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This sketch dump is for you, Huntlow nation 馃
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an animatic I made this weekend about who Hunter was sending flapjack pics to in 鈥淩eaching Out鈥 ! it was really fun to try to keep to the TOH board style!
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People are hating on Huntlow just cuz it is a boy-girl ship forgetting that that鈥檚 not the only type of diverse ship out there in this world. Well this ship includes a thin blond boy who has scars and undergone trauma find love with a mid-sized Black and Asian girl.
Tumblr media
Willow鈥檚 character means and represents a lot to a lot of girls(including me) that are mid or plus sized. To have a ship that includes her can give confidence to a lot of young girls who feel insecure about their body and for you to side step that simply because it isn鈥檛 a ship you 鈥減refer鈥 (even when those characters havent even properly met each other), is ignorant and sad. We don鈥檛 get to see THIS type of representation often so stop being so closed-minded.
There are many non-boy girl ships in the show and just because one isn鈥檛 does not give you the right to bash it. Also it鈥檚 confirmed she is 15. She is not 14. Even if she was, the age gap really is not a big deal.
You can ship who you want, no one is forcing you to ship it. But stop harassing people who do love this ship.
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The #1 way to browse 鈥 and there ain鈥檛 no two ways about that!
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Anybody else in love DARIUS AND STEVE???
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no dating!
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Cleaned up a bunch of doodles i did for this au. In this au:
modern, human, no magic au
boi has raccoon eyes in EVERY universe
boi has flapjack themed socks in EVERY universe
he wears a lot of black. and yellow. but mostly black bc its practical. easy to clean, easy to style. It goes with everything.
Hunter and Luz are siblings. Hunter was taken in before Luz was born
him and Luz fight. A lot. As siblings should
For reasons, the Nocedas move to Bonesborough just before Luz starts high school. Hunter's adaptable he doesn't care
their first day at Hexside, they split since he's 2 years older, and soon Luz becomes fast friends with treehugger Willow and eventually mythology-obsessed Gus
Hunter reluctantly gets befriended by the Blight twins. They're friends now, there's no escape
Hunter got his left ear pierced when he was in middle school. The pain traumatized him so it's just the left. Doesn't get more until 2nd year high school. Can't stand the idea of piercing his right tho. Not sure why
Now a solid friendship, Willow feels comfortable enough to visit Luz's house
Was NOT aware the cute but intimidating new student from school lives here and thinks she's got the wrong house
she doesn't. He welcomes her in, explaining Luz went out for a minute but should be back soon.
They're both pretty shy at first. On Willow's end, they've never talked and this boy is older, not to mention he seems to be friends with Amity's older siblings. Not the best line up. For Hunter, he's only seen her in passing, only heard Luz brag about "my bestie, Willow" this and that. Neither of them have much to go on, but this is his sister's best friend, this is her best friend's brother, and they are gonna make an effort because they love and care about Luz, and they understand getting along is important for her.
So they talk. Small talk, but they talk, slow and a bit awkward as teenagers are. "Oh, what track are you in?" "Into any sports?" "Whats your favorite color?"
Hunter hates small talk and meeting new people is terrifying; it's not so bad bc he recognizes Willow and it's only her, but she notices he's getting more nervous. She opts out of the conversation first, giving him a reassuring smile, "Sorry if I'm keeping you. I'll just wait here till Luz gets back."
And he is NOT having it. How dare this v cute girl come into his house, under his roof and be all considerate and accommodating??? No. No he will not be bested like this.
He waves her off and returns her smile, continuing the conversation with renewed vigor.
Luz returns just as Willow's starts going more in depth about her more exotic plants (she mentioned she has her own little green house at home and Hunter has never been more intrigued). She is v much elated to find her bro and best friend are getting along. Sadly, they have to end the conversation there, and as they part, Hunter going up to his room and Luz tugging Willow to the next room, they exchange a "Nice meeting you!" "You too. See you around..." but it's actually nice and both look forward to the next time.
While they don't hang out at school, they start talking in the halls whenever they pass each other. The Blight twins say nothing when they notice Hunter taking the long route to their next class.
Willow frequents the Noceda household. A lot. In her defense Luz is needy and constantly needs love and affection, so she's invited everyday. But even Luz has a life outside the house, has other friends and school activities to attend to. So she ends up resting at the house like a pitstop, doing homework and stuff, waiting for the bus or for her dads' to pick her up (sometimes Hunter will keep her company)
Hunter falls first in every universe.
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Seriously, I understand if you aren鈥檛 shipping Hunter with Willow. You can ship who ever you want! But people didn鈥檛 seem to have a problem with Hunter being shipped with Edric and suddenly a few people out of nowhere saying that there 鈥漺asn鈥檛 enough build up鈥 and hating on Huntlow. Guys, its still a kids show. I鈥檓 getting this feeling some people hating on just cuz it is a boy-Girl ship鈥 Even Luz is bi, you need to acknowledge that.
Tumblr media
One argument is that Hunter needs to focus on his wellbeing and I totally understand that and I would agree! But I think the arc the toh team is going for is giving Hunter normal Teenage experiences. Which I think is pretty neat!
Hunter playing Flyer Derby with his new FRIENDS. That was the whole point of that episode. Actually HAVING friends. Hunter getting a father like figure. Getting social media to contact friends. Having pets. And now, getting a crush. At least that is how I see it.
The other argument is the 2-year age gap. Guys it realllly isn鈥檛 that huge. Especially as they grow older. Aang and Katara also had like a 2 year age different 鈥 12 and 14 鈥 and no one had a problem there.
And please stop bothering the people who DO enjoy the ship. Comments like 鈥漁h I dont ship it鈥 or 鈥滻 personally think this isnt a good ship and I like [other ship] better鈥. Like good for you鈥. but this is a certain ship鈥檚 platform. Don鈥檛 need to hear the negativity. And PLEEEEASSERE, stop bothering HARD WORKING ARTISTS, who might love the ship only for you to sht on their work by being negative. You are probably discouraging something they genuinly enjoy or support. I鈥檝e been seeing a lot of this and it isn鈥檛 fair to them. Thanks for listening to my TED talk 馃馃徑
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Omg that is so cute what
Okay, but I love love LOVE the contrast between Amity and Hunter as kids from messed up homes dealing with their first crushes?
When we first met her, Amity was cold, distant, and aloof.
Tumblr media
But after she starts developing strong feelings for Luz, she starts to Word Vomit to her crush;
Tumblr media
But in comparison, Hunter is a TALKER. He infodumps. He whistles to himself when he's flying alone on an airship. He rambles about his plans to Flapjack CONSTANTLY. He follows Belos around with questions and suggestions. He snarks, sasses, and snipes at all the Main Characters. He literally cannot stop himself from talking to others, even when it's in his best interests to shut up. To the point where he managed to get himself exposed by his voice alone in Eclipse Lake.
Tumblr media
But then, after he starts to develop his crush on Willow, Hunter gets shy. And he gets noticeably quieter when she's around. And when he does talk, he's obviously choosing his words much more carefully than he did previously.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
and honestly??? Both are such adorable depictions of kids with crushes??????
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Tumblr media
Idk if anyone has done this yet but Toh x Tangled
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house-ad 28 days ago
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These kids need naps, head pats and therapy ASAP-
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Headcanons for Darius adopting Hunter when they have stopped Belos and everything settles down. They settle into a routine.聽
1) Darius still runs abomination courses for the students who want to learn that type of magic or hone their skills. Hunter comes and goes into the abomination magic building as much as he pleases.聽
2) While Darius is very protective of Hunter, Hunter grows to be very protective of him right back. Do not talk bad about Darius in front of Hunter, ever.聽
3) While Darius is firmly on the side of good, it doesn鈥檛 mean he鈥檚 actively nice either. Due to this, people who don鈥檛 know him well are extremely surprised by how good of a dad he is to Hunter. Like, Darius will be roasting people verbally for making him mad and doing dumb things, and Hunter will walk up, and Darius鈥檚 whole demeanor聽changes. Someone who Darius just chewed out will watch, flabbergasted, as Darius is a kind, caring father to Hunter.
4) Make no mistake, Darius and Hunter are still Darius and Hunter. They may love each other very much, but they both are kings of snark. They will snark at each other often, but the affection and care underneath is obvious.聽
5) No matter how busy he is, Darius makes it a point to go to every Flyer Derby match Hunter is involved in. He鈥檒l put the days and times of the games on his calendar so he won鈥檛 forget. The other parents will never quite get used to former Coven Head Darius showing up, sitting in the bleaches with them, and cheering the students of Hexside on.聽
6) Darius: So, you have caught an idiotic Belos loyalist? Break every bone in his body!
Hunter*flies into Darius鈥檚 office* Hey, Darius, I need to you sign a permission slip for a field trip.聽
Darius*signs the form after reading it* Here you go, kid.聽
Darius*after Hunter leaves* Destroy that loyalist.聽
7) Eda and Darius become very close friends and create chaos wherever they go. Hunter and Luz love it, and Raine has given up on trying to reign them in.聽
8) Darius has enemies out there who would love to hurt Hunter to get to him. However, after seeing what Darius did to the last person who tried that (even after that person was taken down by Hunter first),聽 none of them are brave enough to try. They don鈥檛 want to be drinking their meals through a straw, no thank you.聽
9) Every time Hunter goes running off with his friends, or comes back home to excitedly tell Darius about his day, Darius is filled with pride.聽
10) Flapjack likes sleeping on Darius鈥檚 head because his hair is so soft, and Hunter has multiple pictures of it.聽
11) Hunter and Amity do become close friends, and Darius does his best to try and tolerate Alador for Hunter鈥檚 sake.聽
12) Darius has asked Eda and Raine to take care of Hunter should something ever happen to him. Eda and Raine readily agree, because they both love that kid too.聽
13) Hunter gets addicted to spa days due to Darius. If you want to find Darius on an off day and Hunter is not with his friends, then go to the spa. They will be there.聽
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馃挄King finally gets to play catch! If Dana won鈥檛 make her kids happy, THEN I WILL 馃槫
Tumblr media
Hunter is adopted by Eda and him and Luz decide to make King鈥檚 day. Hunter and King become besties, change my mind.
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I find it very interesting how, in this episode, we were showcased two very clear examples of leadership figures who severally abused their power. Both in the former principal and Terra Snapdragon.
The former principal expelled everyone just for funsies, using the most stupid reasons, obviously just to show how scary and terrifying he is. He just wanted the students to fear him. I know Principal Bump isn鈥檛 perfect, but he鈥檚 way, way better than his predecessor.
And then we have Terra, who literally made the students fight each other just for her entertainment, being willing to kill whoever failed. Not to mention how creepy she was towards Raine.
The best part is that it鈥檚 made obvious to us that their behavior is wrong. And it鈥檚 terrifying that their behavior is allowed. The Empire has allowed for terrible abuses of power to occur, for the sake of discipline and challenge.
And it鈥檚 contrasted against actually good leadership figures, like Eda, Raine, Principal Bump and even Darius. They respect their students/apprentices and try to help them. Not to mention how, now, Raine and Darius are trying to figure out how to stop the Emperor.
I think it鈥檚 important that a show for kids showcases what an abusive leadership figure acts like, in multiple settings and regardless of appearance/gender. Usually, we have equated abusers with creepy old strange men, but it鈥檚 more than just that. It鈥檚 people in our environments, or even well know figures. I am very proud of what The Owl House has been doing to teach children that.
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///HOLLOW MIND SPOILERS//// Just love how the whole toh Fandom has decided that Darius is Hunter鈥檚 new Dad.
Tumblr media
Yeah, we got a soft spot for the sassy, sexy, powerful abomination head who is only soft for the parkouring, nerdy, angsty, yet wholesome teen that deserves all the hugs in the world.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It makes sense why he gave Hunter a bit of the cold shoulder at the start of 鈥淎ny sport in a storm鈥, especially after watching Hollow mind. He clearly was good friends with the Golden Guard before him who Darius believed to be a good person. Maybe he knows he died fighting for what he believed was right. Later on he mocks Hunter saying 鈥淵ou鈥檙e very good at doing exactly what you鈥檙e told鈥. Both of these points implies that Darius sees Hunter as Belos鈥 henchman that follows his orders blindly without thinking non his own or doing what he believed was right. Thus backing up his previous statement 鈥淎nd I say, you don鈥檛 deserve to wear that patch鈥, because that sigil used to belong to his Mentor.
Tumblr media
After events in 鈥淎ny sport in a storm鈥, Hunter proves to have a good heart and someone who does think for himself when he chooses to protect his friends over his honour(ATLA references be hittin hard) and the Golden Guard鈥檚 cloak which was clearly his prized possession at the time. He gives Hunter his own phone to keep in contact with his friends, AND covers for him even though he interfered with coven business and was in ownership of a Palisman which probably would have severe consequences. He鈥檚 so soft with Hunter which I don鈥檛 think he would be able to be with anyone else, as far as we have seen at least.
Tumblr media
Then we have this gem. Darius doesn鈥檛 want to interfere when Raine wants to help Eda until Hunter is mentioned to be in danger where he instantly does a double take. (WAIT, THAT鈥橲 MY ANGRY BLOND KID-). 100% sure he isn鈥檛 like this with anyone else.
Tumblr media
Yes, Dadrius for the win. Can鈥檛 wait to see more of their relationship. After hollow mind鈥 it really hits hard why Darius would have such an attachment to Hunter (on account of his past friendship with his mentor). Really want to know more about this.
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Tumblr media
This is literally them
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Supportive sis, this gives me life
Hunter tries to draw from memory glyphs Luz used, but it doesn鈥檛 work聽
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
or maybe he got the symbols right but he just can鈥檛 draw perfectly round circle
couple days after
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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blrmerch 2 months ago
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Long Live Coppy Patch
Long Live Coppy! Here鈥檚 a patch! For you! Don鈥檛 say we don鈥檛 spoil you.
2.68鈥 wide x 4鈥 tall. Custom woven with a heat seal adhesive on the back. Ready to ship in mid-March.
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