and i went home and dreamed of you that night.
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hurricanejjareau · 2 hours ago
✍ Mike Dodds please
Happy birthday!!!!!!! Hope you have a fantastic week!
thank you thank you!!
It was freezing outside, the sun finishing its descent past the horizon, yet here you stood in the New Jersey woods.
“Mike, he’s not going to remember this. Can we please just get one from a stand on the side of the road?”
He halted his movements with the chainsaw and looked over at you with a pointed glare.
“It’s his first Christmas. We need to start the traditions now, even if he doesn’t remember them, we will.”
the small smile you had was spreading a tiny bit of warmth through your body as you rested your hands on your son’s back, making sure he was all bundled and warm as he slept on your chest.
“Ok Clark Griswold, just get us out of here soon.”
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hurricanejjareau · 2 hours ago
omg omg the Barba 5/1 fic and "I'll be yours for the weekend" sound incredible!! Idk how you come up with such great ideas but I'm so excited to read them!
awww, thank you so much!!!! @alexandrablake actually helped me plan out the 5/1 earlier so i’m either going to start it or the dodds fic later for sure!!!
and you guys keep loving “i’ll be yours for the weekend,” so i’m DEFINITELY going to revisit that fic soon!!
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hurricanejjareau · 3 hours ago
peter my love🥺🥺🥺🥺
✍️: five sentences for peter stone for @hurricanejjareau (more than five sentences but I don’t care I make the rules)
“I thought you were leaving,”
you were frozen in your doorway, as peter took in your appearance, sweats and a tshirt highlighting how vulnerable you felt.
“I am, I mean, I was going to. Then I started to pack up my office, and a Mets game ticket stub fell off my desk, with your handwriting and a silly little heart doodle staring right back at me,”
he smiles, trying to hide his own vulnerability by running a hand through his hair.
“I just can’t leave knowing you’re still here. So I’m gonna stay, until we can figure this out.”
you let him stand there as you watched him fidget, let him sit with his emotions for a few more seconds before you couldn’t help it anymore.
your beaming smile was the only assurance he needed. he wasn’t going anywhere.
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hurricanejjareau · 3 hours ago
I will fall in love with anything you post coz I really like your writing style. But I am a sucker for fake dating tropes. So it's the 'I am yours for the weekend' one with Sonny😍😍
awww this is so sweet!!!🥺🥰
i really wanna go back to this fic, so i might do that soon!!!
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hurricanejjareau · 3 hours ago
ooo love the new theme - svu anon
thank you!!! it’s weird not having a character as my icon, but i haven’t found any i like and i wanted to change things up!!
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hurricanejjareau · 3 hours ago
I gotta be honest, last Friday when I said I felt drained it was because of anxiety. For the past few days, I've just felt so low but I can't pinpoint an exact single reason as to why. Either way I've been contemplating of taking a break, which means a small pause on the hearts. Hopefully by next Monday I'll bounce back.
-❤ anon
oh, anon, take all the time you need!!! i know how it feels to be anxious and feel drained and not know why, so take all the time you need for yourself and so you can feel better!!!
here’s some hearts for you until then: ❤️❤️❤️
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hurricanejjareau · 5 hours ago
brother’s best friend troupe with carisi!reader and peter stone. dash of forbidden love because they know sonny wouldn’t approve and have to do everything in secret (until they get caught, of course) and 1000% inspired by brie and brady in the new season of virgin river. (peter stone x carisi!reader)
okay so i DESPERATELY wanna write something (like this is bad).
so if i tell you all the fics i’ve started or want to start, will someone hype one of them up for me so maybe i’ll actually do it???
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hurricanejjareau · 5 hours ago
I’m super excited to read it! (I’m also lowkey writing Mike rn, too. I’m all in my Mike feels)
oh i am also always in my mike feels. it’s very much a thing.
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hurricanejjareau · 5 hours ago
Monday heart! I hope you have a great week ❤
-❤ anon
happy monday!!! have a great week!!!
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hurricanejjareau · 5 hours ago
I just REALLY NEED clothes stealing with Mike 😅
julie i am going to MAKE this happen.
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hurricanejjareau · 5 hours ago
Okay but what if she’s in the Army hoodie AND a pair of his old boxing shorts? She’s just super comfy, lounging in his place, and he can’t stop staring. “You can keep the hoodie, if you want”
“I want you to wear it first, though. So it smells like you 🥰”
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hurricanejjareau · 6 hours ago
Evan Buckley / Waiting
Series: Neighbors (Evan Buckley x Reader)
Summary: After the fire engine crushed his leg, Buck was left waiting -- but he didn't know what he was waiting for -- turns out it was you (imagine being buck's neighbor).
Word Count: 1,373
Warnings: just cute fluff, spoilers for the season 2 finale, mild spoilers for 'buck begins' (04x05),
Tumblr media
That was one thing Buck was never good at.
He couldn’t wait for his parents to love him — he had to get hurt to get their attention. He couldn’t wait for Maddie to leave Doug — he had to find himself on his own (admittedly with some help from the jeep). He couldn’t wait for Abby to get back from finding herself — he had to leave his first love behind.
And he couldn’t wait for his bone to heal — he couldn’t leave the most important thing he’d ever done in his life.
Maddie didn’t get it — and he grits his teeth, but why would she? She was the one who always did the leaving, wasn’t she?
Not like him, he rolled over on his side gingerly. he couldn’t get left behind.
Not again.
But this was a waiting game now because his surgery was scheduled a few days out — but he could wait a few days. His fingers drummed against his couch, but not much longer.
Eddie and Chris had been over yesterday, but everyone was at work now — saving lives, and he was stuck here to his couch, staring at the ceiling, trying to ignore the itch in his cast and the sticky heat of his apartment.
It had been a while since he had felt like the world was passing him by, and right now, it really did. Out of his window, he could see it go — people walking the streets, his team shooting him messages in between their calls, Maddie checking up on him during her breaks — and he was here.
He was always here.
Hell, he was even stuck on the first floor — an eternal roommate in his own place. And he wondered, as he glanced towards the window again, when would he would stop feeling like a bystander in his own life?
And he sits up, frowning.
It takes more than a moment for Buck to get to his feet, grabbing crutches to help him along to the door, scowling at the walking aides — something that had been as easy as breathing, now as difficult as scaling entire buildings.
And that ease had been taken from him.
He opened his door, peering outside — but on the other hand, at least he had an apartment to come home to.
He frowns at the sight before him — several boxes piled up along the length of the hallway — are those boxes blocking the elevator — and then his gaze snaps back to you — your back pressed to the wall beside the door across the hall. But you pay him no mind — only typing furiously on your phone, sweat glinting off your furrowed brow, your lips twisted in a frown.
“Hey,” and your head snaps up, a glare in your eyes that nearly makes him recoil, until your gaze softens, eyes flickering from his cast back to his face, “you okay?”
You shake your head, offering a weak smile, “I feel like I should be asking you that,” and he flinches, “shit sorry, I didn’t mean—”
“Well, I’m doing as well as you could expect,” he sighs, making his way out of the doorway, and sees boxes lining the hall, blinking twice, “moving in or moving out?”
“Moving in, and it wasn’t supposed to be into the hallway,” you rest your head against the wall, “the landlord is going to be another hour or more, unless there’s L.A. traffic on the freeway of course, because who has ever heard of that?” you groan, before your eyes fall back to him, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to complain to a complete stranger.”
“Well, I’d say we’re more neighbors than strangers at this point,” and he smiles at you, as you chuckle, giving him the first real smile from you he’s seen — “do you want to come in?” and you hesitate, “I mean we can keep the door open,” and he feels his cheeks burn as you raise your eyebrows, “so you can keep an eye on your stuff, I wasn’t—”
You laugh, “You’re sweet,” and he hopes you don’t notice the red burning at his neck, “if you don’t mind?”
“Not like I have big plans today,” he shrugs, jerking his head for you to follow him inside, “plus it would be nice to have some company.”
And his heart squeezes as he glances back at you — especially if it's you.
“You stole a firetruck to hook up?” you shake your head, leaning back against the chair you sat in, “I hope it must have been a special occasion to warrant a felony?”
“If you count a desperate need to hook up with a woman I met on a call special,” he offers a weak smile while you shake your head, mouthing ‘no.’ He laughs, sipping at his coffee, “I’ve changed a lot since then, and it’s because of my job, because of the team,” and his face drops, sighing, “and I don’t know if I’m gonna get that back now.”
You frown, your eyes drifting to his leg, “If you don’t mind me asking, how bad—”
“It’s going to take some time to heal, longer than expected,” he’s shaking his head, “I want to get a surgery to speed up my recovery, in fact, I’m planning on it,”
“But?” and he slumps in his chair.
“My sister thinks I should just wait to see if it heals, but I don’t know,” he leans forward, “you see, this job — it’s given me everything — my friends, family, purpose. If this surgery can get me back there faster, then why wouldn’t I do it?”
“I can’t say I know what that’s like,” you purse your lips, “but Buck, it’s your decision to make at the end of the day. The only thing I know is that life is far too short to make your decisions based on what someone else wants. If your doctor says it’s safe, if you think it’s safe, and then you have to weigh the benefits of getting the surgery versus not,” and then you shake your head, “sorry that is probably the most wishy-washy answer you’ve gotten.”
“No, no, actually,” he blinks at you, before his lips form a half-smile, “do you know you’re the first person who hasn’t told me what to do?”
You snort, “Your friends sound nice, but a little bossy, huh?”
He laughs at that, a noise from his chest that makes your heart flutter, “A little, but like you said, their hearts are in the right place,” he shrugs, before he frowns, “I’m sorry, I feel like I’m talking a lot.”
“Don’t apologize,” you wave him off, “I like listening to you,”
“You do?” and you tilt your head.
“You seem surprised,”
“No, no, I just—” he shrugs, “It usually takes a bit for people to get me I guess,”
“Well, I think I got you the moment you invited me into your apartment,” and he furrows his brow, “you’re sweet.”
He chuckles, “I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that about me,”
“Oh, how do people usually describe you?”
“Reckless, headstrong, stubborn,” and then he lifts his gaze to meet yours, mischievous, “charming, handsome.”
It’s your turn to laugh, before you nod, sipping at your drink, eyes not leaving his, “I can buy that,”
Oh, now can you?
“Well—” he leans forward, but then your phone buzzes, and you tear your eyes away from him, "the landlord's finally here."
"Finally," he gives a weak smile, and he tucks his disappointment away, "well good luck moving in. I'd help but—" his eyes flicker down from his cast and then back up.
"Well you could help?" And he tilts his head, "keep me company?"
He laughs a little, "You spent three hours talking with me and you're not sick of me yet?"
"Well you are charming after all," you throw a smile over your shoulder, as you head towards the door, "you coming?"
And he smiles, and as he rises, adjusting his crutches under his arms, he couldn't help but think he wouldn't mind waiting — if it was always with you.
"I'm coming."
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hurricanejjareau · 6 hours ago
Okay just what if the hoodie is one of his old Army hoodies? He kept it because it’s really warm, but otherwise, he doesn’t care for it. The Army was a way to get away from his father while also pleasing him, and he hates when people come up to “thank him for his service” when he wears it. But seeing his partner in it warms his heart
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hurricanejjareau · 6 hours ago
the stealing clothes and the manager one. i am 100% guilty of joining a sport because of having a crush on a boy
REALLY leaning towards the mike fic.
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hurricanejjareau · 6 hours ago
Okay but them chaperoning Mia’s prom 🥺🥺I need this, Red.
Quick and easy is always great to get back into it! And when I picture someone in an oversized hoodie, perched on Mike’s couch while he looks on heavily in love is just *chefs kiss*
i need it, too, julie, i just have to make it happen🥺
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hurricanejjareau · 6 hours ago
I mean, I’m always on the Sonny train, plus fake dating AU?? Yes please!
But stealing Mike’s clothes is also 😍😍
yes!!! i started this one about a month ago, but i was visiting my family so it just sort of slipped away from me. but i had a lot of it planned out!! there were going to be lots of holidays and stuff they were going to go together (and they were going to chaperone mia’s prom), and i still for sure wanna do it!!!
stealing mike’s clothes is very 😍, and i feel like it would be a really easy fic for me to sorta get back into my groove with, so this one is a strong contender.
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hurricanejjareau · 7 hours ago
I mean they all sound good, but you know how much I love raf
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hurricanejjareau · 7 hours ago
well, if you all REALLY wanna know:
a cute fluffy mike dodds fic that involves stealing his clothes. (mike dodds x reader)
a high school!au fic for peter where reader becomes manager of the varsity baseball team because they have a crush on him (thanks qvo). (peter stone x reader)
a fic based on our song by niall horan and anne-marie where reader and peter break up amicably before he moves to new york and can't stop thinking about each other until they're brought back together. (peter stone x reader)
a college!au fic for sonny where he and reader's families grew up going to neighboring lake houses every summer. the summer before they both started college they kissed, and now that they're back in forced proximity, they never to figure out where they stand. (sonny carisi x reader)
a "right place, wrong time" 5/1 fic with rafael - "five times you and rafael got the timing wrong, and the one time you finally got it right." - i need ideas for this one though so if you want this one shoot me some ideas (rafael barba x reader)
i'll be yours for the weekend: this one is actually a series (?!?) for sonny and i think it could be really fun? it was basically going to be the fake dating trope (we love to see it) where reader needed a date for valentine's day after they lied and said they had one, and carisi agreed to act as their date if they'll go with him to his sister's wedding the next month. things spiral from there and they spend a year being each other's dates to numerous holidays and events while avoiding confessing to their feelings. (sonny carisi x reader series)
oh, and i'm always up for adding onto the baseball!au from 'the bet and the baseball boy.' (peter stone x reader)
okay so i DESPERATELY wanna write something (like this is bad).
so if i tell you all the fics i’ve started or want to start, will someone hype one of them up for me so maybe i’ll actually do it???
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