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Hi guys! this is like my 3rd time looking for someone who can help me out, so I hope this time I will not get ignored entirely:s

I’m writing a BKDK fanfic, and I need someone to help me a bit, if you are interested, please let me know 

If you give me some details on a rough synopsis then I’ll give it a shot

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Chapter 5- Date Night

A/N: This chapter contains heavy sexual themes.

“Hey Kacchan? Can I ask you a question?” Izuku looked to ‘Katsuki, who was currently prepping a meal for their little dinner date.

“Uh, sure. What’s up?” Katsuki stopped what he was doing, moving his attention to the idol.

“What’s up with your quirk? You seem to have two quirks now. What’s going on? You’ve acted differently ever since the sludge villain incident back in middle school. “

“I-it shouldn’t have been me… “ Katsuki’s eyes started to fill up with tears “I can’t tell you what’s this about but it should’ve been you! You saved me dammit! I never deserved it, especially when I was some shitty middle schooler!” Tears rolled down the hero’s face.

“K-kacchan… Don’t beat yourself up like that… You’re amazing… “ Izuku approached Katsuki, wrapping his arms around him in an effort to comfort him.

“Why did I become his successor… I never deserved it… How did I end up with it when I couldn’t even be a hero to my damn childhood friend! Why am I the number one hero when I told the one I loved the most to kill himself! I’m so sorry… I never should’ve bullied you or said what I said to you…” Katsuki broke down completely.

“K-kacchan… “ Izuku teared up “I never felt any remorse towards you. I already told you this before and I’ll say it again. I still admired you through all those years. And I forgive you. You were just a kid back then. You didn’t know how to deal with things in a healthy way. What matters is how you feel now. And you feel bad about what you did. That shows that you’re a better person. “ The idol smiled, going on his tiptoes to give the hero a kiss.

Katsuki sniffled before returning the kiss.

“How about I help out with dinner?” Izuku smiled, releasing the kiss and drying Katsuki’s face.

“Number one, this is my treat and number two, I know damn well that you helping would end in a hospital trip. “ Katsuki chuckled.

“Okay, okay.” Izuku sat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, chuckling a little. “You know, this is our first date~” The idol smirked.

“Yeah? What about it?” Katsuki smirked* playing along to see where this teasing would go.

“Think about what I said in the bath~” A blush grew on Izuku’s face.

A bright red blush then covered the hero’s face as he went silent, just focusing on deep frying part of the dinner.

Izuku gasped upon seeing the dinner that was set in front of him “You made katsudon!”

“It’s your favourite, right?” The hero smiled, sitting down next to him. His face reddened a little when he felt a pair of lips kiss his cheeks.

“You remembered.” Izuku smiled, digging into his dinner “Mmm! This is really good, Kacchan. “

Katsuki blushed at the noise that Izuku made “W-well of course it is! I made it. “

Izuku chuckled “Well, Kacchan does seem to be good at everything… I wonder~” He teased.

“Damn right-“ He scoffed, trying to hide the fact that the teasing was definitely getting to his head by avoiding eye contact, but it was very obvious due to how red his face was.

After dinner, Izuku went straight to the ensuite bathroom in Katsuki’s bedroom.

“Damn Deku… When the hell did he become such a flirt?” Katsuki sat on the bed, breathing heavily.

“Kacchan~” Izuku stepped out of the bathroom “You’re not having dirty thoughts, are you?” he smirked while placing himself onto the hero’s lap. Katsuki instantly flinched and let out a groan at the contact. “Oh? You are?” he smirked as he began to purposely fidget in his lap.

“A-aahhh~ Deku- When did you become so-nnn… “ his face reddened. At this point, he had lost any self control as he grabbed Izuku by the shoulders, pinning him down as the lump in his pants became very much prominent.

“Oh so you are~ Let’s help you out with that~” He smirked rubbing his knee against his crotch.

Katsuki then let a growl escape his throat as he forcibly grabbed Izuku’s knees and pushed them apart. “Oh don’t worry, you will~”

Izuku then blushed very heavily “Go on then~”

Katsuki appeared to be very pleased with the approval to go ahead as he very quickly ripped off Izuku’s clothes and wrapped his hands around his member, beginning to move his hand up and down. He took this time to get a good look at Izuku’s body. His body was now pretty toned, but it wasn’t muscular.

“K-Kacchan!~” Izuku let out a very loud moan the second contact occurred.

“Heh… “ Katsuki chuckled before he put his fingers in his mouth “This might hurt a little. “ He then stuck his fingers into his anus, earning another moan from Izuku.

“K-kacchan… Please… “ Izuku breathed heavily as he opened his legs wider.

“Oh? You want me huh?” Katsuki smirked “If you say so~”. Katsuki then proceeded with disrobing himself to reveal his very muscular body. He then put a hand to his own very hard member so that he could guide himself to the idol’s entrance. He then slowly and gently slipped himself in, earning yet another moan from the green haired man underneath him. He then began to pump, becoming more and more rough with every thrust.

“A-ahhhh- K-Kacchan-“ Izuku moaned, digging his nails into Katsuki’s shoulders. Following the moan was a stream of white exiting Izuku’s tip, plastering the idol’s body.

“H-heh… Nnngg… You can’t last very long, Dek-f-fuuuckk-“ Katsuki grunted as he also finished. He then slid himself out while breathing heavily. He then flopped himself next to Izuku, wrapping his arms around the idol, using one hand to stroke his hair.

Izuku let out a content sigh as he snuggled into Katsuki’s chest, shutting his eyes and falling asleep in the afterglow.

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idolheroduo·a month agoText

Chapter 4- Snow?

“What song are you gonna pick out?” Yua peered over Izuku’s shoulder to see what he was selecting. “Huh Brand New Day? Oh! That’s from the anime I recommended to you!” The young girl smiled brightly.

Izuku nodded “Yeah, I haven’t watched it yet but I found this song and I really like it. “ He smiled, grabbing the microphone as the music started. He gulped loudly as he began to follow the lyrics. He tensed up a little as he noticed all three of his friends staring at him, but he continued to sing as he knew that he could trust these three. They were nice people.

After finishing the song, he noticed all of his friends staring at him, mouths agape. The highschool boy chuckled a little “It was that bad, huh?” he scratched the back of his neck.

“Oh no, it was really good dude!” Sora smiled.

“See Midoriya? I told you that you should sing. “ Ren nodded to Izuku with a smile.

Yua then jumped up “I just got the best idea! There’s a contest being held by a talent agency looking for highschoolers to become idols! We should totally enter you, Midoriya!”

“W-what? Me? I’m not too sure… Most idols have really cool quirks that let them create special effects but I’m just a plain quirkless deku- I mean boy!” His face reddened as he realised his slip up. “S-sorry, that’s just the name that someone I used to be friends with called me by. “ he chuckled.


Izuku then opened up his eyes to see Katsuki sleeping my his side. “Crap, practice!” The young man quickly got to his feet. “Wait… Snow? But it’s not snowy season…” he glanced out of the large window that led to a balcony. He then heard his phone buzz on the coffee table. “Huh?” he picked up his phone to read the message “Practice is cancelled due to freak storms?” he sat down, obviously rather confused. Maybe there was an incident involving a weather control quirk?

“Hey, De- Izuku. “ The young man turned around upon hearing the voice behind him “The fuck is going on with the weather?”

“I… I don’t know. I just woke up to this blizzard… Practice is cancelled because of it too. Maybe there was an incident with a weather control quirk?”

Katsuki glanced down at the idol “Maybe. “ he then pushed Izuku’s chin up in an oddly gentle manner.

“K-kacchan?” Izuku looked up to Katsuki, his face turning red as he looked into his crimson eyes. His emerald eyes then widened as Katsuki pressed his lips against his. “Mmmmmhh… “ he then shut his eyes as his lips melted into the kiss. He then felt a pair of firm hands hold his hips as Katsuki put his body close to his.

Katsuki then released the kiss before looking out of the window to see that the blizzard was getting worse “I don’t think that’s gonna clear anytime soon… Looks like you’re stuck here.” He looked back to Izuku.

Izuku nodded, his face visibly redder. “R-right… Are you sure it’s okay though? I wouldn’t want to put you through any trouble getting a guest room ready or anything, Kacchan. “

“The fuck are you on about? I don’t have a guest room. You’ll be sleeping with me. I don’t see the big deal, we used to do it all the time as kids. “

Izuku quickly reddened at the mention of sharing a bed with Bakugo. “Y-yeah but now we have certain feelings towards each other and we haven’t even been on a date ye-“

“Then how about we fix that. Let’s have dinner at mine as a first date. “ The blond smirked. He knew exactly what he was doing. “I’m guessing your smile is a yes?”

Izuku nodded with a smile, his face still reddened from earlier events.

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Chapter 3- The baths

A/n: this one is a little short but I wanted to get at least something out

Izuku tensed up a little as he felt an arm wrap around as the kiss was reciprocated. He then wrapped his arms around Katsuki, trying to enjoy every second of this kiss. This time it wasn’t childhood innocence or a mistake. It was genuine.

A few moments later, the pair’s lips parted. Izuku looked into the hero’s eyes “K-kacchan…”.

“Come on. I live near here. Come over unless you want to catch a cold. “ Katsuki was rather red in hue as he started to walk away.

“R-right… “ Izuku nodded, hurrying after Katsuki.


“W-woah… It’s super big… “ Izuku looked in awe at his penthouse apartment “Ack!” The idol scrunched his face as a pair of slippers was thrown at him.

“The artificial hot spring is on the first door to your right. Go take a bath. “ Katsuki showed him the way before heading off elsewhere in the apartment.


Izuku then started to disrobe, letting out a sigh “Jeez, the atmosphere here is so tense… “ He then lowered himself into the steamy water, thinking over what just happened. What did this mean? What were they to each other now? How did Kacchan feel about him?


Izuku snapped his head around only to see Katsuki sitting next to him in the hot spring “K-kacchan!?” The idol’s face very quickly reddened.

“What? Hot springs are made for sharing. “ Katsuki looked away from the smaller man.

“Y-you’re a little close though… “ Izuku looked down “Aren’t you me- K-Kacchan!” The young man quickly tensed up as he was pinned against the side of the hot spring.

“What? You’re into me aren’t you? We’re both adults. “ The hero was breathing heavily as he looked into Izuku’s eyes.

“W-well yeah… But this soon? We only just reunited today… I don’t think that I’m ready for that yet… We haven’t even been on a date… Sorry but it’s a no. “ He looked into his eyes as his face turned redder.

Katsuki was quick to get off the Idol “S-sorry… You’re right Deku… “ he sat back down.


“U-uh… “ Izuku looked to the floor awkwardly as he entered the lounge in nothing but a large shirt and slippers “the pajama pants were too big… Thank you for lending me some dry clothes though… “

“Huh?” Katsuki turned his head before his face quickly reddened at the sight of the idol wearing just one of his shirts, some boxers and slippers.

Izuku then pulled the shirt down to cover more of himself, his movements rather stiff. He then sat on the empty seat next to Katsuki, still being very embarrassed to be like this, especially after what happened in the hot spring. He then let out a yawn, feeling his eyes get heavy. Before he knew it he bad fallen asleep… Directly on Bakugo’s arm.

Katsuki tensed up as soon as he realised what had happened. He looked to the smaller man, unsure of what to do but knowing that he shouldn’t wake him up. He just has to wait for him to wake up, right?

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Chapter 2- The Weather

“Is everything alright?” The photographer chimed in.

Izuku jumped a little before he looked over and nodded “Y-yeah. Everything’s great.” He smiled before looking over to Bakugou “But Kacchan can you get off me?” he whispered.

Katsuki then got up, looking to the photographer in a very flustered state “Let’s just continue. “


After the photoshoot, Izuku ran after Katsuki after he started to head home “K-Kacchan- wait!”

“What is it, Deku?” Clearly still flustered from earlier, the pro hero folded his arms.

“W-well… It’s just been so long and uh… We’ve both taken such different paths… “ Izuku teared up a little, handing the hero a note “I-I’d appreciate it if you’d go see my show tomorrow night. It’s gonna be on an outdoor stage at Akihabara. Just hand this t-to the bouncer when you arrive and they’ll get you a space. “ He started to cry.

It started to get cloudier.

“De-“ Before Katsuki could even say a single word in response Izuku ran off.

It started to pour it down.


Izuku just ran wherever his legs were taking him. He didn’t care about how soaked he would get in this rain. He just couldn’t face his response at that time. He’d get his answer at the show tomorrow- that was his logic.

It was at that point that the idol took the time to look at his surroundings. He knew exactly where he was as soon as he looked around.


A ball hit a young Izuku on the head, knocking the child over “Ow… “

“Izuku, you can’t do anything right, can you?” A young Katsuki looked down on the young Izuku.


It just started to rain more and more. Izuku started to cry even more as the memories came flooding back. He missed him. He missed him a lot. He tried his best to just forget about his feelings but now he couldn’t ignore them.

He was in love. With Katsuki Bakugou.


Izuku snapped his head around upon hearing a familiar voice.

“K-Kacchan?” Tears rolled down the idol’s face as he watched the blond run towards him.

The blond soon caught up to him “Why’d you run off like that? When the hell did you get so damn fast?” he looked to Izuku before realizing that he was crying. The hero’s face was then painted with concern that Izuku had never seen on him before. “Are you okay… Izuku?”

Izuku teared up even more. At this point he didn’t even know if his face was wet from his tears or from the rain that was only getting heavier.

“Kacchan… I think it’s about time for me to show some honesty. Some honesty… About my feelings. My feelings towards you. “ Izuku sniffled, giving the hero a weak smile.

“F-feelings? What are you talking about?” Katsuki looked to the idol, furrowing a brow.

“W-well… We’ve known each other since we were tiny. And I’d always thought that you were great. No, amazing. When your quirk developed I was even more amazed. I wanted an amazing quirk like yours. But I never got one. But I still admired you. Even when you picked on me. Even when you called me names. Because you were my number one hero. But now so much has changed. You’re the number one hero and I’m a globally popular idol. But… Even though all of this has happened… I still admire you. Hell, I even made my idol name a different spelling of the nickname you gave me. And even though you really are the number one hero this time, you always were and still will be my number one hero… Because-Because I love you Kacchan. I always have.” Izuku felt more and more tears roll down his face as raindrops fell onto his face from his hair.

Katsuki’s eyes widened. He didn’t think that this was how Izuku felt this whole time. In all honesty, the blond was under the impression that Izuku hated him after everything that he did to him and how he treated him.

“K-Kacchan?” Izuku started to shake as the wind blew his hair.

A pang of guilt filled Katsuki’s stomach. He was this nervous because of how he had previously treated Izuku. He had hurt him when all he wanted to do was distance himself from him. He knew that it would just hurt more. He then wrapped his arms around Izuku.

The idol quickly tensed up at the sudden touch.

“De-Izuku… I’m so sorry… I never meant to hurt you. When I found out that you were quirkless I knew that we couldn’t become heroes together. So I tried to distance myself from you early so that it would hurt less but you just stuck around no matter what I tried… And it just ended up hurting more as U was hurting you time and time again but you kept that damn perfect smile on your face all the time. “ Bakugo gripped onto Midoriya’s clothing. “I’m so…so damn sorry… Please forgive me… “

“K-kacchan… “ Izuku pushed away the hero so that Katsuki was holding his shoulders. “I never held a grudge. Not even for a second. “ He smiled before moving his face nearer to his and putting his lips to Katsuki’s.

The rain then started to calm do

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Chapter One- Remembering

It was the same old thing today for the pop idol でく. Or, that’s how he thought things would be. He had an advertisement shoot in the morning and then practice in the afternoon. So, nothing out of the ordinary for him today. So, he strolled through the streets of Akihabara with a spring in his step. Looking at his surroundings, he saw posters advertising his upcoming concert as well as posters of various other idols. He smiled, letting out a content sigh. He never thought that his life would end up that way. It all started in his first year of highschool.


“Come on Midoriya-Kun, you gotta sing something! I’m sure you’re great at it!” Sora Tanaka, Izuku’s classmate encouraged him. His classmates had convinced him to tag along for Karaoke.

“Sora-Kun’s right! You should totally sing!” Yua Tanaka, Sora’s twin sister smiled.

“Yeah Midoriya, go for it!” Ren Sato, his other classmate smiled.

Izuku looked a little overwhelmed “I-I guess there’s no harm in giving it a try. “ he seemed to be nervous. The last time he’d sung in front of other people was when he and Katsuki would sing together as kids before their friendship crumbled. Getting a little flustered at the thought, he reluctantly picked out a song. He then picked up the microphone and waited for the song to start.


Izuku entered the advertising agency’s building. This time he had a contract with Glico, the company that makes pocky. He knew that he would be working with a pro-hero to create an Idol-Hero duo to draw in customers. But he couldn’t even imagine who the hero would end up being. “Hey, I’m here for the ad-“

“No fucking way. “ Izuku heard a very familiar voice coming from behind him.

“Oh, でくand Ground Zero! You’re here just on time!” The receptionist smiled.

Izuku knew fully well who Ground Zero was. Izuku felt his face heat up. He never thought that he would ever see his childhood crush in person again. He hadn’t seen him since they both left middle school. He nervously turned his head around “K-kacchan?”

“Deku? You’re the pop idol I gotta do this damn ad with? Dammit. “ Katsuki looked quite flustered as Izuku had really become a very good looking guy in his years being an idol.

“K-kacchan- this wasn’t on purpose I promise-“ Izuku was turning redder by the second.

“Shut up. Let’s just get this over with. “ Katsuki avoided eye contact.

“R-right. “ Izuku nodded, also avoiding eye contact.


The duo both stepped out of the elevator to see a lounge setup along with many boxes of pocky.

“Oh good! You’re here just on time for the pocky game shoot!” The photographer smiled.

“P-pocky game?!” Izuku turned red at the mere thought of even being anywhere close to kissing Katsuki “But we don’t actually have to kiss, right?”

“We better fucking not… Not having my first damn kiss like this… “ ‘Katsuki grumbled

“Oh no of course not! You just have to make it look like you’re about to!” The photographer explained, seeming to be a little over energetic given the situation. “Just stand over there and set up a scene as if you were about to kiss while playing the pocky game!”

“O-oddly specific but o-okay… “ Izuku nervously stood where he needed to be.

“Whatever, I’m getting paid for this… “ Katsuki was very obviously also nervous, as his face was a red as Izuku’s. He then stood by Izuku, picking up a pocky stick “Listen Deku, this doesn’t mean shit. Let’s just get this over and done with. “

Izuku froze up as Katsuki placed the stick of pocky into his mouth and put his hands onto the pop idol’s shoulders. The idol then nervously shut his eyes and took the other end of the pocky stick.


The photographer began to take photos.


The duo’s faces got closer together. Katsuki felt himself lose his footing.


That was the sound of a photograph being taken then second that the pair’s lips met. Izuku’s face heated up like an oven as soon as he realised what just happened.

The blonde haired boy was very fast to pull away and cover up his mouth as he had a look of embarrassment and shock on his face.

“K-kacc-chan? A-are you okay?”

“T-that wasn’t our first kiss, was it, Deku?”

“Huh?” Izuku felt himself turn even redder as he remembered.


“Izuku honey! It’s time to leave!” Inko Midoriya called upstairs to her son.

“Oh, guess that means that I gotta go now. “ A young Izuku smiled, moving closer to a younger ‘Katsuki before kissing Katsuki on the lips.

“What was that, Izuku?” Young Katsuki asked his friend, tilting his head.

“Mum said that people do that when they’re very good friends! Bye Kacchan!” Young Izuku smiled before he ran downstairs.


“You’re right.. I-It wasn’t… “ Izuku looked up to him with a faint smile.

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The worse the explanation, the better.

carpenter establishes communism via dragons

Isn’t that just the bible?

Some little kid moves to town and has to fight a fungus monster being worshipped by a 200 yeat old cult.

That TV show you like? Mine now.

So know one told you life was gonna be this gay.

Time traveler tries to make sure her mums hook up

Giving fanfiction writers bad AU ideas since 2019

Sith Lady and Jedi Lady gazing into each other’s eyes for a year and a half.

Satan and Cthulhu fight my parents.

How to take care of your fur 101

Dark Souls and final fantasy but with lesbians

Gay monsters with 0 braincells do bullshit and kiss

When ur broccoli gets famous from being a Japanese Justin Bieber

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Welcome to my blog of my idols AU!!! First chapter is coming soon! For now, have some basic plot points!

- Deku never inherited OFA and he ended up attending a regular highschool. He ends up being approached by an idol agency after his school friends posted a video of him doing karaoke in his first year

- Bakugou ends up becoming a fairly popular pro hero

- Deku’s inspiration for his idol name, でく is inspired by the nickname Bakugou gave to him, デク. Both read as ‘deku’

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