TW: EATING DISORDER, SUICIDE, AND SELF HARM. not pro at all. this is for me. 20 y/o, 4'11" | original content | I contribute bad memes to ED tags

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hybreadloaf·2 days agoAnswer
Why guys are naturally skinny and don't have to work out i hate it! :(

So guys have a body type with thinner hips and wider shoulders which gives the appearance of being ‘naturally skinny.’ Also, most boys are taller so they have higher TDEE (total daily energy expenditure–calorie wise). Guys also tend to have more muscle which makes their metabolism faster.

It is extremely irritating, I agree.

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hybreadloaf·2 days agoAnswer
Hello! I'm worried about myself. I'm 155 cm and my weight is 48 but i've still got a bally full of fat. IDK if i'm underweight or not. How can i know?

***Please nobody comment about BMI. That is the opposite of what I just posted.***


Hi, anon!

Honestly, height and weight are not the best measurements for determining if someone has an ED. I’d take a look at your behaviors around food. Are you restricting certain foods? Are you restricting ANY foods for weight loss reasons? Do you have a bad self-image? Are you engaging in bulimic/BED/anorexic behaviors?

If so, that’s where my worry is. Because ED behaviors lead to nutritional deficiencies which can lead to all sorts of health problems–heart arrhythmias, liver failure, kidney failure, catabolism of muscles, hair and nail problems, etc.

If you are a woman, there is always a small pouch on your belly that is important. Even the fittest women have that small pouch because its part of the immune system–its called the omentum and it protects against infections and toxins.

ED’s have bad health consequences even if you aren’t underweight. Please see a doctor if you’re having serious (or even not-that-serious) health issues. Message me anytime if you need help.

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hybreadloaf·3 days agoText






The whole self love thing is good and all but some people can’t fathom being loved. They can’t imagine there being anything good about them. So they can’t simply just stop doing unhealthy things, there’s a process.

Before self love you have to invoke self tolerance and self neutrality.

If you can’t say “I love my body!” say “my body gets me from place to place.”

If you can’t say “I’m beautiful,” begin by shutting down the “I’m ugly” thoughts and saying “I’m a person.”

If you can’t say “I’m valuable” begun by shutting down the “I’m worthless” thoughts and say “all people deserve basic respect, and I’m a person.”

If you can’t say “I’m important,” or “I’m kind” say “I am the one who waters my plant every week” or “I am the one who tips the kind barista down the street” or “I am the one who makes sure my dog does not eat plastic” or “I am the one who leaves long comments on people’s fan fictions.”

I’ve genuinely never seen a way to bridge the gap, especially body-wise. There’s loads about self-confidence and loving your body EVERYWHERE, but no one really explains how to get there. It’s great to have the former, but I’m glad this info is out there.

Here is some great advice from some bloggers on how to set an incremental goal to get to self neutrality. 

-FemaleWarrior, She/They 

This is something they teach in eating disorder ACT treatment and is the only thing I think I could use to recover

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hybreadloaf·4 days agoText

Update 2 on roommate situation:

I got to a bad point today and eventually texted my therapist (which I have a debilitating and irrational fear of doing) and y'all will never believe what happened.

It fucking helped. And then I had a good night tonight.

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hybreadloaf·5 days agoAnswer
Your roommate's a bitch. Who are they to tell you that your life isn't falling apart?

Thank you anon. It helps to know that I’m not going crazy here 💙💙

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hybreadloaf·5 days agoText

Update from the roommate situation:

Me: “I’m freaking out about this assignment”

Her: “You’re not allowed to freak out because your life isn’t falling apart. You’re not chasing after a guy who doesn’t want you.”

Yup. My life definitely isn’t falling apart. I definitely didn’t cut last night and I’m definitely not falling into lower and lower restriction every time you bring up how you’re not eating. Fuck you.

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hybreadloaf·5 days agoText

I want to self-harm to the point of needing stitches rn but at the same time I can’t because I dont want to take up the time of nurses dealing with covid19 stuff. And its driving me insane

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hybreadloaf·6 days agoText

Me: talks about exercising (not in a disordered way as I try to be sensitive regardless of if they have an ed or not)

My roommate: “or you could just not eat for 3 days. Worked for me, I lost 15 pounds.”

Me: holds back tears and goes to cut once I’m alone

Btw my roommate doesnt have an ed, she just went through a breakup

I’m not a faster. I’m a medium restrictor and now I feel like shit.

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hybreadloaf·7 days agoText

Dear My Followers,

I hope y'all are staying safe and healthy during this time. I am here for you. That is all.


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hybreadloaf·9 days agoText


You are not wasting your therapist’s time.

You are not faking it for attention.

You are not using up services that other people need more.

You deserve help.

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hybreadloaf·18 days agoText

To all my followers with OCD or who have a fear of sickness or germs:

To my followers who Lysol their kitchen counters or phones daily. To my followers who use hand sanitizer every time they open a door. To my followers who go through a bottle of hand soap in a week.

I empathize with you.

This is a scary time. And not just because of the virus, but because people are buying up all the cleaning supplies that we normally use. Now our coping mechanisms (which, undoubtedly are sometimes used to unhealthy extents) are gone. Or they’re being rationed out to customers. And that’s scary as fuck.

I’m with you guys on this. Just know that I’m here for you, I love you all, and I empathize with your struggles. My dms are open if you ever need someone to talk with or even just to vent.

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hybreadloaf·a month agoPhoto


The Importance of Hand Washing: 5 Different Washing Durations and their Efficiency. (Glowing Regions Show Dirt and Microorganisms). 

1. Before Washing, 2. Rinse and Shake, 3. Six Second Wash No Soap, 4. Six Second Wash with Soap, 5. Fifteen Second Wash with Soap, 6. Thirty Second Wash with Soap.
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