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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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“the eye of the enemy is moving”

some big brother shit right there


“The future is history”


“I see dead people.”

Welp. That’s ominous.


“Crocodile Dundee is about to survive in a different kind of jungle.” 

Send help.


“How lucky can you get?”

Not very, my friend.


“Soon the hunt will begin.”



“The Empire falls.”

…right then.


“Dirty Harry is at it again”.

If I wasn’t in such a hurry to be born, it would be “Come to laugh. Come to cry. Come to care. Come to terms.”


“First, He Was Home Alone, Now, He’s Lost In New York.”

Oh god that turned out grim, thanks a lot Home Alone 2.

“Behind every little fish is a great white lie”

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I did NOT know and this is both very cool that SDs can be trained for this, and very important that we all know how to respect it.


Not sure who needs to see this, but if a Service Dog starts backing into you, pushing you away from their handler, or they sit down at a leash distance from their handler

You Should Move Away.

They are performing a task known as “spacing” or “blocking” that helps reduce or prevent anxiety in their handler.

They are NOT “asking for pets” or being disobedient or asking to be spoken to. All you have to do is stay back from the dog and handler.

This is not a capslock PSA because I’m not sure how many people that don’t have a SD actually know this is a trained task.

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Of fucking course

What sick bastard doesn’t

“You’d be surprised”, said Xaldien, who just lost four followers and received a lovely “men can’t be raped” anon shortly after reblogging this the first time.

Yowch, disgusting.

If I don’t reblog this, assume I’m dead.

Always reblog this

If you Dont reblog this if u see it then i cant call u my friend


If you disagree with me, unfollow my blog, block me and never look at my blog again.

If you want to debate about this or send anon’s about this, I will reply but your actions have consequences.

Out of 19000+ followers I have, only one of you actually reblogged about this issue, yet a lot of you have reblogged and liked a picture by playboy about catcalling and that how men should never do it.

Additionally, I have received abuse in my ask box (which I will be answering when I can) and threats. In particular death threats and rape threats.

I can see the real problem here already. Male domestic violence and rape is just invisible in our society because we don’t want to talk about this because it just damages the status quo of this fucking website.

I’m a male victim of child sexual abuse. We matter. Please, reblog this.

Please never forget male victims are real and it can happen to everyone/anyone

I’m a boy , and when i was younger I was sexually assaulted every damn day for three years by my younger step SISTER, So don’t go saying that ‘boys can’t be raped’ bull shit

This is so important. That kinda shit can happen to everybody

Anybody can be raped, and anybody can be a rapist

Women can be rapists, and men can be raped. Sad but true.

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I do think that it’s pretty interesting how this coronavirus pandemic has showcased how manufactured inaccessibility is. 

When I was too sick to attend high school, I was told that any distance learning accommodations were impossible and I was forced to drop out. Now, my same high school has switched to online courses. 

When I asked my college’s disability office if they could offer any accommodations for days I was unable to make it to class due to my illness, I was told that it was not possible, and that if I missed more than the allotted amount of days I would be automatically failed. Now, my college is offering numerous online accommodations and any illness related absences are fully excused. 

When I spoke with my college about the physical problems that the increased burden of work study was causing me, they didn’t care, and said I could either work 20 hours a week or not get the money. Now, they’re funding work study for students who are either ill or who are not physically be on campus.

It almost seems like full accessibility isn’t actually impossible, and institutions just don’t want to make the effort to include disabled individuals. 

Somehow, when abled people need accommodations, they’re readily available. 

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everyone who reblogs this before 03-30-2020 gets a book recommendation based on their blog in their inbox

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HC that the Potter kids (and probably some of the Weasley kids) are adopted

Harry knows what it’s like to be orphaned at a young age and ending up in a shitty place afterwards. and he’s seen the effects of war on families. it starts with Teddy - his dad’s best mate’s kid. but I like to think James, Al, and Lily were adopted. because this boy knows what it’s like to have no one, nothing to tie you to a family, no one to care for you by choice. and he knows there are thousands of kids growing up like him every day. and he adopts these kids because he doesn’t want them to feel like he did, he genuinely wants to be there for them, to take care of them. and with Ginny being a sports champion, they’ve probably got a lot of disposable income so I like to think that Ginny came up with the idea of opening an orphanage. because she’s seen how Harry gets so attached to these kids and she sees the potential in these kids. she knows that most orphanages don’t have the funds to give the kids everything they want to keep them happy but Ginny and Harry do and wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to take care of these kids and to give them a home when no one else will? so the family isn’t just the five of them - it’s them and all of the kids they’re taking care of because a family is what you make it.

and Molly sits down with Ginny and says ‘I’m so proud of you for giving these children a home’ and Ginny only replies with 'I take after my mum.’

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TFW ur studying chem during the coronavirus 🤢🤮🥴

On another note, hope everyone’s keeping safe! We’ll get through these tough times together!❤️

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“Tell me a secret” with Dorlene, it any other ship you’d like.

This is so freaking long. I got supperrr carried away.


“Truth or dare,” Marlene asked.


Marlene glared at Dorcas. “You’re so boring Dory. This is the fifth time in a row that you’ve chosen truth.”

Dorcas shrugged. “If you wanted something interesting then you should’ve invited Sirius. Or Remus, Remus always has the best dares.”

Marlene nodded. “Should’ve.”

Dorcas rolls her eyes at the blonde. “You got me to sneak out to the lake in the dead of night with a bottle of scotch, Marlene. I think I’ve been daring enough for one night.”

Marlene smirked. “And I thought you said you weren’t interesting.”

“Just ask me the damn question!”

Marlene laughs and plucks the bottle up from between them, taking a long sip.

“You’re helping the Marauders plan a prank?”


A dangerous sparkle lights up Marlene’s eyes. Dorcas winces a bit when she thinks of all the trouble the Marauders and Marlene could get up to. Of course Dorcas herself was no saint, but nothing compared to Marls.

“What’s the prank?”

Dorcas shakes her head and takes the bottle back from Marlene. “That’s not how the game works.”

“C’mon Dory,” Marlene begs.

Dorcas shakes her head, setting the bottle back in the grass and reclining back on her elbows.

“Nope, my turn. Truth or dare.”

Dorcas smiles serenely at Marlene who looks rather irritated with her.

“You’re absolutely no fun, Dorcas,” She grumbles. “Dare.”

“I’m loads of fun. You’re just upset that I won’t let you in on James’ master plan.”

Marlene laughs. “We all know Remus came up with that plan and James, Sirius and Peter are just carrying out orders.”

Dorcas shrugs. “You’re probably right about that.”

“I’m one hundred percent right about that.”

Dorcas looks around the area. There isn’t much you can do at the lake with only two people. Not much except…

“Jump in the lake.”

Marlene, who had taken to creating small shapes with pebbles in the grass looked up. “What?”

Dorcas shoved her lightly with her shoulder. “You heard me. Go take a dip in the lake.”

Marlene shakes her head, aiming one of her small rocks at Dorcas. “It’s cold as fuck out here.”

“It’s really not. Also, you picked dare.”

Marlene throws the pebble — which Dorcas brushes off — and stands. “You suck.”

Dorcas grins at her. “I know.”

Marlene starts taking off her pajamas, shooting the lake apprehensive glances. “If I get hypothermia I’m blaming you.”

“I’m surprised you even know what that is,” Dorcas said.

Marlene throws her shirt at her and then stalks towards the lake.

“Don’t get eaten by the giant squid!” Dorcas calls after her.

“Careful Meadowes or I’ll drag you in with me.”

Dorcas snorts and takes another drink, watching as Marlene comes to the edge of the sand eyes the water.

“Any day now.”

Marlene holds up two fingers behind her and then dives in. Seconds later she resurfaces, rubbing her hands over her arms as she makes her way back over.

Dorcas holds her clothes out to her and Marlene snatched them back.

“Fuck you,” she said derisively, plopping down next to Dorcas. “Ok, my turn. Truth or Dare.”

“Truth,” Dorcas said, grinning when Marlene smacks her arm.

“You little shit.”

“Like I said invite Remus next—“

“Yeah, yeah, yeah I get it, you’re boring. Alright, let’s see. Ummm —- Oh! I got one. Did the sorting hat almost put you in a different house?”

Dorcas blinked, she hadn’t expected this question. “Yes. Slytherin.”

If Dorcas was startled by the question Marlene is absolutely floored by the answer. “Wait, shit, really?”


Marlene runs her fingers through her hair, combing the wet strands away from her face. “Never would have pegged you for a Snake, Dory.”

“Never would’ve pegged you as the type to go skinny dipping in the lake.”

Marlene laughs again, that’s a lie. “Ok that was your fault. And yes, you would’ve. You’ve known me for six years, Dorcas. I’m definitely the type to go skinny dipping in the lake.”


The two sit in silence for a moment, passing the bottle of scotch between them and staring up at the sky. Dozens of stars lit up the sky. Their reflection mirrored in the lake.

“Truth or dare,” Dorcas asked finally.

“Dare,” Marlene replies. Dorcas smiles, she’d known she would say that.

“Tell me a secret,” Dorcas whispers, scooting closer to Marlene.

“What kind.”


Marlene thinks for a moment. What kind of secret could she tell Dorcas. It wasn’t like she had that many. Aside from the obvious. Well, it was obvious to everyone except Dorcas. Marlene supposed that’s how it worked with crushes. You could like them for years and years and they’d never be the wiser. Sometimes both people liked each other and were just too blind to see it. She’d seen it happen with Remus and Sirius. Those two had been chasing each other for years. It was a wonder they hadn’t figured it out sooner. She supposed it was also lucky too. Any longer and she would’ve just outright told them. Marlene risked a glance at Dorcas, it probably wasn’t like that for her, though.

Dorcas had started staring at the sky. The moons light bouncing off her dark skin and giving her a sort of ethereal silver glow.

“Marls?” Dorcas has turned back to Marlene. “Secret?”

Marlene supposed it wouldn’t hurt to clue her in just a bit.

“I’m gay.”

“That’s no secret, you moron.”

“It is to some people.”

“An actual secret, Marlene.”

Marlene grinned at her. “Alright, fine. I like someone.”

Dorcas sat up so fast Marlene had to jump back to avoid their heads colliding. “You alright there?”

Dorcas nodded, slowly lowering herself back down into the grass. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. I just didn’t— tell me about her?”

Marlene blinked at Dorcas. She really wasn’t expecting Dorcas’ reactions to stuff tonight. “She’s um…well..she’s beautiful,” Marlene sighed. “I guess I can’t really describe it, but, it’s like, whenever she walks into a room it gets brighter, y’know? She has some sort of super power that literally cheers me up at anytime. I’ve known her for years and she’s one of the best people I know. I guess she just doesn’t…see me like that.”

Dorcas just stared at her. For quite a while, too. To the point where Marlene gives her a worried look. “Dorcas..?”

Dorcas takes Marlene’s hand. “You’re an amazing person, Marly. If she can’t see that and want to be with you then she doesn’t deserve you.”

“Thanks, Dorcas.”

Marlene looks at their clasped hands. Her cheeks flushing despite the cool air. “Um…Dorcas?”

Dorcas drops her hand quickly. “Sorry.”

“It’s all good,” Marlene says, staring down at her still warm hand.

“We should probably head in,” Dorcas days after a moment.


The two girls pack out their things and start heading towards the castle.

Halfway up the steps to their form Dorcas turns back to Marlene.

“Hey, Marly?”


“I—“ Dorcas starts. Marlene leaves forward a bit. Trying to tamp down the small spark of hope she feels.


Dorcas takes a deep breath. “I— I’m glad we’re friends.”

Marlene feels the sliver of hope fall away. What was she thinking? Nothing was that easy for her. The puzzle pieces never fell into place like that. She wasn’t Remus and Sirius.

“Yeah, me too.”

Dorcas smiles at her and then pushes into the dorm. Marlene sighs and follows her in.

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“Is that... my shirt?”

This was way longer than I originally intended it to be! Ah well, hope you enjoy it!!


“Is that my shirt?”

Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit. I’m screwed, Sirius thought.

Remus was standing in the doorway, one eyebrow raised and a sideways smirk creeping across his face. His eyes trained on Sirius, who was doing his best not to look guilty.

It was indeed Remus’ shirt. In fact it was one of his favorite shirts. Sirius had found it on the floor a little while ago and he had meant to give it back. He really had! He just kinda…forgot. Less forgot more…got attached. Sirius was beginning to wish he’d just given it back when he found it. It wasn’t that it was uncommon for the Marauders to share each other’s clothes. Far from it, actually. It’s just that this shirt was about two sizes too big and belonged to the boy that he might like just a little. Ok, a lot. But now was not time to dwell on that. Now, he had to figure out how to explain this one away without looking like a total idiot.

“Yep, it is.”

Remus snorted and walked into the room, plopping down on his bed and reaching around to the drawer to the side.

“You know I’ve been looking for it right?” Remus asked, back still turned to Sirius.

Sirius nodded, then realizing that Remus couldn’t see him said, “Mhm, yeah, I know. I found it a couple of days ago. I meant to give it back but I just kinda…forgot.”

Remus shut the drawer and twisted around, a candy bar clutched in his hand.

“I could’ve sworn just last week you told me you had an impeccable memory.”

Sirius nodded in agreement. “I stand by that statement.” He took a seat next to Remus, who rolled his eyes and started peeling the wrapper off of his candy bar.

“Whatever you say Mr. ‘Impeccable memory man’. Just don’t forget to do McGonagall’s essay, the one that’s due tomorrow.”

“Shit,” Sirius winced. He’d totally forgotten about that essay.

Remus laughed and flopped backwards, closing his eyes and resting one hand underneath his head. Sirius turned and sat on his knees, staring down at Remus. He really was beautiful. Tawny curls that had overgrown just a little bit, falling onto Remus’ forehead and into his eyes. Sirius had to resist the urge to brush them away, instead trying to focus on some other facial feature. That was a mistake. He’d ended up looking at his freckles. Like their own mini solar system, scattered across his face with a large cluster over his nose. They reminded Sirius of the constellations they’d see in the astronomy tower when they went there late at night. How many of those constellations could he trace into Remus’ freckles he wondered. And his scars, the ones that Remus absolutely hated but Sirius loved. They told a story, he thought. A story of one of the strongest people he knew. A true survivor. Only Remus didn’t see them that way. He saw them as more of a burden, a reminder of the part of himself he hated the most. Sirius really wished he wouldn’t see them that way.

Remus opened an eye and peered up at Sirius curiously.

“You alright, mate?”

Sirius nodded fervently. “All good.”

Remus closed his eyes again. He was silent for a moment and then he chuckled.

“What,” Sirius asked.

Remus laughed again. “Oh nothing it’s just…well this is the only way you’ll ever be taller than me unless you stand on a chair.”

Sirius scowled and yanked a pillow over from further up the bed. He brought it down over Remus’ head. “Asshole.”

“Thanks, I try.”

Remus smirked up at him while Sirius glared back. His expression twisting into confusion a moment later.

“Speaking of essays, weren’t you supposed to meet up with Lily in the library or something?”

Remus pushed himself into his elbows, shoving the last of the chocolate bar into his mouth.

“Yeah, she told me she was probably going to be a little late so I decided to stop by the dorm for a bit.”

“Oh,” Sirius said rather intelligently.

“I should probably head down now, actually,” Remus said, pushing off the bed. He scooped up his bag and headed for the door.

“I’ll see you at dinner,” Remus said over his shoulder.

Sirius started nodding before he demented something.

“Hey!” Remus stopped. “Don’t you want your shirt back?”

“Keep it,” Remus shrugged. “I don’t need it right now.”

Sirius opened his mouth to respond but Remus beat him to it.

“Besides, it looks good on you.” Remus smiled at him and then exited the dormitory.

Sirius practically choked on air. Oh yeah, he was so totally, and completely screwed.

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This is a legitimate concern. I work in the Veterinary Medicine field and we are short on many of the items we need to function and save patients lives on a daily basis - exam gloves, surgical masks, etc.


Able-bodied people and not-chronically-ill people are encouraged to reblog this, whether or not you’re panicking over coronavirus.


The panic over COVID-19 causing people to hoard shit unnecessarily means I can’t find medical supplies (like disinfecting alcohol wipes) without paying an obnoxiously exorbitant amount.

Generally healthy, able-bodied people don’t need masks, exam gloves, or alcohol swabs to protect themselves against COVID-19. But chronically ill people and their caretakers do need those supplies to live their everyday lives.

Calm the fuck down and wash your fucking hands, ableds.

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