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Watched Hunter x Hunter and now it holds my soul and my heart in its clutches. This blog is to collect my fav things connected to Hunter x Hunter so I have them all in one place. Also to sometimes post my writing. Don't worry it's not too frequent. Occasionally The Dragon Prince content.

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I can’t hshshshs…ngl it rly reminds me of Hisoka thooo. 😳😳😳

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happy birthday kurapika! you are still my fave to draw :’)

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Updated: 4/4/2020

Adult trio

Sex headcanons

Embarassing and breakup headcanons

Adult trio after their S/o breaks up with them via letter

Yandere Adult trio headcanons

Angsty Headcanons

Adult trio dating headcanons

Sick Headcanons

Baby Adult trio headcanons

Adult trio Harry Potter AU

Adult trio at the carnival with their S/o

Soft, Sick, Unexpected and Bathing Headcanons

Adult trio as greek gods/goddesses 

Adult trio on hugging and being protective

Adult trio flirting/first kiss headcanons

Christmas Headcanons

Adult trio on marriage and commitment

How the Adult Trio Sleep

Adult trio youtube suggestions and movie preference

Adult trio on who they go to for comfort, bad habits and reaction to advice


Something small that he enjoys & how he feels about physical contact

Hisoka on hugs and bathing habits

How he feels about height, what’s his morning schedule and what can make him cry

Hisoka and his inability to form bonds [meta]

Hisoka past/character analysis

“I might be sightly more drunk than I thought”

Hisoka x Hufflepuff!Reader


Chrollo on being injured, what makes him awkward and farewells

Random Chrollo Headcanons

How jealous, persistent and patient he is

 How he cooks, how he feels about physical contact and how he reacts to advice

How he feels about height, what’s his morning schedule and what can make him cry

“I don’t want to feel this way anymore”

“You said that I’d get to have you all weekend. Why can’t you just tell them you can’t go?” - “Because it’s my job, and it’s important.” - “And I’m not?”


Illumi and his worst character flaw, topics he refuses to speak about, and body image

Illumi on hugs and shower habits

How he cooks, how he feels about physical contact and how he reacts to advice

Illumi and winter

Illumi and the beach

Illumi’s reaction to Killua’s girlfriend

“It’s okay to break.” - “I’m not going to break.”

“All I wanted was a happy ending”

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“My hand was made to fit into yours. That’s all there is to it.” - for Hisoka;-)

“Label it however you want, I truly do not care.”

Hisoka replies without even looking up from his phone. He’s propped comfortably across your new couch, snuggled under a pile of blankets he stole from your bedroom, head lolling off the armrest as he snacked on your sweets. He spares you no second thought, giggling to himself as he scrolls through the web, thoroughly unaffected as the world around him shuffles in repetitive motions.

You huff, and set your laptop aside. It’s not for the first time he has brushed off your efforts to put a name to your… relationship. To call it difficult would be an understatement, if you could even use such a term to describe whatever it is you had with him.

He chuckles again, and your phone lights up with a beep. It’s a filtered photo of him in a fake mustache with an eggplant in hand. You turn to see him looking up at you, cheeky grin spread ear to ear across his face. He waves and tosses you a familiar piece of candy. Bungee gum, it expired two weeks ago.

You chuck it back at him, he lets it nail him in the head, ear splitting grin never leaving his face.

It was never meant to be like this. Your lives were never meant to intersect, they were tangent lines that ran close but never met. But somehow, you met him in the eye of the storm, a beautiful mess of red and gold who saved you from your assailant one rainy night, followed you home and for reasons unknown, upended your entire life and has stuck with you since. His visits were sporadic but interesting, mind constantly skipping two steps ahead of yours, and you found yourself swept into the deep undercurrents of his torrential downpour with no way of escape.

He was a whirlwind of color, dancing continuously before your eyes, from the tips of his fiery hair to the manicured ends of his painted toes, a flying mustang that stormed through the skies, running faster and faster alongside unseen monsters, soaring through perilous thunderclouds, reaching out to something beyond your existence.

And it scared you.

“Isn’t this enough?” You remembered asking one day as twilight fell, when he barged into your home, thick with bloodlust and doused in blood, staining the walls a dark red as he dragged a clawed hand through them, leaving angry scratch marks in its wake. You should have left him then, you suppose, when he push you against that very same wall and started fucking you hard. You should have cried and screamed for help (it wouldn’t have helped, you both knew that) when he whispered unimaginable threats into you ear, the smell of death lingering in his breath as he ravaged you, leaving bruises that made you limp for weeks on end after that; your knight in shinning armor. He shattered your idealistic notions of him that very night.

But it wasn’t as if he hid who he was. He made that very clear from the start, when he crushed a man’s skull with a single bare hand like rotten fruit on your second date, or when he easily snapped a man’s neck in half just because he was in a weird mood and could do it. You were a fool to believe he could be satisfied that easily, even stupider to believe he could ever be content with what he had in front of him. He was a voracious man with an insatiable appetite for thrill and excitement. There was always something he was chasing after, too far and too bright for you to see, you had to turn away and shield your eyes from its glare, or risk going blind and losing it all.

That was just the type of person he was, standing above the rest on top of the mountain he carved out himself, towering miles overhead, removed from everyone and everything, where nothing but the sun and the howl of the wind could ever touch him.

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725+ Followers Give Away!!!⭐️⭐️

Thank you for the support! I’m very grateful to have interacted with all of you! :’D

EDIT- DATES: 4/4/2020 to 5/12/2020

- 1st prize: Colored full body sketch OR 2000 word one-shot of your choice

- 2nd prize: Colored sketch waist up OR 1000 word one-shot of your choice

- 3rd prize: (If this gets more than 100 reblogs) colored headshot (1 character) OR 300-word one-shot


1. You don’t have to be following this blog, although a follow would be greatly appreciated ;)

2. Only reblogs count as entries, and you can enter as many times as you want! Just don’t spam your own followers

3. Don’t tag this as a give away cause tumblr has been having issues with that

4. Give away blogs don’t count

5. Winners will be randomly generated and I’ll contact them 

6. I’ll contact the winner via pm box, so check it! If the winner doesn’t respond in 48 hours, I’ll pick another winner

Writing samples: here and here

General Guidelines

I can do/write OCs (I love ocs!) though I will need references

Written prizes must be hxh related or be original content

I won’t draw:


2. Excessive gore (a little blood is ok)

3. Excessive violence/abuse

4. Underage shipping with adult characters

5. Mecha

I won’t write

1. Explicit NSFW (a little is fine)

2. Excessive violence/gore

3. Underage shipping with adult characters

4. Anything that makes me too uncomfortable, if I think a scenario is too dark I would let you know and we will try to work something out

If you have any questions, let me know!

All the best ;)

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Do you think there are moments where Killua actively tries to show off/impress Gon? And vice versa?

Oh this is a really interesting question, thank you! 

I think so, especially for Killua and especially when they first meet?   


Is he showing off on purpose with the skateboard trick?  Who knows?  But probably, right?  Haha

And I mean, I’m not the only person to pick up on this, because this is a meme on tumblr: that Killua is edgy on purpose during the Exam arc, to impress Gon with the most notable thing about him, which is that he’s really good at killing people XD. 

(And not just Gon either - he also does that weird flex where he drinks all of Tonpa’s juice to show off his poison immunity, right?  There was no reason to do that, EXCEPT to show off…)

It’s hard to say if Killua’s really trying to show off with all the things he does, I guess, because he’s always purposefully downplaying it… trying to look cool without seeming like he’s trying to look cool.  And sometimes he just seems bored, like this is all normal.  But I think he’s showing off here too:


He makes a point of crushing the heart, right?  He didn’t have to do that.  And later he plays it off - my dad can do it without even spilling a drop of blood - but it’s clearly a point of pride, that he can rip people’s hearts out. 

At the same time, I don’t know how much of this is showing off for Gon specifically, compared to showing off in general?  Also, Killua is sometimes ominous in the beginning of the manga - like when he says he’s the same as Hisoka - and you could read it as he’s trying to be edgy to impress Gon… or you could read it as Togashi is trying to build suspense  around this new character. Like, is he trustworthy? Is he dangerous?   At this point we don’t really know Killua, so his intentions are little more up in the air.

(Or as the HxH 99 episode title puts it: Good Boy?  x Bad Boy?  x Killua.)


It works on Gon though, he’s impressed by the assassination techniques, like Rhythm Echo for instance:


In general Gon is impressed with Killua, he finds the assassin techniques cool, not scary, even though the adults around him tend to be more put off (Netero tells him there’s no reason for a “good boy” like him to learn Rhythm Echo, an underworld technique).

Gon also impresses Killua when they meet, BTW:


In Gon’s case, it’s harder to say whether he does this on purpose, or just does it by being himself.  In general he seems to be someone with a lot of social awareness of others, who picks up on when other people are not at ease (he’s always asking if Killua’s OK)  

BUT, he seems pretty unself-aware of how he himself comes across, and especially when it comes to his own abilities, like being able to smell really well, being really strong, having great focus and stamina, etc… 

So I’m not sure Gon has the awareness to purposefully show off?   He does end up impressing Killua anyway, though:


SO anyway, I’ll say Killua in the beginning is probably showing off on purpose, especially with his assassination techniques, but making it look like he’s not showing off.  And Gon ends up impressing Killua, but not on purpose, because he doesn’t really have a good sense for what’s normal or not, or impressive or not.  He’s just being himself. 

(Though Gon can look innocent, while also devising strategies XD he’s not as straightforward as he looks. So I guess we can’t rule out that he’s only pretending not to know when he’s doing something impressive.   But, I don’t think so.) 

So why are all these panels from the Exam Arc?  Because I think the dynamic between Gon and Killua fundamentally changes after this…

In the beginning, Gon and Killua don’t really know each other that well, so it’s all about gradually revealing things about yourself, and hoping the other person has a good impression of you.  Killua is more desperate for friends and more mindful of how other people view him, so he tries harder to make a good impression. Gon is just himself, and he ends up impressing people (not just Killua) with that, but probably not on purpose. 

This changes for Gon when he hears about Killua and Illumi from Satotz. Then he realizes that Killua really needs a friend, and resolves to be that friend for him.  And it changes for Killua when Gon comes to rescue him… at that point they become friends “for real” based on like deep stuff, and not just being the same age…    

And the manga lampshades this actually:


It’s a new beginning after the exam and Zoldyck arcs, their dynamic changes.


They always had a teaching dynamic, but Killua in general seems less desperate to impress.   And part of it, I think, is that he doesn’t have to try to impress Gon… a lot of what he says just naturally impresses Gon, who is an open-minded person. 

I would say that starting in Heaven’s Arena, there’s less trying to actively impress each other, and more of both of them imitating each other - in particular, Killua tries to live in a way that he guesses Gon would approve of, and not kill people anymore.  And Gon ends up imitating Killua a lot, and vice versa.  I actually wrote a whole essay about this, so I’ll just link it here:


More behind the cut, because this got long as usual XD. 

Читать дальше

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i hope u know that ur a hero


i mean you were really close but the actual breakdown is:
L - let’s
G - go
B - bully
T - that
Q - quwrof
I - idiot
A - already


L - let’s

G - go

B - bully

T - chrollo

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4.4.20 the only yr we’ll will witness his bday being weed number

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Killua: I mean, yes okay that wasn’t strictly legal, but it was just one time! Gon is the one who usually gets us into trouble

Gon: Name one time

Killua: Flooding the Hunter blimp with bubble bath mixture

Gon: Name two times

Leorio: The bee incident in Times Square that led to a volcano exploding

Gon: Name three times

Kurapika: I have your antics listed both alphabetically and by severity. You DON’T want to start this discussion 

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Short shorts <3

Also can you find the jojo references? Fufufufu there are 3 :3

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I am a bit late here, but I wish you all the best in upcoming year  💜


The best Christmas present - v - <3 !!!!!!!

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