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馃崅馃挮Hi my names Ella I'm a digital artist and comic creator. 馃挮馃崅

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glassesanddisasters5 months agoText


If y'all are interested, I started a webcomic called West Coast! It’s a superhero comic about a girl with a dangerous power who goes to school to become a hero and try to make a difference in her hometown.

There’s gonna be gay stuff

You can find it here

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glassesanddisasters5 months agoText

Here鈥檚 a redraw of Gamora!!!! The original is from 2016 and is marker with coloured pencil. The new version which I鈥檓 so happy with how it looks I just finished it and it鈥檚 and acrylic painting on coldpress watercolour paper. Long story short I鈥檓 so happy with my progress over the past years!!!! I love love love the new painting and am so proud of it it just seems so much more life like, she looks like she has weight to her and movement even though she鈥檚 in a standing pose.

Ok long story time, hello hi obviously there is a massive difference in the pieces themselves. First of all hellooo anatomy nice to see I鈥檝e actually met you and started applying you. Like the anatomy on the old one isn鈥檛 the worst thing but it鈥檚 not good. I鈥檝e also become so much more confident in my colour choices. I LOVE bright colours and putting purples and blues in shading and adding colours to highlights and lighting. In the new one the colours are one of my favourite thing I love the colour palette I love the way it looks. Where in the old one the colours look muddy especially her face, even though they are colours from the same design. The poses are similar but the new one is so much better, she looks lifelike even though she is in a stationary standing pose, she looks like she鈥檚 about to jump into battle, where the old isn鈥檛 the worst but it looks stiff even the hair looks like a solid object. Anyways imma wrap this up now because I could tell you the bad and good things all day!

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glassesanddisasters6 months agoText

hello this is a new character called Matt, Matteo Graf. The creation of him was inspired by some awesome artist over on insta who all have really cool marvel ocs and marvelsonas!

So Matt how does he fit into the marvel universe? WELL. Matt is apart of the more cosmic side of marvel. He鈥檚 a human but was born and raised in the outer sectors of space. As an adult (about 23 in this drawing) he works and lives on Knowhere. He works in a job kind of like a customs officer, trying to keep what order he can in the almost lawless space colony. He in his superhero life however works along side Cosmo and occasionally the Guardians when they are in the area. He mainly helps people who come to Knowhere seeking refuge from their homeworlds, Matt helps them escape and relocate. This sometimes getting him into trouble which ends in space fights. Matt is very fun for me to draw so expect more of him!! 馃挮

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