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harunayuuka2060 an hour ago

hey how are have you eaten got a good amount of sleep if not go do that now

I’m fine.

I have eaten.

Getting a good amount of sleep - Impossible 馃槀

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harunayuuka2060 an hour ago

I got 3 types of pepper in my eye cuz i accidentaly rubbed it

That stings…

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harunayuuka2060 4 hours ago

MC: I think I was your guardian angel in my past life.

The brothers: …

MC: …

Lucifer: Then you did a lousy job in keeping us safe.

Mammon: What kind of guardian angel are ya’? Display?

Satan: Well, I didn’t basically know you before, but fuck you.

Belphie: You didn’t even keep Lilith alive.

Levi: You made me useless even when I was still in Celestial Realm.

Asmo: Guys…

Beel: That’s enough. MC is already crying.

MC: *sniffles* You all got thrown because of your attitude!

credits to for this idea: @lamentations-imaginations

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harunayuuka2060 4 hours ago

Sister Act is such a good movie! One of my favourite childhood movies. Watch it, I guarantee you’ll enjoy it

I鈥檓 trying to search the full movie, but I have seen a few clips of it XD

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harunayuuka2060 4 hours ago

More Levy! :D

Levy: *crying* MC-! Look! I am fat! *sobs*

MC: *doesn鈥檛 see any difference on her body* I- Where is the fat?

Levy: *glares at MC* Don鈥檛 pretend that you don鈥檛 see it! Here! I鈥檓 fat here, here, and here! *starts pointing to her cheek, arms, and tummy* I鈥檓 not beautiful anymore! *sniffles* So I鈥檓 sure you鈥檙e going to cheat on me!

MC: … *dials something on their phone*

Levi: *answers* Hello?聽

MC: Levi, can you help me with your sister? She thinks she鈥檚 fat when she鈥檚 not.

Levi: Nope. She鈥檚 definitely fat right now.

MC: ??? *looks at Levy again* What? Like an invisible fat?

Levi: Yeah. Something like that. She鈥檚 spouting nonsense, isn鈥檛 she?

MC: …Yes.

Levi: You can do just one thing.

MC: And that is?

Levi: Nibble the end of her tail.

MC: …

MC: Are you serious?

Levi: Yup. I鈥檓 going to hang up now. I don鈥檛 want to hear the sound she makes.

MC: …

MC: Levy?

Levy: *hisses angrily at them* What?!

MC: *moves closer to her then gently holds her tail* *then nibbles the end of it*

Levy: *moans*聽

MC: …

MC: Gosh. You鈥檙e just horny.

Levy: More please~.

MC: *sigh* Alright.聽

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harunayuuka2060 4 hours ago

Can we get CEO Lucifer and Michael passive aggressively fighting over MC? I can sense the tension between those two 😂

Random Colleague: MC-! *runs towards them* What鈥檚 this news I heard about?! You鈥檙e getting married?! And to Sir Lucifer?!

MC: I-uh… Y-Yes…

Random Colleague: *gasps* For REAL?!

MC: *nods*

Random Colleague: *looks at them with suspicion* He didn鈥檛 force you, did he? Just tell me. I鈥檓 going to -

Lucifer: *appears behind the random colleague* You鈥檙e going to do what- *smiles dangerously at them*

MC: …

Random Colleague: I-I鈥檓 going to- uh… SUPPORT YOU, Sir Lucifer… *laughs nervously* Happy wedding! *immediately runs away*

MC: You didn鈥檛 have to scare them like that.

Lucifer: *smiles lovingly at them* Just making some necessary precautions. *holds their hand* How are you?聽

MC: *smiles at him* I am fine. But my mother got shocked when she heard about our plans.

Lucifer: I see. I鈥檓 going to visit your house after this and pay some respect.

Michael: *sneaks behind MC then hugs them* MC~ You鈥檙e going to get married?

MC: !!!

Lucifer: *pulls MC away from him* *glares at Michael* You are still here?

Michael: *smirks* That鈥檚 rude, brother. You shouldn鈥檛 pull MC like that when I鈥檓 hugging them.

MC: *confused* Brother?

Michael: *blows a kiss to MC*

Lucifer: *swatted it away*

Michael: *chuckles* Yes. Half-brothers to be exact. And I think I鈥檝e completely forgotten to introduce myself properly. I鈥檓 Michael Nightfallen. And Lucifer Morningstar is my older half-brother.聽

Lucifer: MC doesn鈥檛 need to know your name.聽

Michael: Oh? Why? I think the name聽鈥淣ightfallen鈥 will suit them better. Don鈥檛 you think so?

Lucifer: *holds MC closer*聽

Michael: *smirks* By the way, MC, you should be thinking on this marriage more. Do you even know everything about Lucifer? His deep, darkest secrets?

Lucifer: Shut up, Michael. Or do you want me to kill you right this instant?

MC: …

*The others watching in horror*

Michael: Why don鈥檛 you do it? *opens his arms wide*

Lucifer: *pulls out a gun and points it at him* I won鈥檛 hesitate.聽

MC: *looks at Lucifer with worry* Lucifer…

Michael: *chuckles* I know. Just like how you killed Gabriel, wasn鈥檛 it?

Lucifer: *grits his teeth in annoyance* *starts dragging MC with him*

Michael: *yells* You鈥檙e still that coward Lucifer I know! *laughs* Make sure to keep MC safe within your walls because I鈥檓 going to steal them from you-!


Lucifer: *punches the wall in his office and it created a crack* Damn that bastard.

MC: Lucifer… *walks closer to him* *gently grabs his hand* Please… You have to calm down.

Lucifer: *looks at them with a fierce gaze*聽

MC: *looks straightly at him and moves even closer* *and hugs him*聽

Lucifer: …

MC: Have you calmed down?

Lucifer: *lets out a sigh* *then smiles* Yes. *tilts MC鈥檚 chin up gently then kisses them*

MC: *kisses back*

Lucifer: Are you not going to ask what happened between us earlier?

MC: He mentioned something about secrets…聽

MC: And I think I鈥檓 not in the position to know about them.聽

Lucifer: …

Lucifer: What if you happened to know about them? Are you going to leave me?

MC: *smiles* Are you going to allow me to leave if that happens?

Lucifer: Never. Even if you beg. I will never let you go.聽

MC: *laughs* Then that answers it.聽


Raphael: This is ridiculous.

Michael: Come on, Raphael~. You鈥檙e just going to help me once~. *pouts*

Raphael: Listen. You want me to kidnap MC on their wedding day. And that鈥檚 the most ridiculous and dumbest thing I have ever heard from you.

Michael: But it鈥檚 just an easy job for you, right? After this, you can cut ties from me. I won鈥檛 ever bother you.聽

Raphael: … *clicks his tongue* You鈥檙e fighting over a useless naive wo/man.聽

Michael: *eyes Raphael dangerously* Be careful with your words, Raphael. I don鈥檛 want to hear you insulting them in front of me.

Raphael: Right. Okay. I鈥檒l do the job. And promise me I won鈥檛 ever see you again.聽

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harunayuuka2060 7 hours ago

Michael: I’m the epitome of self-control.

Simeon: …

Raphael: Lies.

Michael: *pouts* Hey-! It’s not-

MC: *staring at the night sky* *looking for some constellations* I’m sure that’s Orion.

Michael: …

Simeon: Michael? Are you alright?

Michael: On the second thought, what I said is just a lie. I don’t have self-control. I’m just going down for a bit. *goes to where MC is*

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harunayuuka2060 8 hours ago

I’m sorry I’m in my feels, But can we get Mc slow dancing in the kitchen to This magic moment by Ben E. King 💖💖

Mammon: *washing the dishes*

MC: *holding their phone* *smiles* *goes to their playlist and choose the song聽鈥淭his magic moment鈥*聽

MC: *before the music starts, they hug him from behind*

Mammon: *not looking at them* Oi, I鈥檓 still washing dishes here-

This magic moment
So different and so new

Mammon: *eyes widened* *immediately dried his hands with a hand towel and faces MC*

Was like any other
Until I kissed you

Mammon: *kisses MC on the forehead*

*The two started dancing with the slow music*

And then it happened
It took me by surprise
I knew that you felt it too
By the look in your eyes

MC: This song totally describes you, Mammon.

Mammon: *pouts then blushes* Whose fault do you this is?

MC: *laughs*

Sweeter than wine
Softer than the summer night
Everything I want I have
Whenever I hold you tight

Mammon: *holds MC even closer*

Mammon: *sings*聽

This magic moment
While you lips are close to mine
Will last forever
Forever til the end of time

MC: *smiles*

*Then they hear people clapping behind them*

MC and Mammon: *quickly look behind them and sees the others*

Lucifer: Oh, don鈥檛 mind us watching.

Levi: *recording their dancing* Mammon, are you not going to kiss MC on that part?

Beel: I鈥檓 hungry. Dance somewhere else.

Belphie: Beel, that鈥檚 rude.

Asmo: You know, I think sexy dance is better. Are you not going to lift MC up?

Satan: Sorry for the interruption. You can continue.

Mammon: *now blushing in embarrassment* *yells* Ya鈥 always like to ruin my moment!

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harunayuuka2060 9 hours ago

U haven't written it yet . I am talking about guardian demon bros when they were angel .

Oh, okay. So it was a request 馃槄. Alright.

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harunayuuka2060 9 hours ago

An idea how about you do mc who jokes about brothers being her guardian angel in their previous life . ❤️❤️

… I can’t see it. 馃槓馃槓馃槓

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harunayuuka2060 10 hours ago

On the guardian angel one in the previous life one . Where mc jokes about the Bros being their guardian angel in their previous life there u tag @lamentations-imaginations

That’s going to be hard… 馃槓馃槓馃槓 I don’t even remember what I have written. Did I write a tag like guardian angel!MC or something? I’ll try to find it.

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harunayuuka2060 10 hours ago

Can you please also tag@lamentations-imaginations please it's actually their idea .

On what post?

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harunayuuka2060 11 hours ago

This is Lucifer when giving warning to Mammon.

And this is him when he’s seriously mad.

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harunayuuka2060 12 hours ago

Yea bi/Demi? Like the guy from future diary

Oh… But I’m not sure with Mafuyu except that he’s gay because that what’s written on his character details on the web.

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harunayuuka2060 12 hours ago

◡̈⋆ʜᴇʟʟᴏ(*´∇`)ノ I just wanna say that your writing really funny & fun to read! So I hope that you have good day/night & that you receive lots of love(lol) (っ'-')╮=͟͟͞͞💌

My spell will make you cute! .



⊂ ノ    ・.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)

しーJ   ° (¸.·´ (¸.·'* ☆

It failed because you're already super cute!


c(⌒(_´・×・`)_ ━☆

  • (Lol sorry if that's cheesy but oh well I just wanted to use it also I hope that it looks good still)

Hey! The spell works! 馃挅馃挅馃槀 (Thank you! 馃槝馃挅)

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harunayuuka2060 14 hours ago

YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THE SISTER ACR IS 😱 omg it's about a lounge singer who witnesses a mob killing and goes into hiding as a less than holy nun, but since she was a lounge singer she becomes apart of the choir and become famous.

Lol. I didn’t know 馃槀 But I’m going to watch it.

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harunayuuka2060 14 hours ago

Wait mafuyu is bi/Demi?


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harunayuuka2060 15 hours ago

Lucifer… Wtf? 馃槀馃槀馃槀

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harunayuuka2060 15 hours ago

Dude… I could imagine Satan or Belphie doing this 馃槀馃槶馃槶

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harunayuuka2060 15 hours ago

Diavolo: If you can’t sleep, just think of my body.

MC: …

MC: *who has heavy eyebags because of dreaming too much about him* Are you kidding me?

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