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alary, they/them. i hate this fucking fandom. (warning for occasional het couples & body horror).

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hcllyleafs·3 years agoText


some people ask how the erins could “fix” ashfur but??? imo it’s not really like ‘fixing’ him, its more of just…..leaving ashfur alone. giving him some development, but otherwise?? i dont think he’s really a character who should get an arc; he’s a little too…damaged and irreparable at this point to me

if you wanted to ‘fix’ ashfur, i’d suggest having a small plot in maybe an novella where he meets up w/ ferncloud in starclan. ashfur tries to continue the bond he has w/ his twin sister w/ out mentioning what happened w/ squirrelflight - he hopes that if she doesnt know, they can still be close and he can just pretend it never happened

but maybe someone tells her, ferncloud figures out and she’s angry and betrayed. i would have ferncloud tell ashfur how wrong what he did was, for her to chew him out and to want distance from him for awhile; she feels awful that he never told her and that she was so upset w/ the clan for not figuring out how he’d died

but i think ferncloud would eventually talk to him again; she’s a caring character, loving and sweet - and she does love her brother for the parts she remembers, even if she rejects what he did. i would want ferncloud to actually talk to ashfur about it, to not baby him or “try and understand him” - but for her to tell him that he really screwed up

and then in the end, ashfur decides/realizes that,,, he just needs to stay away from squirrelflight and her kids. the novella would end w/ him realizing that apolgoizing to squirrelflight isnt his “redemption arc”, that she wouldnt forgive him nor should he. it would just end w/ him realizing he needs to figure himself out and stay on his own for a long time before ever trying to really spark up friendships/relationships w/ any other starclan cat other than his family

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hcllyleafs·3 years agoText


Leafpool: Mothwing is so beautiful and intelligent and pretty and wonderful and beautiful and sweet and kind and nice and beautiful. Did i mention she’s beautiful? Gosh I wish I knew what was going on in that beautiful golden head of hers i worry about her so much. She’s so amazing though and such a good medicine cat shes going to do great things. And she’s just so gorgeous she my best most closest friend.

Also Leafpool: Wow this Crowfeather guy is kind of a jerk I want to stay away from him as much as possible he probably hates me anyway and he just glares at me all the time and how can Cinderpelt think I like him?? He’s rude and awful

Crowfeather: *saves Leafpool’s life* I love you

STILL Leafpool: Yeah I think I love you too. 

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hcllyleafs·3 years agoText


warriors would be 100x better if there were actual cryptids or something but none of the cats questioned it, they just thought that they’re nicer and big twolegs

“who left these big footprints, do we need to worry about this??”

“no that’s just the fuzzy ape who lives in the forest too. we give him fruit sometimes and he pets us. he’s nice.”


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hcllyleafs·3 years agoText


dont listen 2 people who say warrior cats isnt real i went to a target at midnight and firestar came from the surrounding woods and offered me marijuana

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hcllyleafs·3 years agoText


drunk history but it’s just me explaining the entire warrior cats series to people who have never read it

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hcllyleafs·3 years agoText


a warrior cat: *has a minor inconvenience happen to them*

that same cat: mmEEOOOWO??? murrrrowwww purrrr hisss meowoww??? meeeoowo he hissed while purring and lASHING his taill???? meOOWOW wOOOWW murr??? MEEEWWWW groWLS snAArl??? claws unsheathed foxdung??

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hcllyleafs·3 years agoPhoto


layers of furry hell

where is warrior cats on this chart….. asking for a friend

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