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heloflor · 5 days ago
Hail Doofania! Is one of my favourite episodes because it shows how much of their identities and worldview teenagers attach to their clothing.
Tumblr media
That’s why when Vanessa and Candace accidentally switch clothing, the other characters’ story arcs flip too.
Tumblr media
There’s the obvious matter of Phineas and Ferb building an -inator, and saying how it will “cover the entire Tri-State area” with a rainbow.
Tumblr media
Then there’s Doof building something ridiculously large that Vanessa considers “proof” to finally “bust” her dad for being evil.
Tumblr media
Then there’s the entire thing disappearing indirectly because of Phineas and Ferb’s -inator; it caused a fisherman to get distracted and blow Doofania’s inner tube out.
Tumblr media
There’s also the more subtle matter of Perry’s collar, which is essentially a trap that prevents him from doing what he needs to do.
Tumblr media
Ultimately, Perry is the one who destroys Phineas and Ferb’s -inator by hitting the self-destruct button, with the boys questioning why they put in a self-destruct button in the first place- something that happens with Doof quite often.
Tumblr media
There’s also the parallel of Doof saying “Look at who decided to show up”, which is basically a version of “There you are Perry”
Tumblr media
What I found relatively more interesting was that the boys’ goal was fundamentally misguided, as Isabella meant that she’d never seen a unicorn before, not a rainbow.
This is an interesting parallel, which I think points towards Doof’s mission to take over the Tri-State area being misguided, and that what he actually wants is love and acceptance.
Tumblr media
Another equally interesting observation is when Vanessa complains to her friend about her clothes being switched, saying “how many evil scientists’ daughters do you see...”, but being cut off by seeing that her father was up to something.
This is something that we usually see Candace do- complaining on the phone when she suddenly sees her brothers doing something bustable.
But what intrigues me is that Vanessa associates her clothing with being an evil scientist’s daughter, that she perhaps felt it was more appropriate to be goth if her father was already “evil”.
This hints towards how closely interlinked our identities are with our parents’, especially when we’re younger.
Tumblr media
We also see Candace becoming more overtly confident with herself, something that is not usually seen, and implies that wearing different clothing makes her feel different too.
Overall, it’s an episode with a lot of fun and introspection and I love it.
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heloflor · 15 days ago
jessica rabbit is literally a sex symbol though she can't be asexual?
she is in romo with a rabbit because he makes her laugh and aside from using her looks to get things out of people she literally never once shows interest in anything or anyone sexually through the entire movie and is clearly appalled when anyone makes advances towards her like there is canonical evidence that jessica rabbit from the classic motion picture who framed rogger rabbit is an asexual character  
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heloflor · 16 days ago
Fethry Duck - Possible Autism
I’ve hesitated to make my post about this (even though apparently it’s a very common headcanon) because when I made one on my first blog a few years ago for TMNT 2012′s Donatello (just after finding out I’m on the spectrum), someone hecka went off on me for it, saying it’s offensive that I would attach a “******* mental disorder,” to someone just because they’re socially awkward. Honestly, it was like they had such a low opinion of autistic people that they thought Autism was an insult. Autism isn’t even a “mental disorder.” It’s a different neurological blueprint that results in processing the world in a different way… and since the world is dominated by neurotypicals, sometimes it’s hard for us to deal with things, and that leads to struggles and behaviors people might call “symptoms.” Also, I would just like to say that while people can totally disagree with this very plausible headcanon, if you attack me for it then you’re just the jerk who cyberbullied an autistic person. Fair enough? I think so.
So. Fethry Duck.
Tumblr media
Possibly the ASD representation in fiction us autistic peeps have been missing.
Tumblr media
While media’s most popular suspected aspies (Sheldon Cooper from TBBT or BBC’s Sherlock) primarily demonstrate the one “symptom” of rudeness due to social delays (making aspies look like total jerks), Fethry’s social delays just make him a bit awkward (not mean), and that’s huge.
Tumblr media
An example of his social delays is that he’s genuinely slow to understand that other people aren’t going to be as excited as he is about his ocean obsessions or think looking at krill or barnacle formations in the shape of a tractor are good enough reasons to go to the seafloor.
Tumblr media
He also finds his krill’s glowing colors far more enchanting than others do. Autistic people often have heightened physical senses because our brains don’t process sensory input the same way. This can be overwhelming, but other times it makes us aware of details and beauty that others miss (this is why sensory bottles are so calming). 
Tumblr media
And guys, no joke, this exact thing happened to me on a missions trip once. This will sound weird out of context, but it also might sound weird in context, so oh well. I once got in trouble for pointing out how pretty the color of some lights were and my teammates said I was wasting everyone’s time and it turned into this like half-hour long debate between one half of my team and the other and it was all because I pointed out the pretty lights. And the lights were the same exact colors as those krill!  THIS SCENE YOU GUYS. The shame. The memories. The feels are real.
Tumblr media
Also, earlier in the episode when Scrooge and Donald were recounting their past adventures with Fethry, Scrooge recalled his “rambling lectures.” Sometimes we aspies have an impulse (that’s very hard to control) to babble about our obsessions even though no one wants to hear about them. This is why I joined Tumblr. It’s such a relief to find other people into the same stuff I am. 
Tumblr media
Now for some other signs.
Tumblr media
Let’s start with the “nerd-out gene.”
Even though there doesn’t seem to be an actual gene for Autism, it does tend to run in families. I have it, my little half-brother has it, our nephew might have it, you get the idea. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The obsession with weird stuff is like one of the main things with Asperger’s/ Autism. We have narrow and obsessive interests that a lot of the time our peers don’t give a crud about. We become very knowledgeable in those few subjects, memorizing as many facts as we can.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And as for the whole never-taking-off-his-red-hat thing… SUCH. A. MOOD.  Guys I have this Mickey Mouse hoodie that, if temperatures allowed, I would never take off outside the house. College was extra stressful because of my Autism and Misophonia, but my hoodie gave me a constant. At rehearsals I would only take it off if it got too hot, but then my anxiety would go up and my stomach would hurt (because of my Autism I’ve had anxiety-induced stomach pains since I was eight). I sometimes felt better tying the sleeves around my waist. I fully support these ducks and their need to wear their signature red hats at all times.
Tumblr media
Here’s another thing I love about Fethry.
While it’s common for other shows to take a sign of Autism/Asperger’s and milk it for all it’s worth until the character is an over exaggerated caricature of an aspie *cough*Sheldon*cough*, Fethry feels more like a real person. 
For example, the fact that Sheldon Cooper cannot understand sarcasm has been the subject of many comedic bits on TBBT, but a lot of aspies do understand sarcasm (and it gets easier the more we know the person). Sometimes it just takes us a second though because our brain is naturally geared to take things literally. 
Tumblr media
Also, aspies are commonly portrayed as not caring about other people, but that isn’t true, and Fethry shows that. He was willing to risk his life to keep his little cousins safe, even though he just met them.
Tumblr media
His behavior may be odd,
Tumblr media
but he isn’t a self-absorbed jerk like so many people think aspies are thanks to other media (someone else commented on my post about Donatello the ninja turtle saying they don’t think he could have Asperger’s because he isn’t mean like Sheldon Cooper, and that broke my heart a little). 
It’s like Fethry said when he was talking about his giant krill:
Tumblr media
He’s a little different, and it doesn’t make him bad, or defective, or in need of some cure.  All he needs is some love and understanding from the people in his life.  Actually… first things first, he needs some people in his life. No more solitary confinement for you, good sir! 
I don’t have the authority to say for sure whether someone else’s fictional character truly has a form of Autism or not, but if Fethry does, then as someone on the spectrum, I am extremely happy with this portrayal. 
Now look at his cute little walk you guys LOOK AT IT.
Tumblr media
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heloflor · 20 days ago
can you go into Vanessa and Perry’s relationship? it seems like at certain times Vanessa treats Perry as a part of the family.
You hit the nail on the head: due to the close nemesis relationship Perry shares with Doof, Perry essentially acts as Vanessa's platypus dad (or "platydad," as I like to call it) in the Doofenshmirtz family!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
While Vanessa and Perry appear to have first formally met in “The Magnificent Few” during the summer that PnF takes place in (despite Doof and Perry having been nemeses for years at this point), 
Tumblr media
Vanessa quickly comes to accept Perry as a constant fixture in her life.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In terms of when their relationship began to shift from acquaintances to a more familial vein, Perry helping her save face in front of “the only people whose opinions matter to [her]“ (”Brain Drain”) during “Dude, We’re Getting the Band Back Together“ in addition to helping Doof throw her (judging from her unhappy face in pictures from past birthdays) the best birthday party she’s ever received seems to have been the catalyst for Vanessa and Perry becoming closer.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
At the crux of Vanessa’s interactions with Perry is, of course, Doof. With Charlene consistently not believing her when Vanessa tells her that Doof is Evil,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Perry serves as an adult figure in her life to turn to when Doof’s plans go awry or when Doof’s Evil alignment clashes with her own goals.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Similarly, Perry takes comfort in being able to share with someone the various points of exasperation that Doof’s antics tend to put those close to him through.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Though Perry himself isn’t immune to occasionally being swayed by such antics.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Contrasting with Doof’s attempts to get Vanessa to take an interest in the “family business” (”I Scream, You Scream”) of Evil, 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Perry can also be seen as a guiding influence on Vanessa toward the path of Good, and he seems to take pride in her Good endeavors.
Tumblr media
Notably, as Doof openly considers Perry to be family 
Tumblr media
with Norm seeming to also do so,
Tumblr media
Vanessa treating Perry as family definitely aligns with how the rest of her family feels.
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heloflor · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The face of a man who knows he fucked up and is going to sleep on the couch tonight.
(this is from “World Without Milo”, when they start talking with Elliot near the end of the episode)
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heloflor · 25 days ago
“It’s fine we’ll always have season 4” well if THAT ain’t a mood omggg. What was up with the earlier seasons completely ruining things for Isabella lmao.
like, Phineas being oblivious is one thing. He’s not obligated to return or even understand Isabella’s feelings for him. And “oblivious Phineas” moments are usually pretty funny😂
But. Stuff like the end of Canderemy?? w h y??? WHY spend an entire episode building up Isa actually getting to spend time with phineas only to RUIN IT AT THE LAST SECOND WITH A HORRIFYING VISUAL GAG. especially considering Isabella and Phineas would have gotten to go to the movie alone if it weren’t for CANDACE AND HER INSISTENCE ON BLAMING THE BOYS FOR SOMETHING THEY DIDN’T DO AND—it’s fine it’s fINE it’s fine, I’m fine.
and, ok. ONE MORE “haha poor Isabella” moment that really doesn’t sit well with me is her “trying to ask phineas to the dance” subplot in “Out to Launch.” The end to the subplot itself isn’t the issue—because, again, Phineas isn’t obligated to return/comprehend Isabella’s feelings. BUT, the way the episode built up to that moment, spending half an hour telling Isabella to “hold that thought” whenever she tried to talk to anyone about her plan and leaving her feeling like an afterthought....only to CRUSH HER SPIRIT EVEN MORE AT THE END??? like. w h y. what did she do to deserve that.
I mean. Look at this poor girl☹️.
Tumblr media
It looks like she’s on the verge of tears. But she fakes a smile and pretends to be okay even though she’s clearly hurting....remind me again how this is supposed to be funny???
Because it’s not funny. It’s just awful and sad. And like, this scene isn’t even framed as a joke really...the music is soft and kinda sad, it doesn’t end on a “sting” like you’d expect of a moment like this. So was the point????
Like, the writers could’ve just cut out the subplot entirely, have Isa ask Phineas to the dance out of the blue at the end, and then have him invite Ferb. Make it a one-off joke, not a sad subplot that just ends in more sadness. OR, they could’ve changed Isabella’s reaction to Phineas’s response. Have her roll her eyes, or just groan and be like “of course....” or chuckle dryly and quip “well! I’ll take what I can get/it’s better than nothing!” But no. We’re left with a sad shot of a girl who’s been pushing down her own negative emotions all day for the sake of others forcing a smile and hiding her sadness yet again.
and the fact that Candace succeeds in asking Jeremy to the dance is salt in the wound😑. Because Isabella is a kinder person than Candace. I’m not saying she “deserves” a love interest more than Candace does (sure I would’ve said that when I was younger but not anymore🤣), but it IS strange that the writers chose to “reward” Candace with a date and “punish” Isabella for no reason at all. (See, this is one of the main reasons I couldn’t stand Candace when I first got into the show😅)
And again, Phineas’s obliviousness isn’t the problem here: it’s the writing and framing of the entire subplot.
I mean, I GUESS Isabella’s plot could be seen as a comfort to other kids who’ve been in the same boat as her. But if THAT is what the writers were going for, they should’ve included a scene of the Fireside Girls comforting her and letting her express her true feelings and perhaps find a silver lining in getting to go to the dance with phineas at all. That would’ve ended the subplot on a much sweeter note, like: “Life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to, even if we ‘deserve’ for it to work out. You can still turn to your friends for comfort and try to find a silver lining in sad times, though!”
Like. U G H. I hate this subplot, I hate it. Thank goodness the writers started treating Isa better as the show went on👌.
(“That Sinking Feeling” is the perfect example of a “pining Isabella/oblivious Phineas” subplot done RIGHT. We get Phineas being painfully, hilariously oblivious, we get Isabella being aggravated but in a humorous way, AND we get a sweet moment between them at the end that above all is founded in friendship. That is the Phinabella dynamic. I’m glad the crew figured it out as they went along!)
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heloflor · 26 days ago
Dance lesson
AO3 link
When Milo has to learn the waltz for a school dance, he ends up turning towards his honorary uncles for help.
Note : Another random thing that’s been on my mind for a while and that I finally decided to write down (I SWEAR I’m working on a longer fic). And it’s a fic with no angst and only fluff for once ! And it contains the ACTUAL main character of the show !
But yeah, joke aside, it’s just some random fluff that turned out three times longer than planned (as usual). Like always, Cavendish and Dakota are married. Also Dakota is a dad with Milo because I love this side of him.
There’s also one line that implies Dakota being too dependent of Cav and I really hope that it doesn’t count as romanticizing it because that’s not AT ALL my intent. I just wanted it to be pointed out but using Milo’s POV definitely makes it seem a bit clumsy, even if it’s just one random throwaway sentence. Which is why I’m talking about it now, to make you know that I’m aware that Dakota has issues and it’s not “cute”. And frankly, if I make more fics that take place after the show, I DEFINITELY would take the occasion to point out that Dakota is seeing a therapist and tries to work out how to let go of Cav and trust him to take care of himself.
On that same note, there’s also one sentence that mentions how Cavendish and Dakota hide their relationship out of fear due to homophobia.
There are also a few sentences that are mostly there to give some random headcanons about Cavendish and Dakota, because why not.
Oh yeah and one important thing : I’m no dance teacher, I don’t know how to dance, and finding info about the waltz without ending with a video is harder than I thought. So be aware that the description of the dance is VERY, VERY far from perfect.
I also don’t know shit about American proms and use it more as a set up than anything, so bear with me on that one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Anyways. Enjoy !
Milo opened the front door of his house, trying not to feel anxious. The day of the annual spring prom was fast approaching. The theme chosen by the teachers for the main dance was slow and formal, to the surprise of most students. While Milo knew that not everyone was going to be perfect when it comes to dancing a waltz, at least among those who would choose to dance it, he really hoped to have a dance with Amanda, who he knew would strive for perfection. And with the almost certainty of Murphy’s Law making the evening more difficult, the least he could do for her was to learn to dance, to be able to keep up against all eventualities.
But learning the waltz was easier said than done. His parents didn’t remember much aside from what it was supposed to look like. As for Sara, she didn’t know how to dance it. Same for his friends. Besides, Melissa had decided she wouldn’t dance if it had to be something like a waltz, much to Zack’s chagrin. So asking them wouldn’t help. Finally, looking it up on the Internet was a no go, as he wanted to learn from a more authentic experience.
So all that was left were dance lessons. But those had a cost. And while Milo considered himself willing to do anything for Amanda, there still was the risk of paying for a lesson only to get the place destroyed over and over again and be banned before learning anything.
Milo didn’t know what to do. Amanda deserved the best, and he truly wanted to be the one to give it to her.
It was with these thoughts in mind that he noticed the three men in his backyard. Doctor D. was working on some machine, helped by Dakota, while Cavendish was standing nearby, chatting with them. While Milo had asked the professor and knew he couldn’t be of any help, he hadn’t told Dakota and Cavendish about it yet.
“Hey guys !”, Milo called as he went to join them.
“Hi Milo !” “Hello Murphy.”, the former time-travelers greeted.
“Found someone to teach you to dance yet ?”, Doofenshmirtz asked as a greeting.
“No. Not yet.”, the teen replied, his smile faltering.
“Something’s wrong ?”, Dakota immediately asked.
“No, no ! I’m fine !”, the short man raised an eyebrow. “Well, it’s not something bad or dangerous. It’s just…”, Milo looked away, suddenly feeling embarrassed to make them think that he had a big problem over something they probably saw as insignificant. “There’s the annual spring prom this Saturday, and I’d love to go with my friend Amanda. But I don’t know the dance and Amanda- she likes when everything that could go wrong doesn’t.”
“Trying to impress a girl for a dance, huh ?~”, Dakota asked in a teasing tone that made the teen blush. “Yeah I’ve been there.”, he shrugged.
“I suppose there isn’t a way we could help you ?”, Cavendish asked.
“Well, I need to find someone who can teach me to waltz. So if you know someone who can…”
Dakota looked at him for a beat, before his face brightened. “Well, I think you just found your teacher.”, the short man cheerfully said, turning towards his partner. The tall man looked between the two before closing his eyes and beaming with pride.
“I have to admit, I’m quite the dancer.”, he boasted.
“Cavendish can dance the waltz ?”, Doctor D. asked. Dakota nodded. “Somehow, I’m not even surprised.”, the scientist deadpanned, earning a glare from the British man.
“I’ll have you know I was taught a variety of dances at a young age.”, Cavendish defended. “I still master most of them.”
“Yeah. He can do anything that’s old-fashioned.”, his partner confirmed. He then leaned towards Milo. “But you don’t want to see him try a modern freestyle. Trust me.”, he jokingly half-whispered, making the teen laugh.
Cavendish cleared his throat in annoyance. He then turned his attention to Milo. “So, shall we start this lesson ?”
“Oh, you mean right now ?”
“Why of course ! Unless you don’t have the time, obviously.”
“no, no ! I have time. I just thought you guys were busy.”, Milo replied, glancing at Doctor D.’s machine.
“Oh that ?”, the scientist said. “Don’t worry about it. They already told me everything I needed to know to make my synthetic-time-juiceinator work.”, he assured. “Or at least I hope it’ll work. We’ll just have to see when I’m done building it !”
And with that, the trio scooted away, letting the scientist do his work.
  “So,”, Cavendish started. “as you may already know, the waltz is a European dance with several variations, with a few danced amongst the highest courts. Given your time period, I assume what you need to learn is the slow waltz, the most universal one. There are two roles in this dance. One partner is the leader while the other is the follower. Since you’re a beginner, I would advise you to be the follower. N-”
“Um…Actually, I have to be the lead.”, Milo interrupted.
“Really ? Why is that, if you have no experience ?”, the taller man seemed genuinely confused.
“Well, the man is the one leading, while the woman follows his steps.”, he explained, wondering why he needed to explain something so basic.
The two former time-travelers shared a look. “They still do that gendered music thing in this time-period ?”, Dakota asked with a frown.
“…Yes ?”, Milo replied. The short man rolled his eyes. “I guess it changed in the future ?”
“It did.”, Cavendish confirmed, not without looking displeased himself. “The one who leads is the most experienced dancer, regardless of gender.”
“Yeah.”, Dakota continued. “That’s why Cav tends to lead. Between the two of us, he’s the one who knows what he’s doing.”, Cavendish raised an eyebrow at that.
“Anyways.”, the tall man coughed. “If you need to learn to lead, I can teach you to lead. Now…”, Cavendish walked to the center of the backyard. “the waltz has a certain amount of moves that you can do depending of your level and comfort. You said your party was Saturday, which means we have four days to teach you as much as possible. For today, we’re going to concentrate on the three most basic moves. The first one is the box step, the essence of the waltz itself. Dakota, if you please.”, Cavendish extended a hand towards the man.
“I-uh-what ?”
“I need a dance partner.”, the tall man deadpanned.
“I don’t know how to dance that, Cavendish ! I’m not a dancer ! I’m more of a singer. And a musician.”, he glanced at Milo at that last sentence, likely trying to amuse the teen.
“I’ve seen you dance the waltz before.”, Cavendish commented.
“Yeah, once. For our first dance. And I had to take lessons before the wedding. Annnd if memory serves, I tripped and fell only a few minutes in.”
“You tripped during your wedding ?”, Milo couldn’t help but ask.
“Yeah.”, the short man shrugged. “But it was fine.”, he let out a chuckle. “I didn’t break anything. Besides, I had been giddy all day. It was one of the best days of my life after all ! One stupid fall wasn’t going to ruin it ! I never did that dance again though.”
“But surely you remember some of it ?”, Cavendish interrupted. Despite his tone, Milo could see a small smile on the tall man’s face. It seemed like Dakota wasn’t the only one thinking about the day they had years ago.
“eeeesh…”, Dakota punctuated his noise with a shake of his wrist.
“Come now.”, his partner grumbled. “I’m sure you’ll get it back soon enough.”, Cavendish grabbed the shorter man’s hand and led his partner to where he had been standing moments ago. He then put one hand on Dakota’s waist and took Dakota’s other hand in his. Despite his grimace, the shorter man didn’t offer any resistance and also took position, a hand on Cavendish’s shoulder.
“Now. The box is a series of steps that the leader takes, mirrored by their partner. The leader starts by moving forwards, then slide, join your feet, change the foot you put your weight on, and repeat the opposite of what they just did, all in the tempo. For the tempo, you have to count from one to three on rhythm. Now watch.”
After his explanation, Cavendish started slowly making the movements he described, one after the other, taking for each one the time to let Dakota follow. Milo looked at their feet and how they moved. Looking up, he could see the taller man glancing at him from time to time, surely to make sure the teen was still listening. His partner, however, kept his eyes down, looking at what he was doing. At some point, Cavendish pointed out the weight he was putting on each foot and how to change it.
Once Milo confirmed that he understood the moves, Cavendish asked him to put on some music with his phone. Then, the former time-travelers started making the steps again, this time moving to the right rhythm, not without guidance from the taller man. Dakota was clumsy and awkward, never looking away from his feet. But with Cavendish’s assurance, and with the shorter man’s ability to just go with the flow, Dakota managed. This made Milo smile a little. Seemed like he wasn’t the only one getting taught how to waltz.
  After explaining everything about the box step, the man introduced the progressive step, followed by the reverse step. Both were rather similar to the box and served to move around the ballroom. The tall man described them as essential to master the more complex moves. Just like for the first step, Cavendish went slow at first to let the teen see how it looked and get Dakota to learn as well, before then following the rhythm of the music.
  “Milo,”, the tall man started as Milo cut the music after a few minutes of dancing. “are you sure you understood everything ?”
“I sure did !”, the teen assured.
“Good. Now, we’re going to show you how to combine all three steps together.”
“Say what now ?”, Dakota asked.
“Before we start,”, Cavendish continued, ignoring his partner’s interjection. “there’s one important thing for you to understand. As the leader of the dance, the choice of where and when to move is in your hands. Your partner is meant to simply follow and mirror your steps so, unless they tell you where other people are, you can’t rely on them to guide you. This is why being the leader is harder than the follower.”
“I understand.”, Milo replied.
“Good. Now the music, if you please.”, the tall man asked in a jokingly polite manner. Milo turned the music back on and watched as the two men started dancing again.
  As the minutes passed and they kept dancing, their moves started to get smoother with Dakota growing in confidence. Eventually, Cavendish let go of Dakota’s hand for a beat in order to lift the shorter man’s chin, making the duo hold eye contact for the first time since they started. The two smiled as they continued. Milo soon realized that Cavendish had stopped glancing at him. The former time-travelers were completely enraptured with each-other as they moved in harmony to the slow pace of the music.
Milo felt a strange fascination in looking at the two men. Never had he seen Cavendish look so…peaceful, before. Of course, Milo had seen him be happy or excited in the past, more than once. But when he and Dakota were talking, Cavendish had a tendency to be annoyed at his partner. Here, there was none of that. Cavendish’s eyes were filled with love and affection for the shorter man, making Milo understand better why the taller man stayed in their relationship despite his numerous complains.
As for Dakota, it was the same. While Milo frequently saw the shorter man in a good mood, it had never been to this extent. Dakota looked at his partner with pure adoration, as if Cavendish was the most important thing in his entire life.
Milo knew that the two were married. While talking relationships with him, Dakota mentioned how long-lasting relationships weren’t all romantic and cotton-candy like how TV portrayed it but instead were mostly about arguing over the dumbest things. Cavendish’s reaction to the statement accidentally gave them away. Since then, the teen promised to keep the secret, if only to keep them safe from what some people might think.
But while Milo had known of their relationship, he never saw a display of their affections. The teen wondered if their first dance had been like this. For a moment, it made him envious. He hoped that, someday, he and Amanda could be like this. That they could look at each other this way, with the same love, the same passion. Maybe this would be possible this Saturday…At the thought, a new wave of determination coursed through the teen.
“w-woah !”, the moment ended as quickly as it started when Dakota suddenly tripped, letting go of his surprised partner in his fall.
“Dakota, are you alright ?”, Cavendish asked. The softness from before hadn’t left the man yet and his voice was full of worry. However, it was cut short as Dakota started laughing.
“And that,”, he said while looking at Milo. “is what happened fifteen years ago !”
“…It did.”, Cavendish admitted with a sigh before helping his partner up. Milo walked up to them.
“I’m getting too old for this.”, Dakota grumbled after cracking his back.
“You’re only 45.”, Cavendish commented.
“So ? It’s already pretty old for this time-period.”
“How old can people get in the future ?”, Milo found himself ask.
“A few people have managed to reach 150 years old.”, Cavendish explained. “This means that a few of the people born today might live long enough for us to have met them in our youths.”
“But even if they live that long, they look like a living corpse by the time they’re 120.”, Dakota interjected.
“Still. With the evolution of science and healthcare, people our generation might live even longer. After all, we already are able to stay in good shape until we get near our 100th anniversary.”
“Yeah. Just look at this guy !”, Dakota pointed at his partner. “In his fifties and still able to run ten miles without stopping !”
“I’m 52.”, Cavendish replied. “And you could be in better shape if you worked out with me.”
“Yeah yeah, I know.”, the shorter man rolled his eyes.
“Anyways. Milo ?”, the teen quickly turned his head as the attention went back to him. Cavendish offered him a hand. “Now that you saw how a waltz looks like, I believe it is time to practice ?”
“Uh ? Oh ! Right !”
“I’m not dancing again.”, Dakota warned.
“I don’t expect you to.”, his partner replied.
Dakota took a few steps back, letting the other two take position.
“Are you sure this is going to work ?”, Milo asked, immediately noticing the large height difference. “I mean, Amanda’s more my height…”
“Don’t worry, it’s going to be fine.”, Cavendish reassured. “Besides, this isn’t about how you hold your partner, it’s about the moves that you make. Now, let’s start with the box step. Do you remember it ?”
“I think so.”
“Alright. We don’t have to use the music for now, just take it slow.”
Milo started moving slowly, following the steps he remembered. Like Cavendish said, the height difference wasn’t that much of a problem, especially with the taller man knowing exactly what he was doing.
  With the minutes going by, Milo got more into it, though not without a few corrections from Cavendish. The teen managed to move smoothly, making the correct steps. And when music was added, it didn’t take him long to manage to follow it. Being in the backyard also helped a lot as Murphy’s Law couldn’t turn as chaotic as it could be in town. The watering system turned on at some point, both his and Dakota’s phone ran out of batteries, and a few birds ended up causing some damage to the place, but it wasn’t anything that could prevent them from continuing. And after half an hour of practice, Milo was happy to see how good he got at the basics.
Seemed like he had a shot to dance with Amanda after all.
  During the following days, Cavendish and Dakota would show up at the Murphys’ house to teach the teen more. Once the basics were mastered, Cavendish taught him some more moves like how to twirl or dip your partner. Due to Cavendish’s height, Milo had had to train those moves with Dakota. These lessons had been more fall-inducing than the others, especially on the shorter man’s end, but at least Milo had been able to learn. And while it took more time to get it right, training with Dakota was really fun. The man was as lost as the teen, so the practice always ended with a laugh. And when they were about to fall, the shorter man always made sure to fall first to prevent the teen from getting hurt. Of course, Cavendish had shown annoyance at the duo’s antics but, as long as Milo was learning, he couldn’t really say anything to them.
Milo had to admit, Cavendish was a far better teacher than he first thought. The man knew how to take it slow, making sure everything was understood before moving to the next level. At the same time, he could be sharp, reminding Milo that he didn’t have all the time in the world and couldn’t just spend the entire time messing around. The man knew how to be involved without suffocating the teen, how to get to the point while still giving enough details.
From the way the man would look during some of his explanations, Milo guessed that Cavendish was repeating things he had been told when he had had to learn to dance. This made the teen sometimes wonder about what kind of childhood Cavendish had, though he never dared asking the man directly. Besides, Cavendish wasn’t there to talk about his past. Milo did once ask Dakota about one of the ways Cavendish would speak. But, as it turned out, Dakota didn’t know anything about Cavendish prior to his time living in the States. When Dakota first asked him about it, the tall man simply told him that anything from his past didn’t matter anymore. The only thing Milo learned was something that Dakota jokingly told him : given his personality, there was no way Cavendish used to be a serial killer or a runaway prisoner or anything like that. So there was no point in wondering about Cavendish’s past, especially if it made the man uncomfortable.
  By Saturday evening, Milo knew most of the different moves possible in a slow waltz, along with a few steps from what Cavendish called an “American waltz”, which sometimes had moments in which the two partners separated.
The teen was extremely grateful for what the former time-traveler did to help him, and made sure to thank him more than once. Cavendish had received the praise with a proud smile. It seemed that the knowledge of helping Milo was enough compensation for him. As for Dakota, he had spent the end of the last lesson teasing the teen, trying to find him ways to approach Amanda, making Milo way more embarrassed than he thought he would be. Though, the shorter man ended his teasing with an encouragement, ruffling Milo’s hair while telling him to just be himself and that, with his talent to turn every situation around, there was no way the evening would be ruined.
Milo had thanked the duo one last time before going to prepare himself for the evening.
And now here he was in his best clothes, in front of the school gym, along with Zack and Melissa. Since they had no intention to do the main dance, the duo had agreed to help Milo by dealing with Murphy’s Law themselves. Zack had even brought his own backpack for the occasion.
“Here we are.”, Milo declared.
“Nervous ?”, Zack asked him with a smile.
“A little.”, the teen admitted.
“What are you scared of ?”, Melissa interjected. “The waltz doesn’t start before a good hour. And you trained for this. You got this !”, she encouraged.
“Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. I got this !”, and with that the trio entered the gym.
  Just like for last prom, the place was greatly decorated. There was already music, played by one of the school bands. As Melissa predicted, the main dance wasn’t before a while. For now, Milo could just relax and have fun, at least as much fun as Murphy’s Law could permit without ruining the evening.
“Hi Milo !”, Milo immediately turned at the familiar voice that made his heart flutter.
“Hi Amanda !”, he greeted. Amanda was wearing a pink dress that reminded him of the one from last prom. The Hispanic girl also had a check-list with her, making Milo quickly understand that she planned the event. “Nice party !”, he complimented.
“Thanks !”
“I guess you’re in charge of every committee again ?”, Melissa asked with a smirk.
“Not this time. I wanted to have more time for myself.”, Amanda replied. “Though I did choose the people in charge. And made sure they all had backup if needed. And gave them all my number in case they need anything.”, the teen smiled awkwardly.
“But now you can have fun !”, Milo enthusiastically pointed out.
“Well, as long as nothing goes wrong.”, Amanda replied, looking in Milo’s direction.
“Oh don’t worry about that.”, Melissa said. “We’re here to make sure everything runs smoothly.”
“Yeah.”, Zack continued, pointing at his backpack. “The committee against Murphy’s Law and its backup are here !”
“Well, we’ll see how it goes.”, Amanda shrugged, though Milo could still see how nervous she was.
“Come on !”, he tried to encourage. “Let’s go see what they got for the buffet !”
“You spend way too much time with Dakota.”, Zack commented as the group started moving.
  The evening had started in a great note. Of course, not everything went perfectly with Murphy’s Law. But, as long as Milo kept an eye open for trouble, the party could go on.
After several songs and about half an hour into the party, the lights toned down and the music changed for something more classical. Milo felt his heart start to beat faster.
It was time.
Turning towards his friends, Melissa gave him a gentle punch on his shoulder while Zack gave him a thumbs up, before the duo walked away, ready to deal with any eventuality.
Milo gulped, tried to calm himself with a deep breath, and turned his attention towards Amanda. The Hispanic teen was looking at the dance floor where a few couples were already starting to waltz, while others opted for a slow dance instead.
Milo offered her a hand, getting her attention.
“May I have this dance ?”, he asked, not without a blush.
Amanda looked between him and his hand before finally smiling. “Sure.”
Milo tried not to let his excitement show too much as he led her to the dancefloor. Remembering all of Cavendish’s lessons, he took position and they started to move.
As he expected, Amanda seemed to know exactly what she was doing and danced around with grace. Milo was doing pretty good too. He was especially satisfied about how easy it was to be with someone his size after spending four days dancing with taller people.
“You’re doing amazing !”, Milo flattered after a twirl.
“Thank you, Milo. You’re doing great yourself.”
“I’m glad you think that !”, the teen felt his face flush again. “I…I really trained hard to have a chance to dance with you.”, he admitted.
Amanda looked away with a blush of her own. “I’m…very glad that you did. And-“
She suddenly stopped as both of them heard the sound of glass shattering. They stopped in their tracks and turned at the same time, looking for the source of the problem. But as soon as they noticed the broken window, Zack was on it, already sweeping the shards away.
Milo was relieved to see that nobody had been hurt. He and Amanda shared a look before smiling and starting to dance again.
As they went through the room together, Milo started thinking of Dakota and Cavendish and the way the two of them would look at each-other while dancing. His envy from a few days ago came back as he thought of the possibility of him and Amanda being like that. Maybe that was it, maybe they could-
His thoughts were interrupted by a scream, and the pair stopped again, ready to act. But just like a few minutes earlier, the problem had already been half-resolved by Melissa who winked at the duo. Milo and Amanda went back to dancing.
“Melissa and Zack sure are doing a lot of work.”, Milo commented.
“I have to say, I’m impressed.”, Amanda replied. “I know they said that they got this, but I didn’t expect them to be so effective.”
“Well, they do have a lot of experience helping me deal with Mur-“, Amanda shushed him before he could finish.
“I think we’re unlucky enough without you mentioning it.”, she commented.
“Sorry.”, he replied.
“It’s alright.”, she reassured.
For a few instants, she smiled at him and he smiled back, growing in confidence. But before he could say anything else, another anormal noise was heard. And yet again, they stopped in their tracks, only to realize that the situation quickly got solved without their intervention.
“They really seem to have got this.”, Milo murmured, looking at his friends smiling at him and smiling back.
“You know, I’m surprised to see them willing to take this time to help instead of dancing.”
“Well, Melissa didn’t want to do this kind of dance.”, Milo explained. “And…weeelll, they kind of agreed to look out for me during this dance, so that we can have fun.”, the teen looked away, embarrassed.
“Oh.”, Amanda stayed silent for a beat, both teens looking away. “Well I’m…I’m glad they did. And perhaps…maybe they’re right.”
“What do you mean ?”, Milo looked back at her.
Another noise. But this time, as Milo looked away, he felt Amanda’s hand grab his cheek, pulling his attention back on her. The teen went back to dancing, leading Milo with her.
“I know it may sound crazy coming from me,”, she started. “but I think we should…ignore the mess.”, she looked horrified as she finished her sentence but shook her head to keep her composure. “Your friends got it. Let’s just…let’s just enjoy the dance.”
Milo looked at her for a second before feeling a smile spread across his face.
“You’re right. Let’s just keep going. And whatever goes wrong will get fixed without us !”
Amanda smiled back and the two started focusing back on their steps. Milo took back the lead and the two locked eyes, their smiles never faltering.
Slowly, as they kept dancing, Milo felt like the music was growing louder, making everything around them disappear, until all that was left was the two of them, gazing at each other while the soft music was leading their paired movements. Milo felt his heart pulse faster than ever, and yet, he never felt more at peace. He wanted to smile and laugh like never before, but all he did was continue dancing, admiring Amanda’s elegant steps. After a twirl, once they looked back at each other, the way Amanda looked at him made him feel like his heart was about to burst out. For a moment, he felt peace and happiness, pure happiness, and he wished for this instant to never stop.
He didn’t know how long they kept dancing, how long they stayed like this. All he knew was that, after a dip, it was all over.
The music ended, most of the couples started to pull away, and the band went back on stage. A few feet away, Melissa and Zack were trying to get a student out of a hole in the wall.
Milo and Amanda kept smiling at each other as Milo pulled Amanda back up. The teens then pulled away and avoided each other’s eyes, both blushing but unable to stop smiling.
“Amanda !”, Lydia suddenly interrupted. This snapped the Hispanic girl right out of her reverie.
Milo could only stand there, trying to blink his dream state away, as the two girls talked, until Amanda spoke to him.
“I’m sorry Milo, but I have to go.”, she apologized.
“Don’t worry.”, Milo tried to get his usual cheerful tone back. “A committee needs you, I understand.”, Amanda nodded.
“See you later, Milo !”
“See you later !”, Milo waved as the girls went away.
  “Soooo.~”, Milo was taken by surprise as he suddenly noticed Melissa standing next to him with a smirk. “How did it go ? ~”
“Did you two have fun ?”, Zack continued, not without his own smile.
“It was…magical.”, Milo replied. He was still on cloud nine, Amanda’s smile forever graved on his memory. “Yeah. Truly magical.”
He really needed to thank Cavendish again.
  The school prom was loud, loud enough to be heard a few streets away from the school. Though, the school had quieted for a while. And now, the music started again.
Vinnie smiled. Seemed like Milo’s time to shine was over. He hoped the kid had gotten the dance he wanted with his girlfriend.
With a nostalgic sigh, the man entered his ‘apartment’.
  Balthazar was crouching near the couch, fumbling to get the bed open.
“The kid’s done.”, Vinnie said.
“What ?”, Balth stopped, looking at his husband in confusion.
“Milo. I’m pretty sure the waltz over.”
“How do you think he did ?”, Vinnie smirked. “How much you wanna bet he fell ?”, he joked.
“Please.”, Balth smiled as he stood up. “Milo became quite the dancer. I’m sure he did wonderfully.”
“He did have a great teacher.”, the shorter man flirted.
“And he’s not the only one who learned a lot.”, Balthazar replied. The tall man took out his phone, and quickly put some music. Vinnie just looked curiously as his husband put the phone on the small table and offered him a hand. “May I have this dance ?”
“You’re not serious.”, Vinnie grimaced.
“Come on.”, Balthazar smiled in a way that made the shorter man silently curse the effect his partner had on him. “You did a lot of progress over the last few days.”
“Alright, alright.”, Vinnie sighed, though his smile betrayed his emotions. He took Balthazar’s hand, letting himself be led by the taller man. The two couldn’t move much as the space was small and cramped, but it didn’t stop Balth from doing a variety of steps.
Though, less than a minute into this, Vinnie tripped over the table’s feet and fell, barely giving Balthazar the time to react and push his partner towards the couch. Vinnie half-slumped half-fell into it.
“…Ouch…”, the shorter man complained
“Are you alright ?”
“Thank goodness.”, Balth mumbled, helping him up.
“You know what ?”, Vinnie declared. “We should let the kids do the whole dancing thing. I think I’m going to take a break from formal dances.”
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Tumblr media
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You know what ? You’re absolutely right.
What Cavendish said : you doltish snack hound (derogatory)
What the fandom heard : you doltish snack hound (affectionate)
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Tumblr media
Note that both of them left to suit up at the same time. Fenton had his gear with him. Drake did not. All Fenton had to do was hide somewhere no one would see him for a second and say “Blathering Blatherskite.” Drake probably actually had to go to wherever he was hiding his suit and then change in the bathroom so he wouldn’t scar the children.
Tumblr media
He still got there before Gizmoduck…
Tumblr media
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btw, I’m still not over the fact that the thing that led Dakota to go from “Murphy’s just a kid. Sure, a weird kid with weird stuff happening to him, but still a kid” to “This is my son now and a hero” is Milo saving Cavendish in “The Little Engine That Couldn’t” when Dakota was unable to do so.
Seriously. Here’s how Dakota looks at Milo before the save :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
While Dakota believes the kid is a good person and chooses to act nice with him, he still looks at Milo with a more neutral expression.
But the moment Milo saves Cavendish, his expression changes :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dakota is smiling a lot more afterwards and starts gushing about the kid being like a hero. And obviously, as we see later in “Missing Milo”, he refuses to see the kid as a danger now and decides to step up against Cav’s ideas and talk to Milo.
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What Cavendish said : you doltish snack hound (derogatory)
What the fandom heard : you doltish snack hound (affectionate)
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Music Star
AO3 link
He did it out of pettiness. He wanted to piss him off, to show him how easy it had been to move on, how better off he was without him.
Oh, how the tables have turned.
Note : Another short fic, not my best one but I still wanted to do something with this idea (note to self : when having an idea for a small fic, write it down completely IN THE SAME DAY or you end up with a paragraph that feels out of place). This time it’s about Dakota reflecting on his music career from the episode “A Christmas Peril”. And yes, this takes place in the “breakup” timeline. Also, since they’re mentioned in one paragraph : I went with the idea of Dakota having older siblings (three here, and they’re mentioned from youngest to oldest). And finally, I tried something with the style by playing the pronoun game. Enjoy !
He did it out of pettiness. He wanted to piss him off, to show him how easy it had been for him to move on, how better off he was without him.
Oh, how the tables have turned.
Vinnie arrived at his apartment, a brand-new flat, “as spacious as needed !”, they said. To him, the space just made him feel smaller, made him see how lonely he was.
The flat had a huge window, giving into the building where Vinnie had been only minutes ago to record his new song. It was the same song as his first one, the same tune, with lyrics that barely changed. Not like people would complain anyways. They loved his first hit. But that love was the reason he needed the lyrics to change.
Vinnie sighed, sliding down against the wall like he did every single evening. Finishing his zoo song had been a mistake. Making an instrumental, going to a prod…he regretted it all. He had been angry, had acted as a petty ex, trying to prove something pointless. And now, he had to suffer the consequences. Everyone was singing his verse. The verse he wrote when he had been with him, the verse he made with him in mind, the verse he couldn’t hear without thinking about him.
Ten months. It had been ten months since that night. Ten months since he decided to walk away. Ten months since he got back home and filled those papers before starting to pack up. Then months since they agreed on the divorce. Ten months since they chose to part ways and never see each-other again.
He still wasn’t over it. How could he be expected to, after fifteen years of marriage ?
Every morning, he would wake up to a bed that felt too small, too cold. Every time he would look at his left hand, he would feel the emptiness at the view of his ring-less finger. Every single counting minute of his life, he would still be thinking about him, wondering how he’s doing, if he’s fulfilling his dream of becoming a hero, a well-respected time-traveler.
Vinnie sometimes went to spy on him, when he was doing dangerous missions. Despite everything, he was still worried for him, and he refused to let it go.
He still kept the island a secret, even to the people he became used to confide into.
During the weeks following his divorce, Vinnie spent a lot of time talking with his siblings, telling them the news and having them check on him from time to time. Donnie and his wife Noemi were the most understanding and comforting, assuring him he could call anytime he felt the need to. Bettie had gotten frustrated she was in Europe and couldn’t visit the states due to work, backed up by her girlfriend Sophia who even suggested to do the work for her. Vinnie also suspected that his sister decided to call him during these times. After all, the two had been good friends when they were in-laws. As for Enzie, the older brother got angry, saying he would kill “quello figlio di puttana di inglese !”, not much of a surprise as Enzie had always been a protective brother. Vinnie even received calls from his nieces and nephews, wishing him well.
But while all their views were different, they all agreed on one thing : making a hit song out of something he wrote for him while changing it enough to hurt him had been a horrible mistake. And now that it had been done, the best he could do was try to reduce the damage by getting people to sing the same tune but with lyrics that had nothing to do with the original one, that had nothing to do with any of his feelings. That was all he could hope right now. To get people to stop mentioning his first song. To keep going, as if the zoo song was never a hit, as if it was nothing more than the title of something that spruced his popularity but never defined it.
If he could forget the song, if he could break the bridges that were still tied to him, then maybe, maybe, he would be able to move on.
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Stay safe
AO3 link
“You guys look great !”
“Prepared ! And protected.”
Note : Just a small fic about the last episode of season 2 and how Cavendish seems to care about Dakota’s safety above everything else, given the way he knocks on Dakota’s helmet when saying “protected” (and how he is in general when there’s a dangerous situation tbh. Cav’s an absolute softie when he wants to). As per usual, they’re married. Enjoy !
The teams were separated into different rooms to prepare their bags, hoping Vinnie’s plan would work. The short man was crouched in front of his bag, doing one last check.
bowling pin, ball, hamme-
His thoughts were interrupted when he felt something heavy and metallic gently land onto his head. He put a hand on it, quickly realizing it was a helmet. Turning around, he caught sight of Balthazar. The taller man was a few feet away, walking towards his own bag.
“Afraid I’ll hurt my head ?”, Vinnie joked.
“We’re about to face a heavily dangerous force.”, Balthazar answered back while putting his bag on his shoulders. “I just spent an entire month away from you. I don’t want to lose you now.”
“So what you’re saying is that you missed me ?”, Vinnie continued with the same tone.
“Of course I missed you !”, the taller man replied with indignation. “You think I liked having to survive alone in the forest for so long ?!”
You’re the one who chose to leave., Vinnie had to bite his tongue to prevent the words from coming out. Instead, he approached his husband, taking his hands in his and interlocking their fingers. He didn’t miss the way Balth glanced at the door before focusing on him.
“Hey.”, Vinnie said. “We’re going to be okay. We fought an army of nutjobbers while having to deal with Murphy’s Law. And don’t get me started on all the missions we had before. So what’s a little more Murphy’s Law ?”
“…I hope you’re right.”, Balth sighed.
“Of course I’m right. When am I ever wrong ?”, he joked.
His partner gave him a look that screamed “Do you want the list chronologically or in alphabetical order ?” and the shorter man chuckled.
“Point is,”, Vinnie continued. “we’re going to be fine. We got this.”, his grip on Balth’s hands hardened as he said that last sentence. He gave his partner a hopeful smile. “And then we’ll get back home. Together.”
Balth looked at him for what felt like way too long for the shorter man before finally nodding. Satisfied, Vinnie let go of him and went back to his bag.
“…Vinnie ?”
“Wha-“, Vinnie barely had time to turn around before feeling his partner’s lips press against his. After a second of surprise, he melted into the kiss.
Once the taller man pulled away, he cupped Vinnie’s cheek.
“Please be careful.”, he whispered.
“I’ll be fine.”, Vinnie answered, taking his husband’s hand. “As long as you don’t do anything stupid” for once., he didn’t want to ruin the moment with his thoughts.
“No need to worry for me. This last month…having to survive on my own…it taught me a lot about myself. I am now confident in my strengths and am aware of my limits.”, the answer made the shorter man feel a pang of guilt. Maybe he had been underestimating Balth all this time…
But a voice inside his head reminded him that he had a good reason to be so worried. He tried to quiet this voice. Now was not the time.
After sharing one last longing glance, the two men pulled away from each other and went to join the others. They had a planet to save.
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Watching “Backward to School Night”, and there’s a few things I realized.
1. Dakota said “over here” when they walked out of the diner (directing towards the car). And even if he didn’t say it, their car was still there, so he would’ve gone there anyway. But, instead Cavendish proceeded to walk directly into the street.
2. What if Dakota paid the first time they went to the diner. Which lead in him not having the money to pay for the second meal (assuming Dakota would definitely choose to go back to before they ate). And that would be why Cav had to pick up the check.
3. Little Dakota’s lips form “I love you” when in the principals office. Also, as some might remember, there was little mumbles as he motioned that line. Plus, when Dakota says it, Cav’s eyebrows go up in a way of realization.
4. Milo was coming back with his father from the bathroom in the outdoor scene. And can carry four toddlers (though in “Fungus Among Us” he could quickly lift three grown men).
5. Cavendish is allergic bugdie/parakeet’s.
6. Unlike Doof, Dakota must’ve been great at the jungle gym.
7. Gently holds...
Tumblr media
That is all, have a nice night!
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Tumblr media
yeah uhm . yeah
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"Pinky and the Brain" Theory: Who was Responsible for the Brainania Postcard?
I think I’ve cracked the code. For years, people have been pondering what I’ve been pondering. And that is… The postcard advertising Brain’s “country”, Brainania, which features… Pinky, in a brown wig and bikini… Posing seductively on a beach towel, with his bikini top unfastened.
Tumblr media
The question thus-far has been: who on earth was responsible for the postcard coming out with that result? Whose idea was it for Pinky to pose that way? Or, to even make it be on the postcard in the first place?
I have the answer… I think. And that answer relies on the fact that, in the postcard, Pinky is not wearing lipstick.
No… This is more consistent than you think. Every time Pinky has shown to choose his own lipstick colour, it has always been bubblegum pink. (Ex: Pinky playing around with his make-up when Brain wasn’t home in “Of Mouse and Man”.)
And every time it’s part of Brain’s plan for Pinky to pose as his wife, the lipstick has been red. (Ex: You can tell the outfits in “Noah’s Lark” were Brain’s idea because Pinky mentions that Brain made him wear pantyhose, which he hates).
BUT… Whenever they had an equal amount of input in on the idea and Pinky still ends up in a dress anyway… Pinky doesn’t wear lipstick. (Ex: Brain creates a song in “The Really Great Dictator” and gives lines to Pinky… Who prances in, in a frilly pink dress, but with no lipstick to speak of).
So, with all of that information out of the way… I can safely say that the one responsible for the Brainania postcard is none other than…
…Both Pinky AND the Brain.
But, as for who was responsible for what part of the postcard… I personally think it was Brain’s idea to even have a postcard and to have Pinky be in it… But it was Pinky’s idea to dress up and to pose seductively.
I dunno. This was just an odd idea of mine.
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i love how every version of candace EXCEPT the main universe one is very duty-focused and doesn’t know much else except fighting for her cause. ex. stormtrooper candace and 2nd dimension candace are both very no-nonsense and don’t seem like the types to enjoy things like shopping for clothes and talking about crushes. but they also seem more confident
the implication of this, of course, is that the only reason the primary candace has an anxiety disorder and self-esteem issues is because there isn’t a bigger cause to put all her focus in. busting her brothers is her main focus; still a duty, but a self-imposed one, and not a 24/7 job.
she has less things in the primary universe to distract her from her insecurities. she’s only able to focus in on one thing at a time. and if it’s not her brothers or a war, it leads to negative introspection
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And since I’m still thinking of the rogue arc : Cavendish reacting to Cavenpus by being like “why does he exist again ?” is actually pretty hilarious.
Like, dude. You decided to ghost Dakota, a guy you KNOW would go hell and beyond for you. What did you think was going to happen ?
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