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She/her. You can call me M. OTPs/Crackships and also anything that goes through my head. I like making gifs.
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idle-nymph 41 days ago

“My child is completely fine” your child has been watching Dylan Is In Trouble for hours on end since last September because he’s the only one who makes her feel calm.

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idle-nymph 42 days ago

“My child is completely fine” your child has developed unrealistically high relationship standards by obsessesing over fictional characters and celebrities twice their age and is thus afraid of dying alone and unloved.

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idle-nymph 295 days ago

Why do I feel so empty

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idle-nymph 3 years ago


鈥淚 think Victoria Pedretti and I, we sort of work in a similar way. That鈥檚 why [since The Haunting of Hill House] we have become so close because we do approach stories the same way and she鈥檚 an incredibly interesting woman. We鈥檙e very, very similar personally as well.鈥

鈥淚 feel like me and Oliver work somewhat similarly. When we talk about characters鈥 I feel like we鈥檙e coming from a similar place. I feel like he is more technical than I am, still. He definitely pushes me [as an actor].鈥

Like, I love them so much??? I ship it, sue me 馃槶馃槶

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idle-nymph 3 years ago

Tarzan Live Action Dreamcast

So, today I was thinking that Oliver Jackson-Cohen is so classically handsome that he’d be perfect to play a Disney prince. So, naturally, I started wondering which one would be the most suitable for him and:

IKR! PERFECTION??? So then I started looking for the perfect Jane (imo, always) AAAANNDDD:



Because, since I saw them playing in Hill House, I visually enjoy them very much together and I’D LOVE to see them play a couple. Tbh, I was so bummed when I found out that Oliver was going to play Jamie’s role on Bly Manor, although, in the end, choosing Amelia worked better, plotwise, and I did like her a lot.

I know it must be weird to most, the thought of them playing a couple, but honestly I really hope and believe that they will be “together” in The Haunting series, at some point. Can’t wait to find out. 馃挊

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idle-nymph 5 years ago

Welp, I’m on the bus. I opened my bag to take my goddamn headphones out, I dropped something on the aisle. I get up to get it, go back to my seat, and as I’m ready to sit, I shit you not, MY ENTIRE BAG GETS FALLS OVER AND EVERYTHING IN IT GOES SLIDING DOWN THE AISLE. IN FRONT OF 40 PEOPLE. LORD, I’M READY TO GO NOW. Will be contemplating this for the next month or so and it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

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idle-nymph 7 years ago

You guys! My little sister is currently playing a game on her phone called “Craftsman”, in which she has several pets, including a cat, a bat, a rabbit, pigs and I’m pretty sure a cow too. Well, she was just explaining the game to me and, apparently, she slaughters her pets, in order to “boost her life” and “get meat to eat”… She proceeded to slaughter one of her pigs for me to see (thankfully nothing graphic) and then said she won’t kill her rabbit yet because she wants it to have babies first in order to have more animals to kill. It’s a building game. She’s 11. I’m (and I can’t stress this enough) fucking scared.

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idle-nymph 19 years ago

I’m saying this now and mark my words, it won’t be long until Marvel casts Timoth茅e Chalamet for a protagonist role and Billie Eilish for soundtrack.

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idle-nymph 21 years ago






This is earth shattering, I can鈥檛 believe there are people, who don鈥檛 think in sentences??? What the fuck is an abstract non-verbal thot? Y鈥檃ll hoes think in Pictionary???? What the fuck

You鈥檙e telling me there are people who actually think in sentences? Like full ass grammatical sentences?

Some of yall dont think in full sentences?

my nonverbal ass is shook bc apparently (according to the replies) people who think in sentences also read in mental sentences… like when ur reading it鈥檚 as if there is a voice inside their heads reading it as if out loud. w i l d

鈫戔啈鈫 The first few sentences are like speaking, then the voice disappears and is replaced by vivid imagery as I get drawn into the story. It’s why I hate being interrupted when I’m reading, it takes time to get into the zone where I can see it again. “Reading” is boring as hell, but *Reading* is the best shit ever

Y'all think?

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idle-nymph 23 years ago

I think Frozen II is the first Disney sequel to have a better animation than the first original movie.

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idle-nymph 24 years ago

I kinda miss the old times when I was younger and my attention span was enough for me to finish a good book I genuinely liked in 2-3 days. Now I’m stuck still trying to finish a good book I genuinely for 8 months.

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idle-nymph 24 years ago

Can Marvel please release every type of content they’ve scheduled for 2020-2023 like, right now? Because WW3 is about to happen and bitch I don’t wanna go without having watched Black Widow, Loki, Doctor Strange 2 and Love & Thunder. I can’t.

Edit: Apparently, WW3 was not the only threat this year. Still, my request remains the same.

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