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so it’s sounding like their office numbers are no longer working. At this point I would say that because Mayor Frey has vocalized a desire to have the involved officers arrested, our best bet now is to donate to the various organizations whose links are making their way around the internet right now.

here’s a post with several links to fundraising organizations


You know what else you can do?

Call Mayor Jacob Frey (612) 673 2100

DA Michael Freeman (612) 348 5550

and demand that the officers who murdered George Floyd be arrested


you know what’s meaningful and impactful especially during a time when it really isn’t smart or safe to gather to protest and riot? donating money directly to people/families and foundations that help people and sharing those resources instead of repeatedly sharing trauma porn and change dot org petitions that will most likely never make a difference.


when are we gonna realize that these change dot org petitions are typically nothing more than performative activism that allows people who are unaffected (usually white people) to do the bare minimum and then pat ourselves on the back for being so involved and doing the right thing and standing up for people?

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in the wake of yet another black person being murdered by police, here’s a list of relevant fundraisers and organizations that could use your support right now. 

this is specifically a call to action for fellow white people. if you’re white and you’re in any way able to, donate.

  • George Floyd’s memorial fund
  • Minnesota Freedom Fund: “We value a society that values its people, their freedom and recognizes their contribution to the greater good. A society that does not condition pretrial freedom on class or identity, that has ended mass incarceration, and that invests in restorative and transformative justice.”
  • Black Visions Collective, an org that strives to “shape a political home for Black people across Minnesota. We aim to center our work in healing and transformative justice principles, intentionally develop our organizations core DNA to ensure sustainability, and develop Minnesota’s emerging Black leadership to lead powerful campaigns.”
  • Reclaim the Block, which “organizes Minneapolis community and city council members to move money from the police department into other areas of the city’s budget that truly promote community health and safety. We believe health, safety and resiliency exist without police of any kind. We organize around policies that strengthen community-led safety initiatives and reduce reliance on police departments.”
  • Black Lives Matter National
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I find it interesting how the only thing we hear is Jon’s voice until Martin starts calling for him and we get a static-y breakthrough back into the Real World with the background sounds and everything. Because this is all being taped, right? Meaning either Jon is doing something to the recorder while making statements (likely) or the actual recorders are very specific in what they pick up and are attuned to (also likely). It’s probably a combination of both.

Also interesting to add depth to Jon in regards to how it actually feels when he makes statements? So consumed that he can’t hear anything but himself.

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ALSO i was proven right.

Ive had this theory for a while that the corruption is a breeding ground for the desolation. Dry rot is good for fire see, and family is good for destruction. And the statement part of this episode proved that point amazingly. The apartment, old and decaying, with a family attached to it. That is where the fire burns. That is where the desolation thrives, its sudden destruction feeding off of the slowness and misconceived stability of the home.

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If for some reason i ever get visually famous and i can be on red carpets i do not want to be known for making fashion statements i just want to make fashion choices like bitch a beautiful gem encrusted top with silk pants looks good but where is the party splitting looks? The shit that either makes you literally gag or gag in the gay way. Bitch i want lime green pants that go up to my pecs with a mauve tshirt. Ten zippers thrown around on the body but NOT on the fly thats a button fly honey. MAYBE a cropped mustard jacket. My hair is doing whatever. Unwaxed monobrow. Makeup but ONLY a lime green lipstick that not the same shade as the pants and shitty eyeliner. All of it is versace

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basically we can start by saying white people never have and never will understand the full experience of being a poc so jot that down.

the problem with headcanoning characters as poc, or assigning a race that isn’t white to them when you yourself are white, is that you, as a white person, are erasing SO many nuances of what it’s like to be a poc.

poc started headcanoning characters as black and asian and mixed because we WANT the rep and we are forced to make it for ourselves. we see characters we like and go “holy shit, i want that character to experience my culture and the culture of my colored siblings” so when we make characters colored it’s implied that we’re also acknowledging what this means for their culture, their environment, and their relationships.

making a fictional character a poc is more than just changing their skin tone and giving their race/ethnicity more thought past “ambiguously brown” by naming their country of origin. when i take a character who’s implied to be white and make them brown, i heavily research whatever race i want to make them and adjust the character’s CANON traits to match. this white guy whose last name is smith? i want him to be vietnamese, so his last name is nguyen now. this character who has no canon legal name? i think he’s chinese, so his name is taishi rengui now.

and so on. if the character is in an environment where they will experience modern or historical racism then those nuances will be EXAMINED and WORKED AROUND. if the character has some part of them that i can take and apply their culture to, then i’ll do it. for example, when you hc a girl in media as filipino, are you just giving her race a name or are you acknowledging how she grew up? what was her debut like on her 18th bday? does she like tinola or think it’s bland? would she rather walk to school or take a jeepeny (assuming she lives in the philippines)?

white people like to headcanon a character as colored, then state their ethnicity and make them brown and leave it at that. either that or they’ll just go with ambiguous browness which is a whole other issue of not actually wanting to put in the effort to understanding race. john “whiteman” doe? he’s colored now, i’m making him brown skinned (and maybe saying he’s mexican) and leaving it at that! everything else is the same.

it’s erasure of the experience of racism and is lazy and ignorant of our cultures and how we live, white people don’t understand what our lives are like. colored people are inherently traumatized because of you, and you just want to sit around and befriend us by making characters brown left and right but not knowing why or caring about how it changes every aspect of them?

there’s an additional problem with “racebending” a character only for the sake of stereotypes, and the erasure of lightskinned poc (which ties into ambiguous brown headcanons), and there’s more on the topic of having ambiguous brown hcs, but this is long enough so.

instead of making your own colored hcs when you’re white, try promoting the headcanons that actual poc make because we are a hell of a lot more versed in this shit than you will ever be. stop making characters brown just for fun, i would rather be at peace knowing the whites just wanna make everyone white than in constant turmoil over the erasure of our wonderful colored cultures.

tldr if yr white and desperate to make colored people hcs, just listen to poc and use their hcs. you don’t know what you’re doing lol.

edit: this is ok to reblog but if your white i don’t wanna hear a DAMN word out of your mouth


the long and short of it is that white people don’t know what it’s like to be colored so when they headcanon a character as colored they’re only doing it for the diversity points and never out of a genuine care for poc


can i bring back the discussion of white people making colored headcanons for characters because i feel like that was important but didn’t get discussed enough

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icetones·8 days agoText

lorde was right…… i really am waitin for it, that green light. i DO want it

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i remember the good old days. every thursday we got a new eppysode of our favorite podded cast. now i just suffer

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