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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Now the German government wants a “lockdown light” meaning that restaurants and hair salons close and only people from two households can meet… but they don’t want to close schools where people from 25 households meet in one classroom alone

Make it make sense

I genuinely think I have PTSD from when I had Covid earlier this year because the fact that nobody is doing anything to protect people like me is already stressful obviously but I honestly full on cried this weekend because I developed breathing problems after having Covid and the idea of getting it again because nobody fucking cares about students and their health gave me a proper panic attack

Not to mention we’re doing internships atm and I’m doing mine at a youth home……. with seven teenagers who all go to DIFFERENT schools….. who meet with their friends from other schools afterwards….. most of them also take the bus every day….. it’s scary, and it’s scary that teachers are ok with it and tell us not to worry, we literally have teacher visits as well for some reason

FYI we had 15k new infections yesterday and 77k in the past week

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um not to get emotional on main but the idiots really saw how much the captain meant to lgbt fans and decided to include an overarching story arc about gay love and acceptance across the second series

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ik people are frustrated that the captain hasn’t come out (either publicly or to himself) yet, and i kinda am as i was expecting him to come out this season, but i am glad that fanny’s homophobia was addressed first.

like, imagine how horrible it would’ve been for him to finally be comfortable with himself after decades only for her to go off about how “immoral” it is. he was probably already set back once he learned of fanny’s unacceptance of george’s sexuality (plus making a slip when talking about that builder).

i like how they let him take time and don’t rush his coming out. a rushed or forced coming out, plus being confronted by a homophobic friend/family member, is the worst coming out there could possibly be. that is far from what i want for the captain.

it lets fanny also address why she thought that way. it takes a while, and a lot of effort, to unlearn homophobia, whether it’s internalised or not. she gets to take time to unlearn her homophobia and let her new acceptance grow. she may not always get it right, having been homophobic for her whole life, but the rest of the ghosts, and alison, are accepting and can keep correcting her.

don’t get me wrong, i was a bit disappointed. but, for the reasons stated above, i am glad that they didn’t rush it. the people working on the show are really good at pacing the story. it has been confirmed that the captain’s sexuality will be explored more in further season(s).

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Really love the government telling us to atay at home and meet as few people as possible the next few because our Corona numbers are the worst they’ve been so far… and then reopening schools and refusing another lockdown

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