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hashiramallows · 27 days ago
hi i'm back would you maybe be willing to write more vic? i hope it's not boring to write the same character again- if it is, feel free to ignore me. anyway would you maybe write something with him and a first date?
Vic anon! Thank u for your request, i rlly appreciate u! I took a while to respond but i rlly hope you like this one! LYSM - Tori 💖💖
first date with Victor Stone ♡
This feeling is familiar to him, this anxiousness that bubbles in his insides as he waits, although it doesn't bother him, his head held high with confidence as the memory of you crosses his mind.
This isn't any kind of anxiety he's ever felt before, he remembers almost too vividly being nervous before a big game, when he had to defend his spot as a star football player, when he knew his whole team depended on him to win. This memory crawls into his mind leaving a bit of nostalgia behind it, yet this is nothing like he's feeling now.
This is his first date after the accident.
After it all happened he never thought he would feel like himself again, like everything he had built was slipping away from his hands, he felt as if he had lost his humanity. He had to pick himself up from the ground accept this completely new version of himself, this life that he didn't plan, yet he feels like it's his calling.
This was his first date with you.
It's so easy to be with you, like letting yourself be carried away by the gentle current of a calm river, you didn't treat him as the former football player, you don't reduce him to the metallic parts on his body, you just see him for who he is, to you he's just Victor, and he couldn't ask for more.
He's standing outside your room waiting, the sound of the door opening catches his attention, turning his head to see you, dressed up with a big smile on your face, he can't help but smile too.
"I'm ready" You say, and it's like his heart skips a beat.
It's a rather simple date, he takes you to see a movie you've been extremely chipper about the release since the announcement. He sneaks his arm around your shoulders, a grin forming on his face as you lean into his embrace, resting you head on his shoulder, the two of you stuff your faces with popcorn as the movie plays on the big screen.
Becoming Cyborg, Victor has learned to understand that there are things in life that he can't control, life is full of uncertainty and you can't be certain of what's going to happen.
He only knows for sure this fist date with you will not be the last.
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hashiramallows · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
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hashiramallows · a month ago
Jason Todd apologist? How can I be called a Jason Todd apologist when he’s literally never done anything wrong in his whole life?
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hashiramallows · a month ago
saying goodbye before a mission | Giyuu Tomioka x Reader ♡
“I wish we didn’t have to say goodbye.” You blurt out.
You’re standing at the front door, the moonlight shines over the both of you and the cold wind only seems to add to the melancholy that crawls into your stomach, you sword resides inside it’s sheath, your hashira uniform is only a reminder that of the danger you’re going to face. The way your fingers tap the hilt of your sword show how anxious you are, being one of the Pillars as well, you’ve been called for another mission, however that is not the only reason your smile is so weak.
Giyuu is right in front of you, deep blue eyes staring back at you with worry as he thinks for a moment, he wishes he could go with you, but unfortunately this mission was required to be solo. He doesn’t like saying goodbye to you, especially before you’re going on a mission like this, his mind haunts him with the idea that it could be the last goodbye he would ever hear from you, he knows you’re a capable Pillar, but being part of the Demon Slayers comes with this feeling of uncertainty, you never know what the next demon will be capable of, and that terrifies him.
“Then don’t, just tell be you’ll come back” He says.
You can hear a hint of desperation in his voice, yet his words are filled with hope, he can only pray that you’ll return to his arms safe and sound, that he’ll be able to hold you again once your mission is over, that these unforgiving demons won’t take another loved person from him again. You give him a soft kiss, hand caressing his cheek as if to say that everything will be okay.
“I’ll come back to you, i promise” 
You say before heading out.
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hashiramallows · a month ago
i think i've read your entire master list now, and i just need you to know i love every single piece i've read 👏👏👏 your writing is so lovely
I'm so happy to hear that, it really means a lot to me that you've read and enjoyed it, this really made me smile!!! Hope you're having a wonderful day, anon! LYSM 💖 -Tori
Tumblr media
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hashiramallows · a month ago
Will you ever be willing to do any requests on invincible or will it stay DC content ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Hi anon! I still haven’t checked invincible out yet but if i do enjoy it i’ll certainly write for it! ♡
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hashiramallows · a month ago
Finally updated this damn masterlist, hooray!! ✨
DC comics masterlist ♡
requests are open :) 
Tim Drake
going to geek conventions with Tim Drake ♡
whipped cream | Tim Drake x Reader  ♡
getting fast food after patrol with Tim Drake ♡
coming back injured from patrol |Tim Drake x Reader ♡
late night talks with Tim Drake | Tim Drake x Reader ♡
Twitterpated | Tim drake X Reader ♡
fluff prompt 30. “Find me again.” with Tim Drake ♡
fluff 18. “I’m quite comfortable here” with Tim Drake ♡
Hal Jordan
making cupcakes with Hal Jordan ♡
Taking care of a sick Hal Jordan ♡
touch starved Hal Jordan ♡
Random pickup lines with Hal Jordan ♡
Dick Grayson
our favorite show | Dick Grayson x reader ♡
do you regret it? | Dick Grayson x Ex Villian!Reader ♡
Dick having a spa day with his s/o blurbs! ♡
Jason Todd 
putting things where you can’t reach them| Jason Todd X Reader ♡
getting caught reading fanfiction | Jason Todd x reader ♡
i’m still here | Jason Todd X Reader ♡
i’m here for you | Jason Todd x Reader ♡
Jason having a spa day with his s/o blurbs! ♡
Wally West
late night calls with Wally West ♡
saying ‘i love you’ for the first time with Wally West ♡
new normal | Kaldur’ahm x reader ♡
Koriand’r / Starfire
golden hour. | Koriand'r x Reader ♡
Fluff 20. “Maybe I’m just lucky” with Koriand'r ♡
Victor Stone
Changes | Victor Stone x Reader ♡
Stephanie Brown
puppy love | Stephanie Brown X Reader ♡
Talia Al Ghul
kisses and makeup brushes | Talia Al Ghul x Reader ♡
Kyle Rayner
painting dates with Kyle Rayner ♡
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hashiramallows · a month ago
tori!!! how about number 30 from the fluff prompts with a character of your choice? ♡ only if you’d like of course!
hi anna!! i’m sorry for taking a long time, but i rlly hope you enjoy this one! LYSM  ♡ ♡ ♡
fluff prompt 30. “Find me again.” with Tim Drake!!
Tim Drake aways seems to make his way back into your life one way or another.
Sometimes it feels like the both of you are stuck on this endless cycle. When he is here, he aways ends up back into your arms, those are the times where he allows himself to be just another teenager, it almost feels like part of an alternate reality, some type of selfish dream of his coming true when the world decides he deserves a little peace in his life. These days are the ones where you find yourself clinging onto him, almost as if you’re afraid he’s going to disappear right before your eyes, like the way a sand castle crumbles when the ocean tides come.
Then, when your own nightmares come true, he vanishes into thin air for months, and you drown in worry when your lots messages and calls go unanswered, he says he is taking care of family bussiness, he tries to aswer you when he can, he tries to make it up to you when he comes back.
And yet again he finds his way back to you, just not in the way you expected.
You look down at the man on laying on your couch, he doesn’t seem to be hurt, just exhausted by the way he’s brething heavily, you recognise him as Red Robin due to the symbol on his chest, you curse yourself for not moving out of the city, tightening your grip around the heaviest object you can find around you, vigilante or not, there is a random man on your couch.
‘How does he know your name?’ you think to yourself before you recognise his voice, your eyes widen as you drop what you were holding to the ground.
“Tim?!” You try your best to keep your voice as quiet as possible.
He takes off his mask, blue eyes staring back are sufficient to awnser your question. You run towards him, cupping his cheeks with your hands so he’s looking directly at you, you're don’t know if you wanna scream at him or hug him tightly.
“What the hell are you doin- why didn’t you tell me?!” 
“I’m sorry, i was going to” He says, taking a brief pause, his expression is soft as he gives you a small smile, apologetic, yet pleased to see you. He takes your hands from his cheeks, wraping his own hands into yours. “Can i stay here for the night? I’ll explain everything.”
“You better” 
He aways finds his way back into your life.
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hashiramallows · a month ago
call out post for my mutuals
u cute
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hashiramallows · a month ago
Jason: Man, fuck Batman.
Some thug: lmao, yeah.
Jason: (shoots him) That’s my dad you’re talking about!
Some thug: (Profusely Bleeding) you-you were s-sending mixed messages-s...
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hashiramallows · a month ago
🌸 ⭐ put this star into the inbox of your favorite blogs. it’s time to spread positivity! ⭐🌸(back at youuu!!!!)
Thank uu!! ur literally the sweetest mutal ever  🥺 🥺 🥺
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hashiramallows · a month ago
kaldur anon here and am in love with that imagine 😭😭😭 that's so cute gsjsbdhdbdjdbdjbf bookmarked for when I'm sad thank you! 💖💖💖
Aaaaah!! I’m literally so happy that you liked it!!  🥺 🥺 🥺
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hashiramallows · a month ago
take your time, lovely! your work will be worth the wait 💗💗
Thank you for your kind words anon!  💗💗
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hashiramallows · a month ago
I’m working on finishing the requests but i’m fairly slow and i have some projects to do, so it may take a little time but i’m doing my best!!
hope everyone is okay!!
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hashiramallows · a month ago
AAAAA your kori piece was so cute!!! would you pls write something with kaldur from young justice where his s/o is part of the team (without powers, but is a skilled fighter)? maybe they're cooking and kaldur sits nearby or something domestic like that. love your work!! <3
hi anon! thank you for your kind words! hope you enjoy this one!! LYSM - Tori
new normal | Kaldur’ahm x reader ♡
A nice smell takes over the kitchen as you continue to cook, you're filled with confidence that this will turn out good, the team had come back from a mission just a couple days before, and cooking aways brought a sense a comfort to you after the stress of the vigilante lifestyle. It's just such a regular thing that most people do, and for that same reason, it makes you feel that even if just for a moment, you're living a normal life just like everyone else, these little things that are overlooked by normal civillians are treasured by people such as vigilantes, who often treat them as a luxury in the middle of their chaotic lives.
"Smells good" Kaldur says as he casually enters the kitchen, coming behind you to give you a quick kiss on the cheek.
He moves his hands, and you thing he might wrap his arms around your waist, instead he swiftly takes a small piece of the food you're cooking, putting in his mouth before you could protest, there is not a trace of regret in his face as he chews on it.
"Kaldur!!" You say in a scolding tone, giving him a cold look "It's not ready, go sit down!!" 
“I was only curious to see if it tasted good too”
“You’ll see it when it’s ready” 
He cuckles at your reaction but he does as you say, sitting nearby, elbows resting on the kitchen counter as he watches you cook, there is a gentle smile in his face when he sees you roll your eyes at him. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the both of you aren’t married yet, your dynamic is so natural it almost seems like you’ve been together for centuries. Even if the life the both of you live is so unconventional, you’re lucky to have each other, and to have created this world where you can build these estable and homely moments in the middle of your chaotic lives.
You’re glad to have created this new normal with him.
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hashiramallows · a month ago
May I request 20. from prompt list 2 with Starfire?
Sorry for taking so long to write this, anon! Hope you enjoy this little blurb, LYSM!!  💗💗💗
Fluff 20. “Maybe I’m just lucky.” with Koriand'r ♡
You can only watch in awe as her hand gestures get more and more expressive as she speaks, the way her emotions intensily radiate as she get excited about a topic might be the cutest thing you've ever seen. Kori got to know and experience life on Earth first-hand ever since she got here, yet you barely know anything about her home planet, and it deeply bothered you. So when you asked her about how life in Tamaran was, she was beaming with excitement to tell you. 
She recounted stories about her younger days, green eyes seeming to glow more intensely as she described the festivals that were organized by her people, how they celebrated relationships and emotional connections, platonic or not. It’s clear how she carries her world with her with great pride, treasuring her memories with a caring passion. You make sure to pay attention to every word that comes out of her mouth.
Maybe i’m just lucky, you think to yourself.
You’re lucky because you’re the one who gets to see her passionate mannerisms up-close, from the way she does little jumps up and down when she’s happy, to how she squints her eyes when she’s smiles. Everything she does is truly intoxicating and full of emotions, it’s hard not to get lost in her.
Maybe you’re just the luckiest person alive.
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hashiramallows · a month ago
vic anon here and AWWWWW thank you 💗💗💗 that was so cute- if you're not too backed up with requests, i may send another one in soon if that's okay! your work is so good
Anon, you’re literally so sweet!! Feel free to send anything you’d like, thank u for supporting me!! 💗💗💗 
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hashiramallows · a month ago
tim drake + fluff 18, please? i love your blog 💖
fluff 18. “I’m quite comfortable here” with Tim Drake ♡
gender neutral as aways :)
"I need to get back to work" You say.
But your fingers don't stop running through his dark hair, neither do you make any effort to get up, you're cuddling on the couch, his face buried on the crook of your neck, arms lazily wrapped around your waist, he presses a kiss on your shoulder, holding you slightly tighter. It’s a cold day, Gotham’s rain against your window is starting to make you sleepy, you find comfort in Tim’s warmth, but your unfinished essay keeps you from fully enjoying this moment.
"I’m quite comfortable here.” He says, softly “Why would i move?”
You know it’s not really a question, it’s tempting to stay here, in this little bubble where time doesn’t matter, where there’s just you and him. You might as well be addicted to him, you find it hard to deny him and he’s fully aware of that.
“You’re so annoying” You complain. “But i really need to finish this”
He only cuckles at your comment, yet he doesn’t respond, nuzzling into your neck. He’s quiet for a little while, and you grown a little impatient as time passes.
“Can we cuddle while you work?” He finally speaks.
“I don’t see why not”
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hashiramallows · a month ago
your imagines are all so CUTE
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hashiramallows · a month ago
oh that's so exciting!! you are one of my fav writers so 💜💚💗💜💚💙💚💙
would you consider writing something with young justice! victor stone? i love him but there's next to no content anywhere 😅 maybe reader's a part of the team and helps him get used to everything?
It makes me so happy that you like my work, thank u anon! Hope you enjoy! LYSM  💗 💗 💗
Changes | Victor Stone x Reader ♡
It's early, you could by tell how silent everything was when you woke up, you quietly put milk in your cereal bowl, a yawn escapes your lips, you make sure to appreaciate every minute of silence you can because you know it's not going to last forever, it's only a matter of time before everyone wakes up and the room will be filled with noise again.
"Good morning, Y/N"
You jump a little out of surprise, you weren't expecting someone to come into the kitchen so soon, you're glad that you didn't spill any milk in the process. You turn, only to see Victor standing there. It's been a couple of days since he decided to join the Outsiders, you've been incredibly happy since he decided to stay, even though it has led to Gar endlessy teasing you about how chipper you were. You watch he sits close to you, resting his elbows on the kitchen counter, you can’t lie to yourself, the husk tone in his voice in the morning makes your heart skip a little.
“Morning, Victor” You smile at him, lazily dipping your spoon into the ceral bowl “How are you liking being part of the team so far?”
He takes a moment before he answers, you don’t know whether its unconsciously or not, but he takes a quick glance at mechanic arms before looking back at you. 
“I can’t say i’m used to everything yet, it’s been a big change, not just getting on the team but the way i look at myself has changed as well, but everyone has been very welcoming, so i’m sure i’ll get the hang of things in no time.”
“Well, if you ever feel like chatting with someone, you can talk to me, Vic”
Your smile only grows wider, you’re pleased to know that he’s growing more positive, and he can’t help but smile back at you. He’s glad you don’t know how hot his face feels when you call him by his nickname.
“I’ll keep that in mind”
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