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harperbrynne · 4 days ago
Reminder that Mor has a secret estate and loves riding horses:
She didn’t like telling people about this place. Had never mentioned it to the others.
Early-morning mist hung between the bumps and hollows of the sprawling estate. Her estate. Athelwood.
But with winnowing, it never felt as if she were actually traveling anywhere. As if she were going, running, racing to the next place. She wished it, and there she was. The horses, though…Mor felt every inch of land they galloped across. Felt the wind and smelled the hills and snow and could see the passing wall of dense forest to her left. Alive. It was all alive, and her even more so, when she rode.
And getting out on Ellia was as rejuvenating as any day spent basking in the sun.
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harperbrynne · 10 days ago
Eris is a poop fruit
No, just no. Eris is amazing and I am going to take this opportunity to discuss my love of Eris and some of the headcanons I have for him. I'll begin with the canon facts, then dive into headcanons.
He is hot
He hates Beron, and I love him for that
He loves his mother, which is adorable
He seems to love his little brother even if he can't properly show it
He loves dogs. How could I fault a man who loves dogs?
He got himself captured because he tried to save his soldiers
He endured days of torture from his father, rather than give up his secrets and betray his allies
He has impeccable taste in clothing
His wit and snark are only matched by Lucien
He is smart as hell
He seems to admire strong women, which is awesome!
He is not afraid to speak his mind
He wasn't afraid to take the protective potion in acowar, even when most of the others were
He is fine. Like, this man is FINE AF
Eris would treat a female right
He is the type of male who would fuck you senseless against a wall, then be super gentle and sweet when he takes you to the bedroom
He would leave you fully satisfied
He would never expect his lady to be meek and quiet
He would protect his family with his life
He has tea regularly with his mom to cheer her up
He secretly hopes Elain and Lucien have a million babies so that he can be the best uncle ever
He would be a girl dad. The best girl dad, only rivaled by Cassian
His little girls would be spoiled rotten, but also be the most well-dressed, and fierce females you have ever seen
He wouldn't even bat an eyelash making his lady his High Lady
He loves the beach, but he burns super easily, so he prefers the rainy kind of beaches
He loves cozying up by the fire on cold nights, just reading books and sipping cognac
He would make sure you never spent a winter night cold. His firedick will keep you warm
He likes to take long walks through the forest
He secretly keeps a journal full of random doodles because he is quite the sketch artist
He has detailed sketches of all his favorite people, including Lucien, but he never shows them
He is a funny drunk. Like, he thinks everything is funny when he is drunk and he can't stop laughing
When it gets chilly, he grows out his beard a little bit. It's hot
When he finds his mate, he will be the most loving ever
It will take him a while to open up, but he will make sure they are always safe and feel loved
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harperbrynne · 12 days ago
Ugh, I can’t wait to get inside Lucien’s head! That time Feyre went into his head was not enough... I need his POV!!
thinking about how lucien‘s loyalty is one of his most admirable and strongest, but at the same time also weakest traits because it makes it easier for those who can enjoy his loyalty to exploit him. I feel like up until this point lucien is treated like a knight in a chess game when really he is a queen with all those connections to other courts and high lords, to the human lands, all those secrets and plot lines that surround him. it‘s crazy how all of that and the personality he already displayed in acotar have main character energy. crazy.
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harperbrynne · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
“You have to ask yourself if the risk is worth it each time.” Nesta didn’t just think she could beat him. She knew she could. Because Cassian made sure of it. Her mate. 🥺
sjm :
Tumblr media
me :
Tumblr media
“because my mate taught me well” NOBODY TOUCH ME
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harperbrynne · 13 days ago
Reminder that Elain can bring a king to his knees... and has:
Even wasted away by grief and despair, Elain’s beauty was remarkable. Hers was a face that could bring kings to their knees. (ACOWAR, Pg246)
The Cauldron purred in Elain’s presence as the King of Hybern slumped to his knees, clawing at the knife jutting through his throat. (ACOWAR, Pg654)
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harperbrynne · 28 days ago
This has to be one of my favorite memes I’ve ever created:
Tumblr media
All I want to do is theorize and uncover the mystery that is Elain the seer. What do Nuala and Cerridwen and her talk about? What was she doing during ACOSF? How are your seer powers Elain? Seen anything interesting lately? And I absolutely, without a doubt, want to know her exact thoughts during the stabbing of Hybern scene. Tell me your secrets Elain. I know you have them!
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harperbrynne · a month ago
Feyre: ...Eris’s face emerged from my net of flame, glowing like a new-forged god of wrath...
Me: Yes. Yes, he did.
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harperbrynne · a month ago
How to get the ACOSF threesome:
Nesta needs to get her hands on pen and paper so Azriel and Cassian can get their hands on her so we can get our hands on the threesome scene...
If the only issue with releasing the threesome scene is it being canon, then I don’t see why Nesta couldn’t have just written a little fanfic of her life. We know she reads a lot of romance and therefore obviously a lot of smut, so it would make perfect sense for her to be able to—and want to—write a threesome scene with Azriel and Cassian. I mean, Nesta already imagined a pretty good synopsis/teaser...
SJM can deal with the why and when Nesta decided to write this spicy fanfic of her life. But this way, we would be able to read the scene as is with Nesta having had written it herself and it not having actually happened. We could just dive into it like Nesta wrote it.
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harperbrynne · a month ago
A little about me:
I’m @ acourtofvalkyriesandvanserras on Instagram. If you would like to repost my original content to Instagram, please credit me! I’m also the creator and one of the moderators for r/ACOTARHulu on Reddit.
I’m a stan account for all SJM characters. I prefer to appreciate and understand characters than dislike or hate them. I always have a feeling there’s more to them than we might know at the time.
Here for redemption arcs, the morally grey, not being perfect, empathy and understanding, amazing character growth and characters finding the happiness they deserve.
Oh, and soup and PB&J sandwiches are pretty cool.
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harperbrynne · a month ago
House of Sky and Breath releases January 25, 2022!!
The Four Houses of Midgard
As decreed in 33 V.E. by the Imperial Senate in the Eternal City
House of Earth and Blood: Shifters, humans, witches, ordinary animals, and many others to whom Cthona calls, as well as some chosen by Luna
House of Sky and Breath: Malakim (angels), Fae, elementals, sprites,* and those who are blessed by Stolas, along with some favored by Luna
House of Many Waters: River-spirits, mer, water beasts, nymphs, kelpies, nøkks, and others watched over by Ogenas
House of Flame and Shadow: Daemonaki, Repers, wraiths, vampyrs, draki, dragons, necromancers, and many wicked and unarmed things that even Urd herself cannot see
*Sprites were kicked out of their House as a result of their participation in the Fall, and are now considered Lowers, though many of them refuse to accept this.
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harperbrynne · a month ago
I’m guessing the CC2 title will be House of Flame and Shadow:
With the Aidas and Jesiba conversation at the end of CC1, it appeared as if we would get to learn more about that House and the people in it. Jesiba is a part of Flame and Shadow and Aidas is a demon. It sounds like they will both become a lot more important in CC2 and continue to play even more significant roles.
Tumblr media
“I do not plan to,” he said, fading into the space between realms, Hel a dark song beckoning him home. “Not when things are about to get so interesting.”
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harperbrynne · a month ago
6 years ago this beautiful book was published, and we started on an amazing journey alongside so many great (and not so great) characters. I never would have thought I’d ever be reading Nesta Archeron’s story, yet here we are. I can’t wait to read the next spin-off and who it features!
And let’s not forget there’s an ACOTAR TV adaptation underway!!
Throwback photo to Sarah J. Maas signing a copy of ACOTAR at a Barnes & Noble in New York City in May of 2015! Photo from @bloomsburypublishing
Tumblr media
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harperbrynne · a month ago
Do otters belong in the House of Earth and Blood or the House of Many Waters?
This is a debate started by @ kingdomofmaas and @ ideallyinspiredreviews on Instagram
My immediate thought was that otters belong to the House of Many Waters. They’re water beasts. But then I saw that “ordinary animals” belong to the House of Earth and Blood, and I started to change my mind. But then I came across this quote by Hunt in my notes: While true animals and not shifters, they possessed an uncanny level of intelligence, thanks to the old magic in their veins. (Pg405)
To me, this makes them not ordinary animals, since they’re smarter than a normal animal. And even if they didn’t possess magic and despite the fact that the otters might mainly live on land, wouldn’t they still be considered water beasts because they’re aquatic mammals? Aquatic mammal is basically another name for water beast. They spend a lot of time in the water, their bodies are built for the water, and they hunt for food in the water... #TeamManyWaters
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harperbrynne · a month ago
Imagine this:
You click on the first episode for ACOTAR, and you find yourself immediately immersed in a forest full of great, towering trees where you know a familiar huntress is hunting for food. The words, “The forest had become a labyrinth of snow and ice” are swept across the screen in a flurry of wind and snow...
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