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hyakunen-no-dorama · 6 years ago

Ono Daisuke to Kamiya Hiroshi in DGS #702: Why are you talking without looking at ME?

Also Ono Daisuke: Starting an oneself radio programme

But…DELIGHTFUL DAYS is unexpectedly great, isn’t it? I mean, such a shy man like Ono-san finally can hold a radio by himself; therefore, it can be considered as a huge development. I know he was worried, yes we also did worry, however after 3 weeks everything is going smoothly! He has tried his best to make those people who love him happy and that is the most wonderful thing!!
As always, I wish all the best for him. I really hope DD will go along with DGS, to make Saturday night becomes the most stunning time of mine ❤
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hyakunen-no-dorama · 8 years ago

Ono Daisuke will have his OWN radio programme “DELIGHTFUL DAYS” which will be aired at 24:00 every Saturday night on Tokyo FM, from 3rd Oct!!


Anyways, I wish him all the best since this is his decision, then I deepy looking forward to it!! ☺ Saturday night will be our best time, because there are DGS & DELIGHTFUL DAYS!! However, I really hope that it won’t have any region lock…😢

By the way, there is a meme I found on weibo and it’s really funny!!

Pic 1: Ono Daisuke at his own radio
Pic 2: Ono Daisuke at DGS (lmao)

source: 北纬一度的云 (weibo)

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hyakunen-no-dorama · 10 years ago

Let me show my thoughts about DGS #698 within a picture

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hyakunen-no-dorama · 10 years ago
Tweet: At the end of every year, when Ono-san tells “I want to co-star with you again”:
- At first Kamiya-san said “ EhーI hate it”
- Then he turned to “Well”
- The next line was “Alright”
- And finally is “It’s good if next year we’ll be able to co-star again” and “My goal is to co-star with Ono-kun.”
I could cry since he says it.
It is too wonderful in the 14th year when those two people look back on their co-starring products and laugh.

It has been a while from the last time I translated something about my beloved ojisan-tachi; therefore I want to do one. DGS 700 episode celebration is near, so I think that to translate a thing which reminds everybody of their 14 years is not so bad, right?

Anyways, if you want to ask me anything about Daisuke and Hiroshi, please feel free to DM me or give me an ask!! I will be really glad 💙💛

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hyakunen-no-dorama · 11 years ago

Fluffy ojisan-tachi〜( *´︶`*)

I want to hug them tightly, awwwww

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hyakunen-no-dorama · 11 years ago

Cover VS. Reality 😌

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hyakunen-no-dorama · 11 years ago


Ono Daisuke: This 「Shingeki no Kyojin〜Chronicle〜」 is a proof that we were alive

Erwin Smith & I: STOP IT. THAT’S ENOUGH!!

Daisuke-san, you don’t have to remind me about that deep pain anymore!!

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hyakunen-no-dorama · 12 years ago

[repost] DGS #585

Once they ate in a restaurant, Hiroshi came to the toilet and a restaurant employee recognised him.

Restaurant employee: “You are seiyuu Kamiya Hiroshi right? Why are you wearing Jyushimatsu’s jacket?”
Kamiya Hiroshi: “Well, I was cold so Ono-kun gave it to me.”

I love the fact that Daisuke was so warm and caring toward this skinny ojisan~ And the fact that they came to have meal with each other - while Hiroshi denied they weren’t close enough to go to eat some years ago >w<

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hyakunen-no-dorama · 16 years ago

C: That’s right, baka! Leader, are you baka?!

D: Shut up.

C: I’m sorry?

D: You apologize immediately?

C: I apologize immediately. Because I apologize, so try to forgive me.

Oh my gosh my babe HIRO-C is sooooo adorable >v< Somehow he is obedient? wwwww And Riidaa ONO-D is cool, I love those two and whole MOB a lots ~~~

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hyakunen-no-dorama · 16 years ago

DGS #685’s Danwashitsu: Kamiya & Ono’s exchanged diary.

(Question from DearGirl: “[…] How can you two have couragement to deal with your old selfs?”)


「Dear “dear Ono-kun”,

Thank you for the curry you gave me before. The curry which Ono-kun made had a lots of vegetable. I thought that even if Ono-kun had noticed about my health, or I was over-thinking? Next time, I will make a meal for Ono-kun, how about eating hot pot together?」

「Dear “dear Kamiya-san”

You ate my curry? I was a bit worried because putting the curry without any words before your house, then you knew it was the curry I made and I was happy. You ate it even if I hung it on the door? By the way, the pot sounds good. Then after the meal, shall we go to the IKEA together?」


「Dear “dear Ono-kun”,

IKEA was fun. Actually just in time, I wanted to buy a sofa. Because of Ono-kun’s recommendation, I bought a quite big sofa. But for a person who lived alone like me, the sofa was so big that a half of it was encroached upon the balcony. However, it was Ono-kun’s choice; therefore, I would smile and wouldn’t care much about that. I couldn’t imagine that kind of myself.」

「Dear “dear Kamiya-san”,

IKEA was fun. I doubt that it would have a day I came to Sweden IKEA with Kamiya-san. Just because of buying a sofa, we had a trip 5 days-4 nights. It was risk, wasn’t it? Ah I know it, if I went to the northern IKEA, it just took us an hour by car. This meant you wanted to be by my side a bit longer, right? I know that. Next time I will sit on the sofa in Kamiya-san’s house.」


「Dear “dear Ono-kun”,

I thought about when coming home and seeing Ono-kun sat on the sofa, somehow I was astonished. Something was like “surprised”, you know. Moreover, the lock of my house was broken. “Oh dear!”, I thought that, it could be Ono-kun broke it? Nonetheless, even if Ono-kun did it, I would smile while forgiving you. I couldn’t except myself could become like that.

P.S: Even now the lock is still damaged. That means you won’t need a duplicated key, right?」

「Dear “dear Kamiya-san”,

I was not the one who broke the lock. I just went to Kamiya-san’s house without permission/warning then saw it was unlocked, thus sat on the sofa. Perhaps Kamiya-san was being aimed by someone? I understood. I (will) protect Kamiya-san. From today I will live at Kamiya-san’s house temporary!

P.S: Please prepare a teethbrush with hard threads for me.」

Kamiya Hiroshi: AAAAAA Our 10 years have been done!! 2020 there is nobody wants “Kamiya Hiroshi và Ono Daisuke coupling” anymore!!
Ono Daisuke: That means only Hyorotto Danshi (Umehara Yuuichirou & Nishiyama Koutarou’s radio) and DameRaji (Ishikawa Kaito & Saitou Souma’s radio) are required!!

● Notice and my opinion:

- Well, this is my longest DGS’ translation as far in both my mother tongue and English, I can’t believe it!! Since I’m bad at English as well as Japanese, surely it has so many mistakes. Please correct me, I will be really glad!!

- About Dear “dear Ono-kun/Kamiya-san”, the original line was 「Dear Ono-kun/Kamiya-san he」. As I know, “he”/「へ」 in Japanese that way means “Dear someone”, so the “dear” in the original maybe meant “beloved”, I believe that.

- We cannot know if the story was true because DGS #685 was the first time they shared about this, like went to Sweden just because of a sofa wwwwww And they were as silly as they are right now; therefore, please enjoy this episode’s danwashitsu corner!

- By the way, I’m deeply impressive at Daisuke’s line: 「神谷さんは僕が守ります」/“I will protect Kamiya-san.” I can’t express my feeling whenever I listen Daisuke’s voice told that words to Hiroshi, it seems I might cry. And I love the way Hiroshi knew Daisuke made a curry for him, too!! It’s too sweet, awwww

- The “coupling” word, it was original words from Hiroshi’s mouth. It doesn’t mean as “couple” or in romantic way, it is the same as “combination”. But you can imagine everything you like wwwwww I love onokami, but kami////////ono is not my type absolutely…

And, the last words of those two ojisans, I know it was a joke but somehow made my heart feel bitter. Yes, they are getting more older and older day by day, they have aged a lot while the number of young seiyuus is increasing. To be frank, in my view, although the young is doing well their jobs, they can’t replace the position of seiyuu Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke in the industry either in my heart. I have known Hiroshi and Daisuke since I was in primary school and have loved them for nearly 6 years (even now I’m just a highschool student), there is no way that everyone else can effect me as much as them.
Therefore, I don’t care about their doubt, I will continue loving them pernamently. I will always by their side, and the only one thing I want say is: “Please keep smiling, laughing like that. Please be happy as always.”
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hyakunen-no-dorama · 16 years ago


MASOCHISTIC ONO BAND - Like a FAKE (remote recording ver.)

I have just taken a nap and then see this!!

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hyakunen-no-dorama · 16 years ago

“If it is not Kamiya-san and Ono-san, it can’t be happened.” - Suwa Masaru

Suwa-san: “I often have orders like ‘Please create a program like DGS’ but it is impossible. That (DGS) is a miracle. It is not a program that I can make by thinking/thought. If it is not Kamiya-san and Ono-san, it can’t be happened.”

I have nothing to say and to express my love for those two ojisan-tachi, for Uchida-gumi, for the staffs, for DearGirl~Stories~; therefore I decided to translate this to a way to show how DGS means to me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Suwa-san. From now on, please “take care” of Kamiya-san and Ono-san more for us!

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hyakunen-no-dorama · 16 years ago

“Why does Kamiya-san know a lots about my family?” - Ono Daisuke

#1. (Maybe from the Comchat Countdown)

Ono Daisuke: …Somehow it makes me remember about Rikizou.
Sakurai Takahiro: Rikizou?
Ono Daisuke: Oh he is my grandpa.

#2. DGS (I don’t remember which eps, but sure that it from the 600+)

Ono Daisuke: About my grandpaー
Kamiya Hiroshi: ーYou mean Rikizou?
Ono Daisuke: Then my elder brotherー
Kamiya Hiroshi: ーYuushin?
Ono Daisuke: Why does Kamiya-san know a lots about my family? wwwwww

Because in the latest episode of DGS those two old men mentiones MamaD/Hatsuyo, I decided to translate this cute fact (which I translated once in my mother tongue) ^^

So now we know that Daisuke call their family members by the first name without the suffixes (-san, for example) either honorifics (Okaa-san/Mother, Onii-chan/Older brother, etc), somehow I find this is adorable. Moreover, he really lets Hiroshi know about his family and Hiroshi even remembers all the names of Ono-family!! This is such a heart-warming thing >v<

(Anyway, should I repost/retranslate DGS’s stuffs and 2 old men’s things - on my old account, harehiiroo - on this tumblr…? How about your opinions? Please let me know!!)

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hyakunen-no-dorama · 16 years ago

OnoKami’s moment from FesMatsu-san ‘18

Daisuke came down the stairs to have a place to stand, and he chose the position that next to Hiroshi. But what was the problem?

1. This was from FesMatsu-san '18 (August 2018) which was a seiyuu event of TV anime “Osomatsu”, Kamiya Hiroshi & Ono Daisuke had roles in it with their buddies (Fukuyama Jun, Irino Miyu, Nakamura Yuuichi, Sakurai Takahiro, Suzumura Kenichi).

2. Except Suzu-san, their roles are sextuplets and the characters in order:

Osomatsu (Red) - Karamatsu (Blue) - Choromatsu (Green) - Ichimatsu (Purple) - Jyushimatsu (Yellow) - Todomatsu (Pink).

That means the RIGHT order for the seiyuu is (from the left):

Miyu - Daisuke - Jun - Hiroshi - Yuukyan - Sakupyon.

But Daisuke and Hiroshi seemed to break the rule/order.

3. Daisuke, who standed behind Hiroshi without hesitate whilst his RIGHT position was between Jun and Miyu. However, Hiroshi pretended that he didn’t care so much and just made a place for Daisuke to next to him, like nothing went wrong.

The couple of old men still lived in their own world while Miyu and Sakupyon were glancing at him and Jun had to move for Daisuke’s “selfish” wish.

4. You know, Daisuke and Hiroshi often don’t feel as comfortable outside as much at DGS - their own place. However, they still broke the rule and decided to be the other person’s side no matter what in such a crowded event without nervousness - that means the seiyuu/close friends about them have known about their (true) relationship; therefore they could be comfortable like that 💙💛

Bonus: Daisuke and Hiroshi always next to each other although they was seperate 4 times in this corner of the event. I will post it later~
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hyakunen-no-dorama · 17 years ago

What happened to Nyaa-san through the years - from a naive cutie with crystal eyes to a “I don’t care the hell about what you do” cat…?

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hyakunen-no-dorama · 17 years ago

[Rough translation] DGS #683 - Title: “HiroC, let drink (sake) online together!”

1. FutsuSuto’s corner: Hiroshi and Daisuke have a challenge: One of them covers their eyes by an eyemask and guess where is the source of the noise that the rest person makes.

Hiroshi: Covering eyes by an eyemask seems like imprisonment. Yabai!

Daisuke: EI EI EI EI EI!!

Hiroshi: Ono-kun won’t get it!! (小野くんだったら分かんねえ!)

2. ROUND 1: Hiroshi makes the noise, Daisuke’s eyes will be covered.

Hiroshi: *make the noise by rubbing something*

Daisuke: What’s it? Eh?!

Daisuke: He is rubbing somewhere that can cause noise?

Hiroshi: If I give you a hint you will guess it, baka!

Daisuke: A a I know it!!

Hiroshi: So where? Where? Where?

Daisuke: I can’t say it!!

Hiroshi: It is not “I can’t say it” place, answer properly!!

Daisuke: That place…I can’t say it at the radio you know!

Hiroshi: Baka, the answer is “head”!

(What did you thought Ono-san? Lol)

3. (Still) ROUND 1:

Hiroshi: The next question is coming~ I really don’t like it though~

Daisuke: What will it be~

*The noise: quishy sound*

Daisuke: WHAT IS IT?!!

Daisuke: Is it lube? (Pepe lotion) It is lube, it is lube!

The correct answer is lube (lol)

Hiroshi: That water sound makes me feel gross! (気持ちわりい)

Daisuke: Oi oi.

(But why Ono-san could know it was lube AT THE FIRST TIME HE LISTENED IT??)

4. ROUND 2: Vice versa - Hiroshi will guess and Daisuke will make the noise.

(The first game of this round was nothing special; therefore I translated the second game ỌvO)

Daisuke: *make the noise*

Hiroshi: Oh come on the lube again wwwww? So my answer is lube.

Daisuke: COMPLETLY CORRECT! *stir the combine of lube faster* How do you feel?

Hiroshi: This programme (uses) so much lube wwwww!!

Daisuke: *still stiring the lube passionately, even more evenly*

Hiroshi: Aaa…Pleasant…I feel good…Aaaa…(いい感じ)

(Look at Kamiya-san, who said that squishy sound was terrible for him at the first sentence lol)

5. Ending part

Daisuke: Absolutely I won’t do this (play with the lube) at home.

Hiroshi: Me too, I don’t like it don’t like it don’t like itttt!!

Daisuke: So how we should use this? Can I take it?

Hiroshi: It’s okay. I’m sure Ono-kun will use it on that thing anyways.

Daisuke: “That thing” is what?

Hiroshi: “That thing” is “that thing"~

Daisuke: Areeeeee~

(Let your imaginary flies high with me wwww)

Moreover, a weibo account finally found the lube (ぺぺローション/Pepe lotion) that DGS used:

(The purple word 「アナル」 means "anal” *cough*)


And now I have to have some fluff and sweet OnoKami to get over from those hardcore and dirty mind ojisan-tachi.

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hyakunen-no-dorama · 17 years ago
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hyakunen-no-dorama · 18 years ago

Tonight at 21:00 (Japan’s timezone) on You Yosuke’s official youtube channel, there will have an utattemita (“cover”) of “Lucky Star” - Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger’s theme/opening song. Hiroshi will join with his beloved cat - Nyanko-sensei/Nyaa-san >v<

It has been a long time since the last time Nyaa-san appeared, as I remembered. Sometimes I was worried that something bad could happen to Nyaa-san, but now she is absolutely okay、良かったね~ And how I love Hiroshi’s happy face when Nyaa-san nexts to him. Please take care Hiroshi for us, Nyanko-sensei!!

Hiroshi held Nyaa-san’s hand…It seemed he wanted Nyaa-san to say hello to everyone or sing along the music.
How adorable~~

Their message is advicing people to stay at home, so please avoid going outside as much as you can!!

Other seiyuus who join the project: Nakai Kazuya, Ono Yuuki and Kimura Subaru.

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