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hyuckles-chuckles·12 hours agoAnswer

Oiii you shall get hugs from me it's oki its just among us, also your crush sounds kinda considerate but also kinda mischievous lol😂 and mushroom anon y u crying I just said hello 😂😂 - 🐽

ah thank you 🤗🤗 and lol i know it’s just among us 🙈 but i look forward to playing with my friends so much and it did really upset me. but yeah he’s really mischievous omg 🙄

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hyuckles-chuckles·15 hours agoAnswer

hello! i saw your nct 2000 liners the breakfast club au and i’m so excited about it!! 😊

ahhh tysm! i can’t wait to begin writing it, but i’ve been working on other things so that’s been put on hold 😁 after i write this oneshot for this collab i’ll probably work on it

but wait……there’s another 2000 liner nooooo 😢 i was struggling to put yangyang in there so shotaro will definitely not be in there and it makes me so sad

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hyuckles-chuckles·15 hours agoAnswer

Bro your crush doesn’t DESERVE YOU😤 if I was your boyfriend I’d never let you go, I could take you places you have never been before😔✋😽

(Also “hello to mushroom anon too” I- maybe I did cry🥺) -🍄

nonononono i’ll explain what happened, because it wasn’t just him it seemed like the whole discord was doing it 🥺

so we’re playing among us and i got some info wrong about my sister’s friend and i wanted to vote her out but what i didn’t realise was that we were on 7 and you shouldn’t vote on 7 if you have 2 imposters if you don’t think you have found 1 of them yet. but it was actually my crush and very good (guy) friend who were the imps and they kept calling me ‘detective adiba’ bc of it and it went on for a while. i was already upset bc my sister’s friend wasn’t really responding in the call after i got her killed and therefore lost that game so when we were in another situation where it was at 7 people i was nearby and just saw the person who died so i had a suspicion on who it was but they still called me ‘detective adiba’ after i told them to stop and that’s when i started crying and muted myself. and i believe that round i texted my sister’s friend an apology bc i felt really bad that she wasn’t talking but she forgave me when we finished playing. and the person who i sussed was the imp in the end so if i voted them out there it would’ve been fine but i didn’t want to be in that situation again.

so like they were just trying to be funny and it was funny in the beginning but they put it in the dirt after bringing it up too many times. so yeah, i’m just a sensitive person and i can cry easily when triggered 🙃

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hyuckles-chuckles·a day agoAnswer

Hello~ hello to mushroom anon too~ I'm so sleepy today 😂 I slept at like 4 am and then at 8 I got to know my phy class was cancelled 👏🏻 and I was so happy I couldn't sleep 🤣🤣🤣 then I attended the other two classes with an hour break in between cuz English got cancelled for two days idek why 👍🏻 and then I should have slept in the evening ig but now I am so sleepy it is taking me 15 min to comprehend one sentence 💀 - 🐽

omg i hope you went to bed 😳 but i’m glad your 8am class got cancelled 😎 groovy

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hyuckles-chuckles·a day agoAnswer

1) ugh Fahrenheit is so EMBARRASSING bc my friend is like “omg it’s 20 out today🥵🥵” and I’m like oh shit better layer up👀 but he lives in SPAIN and I’m just a fool😔✋

2) ahsjaj cricuts are used for like cutting vinyl for like stickers or iron ons for clothes or cutting paper and stuff😌 my first project is going to be a bumper sticker that says “honk if you😇” -🍄

1. one time i made a temperature joke that i stole from a (canadian) meme and said it in america. the joke was something like ‘man i’m waiting for that double digit weather’ but it was already double digits bc it was fahrenheit and i only realized after 😳 my aunt told a neighbour about it and they laughed at my foolishness

2. that sounds so cute omg, i’ll honk 😇

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hyuckles-chuckles·2 days agoAnswer

ASHAKAK I’m so excited it’s 45 degrees today which means I get to bust out my ✨turtleneck✨

(Omg wait 45 Fahrenheit, I’m American lolz🤪🥱) -🍄

when i saw ‘45 degrees’ and ‘turtleneck’ in the same sentence i KNEW it was fahrenheit 🤣 if it weren’t damn, i would’ve started sweating 😓

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hyuckles-chuckles·2 days agoAnswer


get this: f l e x i b l e p h o t o c a r d s

for context, my teacher was leaving and i made a k-pop style album for her, with like a photobook including our memories + a cd full of goodbye/thank you videos and photos so i made a photocard too, but since i couldn’t use a laminator i fixed them up with some sticky book wrap plastic. and bam my pcs are flexible and bendy WEEEW

omg that’s so cute, you must’ve really liked tour teacher to have done that 🥺 + the photocards look bomb 10/10 would purchase 🤑

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hyuckles-chuckles·2 days agoAnswer

ANY TIME I ASK MY FRIEND FOR HER OPINION SHES LIKE “idk do what makes you happy🥰🤩😇” and like yes qween thanks for the reassurance but I have no sense of self and I’m a Libra I would like genuine advice in my decision making😭😭✋ -🍄

omg i hate it when that happens 😫 like i asked for your opinion, please give it to me and not some vague thing 😒

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hyuckles-chuckles·2 days agoText


Rules: Make two pics, one representing you in middle school and the other representing you in present time using this.

tagged by: @neocitybynight <3



lol nothings changed except i am more tired and corona happened and wear only black instead of a bit of colour :)) 

tagging: @ggulovebot @dearyongs @haechanisnctssun @hyuckles-chuckles @loonacitys@bumblebeenct​ + anyone else who wants to 

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hyuckles-chuckles·3 days agoAnswer

🍄 Anon that's so sweet 🥺 meanwhile me and every one of my friends: single 👁️🐽👁️ anyways I don't know what I'm doing I'm so tired of living at home I haven't done anything majorly productive since March I really just hate it here 🐽 and sorry for the rant 🐽

aiii it’s okay, this year has been really weird don’t beat yourself up about what’s happening in your life 🥺 bc trust me there’s a lot of people who are in your boat right now ❤️ so don’t worry too much about not being productive bc as soon as things get to normal it’ll be okay

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hyuckles-chuckles·3 days agoAnswer

Ugh so my best friend’s boyfriend has very clear instructions to consult me when he’s picking a ring to propose, and I got a text from him so I was EXCITED but he just wanted my opinion on a necklace😔✋

I’m disappointed smh, I thought I was gonna get to go ring shopping today😭😭😭 -🍄

omg best friend tings 💅🏻 that’s so cute ngl but it’s sad you didn’t get to go ring shopping 🥺

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