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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
huachengslastbraincell · 2 hours ago
Langa [holding door]: After you
Reki: No, after you
Langa: I insist, after you
Miya [sighing]: This is going to go on forever so, Langa, do us all a favor and carry that bisexual disaster through the door.
Reki: What-
Langa: Oh, that's good plan!
Reki: Wait-
Langa: [carries Reki through the door looking proud af]
Reki: [blushing aggressively]
Miya: [looking into the camera like in the Office]
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huachengslastbraincell · 2 hours ago
Shadow: This cake is pretty but probably doesn't taste good.
Miya: Just like Reki.
Reki: Pardon me, bitch?
Langa: I'd like to formally disagree with that statement.
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huachengslastbraincell · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
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huachengslastbraincell · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
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huachengslastbraincell · 13 hours ago
Anyways, y’all better start saving your fave fanfics and fanart under the Disney labels cause it looks like they’re trying to curb fair use/fanworks and I’m sure there’s going to be mass panicked deletions even though it’s probably unnecessary cause AO3′s legal team will fight for us.
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huachengslastbraincell · 13 hours ago
Reki: [catches a snack with his mouth]
Langa: Wooooow! Reki, that was so cool! You're so cool, babe. Oh my God, Reki is so cool, guys.
Langa: Did you just see that?
Langa: God, he's the coolest.
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rb and put in the tags if u guys prefer enemies to lovers or friends to lovers and why
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Shadow: What is one thing, each of you love about yourself?
Shadow: Okay, please, nobody say their dicks-
Langa: Reki
Shadow: What?
Joe: Reki?
Shadow: That's...That's not-
Langa: I love Reki.
Shadow [sighing]: Why did I expect anything else from you? Fine, what about you Miya?
Miya: I love Reki as well.
Shadow:...I give up!
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Hello!!! I saw your post where you’re rereading Thousand Autumns, and was wondering, are you reading it in English? And if so, can I please have the link? I can’t find the entire novel translated anywhere 🥺
Tumblr media
I was just about to delete Thousand Autumns from the pinned post bc I’m done reading it + am moving on to Peerless so instead, I’ll just put the links here so people can find it if they need it
Thousand Autumns translation 
Chapters 1-33
Chapters 34-69 ongoing
Chapters 70-79
Chapters 80-85
Chapters 86-90
Chapters 91-99 ongoing
Chapters 100-116 edited mtl
Chapters 117-128 partially edited mtl
Chapters 124-125
Extras 1-13 edited mtl
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Tumblr media
what’s yours?
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Okay since Reki’s VA can sing really well 🥰 I had another idea:
imagine an AU where Reki is a fairly well known singer and Langa is his biggest fan. Langa decides to purse a career as a singer, just, so he can one day be up on stage with Reki. As Langa works his way up, to reach where Reki is, he notices Reki facing a lot of criticism for not being flashy enough during his concerts. Since Reki prefers to be on stage with his guitar and comfy clothes instead of flashy clothing or light effects. Langa finds it upsetting that people don’t appreciate Reki’s unique or raw talent and decides to invite Reki as his V.I.P guest to his biggest concert. As the highlight of his show, Langa sings Reki’s first single (from way back because Langa was always a die hard fan), and grabs Reki’s hand pulling him up on stage with him as he sings. Reki, who was feeling like he was at rock bottom was surprised as everyone in the stadium knew the lyrics to his song and was singing along. Langa set this whole project up on Twitter and asked all his fans to memorize the lyrics of his favourite singer’s single, as he planned on signing it during his show, and for everyone to please sing at the top of their lungs. Overwhelmed by emotions, Reki stood on stage wiping his tears with the back of his hand— but his tears couldn’t seem to stop. Langa sings the final chorus of Reki’s song while wiping Reki’s tears with his thumb and gazing into his eyes lovingly. Placing his forehead against Reki’s, fans start squealing as the lights get low and watch as Reki looks up at Langa in daze with a soft smile on his face as Langa inches closer and closer. Just before their lips touch and the last note plays all the lights in the stadium go out and the fans are left in the dark yelling “OHHHH COME ON!!!”
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Reki: Langa put one of my headbands on his head. I have to marry him now.
Miya: I don’t think you have to.
Reki: No, rules are rules. I will marry him.
Miya: What rules?!
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Reki: oh no, I think I'm awakening to a new kink here.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The end of ep 11 except Joe doesn’t stop Adam and Langa is.. less polite
∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
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Shichigahama [walking into the gym]: OK, listen here you little shits!
Shichigahama: No, not you Shoutarou, you are an angel and we are thrilled to have you here.
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Ryouya: If you have 10 cookies, and I ask for 5, how many would you have left?
Shoutarou: None.
Ryouya: Shoutarou this is basic math-
Shoutarou: I would give them all to you because I love you.
Ryouya [visibly holding back tears]: Disgusting. Absolutely repulsive. Get out of my house.
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Reki: Due to personal reasons I will be sinking to the bottom of the ocean in a large metal box. 
Miya: Langa said “I Love You” and you said “Thanks,” didn’t you? 
Reki: The reasons aRE PERSONAL-
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Reki: Reasons I'm stressed but still optimistic
Reki: 1. Rock bottom is where you find diamonds....I hope
Reki: 2. If I get acne I'll just cheer it on cause thats a tough industry to break out in
Reki: 3. If stress causes memory lose then......
Reki: 4. If my fight or flight kicks in then that means whatever choice I'll make I'd be half a superman.
Reki: 5. Stress is free caffeine without the calories
Langa: Babe, are you alright?
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