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Theory: Tsumugi lied about the personalities of the DRV3 characters being her creation and that they were a part of the Killing Game by choice.

1. Both Shuichi and Kaede remember being kidnapped in the prologue, BEFORE getting their first false memory. They don’t remember being kidnapped AFTER getting their first memory.

2. Shuichi, Kaede and Rantaro introduce themselves AS Shuichi, Kaede and Rantaro BEFORE getting their first memory, even though Tsumugi claims she has created their characters and even blurs out their names in the audition tapes.

3. Even though Tsumugi claims that they all have been big fans of the Danganronpa Series, no one recognizes Rantaro, an apparent participant of the previous game BEFORE getting their memories wiped.

4. Besides Kaede and Rantaro no one also seems to know anything about what’s going on beside Danganronpa being such a big thing in the outside world according to Tsumugi. (Rantaro knowing what ’16 students being trapped’ might mean, Kaede recognizing the Monocubs, but also sounding fearful and not happy how it was later portrait by Tsumugi.)

5. As far as we see the characters in the prologue before getting their false memories, they are exactly like they are later, after they get the wrong memories.

6. Tsumugi claims she isn’t able to cosplay real people because she gets cospox when she does it, she also claims that ‘Kaede Akematsu’ is a fictional character she’s created. Still, she gets cospox when she tries to cosplay Kaede which means it is either the opposite, that she can only cosplay real people or she lied completely about the cospox.

7. The floor in the audition tapes is the same as one of the stages in Tsumugis Cosplay Lab, hinting she had faked the videos and it was herself, cosplaying the characters to create the videos.

8. Keebo also might not be completely created by Team Danganronpa. If that would be the case, there is no reason for him to be in the prologue, BEFORE they get the false memories, in a different outfit, without the metal caps on his ears and also without the antenna. (Because there is no way he could hide THAT long antenna underneath a hat like that.)

9. Overall, there are hints that Keebo is not a Robot at all. He gets a backache in one of his Free Time Events, he didn’t had any robotic attachments in the prologue (like the antenna, the metal caps in his ears, the black lines on his face), he faints like everyone else when they open the door to the outside world, even though, as a Robot, he shouldn’t need any oxygen, he can sweat and blush (sprites), the flashback lights work on him, even though it doesn’t make sense to work on a machine. Which means he could’ve been a normal boy who was later transformed into a Cyborg by Team Danganronpa. (Yes, the hydraulic press safety function doesn’t work on him, but it was also never tested on anyone else besides Keebo, so there is no way telling it actually works at all.)

10. Tsumugi also claims that everything went that way because she wrote the script for it. But there is no way she planned Kokichi to plan a murder where Monokuma couldn’t know who the culprit was.

11. Some of the talents simply can’t be completely fake. It may be possible to make someone the Ultimate Anthropologist by adding false memories, because that talent is simply about knowledge, but even though your brain remembers how to fight, there is no way to be an actual Assassin or Aikido fighter when your body isn’t used to doing things like that. The same goes for talents like Ultimate Artist, Inventor or Pianist. It’s like writing with the opposite hand. Your brain might know what to do, but the handwriting still looks like shit.

12. Tsumugi claims that the Hope’s Peak Arc is just fiction, but also calls herself a ‘Cosplay Cat Criminal’ as a hint to the Copy Cat Criminal term, which is used for a criminal who copies the work of another, real criminal, in other words, Junko. (Apart from that, Shuichi hint’s at the end, that Hope’s Peak might actually have existed.)

13. Even though Tsumugi says that everyone is watching Danganronpa in the outside world, the viewers stop watching it pretty fast at the end, hinting that it might’ve been just some illegal underground event and only watched by some few people who, after that, might also realize it is wrong to cast such a show.

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If only John Boyega got this level of defense when he was getting hate

I guess it’s easier to support a white man when they’re getting criticism than a black man getting abuse.

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If y’all would like to get to know me. Send me random get to know me prompts and I’ll do em

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so those fake ballot boxes being reported around California were actually put in illegally by the state’s republican party & they’re still gonna continue, so make sure to check your fucking ballot box location before dropping off 🙄

[image description: headline and article snippet reading: “California Republican Party Admits It Placed Misleading Ballot Boxes Around State: Government officials say the receptacles are illegal and could lead to voter fraud but the party says it will continue the practice.” end id.]

current as of october 13, 2020

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Ok so, I was just in my LBGTQ class and we are watching a film that is making fun of conversion therapy. So I was minding my own business, watching the film and scrolling through my phone. When suddenly, I hear PRINCE ZUKOS FUCKING VOICE IN THE FILM. I was texting my sister right before talking about how the film is bad in a funny way and this happened “It’s badly written and- ZUKOS ACTOR IS IN IT.” Literally in Zukos voice I heard “I am a homosexual” and I nearly fell of my bed.

I just needed to share my experience with the random appear of zukos voice actor. Listen I know actors have other acting gigs but this just surprised me so much.

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Hi everyone, I wanted to remake and update our donation post, for those who know and dont know whats going on

basically I didnt get any UI or govt help and still dont, I cannot work during the pandemic as it might kill me or disable me further, and in late june my grandfather passed away. even before the pandemic my mental health was rocky but Im in a very dark place and I really need to get a therapist and a psych who listens and are women of color, since i dont have income i cant afford that right now but i desperately need the help to pull me out of this deep and very dark hole

my partner @honeybearbutch has been experiencing transmisogynistic, homophobic, fatphobic and ableist abuse for years, since the start of the pandemic they have been trapped with their abusers 24/7, and the level of abuse and violence as dramatically increased. In early june their parents started being more vocal and open about their far right views wrt the protests and our relationship, Xochi defended me, the protesters and aggressively detested their far right anti black views. Due to this the tension in the house has been great, and homelessness has been threatened several times by all of the adults in the house and recently as of today 08/16/20 they were threatened and then assaulted by their homo/transphobic oldest brother after being abandoned at work with no way of getting home. We many need to get them into an airbnb soon but are not sure yet mostly because of the cost, I just dont want them to experience anymore physical violence.

many of you know that we started the gofundme in early june and we are only 2/3rds away from our goal!!!, we had plans to move in together pre rona and to reside in their home state and did save a little bit for it but due to their familes abuse they genuinely fear for staying there, so we are looking for places in my home state where the cost of living is 10x more expensive. where we do NOT have a savings fat enough for even a months rent for an apt here which for a one bedroom its about 1.5K+ a month. I CANT work with the public during the pandemic and my partner is probably gonna have to stop working as to not expose me to covid so that is why we are asking for so much 

In the immediate as always i need $ for food and phone but also help for getting my partner and mother who both work high traffic public jobs better ppe, esp bc my mom is an older disabled black woman 

Xochitl needs help with their phone, transportation and esp help with food, bc they dont get paid until after the 21st, their abusive older brother has basically cut off access to their food, so unless they buy groceries for them (and their parents) they dont have food; they need at least 250 until they get paid 

mine:$sleepyhen  venmo: sleepyhen

xochi’s:$grumblybear    venmo: XochiRose

****OUR GOFUNDME LINK****  $5,178/$15,000

tldr?: Im a black mentally and chronically ill 2S lesbian trying to get mental health help and much needed safe secure housing for myself and my trans latina gf as they desperately need to escape the abuse and severe violence of their far right family. Any and everything is deeply appreciated right now, so thank you all for sharing and donating.



Hey ive been trying to be offline more for my mental health, but our gofundme has sat at the same number for over a week, and both Xochi and I are struggling. I spent most of my money on food and things for my mother and now im under 50 in my acct, my phone is over that and I need to replace my air filter due to all the fires degrading my current one faster than expected. My partner recently paid their phone bill among other things and they still need to buy groceries for them and their parents, we have had a huge delay with gofundme wrt withdrawing the funds we have raised.

still at $6,060/$15,000


Hey everyone yesterday Xochitl lost their job :(

they have been slowly collapsing under the abuse and stress that they live in, which has been severely worsening their depression. A few days ago prior to the job loss they broke down and were incredibly suicidal and unstable, this layoff has only really added to their plate right now. They werent working there for long, but whilst they were there my partner has been helping me, and their parents wrt some of our expenses, and has been able to save for them to leave their abuse, so this is huge hit to both of us right now. Xochi is not in the place to go back to work for many reasons and is probably going to try to get unemployment but that still will take quite a bit of time process and receive. On a similar note my unemployment was “taken away” even though i never received a penny, i have to pay my phone this week, refill my SNRI so i can try not being crazy and i just generally need to get a few personal items i couldnt find at the store.

To be honest both of us are in really dark holes and for Xochitl its going to be harder to be in contact with their abusers more frequently wrt being at home 24/7 again. The stress is eating at them more and more everyday so we are looking for a therapist who can help them cope with their surroundings better, both of us know theres only so much we can do on our own, so we really need any fucking support. We are thankful and appreciative of all the reblogs and donations past present and future.

GFM: $6,490/$15,000

show up for twoc like how yall say yall do :) here my babes cashapp!

Ive been going through a lot recently, ive got less than 50 bucks, 3 days worth of my anti depressant, and i have to get some ppe so i go can help my mother and grandmother out with things

im not in a great place mentally or physically :C
CA: $sleepyhen 

V: sleepyhen

Hey everyone right now my girlfriend needs almost $275 for groceries for them and their parents, they are signing up for UI but until then they dont have anything but donations to work with. We have both been using more of the gfm money than we planned to rn due to shit continuing to happen. My jaw/face has been in some intense pain recently, putting off the dentist for 2 yrs has really done it to me, so im going to hopefully see my old dentist soon that being said, i stopped going to that dentist bc i couldnt afford it with insurance and since my insurance changed i have less coverage so any personal donations im saving for my teeth.

as of 10/4 our GFM is at $7,082/$15,000

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