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greyisbetterthangray·5 hours agoAnswer

I remember a question i asked pre Season 5 talking about Entrapta's feelings for Hordak and you responded by talking about Entrapta ability to compartmentalize. This season really shows it. She compartamentalize when working on important task but when things hit the fan, she does show her feelings for Hordak and she does care. She cares a lot about him.

Yes, precisely! The effect of it is that, to us, it appears that she’s forgotten him, but it’s clear that she always has him in the back of her mind and simply prioritizes activities that are actually logical at a given time.

It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care; it just means that constantly mourning his loss is pointless, and her efforts are better spent doing something she finds useful.

As soon as looking for Hordak is a useful, feasible thing to do, she gets right to it.

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greyisbetterthangray·11 hours agoText


As Stevenson points out: “We weren’t subtle about what we wanted to do in the show… It’s everywhere,” but that didn’t stop higher-ups from pushing back on these more visible queer moments in increasingly “frustrating” ways:

“I think early on in season one, we might’ve gone a little too hard with ‘Princess Prom’ in a lot of ways for the comforts of some of the people who were giving notes on the show,” she said.

“And so it was something that was like… it is frustrating to have a vision and believe in it, and then be pulled back. You have to be careful. You can’t do this. You can’t do that.

“And so it was something where over the course of the show… For me, it felt like a little bit of a chess game, just trying to figure out how I could do it. Because I knew what I wanted for that final season. I knew what I wanted for the finale.

“It was like: how are we going to get there when people are scared, and are like, ‘Is this too risky a place to be in? People will say to your face, ‘We can’t show that. That’s not something kids should be seeing’. You have to take all that in stride, and just be like, ‘OK. Duly noted. I will ask again in a week, because it might have changed’.”

reading a bunch of interviews now and Noelle is just being honest about how difficult it was to get the higher ups to let her do Catradora in her interviews and I can’t help but wonder if execs ‘changing their minds’  and letting her do what she wanted has to do with the backlash for the Voltron fiasco

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