Welcome to the trash can I made so I could keep my garbage off my camera roll without losing it.

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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

Look just let me have Disney Princess Jaskier okay.

He鈥檚 in a field of buttercups, I鈥檓 allowed to make him excessively pretty.

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How late am I to the fem Ichigo knife shoe party?

For context go to @rayshippouuchiha鈥 and check out her Bleach aus, she inspires like half my stuff at this point so go follow her too.

Extra panel of eligible bachelor reactions under here

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The fact that the Inquisitor swoons in front of Cassandra girl gamer thirst fuels my shield Pentaghast and we don鈥檛 get to see her carry the Inquisitor off in her big strong arms is homophobic and will not be tolerated.

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We definitely lost the battle for short haired fem Ichigo in whichever headcanon @rayshippouuchiha publishes first, but we will not lose the war.

Long haired Ichigo is very pretty, but an orange punky bob is gorgeous and this is the hill I鈥檒l die on.

Side note: got a non broken stylus and wanted to practice.

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Okay now I鈥檓 done touching this up.

Behold- My assertion that deviant Connor is definitely a poodle and not a border collie or a malinois in dog aus.

Bred for tracking and retrieving, extremely handler soft, sensitive, and highly motivated by handler approval. Agile, second most intelligent dog breed, fast, but a little goofy.

Poodles to work to make their people proud, are good at what they do and are constantly looking to improve themselves. Malinois are bloodthirsty assholes and collies are workaholics who are meant to work semi independently from handlers and apparently are born knowing this.

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icantbelieveitsnotdeviantart2 months agoText

Edit: final touch ups

Here to reaffirm that in a dbh dog au Connor would still absolutely be a poodle.

Agile, sporty, driven to please, extremely handler soft, bred for tracking and hunting, second smartest dog breed in the world- enough of this malinois nonsense.

A deviant route Connor is a sensitive people pleaser.

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icantbelieveitsnotdeviantart2 months agoText

鈥淐atch me J,鈥 she murmurs, because she knows he鈥檚 always listening and she trusts him to keep her safe.

Then she leans back, cuts the repulsors, and lets herself fall.

Young miss,鈥 Jarvis鈥 voice rings in her head as she hurtles downwards, 鈥榳ould you like me to tell you the story of Icarus?鈥

JARVIS catches her, safe and sound, long before she hits the ground.

Limitations of Wax by @rayshippouuchiha

Chapter 12

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icantbelieveitsnotdeviantart3 months agoText

Favorite Star Wars fandom trope- living sunflower farmboy Luke compared in any capacity to 鈥榤y body is a seven foot weapon of horror鈥 dad Vader.

Could be Vader wondering how he鈥檚 gonna succeed in the care and feeding of a living sunflower, could be an imperial soldier privately doubting they鈥檙e related, could be a rebel caught between flirting with the sunny twink and choosing to not die via force strangulation. All are good fun.

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