak to Bolin and found he and Pabu were both enjoying the well-deserved attention. When Bolin saw you his smile became more nervous “hey y/n, so...did you like it?”. “I loved it!” you grinned “thank you so much, Pabu is so talented and so are you for training him”. Bolin beamed under your praise “thank you! Everyone always forgets about the trainer and it’s a pretty hard word”. “Well you both did amazingly” you smiled “in return for your lovely show there’s something I’d like to show you”.
You whispered your plan to Mako and he took Pabu to keep him safe leaving you free to show Bolin the most important person in the Fire Nation. Mako told you Bolin had always loved animals so you hoped that would apply to who you were about to show him. You led Bolin into a secure part of the palace and he frowned as he saw the scorch marks and sharp lines on the floor where something sharp had been dragged against a stone. “Y/n....where are we going?” he asked. “Wait 5 seconds and you’ll see” you smiled opened a large gate. You stepped into a wide-open enclosure with no roof and whistled. Bolin hear movement and saw a red blur appear beside you. It was a dragon. 
.It took Bolin a few seconds to process just what he was seeing but when he did he was overjoyed. “Omgggggg” Bolin cried “is that Druk! The famous dragon companion of your great grandfather? I think i’m going to faint...”. “Please don’t!” you cried alarmed “but yes it is, would you like to meet him?”. Bolin nodded “yes please!”. You grinned and led him towards Druk who was used to stardom by now so just blinked at Bolin’s tears unimpressed. Druk this is Mako’s little brother Bolin. He’s a big fan of yours and would love to meet you”. You came to stand beside Druk petting him and gestured for Bolin to do the same. He placed a shaking hand on Druk’s shoulder and gasped “oh my god I’m stroking a dragon! This is amazing! He’s so beautiful”. You smiled “he likes you”. “He does?” Bolin gasped and you nodded nudging Druk with your foot “of course he does, don’t you Druk?”. The dragon shot you a look but he abided. Druk raised his head and leant into Bolin, he stared at him before giving him a small lick and a sniff. It wasn’t exactly what you were expecting but it did the job. Bolin was overcome with joy and squealed for a good few minutes. Even when you finally left Druk and made your way through the Fire Nation Bolin was still buzzing, literally and figuratively. He was skipping more than he was walking and he could not stop talking about Druk. “He’s just the most stunning shade of red I’ve ever seen and his eyes...”. You chuckled and went to agree when Bolin carried on “he was so magnificent but also so cute and intelligent, how can one creature be so many things at once?”. “I have no idea but you’re totally right, Druk is very special”. Bolin nodded and opened his mouth to speak about Druk more when he paused as you led him into a room filled with all your and Mako’s friends.
“What is all this?” Bolin asked and you smiled “I thought a fun way for us all to spend time together might be a few games?” you explained “Mako mentioned how you and Asami are both skilled pai sho players and apparently Korra’s competitiveness is unrivalled”. Korra blushed and Asami laughed “you’re not wrong!” earning a frown from her girlfriend. You grinned “perfect! Because I and my friends are also very fond of games so how about a tournament?”. “YES!” Bolin and Korra cried at once. 
.The tournament was a huge success. Everyone interacted and got to know one another super well. You got to know Mako’s friends better and even discovered a few more things about your boyfriend too. Korra and Bolin had a lot of enthusiasm but Bolin had a short attention span and got bored early. Korra on the other hand had unwavering energy however she also had several tells which always revealed if she was uncertain about if she could win.  Asami was the dark horse with an amazing poker face, she won several of the games and was the calm precision to Korra’s emotional passionate plays. Mako himself pretended he wasn’t bothered by the games but you saw his competitive streak emerge and he could be very sneaky when he wanted to win. It was nice to see him let his hair down and act goofy with his friends. It made you even fonder of him. The evening was winding down at the moment though and you were relieved, more than a little exhausted at the day’s events. Bolin and Opal were chatting happily to Eiyima and Sai about their lives while Korra and Yy were in a heated final match. You watched it all amused with Pabu curled up on your lap still wearing his fire nation crown which he’d become quite fond of apparently. Mako sat with his arm around you while playing a chilled game of pai sho with Asami and you loved how relaxed this all felt. Apparently the feeling was mutual. You caught Mako watching you and when he finished his game he moved closer to you.  “Thanks for tonight” Mako whispered to you “it really means a lot and it makes me so happy to see you getting along with all my friends”. You smiled “no problem, i’ve really enjoyed meeting them...not to mention all the secrets they’ve spilt about you will be very useful. The one Bolin said about you wanting to move here stands out though”. Mako blushed “I didn’t want him to tell you because I know we’ve only been dating a few months and I didn’t want you to get scared off”. You rolled your eyes “it will take more than that Mako, I grew up with a dragon remember?”. Mako paled remembering when he met said dragon. He had been a lot more terrified when he met the magnificent creature a few weeks ago “yep I remember that”. You chuckled “needless to say it’s not scared me off. I actually find it very interesting...my family seriously haven’t put you off moving here?”. Mako shrugged “your family still terrifies me but you’re a pretty good incentive to ignore all that. Plus I like it here, all the citizens are indifferent to me and I love it! I was thinking I could maybe join the Fire Nation security force?”. “That’s a great idea!” you smiled “for years my grandmother has been meaning to improve our security system, i’m sure she’d be very happy to have your help”. “Wow really?” Mako asked “that sounds amazing”. You nodded “it’s yours whenever you want it but don’t feel pressured. I’ll still be here if you decide to move in 3 months or 3 years time. I’m not exactly going anywhere”. Mako chuckled “well 3 months sounds a lot more probable, I honestly can’t wait to be around you more”. You blushed and stared up at Mako lost for words. Finally you sighed happily “I want that too”. Mako smiled “good” and stared down at you. His eyes went to your lips and you knew exactly what he was thinking of doing because you wanted to do it as well. However before either of you could do anything you were jolted out of your thought as Korra slammed her hands down on the table in victory. “I win!” she cried “I am the best!”. You all laughed at her competitiveness and Asami laughed “yes you did babe, but now I think it’s time for bed. I’m exhausted, not to mention I think we’ve imposed on y/n and Mako a lot”. “Ow it’s no problem” you started but Asami shot you a smile “it’s fine don’t worry, you’ve deserved some alone time” and with a wink that made you blush she gathered her girlfriend. You wished everyone a goodnight and saw them off before finally the door closed and silence settled. Mako was smiling when you turned around. “What’s that look for?” you asked and Mako shrugged “nothing...just we can finally do this” and he swiftly kissed you. You smiled against his lips at the intensity “been waiting all day to do this huh?”. “You have no idea!” Mako agreed pulling you back in. 
After the weekend was over Mako’s friends boarded the airship to head back to Republic City. You worried Mako might be sad to see them go but he was beaming as he chatted to Bolin. “Any idea what they’re discussing?” you asked Opal who smiled “I have an idea but i’ll let Mako explain”. You went to push her but the Beifong was smart and distracted you. Opal hugged you tightly “thanks for this weekend y/n and for being so understanding with Bolin. You’re the best!”. “No problem, thank you so much for coming. We’ll have to meet up again soon”. “I’m sure we will” Opal smiled with a wink and she stepped away. Then you said goodbye to the Beifongs which took a while given how many of them there were. Next Korra and Asami came forward to hug you. Asami insisted you visit Republic City soon and have dinner with her and Korra. You agreed and with final farewells they ascended the airship. Finally Bolin approached you. He wrapped you in a bone-crushing hug and beamed at you “thanks for....well everything! I was pretty nervous coming here but leaving i’m ecstatic...wait not because I’m leaving, that came out wrong”. You laughed “don’t worry Bolin I get what you mean, I’m pleased we managed to sort through everything”. “Me too!” Bolin grinned hugging you once more. He hugged Mako and said goodbye once more before joining Opal in the airship. 
You watched it take off together and Mako wound an arm around you. “I’m so glad we did that” you sighed “thank you for agreeing to it all Mako”. “No problem, it was wonderful and I loved having my two worlds collide...speaking of would you be willing to do it again this winter?”. Opal’s words came back to your mind and you looked at Mako “in what way?”. “Well Bolin is going to Opal’s for christmas this year and Su has invited us all and I’d love for you to come too. It was Bolin’s idea and I think it’s wonderful but I understand if you have to stay at the palace for christmas or something? I’m still not sure about all the protocols”. “Me either and I was born into it!” you joked and Mako laughed. “But back to christmas, I’d love to spend it with you in Zafou”. “Really?” Mako cried and you grinned “of course! I can think of no better way to celebrate the season”. Mako struggled through some words before he gave up and just hugged you “thank you, it’s going to be an amazing christmas!”. You laughed into his hug and had to agree, you couldn’t wait to spend more time around Mako’s friends and family. 
I love how dramatic Bolin always is. Also can we agree he’d be the best brother in law ever? Thanks. 
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Zuko x Mai’s sister series: Part Two
Tumblr media
Zuko gets some good advice about how to deal with his new feelings but will his revelation go to plan?
Part one here
Part three here
That weekend Zuko went to see the one man who could help him with his issue. Uncle Iroh.
He hadn’t seen him in a while and the mention of Ba Sing Sei had convinced him to make the trip. So Zuko arrived to find his uncle waiting to sweep him into a tight hug. Iroh hurried Zuko into his shop eager to catch up and soon had a steaming cup of jasmine tea in front of him. As Zuko informed his uncle of all the recent events Iroh noticed a change in him. For one thing his nephew wasn’t spontaneous but he’d hastily arranged a visit for no apparent reason. At first Iroh worried something was wrong, perhaps the pressure was getting to him or his father was causing trouble again but the second Iroh saw him he could tell this visit wasn’t about escaping something bad back home. Zuko had a certain air around him, a happiness, a lightness and Iroh was very pleasantly surprised and desperate to know what had caused this. So he began prying. “Now nephew how have you been? Not the Firelord or the country but you my nephew?". "Good" Zuko smiled "busy but i’ve had help". Iroh smiled "and you've not been locked away working too hard?". Zuko shook his head "no but i do have something I want to discuss with you, i have a dilemma". Iroh nodded "i will help however i can". "Well see there’s this friend...". Iroh smiled, of course how did he not recognise Zuko was smitten with someone!
"Ow?" Iroh asked smiling and Zuko blushed. "Yes and we've actually known each other a while, we’ve recently become close and....i’ve developed feelings for her. Well they've always been there actually but before she never used to like me. She hated me in school but now we’ve been working together and we’re actually friends" Zuko blushed "she smiles at me, offers to help me and stays with me so I don’t have to face things alone...i like her a lot but i’m also grateful for her friendship. I'm worried that i could push her away if I confess my feelings and she doesn’t return them.". Iroh frowned "it seems like you have a lot of history with the girl...." trying not so subtly to work out who she was. "It’s y/n, Mai’s sister" Zuko said awkwardly and Iroh nodded. He didn’t remember you but could imagine being related to Mai you had made your dislike for Zuko known as a child. From how Zuko spoke it sounded like he may’ve liked you since then and Iroh had no doubt his nephew currently had very strong feelings for you. "I think it’s wonderful that you're friends but i’ve also listened to how you speak about her, there’s always a slight smile on your face...am i right in thinking you’ve liked her since childhood?". Zuko nodded "she was the one i noticed first...Mai was around more but y/n was the one who caught my attention from the start. However she made it clear she hated me when we were kids.... so i figured nothing could ever happen but now...". Iroh nodded "i admire your caution but also think you need to consider your options. Zuko i suspect your feelings for her are very strong, perhaps too strong to ignore. If this was some mindless crush i’d tell you not to risk it, but love is worth risking things for". Zuko blushed vividly “is it that obvious?”. His uncle patted his shoulder chuckling “even Toph would be able to see it”.
The next week
You exited the ship excitedly, the anxiety at visiting the palace had fallen away within your first few visits and it was quickly becoming your favourite place in the Fire Nation. Zuko met you off the ship and he smiled fondly but you could sense he was worried about something. You had a pleasant day together, you spent more time with Druk who was growing rapidly and learning how to fly. You watched the small dragon attempt to get airborne and couldn’t help but laugh at how adorable his attempts to fly were. Zuko tried helping, giving him tips but it just ended with the dragon leaping on him to try and use him as a boost. They both ended up tangled on the floor in a heap while you laughed uncontrollably from a safe distance. You noticed Zuko smile seeing you laugh but then his face went serious as it did when he was lost in thought. You frowned wondering what was wrong but just as quickly as it came his face cleared.
All day the same thing would happen and you became more and more convinced something was wrong. Thankfully after dinner Zuko was ready to tell you what it was. "Y/n i have something i need to confess" Zuko said suddenly and you felt the mood of the room shift. You paused taken back at Zuko’s formal tone and managed a small "okay". You were worried Zuko had something awful to tell you and watched him pace anxiously. Finally he sighed and stopped "okay i’m just going to be honest. My uncle suggested i be subtle and test the water but i’m not good at that and I don’t want to trick you or anything". "Okay..." you said again and stared at Zuko. Zuko sighed and looked up "i like you". You blinked as Zuko carried on "and not just as a friend....i like you a lot and was wondering if you by any chance felt the same way?". You breathed rapidly trying to process what Zuko had just said. "Are you sure you like me?" you asked unsure if Zuko was certain "maybe you're just lonely and i’m here?". Zuko shook his head "i know that’s not it but if you...you don’t seem happy, do you not return my affection? If so that’s fine!". "No that’s not the issue" you admitted and Zuko jumped "what? So you do like me? That’s great". "No it’s not" you said your panic rising, taking your breath away with it. Zuko blinked "it’s not? Why on earth isn’t it? This is better than my wildest dream!" Zuko cried and you rushed to show him why this wasn’t a good thing before he got too excited. "It’s not because this doesn’t mean anything Zuko! What I feel doesn’t matter, I don’t get nice things. I don’t get to have the guy i want and even if i do it’s not in the way i want or that i need" you babbled and Zuko frowned "y/n what do you mean?". You began to go into full-blown panic, how could you explain all this to Zuko? He’d never understand. Your fight or flight was triggered and you were about to bolt when Zuko gently touched your arm. “Y/n take deep breaths okay, there’s no need to panic or worry, we can talk about this and I promise I’ll do whatever you feel comfortable with, so just breathe. Take slow breaths with long exhales and don’t panic. You’re not in danger everything is okay”. Zuko continued coaching you through your panic attack and when it subsided you sighed and looked up at him “I’ll try my best to explain but let me know if i’m not making sense. My parents and I recently had a large argument....they told me i have to accept a suitor by the end of the year or they’ll disown me. The problem is i don’t like anyone apart from...well you" you said blushing. Zuko smiled "well i like you too so why can’t we just tell your parents that we...". "Zuko my family want me settled down immediately, this whole campaign to reform the prisons has them worried. They want me married off immediately but I don’t want that and it’s not fair to put that expectation on anyone least of all you...i know this isn’t long term so you don’t have to pretend it is....". Zuko paused "why isn’t it long term?". You hesitated "well i...isn’t this just a rebound? I thought maybe it’s a way to get back at Mai or...i don’t know because we see each other a lot it was for convenience? Either way it can’t be serious". "Who says?" Zuko asked "y/n can i confess something? I’ve had a crush on you since we were kids". Your jaw dropped "but you couldn’t have i....you and Mai!". Zuko lowered his eyes blushing "i guess i have a type...I did like Mai don’t get me wrong I wasn’t lying to her but you were the one who caught my eye first. I dated Mai because she liked me and i was sure you hated me". You stared at the floor "because i stopped speaking to you when we were 12?". Zuko nodded "i was always so unsure what i did to upset you. I tried to make it right but after a while I just accepted you didn’t like me". "Zuko that wasn’t the case..." you started but Zuko shook his head "it’s okay y/n i get i’m not going to get on with everyone, i’m just glad you don’t hate me anymore". "Zuko i never hated you it was more of the opposite...Azula told me i upset Mai by being friends with you. She claimed everyone could tell i liked you and i was horrified because it was true and I was scared i’d been too obvious with that". "You liked me too?" Zuko asked and you nodded "since we were kids but i...i’m used to stepping away from what i want because my family told me to. You were Mai’s and you still are in their eyes. You could never be mine, i don’t get good things". Zuko shook his head "y/n you deserve the best and i’m in no way saying that’s me but i do think you should put yourself first. If what you’ve said is true and you like me more than anyone else then why can’t we...why can’t you go for it? I’ll support you in any way i can and i...". You started breathing rapidly again at what Zuko was offering you "Zuko i’ve never committed to anything before I...". "Then don’t" Zuko said softly taking your hand "it’s okay, i came on too strong. Let’s just focus on this moment okay?". You nodded and looked at him "okay". "Stop thinking about what anyone else will think, your parents, Mai, anyone except for yourself. Stop thinking about what will happen tomorrow or next week or any duties you have. What do you want?". You blinked and felt your heartbeat "what do i want?". Zuko nodded "right now, what do you want?".
You realised Zuko was the first person to ask you that. All your life you’d tried to do what other people wanted. To be the perfect daughter, sister, prison guard...you never acted on your own dreams or desires. You always acted for other people and nobody had ever tried to stop you but here was Zuko telling you the opposite. He was the only person to encourage you to put yourself first and you wondered if that was why you liked him so much.
“Y/n?” Zuko said after you’d been quiet for a while and you smiled slightly “sorry I just...nobodies ever asked me that before and I’m not sure how to answer”. “Well it’s simple” Zuko shrugged “right now what do you feel?”. "I feel overwhelmed as if i’m going to explode. I feel terrified, excited and also bewildered that you felt the same thing I did all those years ago. I’m scared and I can’t shake everyone’s voices from my mind and I’m trying to work out how this will affect every inch of my life and it’s actually laughable because out of all that the one thing I keep thinking about is I really want to kiss you...which I guess tells me what my answer is” you blushed looked down but Zuko gently raised your head back up so you could look him in the eyes. "What a coincidence...." and he leant in to kiss you. The minute he kissed you all those repressed feelings came back. Everything that had been missing with other people was magnified by how kissing Zuko made you feel. You couldn’t believe you were actually kissing him, it didn’t feel real. Overcome with the sensation you gripped Zuko harshly and he smiled against your lips. Zuko picked up the intensity and kissed you harder. You matched his increase and let your hands roam over him as if you weren’t even present in this moment. It felt surreal but that was okay, it gave you the confidence to make the most of it and you did.
You finally separated both gasping for breath and immediately you lowered your eyes but you could still feel Zuko’s eyes glued to you which made you blush. "I can’t believe we...I just kissed you” you whispered and Zuko nodded grinning "I know! This was something child me gave up on a long time ago". "Me too" you agreed and Zuko smiled "y/n you felt that too didn’t you?". You nodded your head "that was the best thing I've ever experienced...i don't want it to go away. I want to be selfish Zuko".  Zuko smiled "it’s not selfish to allow yourself to be with someone you like, you deserve to be happy y/n". You closed your eyes and rested your head against Zuko’s. Nobody had ever told you that and it made you emotional. Sensing this Zuko wrapped his arms around you and hugged you. You let him hold you and ignored the voice in your head about your parents and Mai...you relaxed into Zuko until he pulled away. Zuko wiped away your tears softly and cupped your cheek "i like you, a lot...and i’ve waited over 10 years just to kiss you and it was totally worth it. So i’ll wait however long you need to continue this but we don’t have to go fast. Y/n i’ll wait until you’re ready and you can set the pace". You blinked ”I can?". Zuko nodded "completely, all i want is to be with you". "To date me?" you asked and Zuko blushed "yes, but if you don’t want to use that label...". "No i’d like to...to date you" you smiled "but i don’t want my parents using this to control me". Zuko paused "wait but their proposal...". "I’ve kind of come to terms with them disowning me and honestly i think it’s okay. My parents always had a claim to me as long as I was acknowledged as their daughter but this way they won’t. Sure i’ll have no surname but i also won’t have people who claim to love me just so they can use me...you don’t have to love someone just because they're your parents right?". Zuko knew that better than anyone "not at all, y/n if you want to be disowned then i’ll support you". You smiled "thank you...i’m aware i might lose my job but other than that...". "You won’t lose it' Zuko said firmly and you paused "how?". "I’ll speak to the prison for you". You blushed “Zuko it’s sweet of you to offer but i don’t want to rely on your power to gain things...i don’t want to depend on you". Zuko shook his head "it’s not depending on me, you got that job on your own and you deserve to keep it. You’re good at your job and if they fire you just for separating from your family that would be unjust so i am merely correcting that". You frowned and Zuko sighed "please y/n let me do this. So many injustices happen in this world and now i have the power to stop them. The best perk that comes with being firelord is i get to protect the people i care about...let me do that for you". You sighed "what would you say?". "I’ll be honest. I’ll say how impressed i am with your work, how your mindset is exactly what the Fire Nation needs right now and so you’re too valuable to be let go". You blushed and Zuko smiled "which is all true and exactly how i feel". "I suppose....as long as you’re not threatening them". Zuko nodded "of course not". You smiled "thank you" and Zuko tucked a piece of hair behind your ear "no problem so...does this mean, we should keep us a secret until your parents ultimatum expires?". You nodded "yes please". Zuko smiled "done, it’ll be hard not telling absolutely everyone you like me back but for you i’ll do it". You blushed and Zuko laughed before going serious "i also think you should start staying in the palace". When you looked up Zuko went to explain "i remember weeks ago when you said you’d stay at your parents how worried you looked. Staying with them isn’t helping and you can have your own wing here or can stay at your own apartment nearby...whatever you want just put yourself first" Zuko smiled "start telling your parents no". You nodded your head "you’re right i don’t ever want to go back there". "Then you never have to" Zuko said "you’re always welcome here no matter what". You stared up at Zuko "i..don’t even know what to say you’ve fixed my whole life in 3 minutes". Zuko shook his head "it’s like I said, I have the power to help and I intend to use it. It’s scary how much influence i have but i’ll willing embrace it for you anytime". "This doesn’t feel real" you smiled and Zuko nodded. "I know i still can’t believe you like me...". "Well i do a lot and that kiss..." you blushed and Zuko smiled "i felt it too...but it’s now really late, I can’t keep you to myself the whole night" he said smiling "but please tell me you’ll stay here tonight?". You nodded your head "i will" and he smiled "i’ll have a room prepared for you" and he gave the orders and walked you there. Once inside you turned to him. "Zuko thank you" you smiled and he nodded taking your hands "you don’t gave to thank me”. Zuko stepped away and you hesitated "no kiss goodnight?". Zuko paused and spun around "if you want absolutely anything from me y/n just ask" and he kissed you. It was just as good the second time but that made it harder to pull away. When you did Zuko stared at you breathing deeply "i’ll never get sick of that" he smiled and you blushed "me either". Zuko kissed your cheek and pulled away "as much as I’d love to test that theory it really is late so i should go". “Okay” you nodded and Zuko stared at you “good night y/n, thanks for tonight I know it was hard for you but I’ve never felt happier”. “Me too” you smiled “thanks for everything”. “No problem” Zuko smiled back “I’ll see you tomorrow morning, we could have breakfast together if you wanted?”. “I’d love to” you grinned and Zuko nodded blushing “perfect see you then!” and left the room. You smiled to yourself and jumped on the massive royal bed. You knew you should probably be preoccupied with all the important practical things about today. How your life would change now you were dating the Firelord, how the world would react to you after your parents cast you out, how Mai would react but you didn’t care. At this moment Zuko wasn’t the Firelord just Zuko. The boy you’d liked since childhood and he liked you back. That thought alone made everything else insignificant. No matter what had happened or what the future held you’d finally found each other and you weren’t giving him up without a fight.
Wow this was wayyyyy longer than I intended but Zuko’s just such an easy character to get carried away with. If you read allll that and somehow still want more I have some ideas how Mai, the gang etc would all react so could write something along those lines?
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gladerwolfstarkimagines · 2 months ago
Azula hatches a plan to set you up with the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part one here (but this post is kind of seperate and you can read this imagine without really knowing what happened in part one)
Azula’s POV
Azula caught Katara by her locker just before school had started. She was apparently too quiet and Katara jumped when she turned to find Azula right beside her. “Jesus Azula!” she gasped grabbing her locker “don’t sneak up on people!”. “I wasn’t, I made my approach obvious to anyone with a smidge of self-awareness...”. Katara glared and Azula remembered why she was here and sighed “but that’s not important....what is, is that I know someone who likes a very close friend of yours and I think we should set them up”. Katara frowned “why on earth would I do that?”. “Because I know they’d make an amazing couple and my friend could make yours very happy, so what do you say?”. Katara paused “who is it?”. Azula smirked “not so fast, you have to agree to help me before i divulge that information”. Katara raised an eyebrow and then thought “hmmm well you only have 3 friends, one is dating your brother, the second is dating you so that leaves y/n, it’s her isn’t it?”. Azula cursed her school for only having 3 people she didn’t dislike and sighed “fine yes but you don’t know which of your friends y/n likes!”. “Well it’s not me Zuko, Aang or Toph. So that leaves Sokka and Suki but as Sokka’s my brother you wouldn’t have described him as a close friend so I bet it’s Suki”. “Ow so when we’re in class you can work out basic math without asking a hundred dumb questions but now you’re a genius?” Azula asked. “I worked it out?” Katara smiled happily “wow y/n likes Suki....now you mention it y/n does always clean up your messes with her....I see it”. “Great, so how will you help me set them up?” Azula asked. 
Your POV
You showed up at school the next day and confidently walked up the path. Mai was stood outside with Zuko and spotted you falling in step with you. “Ready for the worst day of your life?” Mai asked. “Why has Zuko got his ponytail haircut again?” you shot back and Zuko touched his hair “hey!”. “That was a bad day for us all” you nodded solemnly and Mai hit your arm “no, because today is the day we set you up with Suki”. “Ow yeah the kyoshi warrior right?” you asked and Mai rolled her eyes “you can pretend all you want but we know you like her”. You smirked “if you say so” and ran straight into Suki herself. You’d been smirking at Mai and hadn’t noticed Suki was walking right towards you. You were horrified how harshly you knocked into her and worried you might’ve hurt her. “Are you okay?” you cried “I’m so sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going” you explained but Suki just smiled shaking it off “it’s fine, I probably should’ve moved out of the way in your defence”. Suki smiled at you and you were momentarily sidetracked by how green her eyes were. She was wearing a dark green t-shirt too which made them pop even more and you struggled to not stare at them as they seemed to glow. “No it’s all my fault” you replied and noticed Azula stood behind Suki watching you with a smirk. Mai and Zuko joined her both smiling too and you realised this was a set-up. Well they’d started early but it’d take a lot more than a well-timed collision to make you confess anything. “Well i best be going....” you said turning your attention back to Suki see you around”. You stepped away from Suki, smirking that Azula’s first hurdle had been so easy when Suki caught your arm making you jump. “Actually, I was hoping to speak to you?”. “Me?” you asked confused and you saw Katara stood beside Azula and grew worried. If Azula had recruited Suki’s own friends....this could be challenging. “Yeah but I can catch you later if you’re busy?”. “No it’s fine, let’s just go somewhere quieter” you said still determined to take charge of the situation. “Sure” Suki nodded “come on I know a place” and she tugged your arm. You glanced down at her hand around your wrist and looked away quickly. Suki pulled you past Azula and her smirk told you she’d picked up on all the subtle tells you’d been hoping she’d missed. You glared back at Azula and followed Suki down the hall. She stopped at an empty classroom and took you inside before closing the door. She perched on a desk and turned to face you. You tried not to react or look at her and stared around the room “so...you wanted to speak to me?” you asked and Suki nodded “Azula and Katara told me all about your...situation and obviously i was interested”. You paused confused, was it that simple? Azula just told Suki you liked her and she’d ask you out? You didn’t trust luck or Azula’s morality that much so paused “what exactly did they tell you?”. “Well, all about how you’re failing your volunteer requirement and obviously as student president that worries me greatly! You’re one of the school’s top students, to have you not graduate just because you didn’t get your volunteering hours...”. You nodded your head and kept your expression serious but really you wanted to laugh. This had been Azula’s big show? To get Suki to compliment you a bit? She was going to have to try harder.
“Yeah I know I really should get it sorted before it’s too late, I promise I’ll sign up for the next volunteering placement” you smiled “you have my word”. Suki smiled “that’s great to hear because I actually have an idea for one!”. Your smile fell away “you do?” you had a bad feeling about this...
“Yeah, why don’t you temporarily join the Kyoshi Warriors? It counts as volunteering and I can have you start this afternoon after school”. 
There it was, that was Azula’s plan. 
You managed not to wince and just nodded “wow really that soon? Is there no meeting you guys have to hold to decide if I can join...?”. “Well we do if it’s a permanent member but if I explain to the girls that you need your hours i’m sure they’ll understand”. Azula may be smart but she very much underestimated what you’d do to get out of an awkward situation. To avoid being embarrassed and teased by your friends for how you acted around Suki, you could just refuse her offer. Simple.
You sighed and looked up Suki with a frown “Suki this is really nice of you and I appreciate the offer but I can’t take the role”. Suki’s smile faded and she paused “ow why not?”. You winced in apprehension of what you were about to say but said it anyway. “It’s the whole warrior thing, for one thing no Fire Nation employer will touch me with that as my volunteering. Not to mention my parents wouldn’t like me associating with an earth kingdom group and....it’s just not my kind of thing” you shrugged “I hope you understand”. Throughout your speech Suki’s expression drooped more and more and now she stared at the floor her friendly composure gone “yeah I...didn’t even think of that...but I get it, you want to stick to the fire nation... sorry I didn’t mean to imply anything or insult you. I’ll look for anything more appropriate”. Suki’s sad tone was like a knife in your chest and you didn’t trust yourself to do anything other than nod. You didn’t mind risking Azula’s wrath or putting yourself in precarious situations for a prank but making someone feel sad....that bothered you. “i’ll just go now” Suki said trying to offer you a smile but it was clear she was actually a bit upset “sorry again for bothering you...”. Suki walked away and you sighed openly, you drummed your fingertips on the table before groaning loudly. “Suki!” you called and rushed after her. You caught Suki halfway down the hallway and she looked surprised “yeah?”. “Forget everything I said, I want to role”. “You do?” she asked and you nodded your head “I didn’t mean all that I said about the warriors I lied, of course they’re an amazing group to be a part of”. Suki frowned “so why did you say all that stuff?”. You frowned, you hadn’t thought that far ahead....” I was embarrassed” you said suddenly. “My credits totally slipped my mind and you’re student body present, I guess I just didn’t want you seeing me so caught off guard and so I felt awkward accepting your help”. “Why would it be embarrassing for me to see you that way”? Suki asked curiously and you sighed. Why couldn’t she just believe your lie? “Because you’re...I don’t know impressive, I know we have very different friends but I’ve always admired you and didn’t want you thinking bad of me”. Suki smiled slightly “wow I didn’t think you care what anyone thought of you”. “I don’t...usually” you clarified and Suki looked down a blush on her cheeks. You winced inwardly and tried to direct this away from showering Suki with compliments which seemed to be the only thing you were capable of doing around her. “So if you’re still willing to help me, I’d be very grateful”. “Of course!” Suki cried “I’ll meet you after school and take you through your first shift?”. You nodded your head “sounds great” and Suki smiled “cool” and walked away with a small wave. You sighed leaning your head back against the wall the second she was gone. You’d underestimated how much you liked Suki. 
All-day Azula, Mai, Ty lee and even Zuko constantly talked about Suki. Azula recounted your encounter with her so much and added so many additional false details (you did not grab Suki’s waist to steady her or her hand when you walked away) that you actually forgot what did happen. You acted like it didn’t bother you, actually joining in some of the jokes sarcastically but it did make you very anxious for your meeting with Suki after school. When the bell rang you rushed to your assigned meeting place hoping to get there before Azula and the others so they couldn’t follow you. Suki was one of the first people out and she spotted you straight away “wow you’re punctual, a very fine quality in a new recruit” she smiled and you nodded “yeah good first impression and all that, let’s go!”. Suki nodded and started leading you away from the school. You constantly watched for any sign of Azula and the others and only relaxed when you were far enough from their usual route to be safe. “You expecting someone to join us?” Suki asked and you paused. You forgot she was a highly trained warrior, of course she’d notice you scoping out the place. “No, just thought I saw someone I knew...” you lied “so where are we heading”. “The park” Suki said “the girls and I always train there”. You paused, you were aware the Kyoshi Warriors trained in the park but you thought Suki would take you somewhere quieter to learn the specifics first. If you knew where the warriors trained then Azula and the others...you rounded the corner for the park and already waiting was Azula, Mai, Ty lee and Zuko. 
The training to be a Kyoshi Warrior was intense. You weren’t sure what you’d been expecting but it wasn’t to get your ass kicked by Suki while she held a fan. As if sensing this Suki held a hand out to you helping you up off the floor “is this too much for the first session? I have a habit of being pretty intense”. You shook your head massaging your bruised arms “nope this is fine, I’m just not used to fighting in this way that’s all”. “Well you’re a natural firebender so you should pick this up quickly do, don’t worry take a water break and we’ll try again”. You nodded and walked over to your bags. You spotted Azula making her way over and sighed. “So how are you enjoying your date?” Azula asked sinking down beside you and you glared “it’d be less awkward if we didn’t have an audience....”. Throughout the whole thing your friends had been watching you and it threw off your concentration terribly. “Aw well too bad” Azula smiled sweetly “this is payback after all”. You sighed as she laughed and Suki called to you “you ready for another round y/n?”. “Coming” you called before glaring at Azula “if you don’t get out of here right now you’re all dead!”. Azula just smiled “make me” and sauntered away. 
You and Suki trained for 2 hours and you actually got better as time went on. Although part of you thought that was because Azula and the others eventually got bored. Azula, Ty lee and Mai left about an hour in and while the park was full with other people (Zuko and his friends for one) they didn’t bother you. You could focus on Suki better and actually listen to what she was saying rather than trying not to blush. So when Suki called an end to training you were pleased you could actually somewhat hold your own against the warrior and Suki agreed. “You did really well towards the end” she smiled as you tugged your bag over your shoulder. You smiled “thanks...only took me 2 hours”. Suki laughed but shook her head “honestly that’s totally normal so don’t beat yourself up about it. I still think you’re an impressive firebender”. Your heart skipped and you went to enquire what Suki meant when someone called her name. “Hey Suki are you done with training now?” Sokka called. “Yeah why?”. “Well we’re all heading to Zuko’s and thought you could come” Katara smiled sweetly. “Ow are you sure...” Suki asked “I wouldn’t want to impose”. Zuko immediately assured her it wouldn’t be a problem and smiled “you should come, both of you” he said turning his gaze to you with a wide smirk. You went to say no when Suki grinned “fine we’d love to! we’ll follow you”. “Suki I have work I should be getting on with...” you frowned and Suki shot you a smile “after Azula you are the smartest person in the whole school, I think you can take one night off. Plus your friends will be there too! Why wouldn’t you want to go?”. “Funny you should mention them” you replied and Suki frowned “what?”. “Nothing” you sighed “okay let’s go”. 
The minute you walked in you just knew Azula and Katara had told everyone in the room what the mission was. Everyone’s eyes shot to you and Suko. Their looks range from faint amusement to outright devious joy. You sighed rolling your eyes but Suki seemed oblivious waving to everyone. “Hey everyone” she called and their smiles grew. “Hey Suki and...Y/n?” Sokka said pointedly “you two are becoming inseparable”. You glared at Sokka but Suki just smiled “Y/n’s joining the Kyoshi warriors for a while so I was putting her through basic training”. “Is that what you were doing?” Azula asked “it looked like y/n was just getting her ass kicked in a public park”. The others laughed but Suki frowned “y/n performed very well actually, she’s never fought in this style before and I think she did excellently”. You stared at Suki willing your face not to break into a blush and looked away awkwardly. Azula grinned and you felt everyones’ eyes on you. “Thanks, you’re a good teacher...” you said awkwardly “want a drink?”. Suki nodded and you led her away from the group  
You grabbed a drink from Zuko’s fridge and led Suki out onto the balcony. You worked your way around the room effortlessly and Suki smiled as you used a statue to open your drink before doing the same for hers. “I take it you’ve been here a lot then?”. You nodded “I’ve know Azula and Zuko since we were kids so I practically grew up here. I can’t tell you the amount of official business I’ve walked into or the all stuff I’ve broken in this place...speaking of” and you wiped away the marks from the statue you just used to open your bottle. Suki laughed “no wonder I don’t see you around much, you’re here wrecking important meetings and destroying statues”. You nodded but something Suki said stuck with you “why have you been looking for me around?”. Suki looked down a small blush on her cheeks and you smiled at her reaction. “Possibly” Suki shrugged “I’m sure you’re aware you’re sort of an enigma, the rich Fire Nation prodigy, top of every class and charismatic enough to talk the earth king out of his kingdom”. “That’s why you say about me?” you asked moving closer and Suki blushed “well...yeah everyone...me...”. You knew your friends were all keeping tabs on you but you had no idea you could have this effect on Suki and you liked it. “Well it’s very flattering to hear coming from the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors herself, I thought I was impressed with you before today but now I’ve seen you train...I’ll be starting some rumours about you first thing tomorrow” you grinned and Suki smiled “good or bad?”. “A bit of both but the good kind of bad” you teased and Suki looked up at you “I’ll be very intrigued to hear them”. You and Suki were stood rather close to one another and she looked so beautiful. In any other situation you would’ve just moved closer and kissed her, but your damn pride reminded you if you did Azula won. You were contemplating what you wanted more, to kiss Suki or to win and Suki noticed the internal struggle “what’s wrong?” she asked. You sighed “it’s nothing, just a complicated problem I have. I won’t bore you with it”. “Who says I’ll get bored? Try me” Suki smiled and you felt like you were melting. Luckily before you could spill everything Sokka appeared. “Suki!” he called “there you are! What are you going hiding in the corner with y/n?”. You stepped away from Suki and saw the blush on her cheeks. “Nothing...” Suki replied and Sokka smirked “well if it’s nothing can I steal you away for a second?”. Sokka’s tone made it obvious what he thought was going on and you went to correct him when he turned to you.  “Don’t worry you’ll be back together again in note time” he winked and pulled Suki away lightly “you won’t even have time to miss her...much”. 
You rolled your eyes and fanned your cheeks which you were sure were very red. “It’s no use y/n, you’ve been blushing constantly since you walked in” a voice teased and you turned to find the four people you used to call your friends. “You are all insufferable! I’m blushing because you’re forcing me and Suki together like cattle!”. “We finally got to her” Mai said smugly, pleased with your outburst. The others laughed and Azula raised an eyebrow “also if you’re hating it so much why was there a smile on your face every second you were together?”. Ty lee nodded “not to mention how close you were standing”. You rolled your eyes “okay so Suki is hot, you know I like hot girls but that doesn’t mean anything, how many hot girls have I flirted with?”. “How long do you have?” Mai asked and the others all laughed. “And how many have lasted more than a month?” you asked. Silence. “Exactly” you said nodding your head “this is nothing new, you have nothing over me”. Azula smiled “you can try and convince us all you want y/n but we know this one is different and I can prove it”. “How?” you asked and Azula smiled “Sokka’s telling her right now that Haru asked her out”. You blinked “so? Suki probably doesn’t even like him”. Azula shrugged “maybe...but they’re both strong earth kingdom kids with a lot in common, are you willing to take that chance when she clearly likes you back? Just admit you were wrong and go get your girl”. You shook your head “nice try but you failed” and you walked away. 
You helped yourself to some of the amazing food that Azula and Zuko’s house always had and Ty lee came to stand beside you “I think you should tell Suki”. “Ty, I know what you’re trying to do and you can tell your girlfriend it’s not working”. “Azula didn’t send me, I have my own mind you know?”. You nodded “yeah of course...sorry to imply anything different”. “It’s fine but y/n you’re being childish, you like Suki and she likes you! Why not just tell her before she starts something with Haru”. You smirked “because they’re calling my bluff. Even if Suki says yes to the date then they’ve got to convince Haru to go on it and pretend he asked her out! It’s all a big gamble meant to force me to act but I see straight through their lies”. “Y/n it’s not a lie, Haru really asked Suki out”. You paused “what?”. Ty lee nodded “when they told her friends about you Sokka told Haru who asked him to ask Suki out before you could. Azula managed to stall Sokka this long but she can’t do it forever and it’s 100% real”. You swallowed “you’re being serious?”. Ty lee nodded “yes! Once Azula gives Sokka the signal...” she trailed off as Azula made a gesture to Sokka who nodded. “How about we go outside?” he asked Suki “I have something to tell you”. “Y/n!” Ty lee said and your breath increased. You couldn’t decide what to do but if you didn’t act soon the choice would no longer be yours. You watched Sokka lead Suki away from the group and sighed “screw it”. You placed your drink down on the table and followed them. 
You got to them a few seconds later and quickly snuck up on them. You heard Sokka mention Haru and jumped in “hey Suki I really need to talk to you”. She and Sokka jumped and Suki paused assessing how panicked you looked. “Sure just one sec Sokka said he needs to tell me something important”. You panicked and grabbed her arm “Suki it can’t wait please can we talk now?”. Suki paused clearly confused but nodded “sure” and let you lead her away from the house. Sokka went to protest but Suki frowned “sorry Sokka just give me five minutes” and walked away with you. “So what’s so urgent?” Suki asked. You paused thinking of how to say it and Suki laughed “it was so important you forgot?”. “No I didn’t forget I’m just wondering how to phrase it”. Suki paused “why? Is it something serious?”. You nodded and Suki frowned “in my experience it’s best just to blurt it out”. You shrugged, never one to be cautious and turned to her “In that case, would you like to go out with me?”. Suki blinked “go out with you...as in a date?”. You nodded “I like you Suki, as more than a friend and i’d really like to date you”. Suki blinked “seriously?”. You nodded “that’s why I’ve been odd around you recently, my friends found and were working with yours to embarrass me, that’s what all that volunteering and stuff in the park was...they were messing with me”. “Those sneaks!” Suki cried “Katara too?”. “All of them” you nodded. “I will totally kill them later! Wow I had no idea” Suki said thoughtfully “you’re good at keeping it cool”. You smiled “thanks, so...am I totally kicked after the Kyoshi Warrios after one day for asking out the leader?”. Suki laughed “I wouldn’t say so no...but we’ll have to wait for your volunteering to finish before we can go on that date”. You looked up at her “so you’d like to go out with me?”. Suki nodded “I may or may not have had a thing for you for a while...ever since Azula knocked my food out of my hands that one time and you brought me over a new one. You were always so confident and witty...while also being super kind and smooth, the perfect combination”. You grinned “that is definitely an apt definition of me”. “I think so” Suki agreed stepping closer to you “although you seem more nervous than I’ve ever seen you”. Your blush worsened and Suki smiled “is that because of me?”. “Take a guess” you replied and Suki laughed. “So I guess I’ll just make things worse if I kiss you now huh?”. You looked back up at Suki, your confidence returning and shrugged “there’s only one way to know for sure”. Suki rolled her eyes and leant in to kiss you.
You and Suki walked back inside hand in hand and dealt with the rush of questions and congratulations. Suki got crowded by her friends and Azula siddled up next to you. Of course she was very smug “you’re welcome” she smiled and you rolled your eyes “you did nothing, it was all Sokka”. “Ow really?” Azula asked “you don’t think I told Katara, knowing she’d tell Sokka who was friends with Haru, who I knew liked Suki? I know everything y/n, I planned this all”. You smirked “you’re scary sometimes”. “Thank you” Azula bowed and you laughed. “Well regardless our little fight worked out pretty well”. Azula nodded “we both got the girl”. You looked over to where Suki was speaking with Ty lee and nodded before a thought hit you “you don’t think they’ll get the horrible idea to do a...”. “...Double date?” Azula finished “God I hope not”. As the two talked excitedly about something you got a sinking feeling Azula wasn’t going to be happy but seeing Suki smile made you forget all that. The happiness you felt having Suki return your feelings gave you a suspicion you’d do anything to see her smile at you like that again. As if sensing your thoughts Suki looked over and caught your eye. She smiled brightly at you and you smiled back, heart pounding. You were well and truly smitten, the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors was just that good. 
I really wanna write more Suki but I have the same problem with her as I do, there’s just not enough content of them without it revolving around their boyfriends!!!!
However I am getting the Suki comic for christmas so hopefully that’ll give me more ideas
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