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gra-sonas·28 minutes agoAnswer

Whenever I listen to From The Dining Table by Harry Styles I think about Michael in the Lost Decade. 💔😭💔

W–why would you say that??? 😭😭😭

Oh, nice one! 🥺

Man, I hope Tyler will be singing a new song in S3

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“It just slipped!”

“You fucking killed Santa.”

Michael winced slightly and looked at the beheaded Santa that they’d been setting up for the photo station. Ever since Michael had gotten it in his mind to do better, he’d been volunteering at the nearest homeless shelter and at a rec center where they helped out foster kids. He and Alex thought it’d be a fun and nice thing to do to throw a Christmas party, so they got all of the other volunteers to pitch in. He’d done so much good.

And now he’d killed Santa.

“Just, quick, help me reattach the head,” Michael said, bending over to grab it. It was old and had been shoved in a storage closet for god knows how long. Maybe they should’ve gotten a new Santa… “Do you think I have time to go to the store?”

“Where are you going to find a life-size Santa in thirty minutes?” Alex asked honestly, eyebrows tugged together, “I haven’t seen one of these during any of my Christmas shopping.”

“Fuck,” Michael breathed, running his hands through his hair, “What do I do? I said there’d be a Santa to take pictures with.”

“Mr. Michael?” an all too small voice said from behind him. He wanted to bury himself in the ground and as he turned around. Tiny 10-year-old Cassie stood there, staring at him with big eyes that seemed to be judging him the way Isobel did when he said something stupid. For someone so small, she seemed to be filled to the brim with contempt for his actions. “Did you kill Santa?”

“I didn’t kill–”

“It was an accident,” Alex said, touching his shoulder as a way to say arguing over Santa-cide with a 10-year-old was not the way to spend the next thirty minutes, “We might not have a Santa tonight. I hope that’s alright.”

Cassie eyed them both skeptically.

“If he killed Santa,” she said, her tone implying that her thought process was very obvious and they were very dumb for not thinking of it themselves, “Then shouldn’t he be Santa? Isn’t that how it works?”

“Huh?” Michael asked. 

“That’s… actually not a bad idea. And I can find a Santa suit in under thirty minutes. Thank you, Cassie,” Alex said, giving him a very, very annoying smile. Michael still hadn’t processed the suggestion in the first place.

“Wait, wait, hold on–”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be a good Santa,” Cassie assured him, “You’ve got the face for it.”

“I-I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, but I’m not–”

“I’ll be back, Guerin, finish setting up and I’ll be back with the suit,” Alex said, pressing a kiss to his cheek and then he was off. Cassie smiled all too bright.

“I didn’t sign up for this.”

“I guess you shouldn’t have killed Santa,” Cassie decided, hopping up onto her toes and skipping back off to do whatever she was supposed to be doing.

And when Michael received a scrapbook two weeks later of all of the pictures he took with everyone dressed as Santa, he somehow knew exactly who to thank.

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gra-sonas·5 hours agoText



Today is the day! Thank you so much @winged-fool​, your prompts really pushed me out of my confort zone and they were really fun to work with. So I really hope you enjoy this ♥

Oh, and just a little warning for blood, violence and some kind of slavery (the gladiator in the Ancient Rome kind of slavery, not really discuss or anything but it’s there)

Keep reading

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gra-sonas·19 hours agoAnswer

I had just finished listening to Harry Styles's cover of "Girl Crush" when I saw your post about Harry lol. Anyway...while listening to that song, I couldn't help but think of 2x06 and now I'm sad and upset...

Nope. Nooooooope! No thinking about that cursed episode - the one that never (should’ve) happened. The one that never aired!


Instead let’s talk about whether Alex likes Harry Styles (I think he does). Or how about we talk about a Tyler/Harry duet (A GIRL CAN DREAM)? Or Tyler doing a super expressive photoshoot (not a carbon copy of Harry’s but something uniquely Tyler)? Alex singing a Harry Styles song? Alex and Michael dancing to a Harry Styles song?


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gra-sonas·19 hours agoAnswer

Am I crazy in being scared that with so many new characters, many of the characters that we love will not get the focus that they should? They already have a big cast and so many of their stories are not told (for example, Alex's past in the military)...I fear that there will be many storylines and all of them will not be well developed (like s2)...I really hope I'm wrong...

Not crazy, nonnie, no. 

Let’s break down what we know (hahahahahahahaha 😒) about S3 so far:

There were some S3 interviews with CAM after the S2 finale, but since she’s no longer part of the show, and she herself said that the S3 outline changed “a lot” after her departure, anything she said in those interviews (and that wasn’t all that much to begin with), could no longer be valid information. 

  • Time jump? Will probably happen, but we don’t know for sure. 
  • Forlex? Could happen (for how long/to which extent, who the fuck knows), or maybe not??
  • Echo? Will definitelylikely get back together (probably in 3x02 or so, can’t keep the straights apart for too long…), we just don’t know when. 
  • Happier times for Malex? HAHAHA, as if Could happen. OR NOT. Who knows. NOT US!

WE ARE JON SNOW! ¯\_(°~°)_/¯

The few things we (kinda) know about S3 so far:

  • It’s likely the season will start with Liz (still) in LA (where she’ll meet one of the new guys, Heath), but it’s fairly certain she’ll return to Roswell early in S3
  • It’s likely the Pod Squad will have to deal with Mr. Jones. 
  • we know a few things about 4 new guest characters - 3 of them white, and at least Jordan Bernhardt (mayor’s son) and the new Sheriff, Brooke Taylor (WHAT ABOUT MICHELLE VALENTI?????) seem kinda shady. Edgar/Eduardo sounds like he could be a link to Deep Sky or maybe the Alighting?
  • going by Dylan’s extended stay in Santa Fe, it seems like Wyatt Long could have a larger arc this season
  • we know that Christian(Forrest) filmed at least one episode (could be more but we don’t know for certain)
  • Tanner(Gregory) is currently/was recently in Santa Fe to film a second episode. 
  • It doesn’t look like Justina (Steph)’s been in Santa Fe yet, since they’re already filming 3x04 or 3x05 (we don’t even know that for sure), it’s possible she won’t return for S3 at all.
  • We don’t know whether Riley(Jenna)’s been in Santa Fe yet (production of Hightown S2 recently started, maybe she’s already been in Santa Fe and filmed some scenes, but we have no confirmation about that, it’s just as likely that she hasn’t been there yet)
  • Jamie Clayton(Charlie)’s currently filming something else. 
  • Kiowa(Flint)’s also not been confirmed to have filmed any S3 scenes yet (doesn’t mean he hasn’t, the entire cast is notoriously bad at keeping us in the loop about stuff like that 😩)

So that’s what we “know”. In addition:

  • It could be, that Tyler(Alex) won’t be in 3x01 and/or 3x02 (it’s super hard to tell bc those eps were directed by the same director, maybe they just shifted things around and cleared his schedule for an extended period so he could go home???). 
  • The actor who played young Max in S2 is listed for S3, that probably means Max flashbacks
  • They’ve released 3 episode (incl. 2 directors) titles so far + we know Dr. Rachel Raimist will direct 3x05

Other than that we have this vague af S3 synopsis that doesn’t tell us anything substantial about S3:

In season three, still reeling from the events of last year, the Roswell aliens and their allies are drawn back together through a threat from a familiar stranger and a murder that has not yet happened.
From near and from far, amidst breakups, reunions, scientific advancements and the impending death of someone they hold dear, our heroes must grapple with two central questions: Who enters our lives and defines who we are?
And what power do we really have over our own futures?

In conclusion:

We actually don’t know ANYTHING about Liz, Alex, Michael, Rosa, Isobel, Kyle, Maria or Max and their S3 arcs!

And I think that’s the main problem here. We know more about four guest characters, their motivations and what they’ll be up to in S3, than we know about the core 8. 

And that’s probably what makes so many people anxious. We have no idea how these guest characters fit into S3 because we don’t know anything about S3. 

There’s only guessing and assuming and speculating.

Oh, there’s also S2, where so much (too much) focus was put on a million different storylines and side characters, where a main plot was missing for most of the season, where core 8 characters were sidelined and/or had little to no character development, where seemingly important scenes were cut, and so on. And the way S2 ended, doesn’t exactly spark joy and excitement for S3…

It’s no surprise that we’re fucking anxious and worried S3′s gonna serve more of the same.

With new characters (that are not even new characters we’d probably be interested in meeting, like Clay and Mindy Manes, Jim Valenti (yay, flashbacks) or perhaps Maria’s dad) being announced, and no S3 info for reference, how are we supposed to be excited? How are we supposed to not worry S3 will be a repeat of S2.

I don’t think that’s going to be the case (esp. not with Chris having taken over as show runner, I still believe that with him helming the show things will be better), but I get why so many people are worried (to the point of being utterly annoyed and ready to quit the fandom). 

One way to fix at least some of this mess (and ease some of the anxiety) would be an interview with Chris Hollier, or at least an article that provides us with UPDATED information about S3, especially details about the core 8.

Because that’s what most of us want to know. What’s in store for the characters we love and care about? What about the ships (Malex and Echo in particular)? WHAT ABOUT THE FRIENDSHIPS??? What about the individual characters and their specific journeys? 

As long as we don’t know more about S3 at large, and the main characters in particular, any new characters that will be announced, will cause people to worry and/or get annoyed. 

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gra-sonas·21 hours agoAnswer

Us s1 & s2: Flint Manes Redemption please.

S3 probably: Wyatt Long redemption . Sorry Flint, In RNM redemption is for wyt bois only 🤦‍♀️.

Excuse my salt 😂. Also this is just my own dreadful speculation with Wyatt being bumped up to a recurring actor and Flint being a no show so far.

If Wyatt gets a redemption arc but Flint doesn’t, I’ll riot. 😒

White characters (including the aliens) got away with too much stuff without being held accountable, that has to change. 

Flint did some shitty things, no doubt, but he also did quite a few of them under orders. Doesn’t make them right, but it’s also not like he went rogue and started killing people (or aliens) willy-nilly. 

I hope for him to reconcile with his family first and foremost (Alex especially). I also think it’d be interesting to see him struggle with the realization that the aliens as a species weren’t what his father told him they were, and that killing them just for being aliens wasn’t justified, but that individual aliens can o/c be shitty people (looking at you in particular, Max Evans…). 

IDK, I just think it would be interesting to see him “unlearn” beliefs Jesse drummed into him from a young age, while also finally being free to live a life not dictated by Jesse. Also super curious to find out what Jesse used to blackmail Flint.

As for Wyatt… If he continues to be a white supremacist and Proud Boi, he can go and die in a ditch. Then I don’t want any kind of redemption arc for him. If however Rosa was part of his storyline, and he’d get a chance to showing that he’s not completely evil (+ her name gets cleared in the process), I’d be okay with some kind of “redemption arc light”, where he gets to show that he can be a better person (and then he still should die to save others, namely Rosa xD).

But honestly, after watching the Tangerine Clown and his racist White base wreaking havoc and being awful irl, on social media and live TV for the past 4 years, I need bad white characters being held accountable and convicted on the show. 

Also, can we PLEASE finally find out more about aliens??? And the Manes family? And get all the friendship and family moments for the core 8???

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gra-sonas·a day agoAnswer

Just what this show needs - another Michael to further confuse us. 😂

IKR? At least they didn’t name the character he’ll play Michael. xD

And on set, people will recognize Vlamis immediately bc of the curls (and his LoveWalds mask), also bc of Michael’s HUGE belt buckle and of course THE HAT! 🤠🥰

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gra-sonas·a day agoPhoto

EXCLUSIVE: Bones alum Michael Grant Terry and Gillian Vigman (Life Sentence) are set for recurring roles on the upcoming third season of the CW’s Roswell, New Mexico.

Written by Carina Adly MacKenzie and directed by Julie Plec, the reimagined Roswell, like the original, is based on the Roswell High book series by Melinda Metz.

Terry will play Jordan, the son of Roswell’s Mayor Bernhardt, a privileged young man who blames his failure to measure up to his parents’ high expectations on the influx of immigrants and people of color in his community. As the leader of a grassroots group dedicated to preserving the status quo in Roswell, Jordan will go toe to toe with our heroes as racial tensions in town bubble to the surface.

Vigman will play Roswell’s diligent new Sheriff Brooke Taylor, a tough yet charismatic officer elected on a mandate of law and order. A politician with years of experience navigating the divisive landscape amid rising tensions, she uses a disarming façade to appease both her constituents and the forces who put her in power, causing Max to question whether she’s truly for the people – or her own agenda.

They join cast members Jeanine Mason, Nathan Parsons, Michael Vlamis, Lily Cowles, Tyler Blackburn, Heather Hemmens, Michael Trevino, Trevor St. John and Amber Midthunder.

Roswell, New Mexico hails from Amblin TV, Bender Brown Prods, Warner Bros. TV and CBS Studios.

Terry played Wendell Bray for nine seasons on Fox’s Bones. He also recurred on NBC’s Grimm. Other film and television credits include Criminal Minds, NCIS and the indie film, The Archer. He is also one of the producers of the hit podcast, SmartLess, with Jason Bateman, Will Arnett & Sean Hayes.

Gillian was a series regular on the CW’s drama Life Sentence, opposite Lucy Hale. She recurred on HBO’s Divorce opposite Thomas Hayden Church and Fox’s New Girl. Vigman currently voices the series regular role of Dr. T’Ana in CBS All Access’ animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks. In film, Vigman is perhaps best known for her role in the Hangover trilogy playing Bradley Cooper’s wife, Stephanie. Vigman is repped by Trademark Talent.

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gra-sonas·a day agoText


Alex was in love.

It was reckless and stupid to fall like this, like it was new and for the first time rather than something that should be old and buried. But he was and he was going to hang onto it as long as his brain would allow. That didn’t seem like a difficult feat, either, when Michael did things like bury himself in the snow as if it was sand.

“You’re going to get sick,” Alex chastised, though his smile probably lessened it’s effect. Michael grinned up at him through his chattering teeth, too excited to care.

“I’ve never seen this much snow before, Alex,” he said, his mitten-covered hands scooping more of it onto his lap, “Besides, I can’t get sick. Jokes on you.”

“Well, we don’t know how hypothermia works with your species, so,” Alex said. Michael sniffled for the fifth time and Alex mindlessly reached down to wipe his nose with the inside of his sleeve. Michael smiled even wider.

“Listen, it’s simple science. My natural body heat is much hotter, so my home planet is probably much colder than here. Overcompensation. I’m made for snow, baby, don’t take it away,” Michael insisted. Something warm seemed to burst in Alex’s chest and it took him a moment to remember how to breathe.

“I’m not trying to take it away, I’m just trying to make sure you don’t freeze to death,” Alex said, a fond tone in his voice that he was unable to get rid of.

“I’ve got the sun, the snow, and you. If I die, I die happy,” he said simply.

“As adorable as you are, I won’t allow it. You’ve got five minutes before I drag you inside and draw you a bath,” Alex said. Michael paused and looked up at him, his head tilted like a very curious puppy. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes were glowing and Alex was so, so gone.

“You joining the bath?”

“If you want.”

“Okay, okay,” Michael said, “Five minutes and I’ll go. I promise!”

He got six.

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