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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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this is the musical I need

o!ciel wearing dress yes. 

how you tag such thing?? I don’t know how you do it here

Alert: I put Ciel in whatever dress I like ;p

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Dark Academia Ask

• Dead poets: Homer or Virgil?

• Camilla: Have you ever fallen in love?

• Renaissance: Is there a particular work of art or artist that you favour?

• Requiem: Do you like classical music? If so, who is your favourite composer or what is your favourite composition?

• Henry: What languages do you speak? Which ones do you want to learn?

• Dante: Do you have a favourite book? What is your favourite genre?

• Oxford: What was your school experience like?

• Charles: How is your relationship with friends and family?

• Earl Grey: Do you prefer tea or coffee? Which kind?

• Richard: How did you get into dark academia? How has it effected your life?

• Villains: Do you like theatre? What is your favourite play?

• Tweed: What do you want/plan to do as a job? What kind of life do you want?

• Autumn: Do you have any defining traits or characteristics? How do people see you?

• Ink: Are you running away from anything in your past?

• Velvet: Do you have a favourite television show or movie?

Ask as many as you like, and feel free to reblog!

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For those who missed this last night bc dumblr.

Here’s the link to the art that inspired this. (If I include it in the original, it disappears from tags.) I searched and searched but could not find an original source for it.


Read here

Summary: Adrift in the Atlantic in a lifeboat after the sinking of the Campania, Sebastian submits to his injury at last, contemplating the fate of both himself and his master.

(Inspired by a piece of fan art.)

Rating: Teen | Words: 1078 | Pairing: (Implied) Sebaciel | Setting: Canon, Post-Campania Sinking

“Sebastian wondered if, perhaps, he was dying. He’d been wounded by death scythes before, but only to his periphery. Never a direct assault on his core, the focus of his life force, his ‘heart,’ to use human terms. Undertaker was clearly more powerful than his younger brethren; perhaps his scythe had a magic the others did not. Perhaps, like paper discarded in a fire, his wound would spread and burn and devour until nothing of his blackened soul remained.”

Reblogs Appreciated!

Likes, shares, comments, asks, and kudos are always appreciated! Let me know what content you love and want to see more of!

Tysm to those who have already shared, read, kudos’ed and commented! 💕

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I just saw this picrew going around tumblr and it’s just so cuuuute!! And I’m avoiding cleaning my room so LOL (also short hair cause i’m preempting my haircut haha)

I tag whoever feels like doing it!




I tag: @peekaboo-desu@oracleofthescourge@griever-bit-my-finger@peonacotton@t-stray@ehhhh0prr@fallenseraphciel@aralezinspace

Thank you for the tag! This is such a cute one!! 💖

Tagging: @plague-of-insomnia @cielpansyhive @black69canine and @lovemyciel

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For I have sinned
It’s no Inktober but I wanted to doodle something 😔 I only had time (or energy for that matter) to doodle small stuff in my sketchbook lately.
Sebastian with his kitties. Actually he has 3 (maybe even 6 soon lmao). He is the local cat dad tbh.

@william-t-sickofyourshit uvu

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With Sirius A and B…y'all know Vincent prob named O!Ciel some shit like ‘Cedric Lucian’ so he could call him “CL” so the names sound the same. Fucking Vincent has the worst dad jokes.

I don’t doubt this 😂

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BOUDOIR LIO!!! This is my favorite picture from the shoot! Next set will be Yennefer! So if you’d like to see the rest of these pictures and my Yennefer set when it drops you should subscribe to my onlyfans!!


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Three drabbles half-written, a fic update in process, and what’s this? A new wip idea that’s gonna replace all of those..?

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