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Hello. Im starting a guide toThedas for fanfic wrighters and just fans of dragon age. Please help this silly idea come into fruition by sending bits of info that would be usfull. if you send info to help you if you were stuck in any mideval world. i will still post it but im primaraly interest in thedas lore if this works out i hope it incorages peaple to do there ouwn guids to there favorite storys for example "if you or someone you knew is a new mage the best option would be the Avvar" beacase they are the only cultur besides tivinter who don't treat their mages like there monsters. they treat there mages like any other huan being and they will teach you how to protect yourself as a mage. and if anyone is willing send me art for this site. If someone who is more adept at this is willing take over i will be happy to let them do so. If at least one person partisipates with this prodgect within half a year it will be not used for somthing else

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hitchhikersguidetothedas·4 months agoChat
do not forget
: im terible at undersatanding peaple but i do understand violance both verbal and phisical wont solve anything so here are Major nonviolent resistance advocates who understand how to sugseed by being the beter person Mahatma Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau, Te Whiti o Rongomai, Tohu Kākahi, Leo Tolstoy, Alice Paul, Martin Luther King Jr., Daniel Berrigan, Philip Berrigan, James Bevel, Václav Havel, Andrei Sakharov, Lech Wałęsa, Gene Sharp and Nelson Mandela.
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hitchhikersguidetothedas·5 months agoChat
technology of thadas
: this will be rewriten but if a modern person ended up in thedas sthey might be able to make money as an inventer but theyde have to know the technology thedas has and and doesent have and has to understand what the modern charecter does know technologocly or can figure out how to make, but thats me overthinking.
thedas has: indastry, dark age technology, gun powder,+
thedas dosent have: water filters+
what could be invented: water filters, a slightly beter mediacl knowlege, germ theroy,+
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hitchhikersguidetothedas·5 months agoChat
: there was a argument in a game were two cultures were working to gether and some peaple were not happy about it beacause they felt there culture was being destroyed and i couldnt think of what to say and i couldint cause of the games options but know i do here it basicaly is
: "your culture is not going to be destroyed its going to grow you will learn a new launguage but doesent mean you have to get rid of your old one, they cant make you change your music your art, yes some things are going to change but its up to you to make it change for the better"
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hitchhikersguidetothedas·5 months agoChat
: since ive started the hitchhikers guide to thedas ive notices subscribers "hello nice to meet you" in case you didnt know im trying to wright usfull info for fanfic wrighters and just fans who like to know litle tidbits abot dragon age. i cant pass an english class to save my life and i often miss info so if you write beter than me and/or have information i havent posted please POLITELY send it to me so i can rewright or post it and youll be credited one way or the other.and ill TRY to keep the site nutral from personal opinion like opinions on favorite or hated charecter ill probobly fail but ill try
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hitchhikersguidetothedas·6 months agoChat
game mialstones
: with the understanding that games are extreamily complex and dificult to make what are the things games have and have not done be it story, visual, etc. what would you like to see? please dont turn this into a anger rant.
: 1. it would be nice to have an archive for gamemakers and artists of templates of as many peaple with every color, face, and body type from everywere and showes were there from example there are blond spanards, africans with blond hair, etc i feel it would help with artests and gamemakers to make a divers world.
: 2.some sort of system that helps minoraty gamers who like spisific games like myst, dragon age or any other type be known so game makers know we do want to play games just not the majority games.
: 3.when you see a game charecter with looong flowing hair,dress and lovely hands. as a person with long hair to there elbows i will be very happy.
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hitchhikersguidetothedas·6 months agoChat
: if i were to beacome a mage id first learn hearthmagic and usefull magic items befor atack magic, and wright a book about it.
hearthmagic: magic that is used as a tool like lighting a campfire,healing, feather fall, unsean sefvent,find the path,light,mage hand,purify food and drink, etc.
: can anyone think of usfull mostly harmless spells from games and dnd?
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hitchhikersguidetothedas·6 months agoChat
ways to learn elven
: 1. theres a bottle in the wilds
: 2.the well of sorrows
: 3. ask solas but hed proboble be suspishesh
: 4.posible learning from a spirite who was around at the time.
: this is just me but if you do learn, make it public knowlige. i dont know why anywone hadnt considered it
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hitchhikersguidetothedas·6 months agoChat
archiveofourown terms????
: im thinking of adding the hitchhikers guide to thedas were im trying to find dragon age lore to wright a guide for fans and fanfic writers to use as an if you were suck in thedas guide to the archiveofourown websight but there's a term I'm not sure about using and I wanted to ask around if it breaks the agreement before I post it?
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hitchhikersguidetothedas·6 months agoChat
spirits and demons
: this will be wrighten when more information is presented but by evedence spirits can be extramly helpfull aliys for information or somtiimes fisicaly as long as there nature isnt twisted, it might be nice to give somthing back and your carfull. theres evidense even demons can be reasond with. and it would be nice to know all spirits capabilitys.
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hitchhikersguidetothedas·6 months agoChat
game vs reality
: i know it is hard to make a game, there increadily complex and things that seam simple are not and I salute you. that being said what moments in games have you noticed if it were real life you could solve the problem. here are some of my answers please contribut.
: 1. you can break a chest open if you cant pick the lock.
: 2. there are ofthen pathways orcavers you can clime over or jump over even if your extreamly unhealthy or make a basic bridge or swing on a vine
: 3. fech quests were they ask you for a spisific animal to feed starving peaple when any animal would do and many animals are trying to kill you and it feels like a wast of good meat. or peaple are starving and you have pleanty of food and theres no quest and you cant give them a job
: 4.swiming when you know your carecter should be perfictly capable of it."older assasins creed"
: 5. discising yourself to avoid enimes even if you try and fail
: 6.were peaple are trying to get somewere by ship,plane etc and you have a perfectly good big transport "cogh..pillors of eternity..cough"
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