terfs/radfems, acephobes, arophobes, biphobes and panphobes are not good enough for soap. i am 18 and autistic, they/them pls c: OSDD haver but that's not rly relevent to this blog rip. I HAVE EATEN SOAP

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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

i-wish-i-could-eat-soap·7 days agoText

i really admire people who just straight up. put soap in their mouth. are you brave? stupid? yes and yes. i love you

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i-wish-i-could-eat-soap·11 days agoAnswer

honestly i dont remember what most of the soaps smell like bc i made them as like, custom orders for friends! the ones in the box i still have (except for the yellow pan one which was vanilla scented iirc), the clear gay one is a scent called "fruit slices" which is like. a kind of sweet tropical scent? the orange is coffee and glittery, the purple bi one is cucumber melon, and the blue trans one is lavender!

ooh these all sound so good!! im a huge fan of fruity scents especially. the coffee one sounds amazing also!!! ive never thought about coffee flavored scented soap but im unsurprised that its a thing

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i-wish-i-could-eat-soap·11 days agoAnswer

I love your blog! I like cleancore, but so many cleancore blogs post like antibacterial soaps and stuff (which isn't bad, it's just one of my uncommon triggers lol) so I really like all the pretty soaps you post

oh yeah i think i know what you’re talking about, like the transparent images?? those are okay, but they arent very visually pleasing imo

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i-wish-i-could-eat-soap·16 days agoAnswer

just found ur blog and am looking through it like 🤤

oh yeah same??? i do the same with my own blog lmao i…… cnanot help myself

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i-wish-i-could-eat-soap·21 days agoText


TERFs have begun using “hygienic” to mean cis because they’re fucking weirdos who think trans people don’t take baths

I’ve been collecting these screenshots for months to prove my point, this is an actual thing they’re doing and I feel that by now I have enough proof to be making this post. If you see someone calling themselves hygienic in their blog description, that’s what they mean. They mean they’re openly transphobic. And a fucking weirdo who assumes trans people don’t bathe for some reason.

No I’m not censoring the urls, all of these people can go fuck themselves! Block, don’t harass 💙🖤

anyway uuhhh no soap for terfs

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