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idrownfishes0 · an hour ago



White Knight - Family (by Seshirukun)


(I love how Weiss is shorter than her two daughters. Lol. But I mean, they do have Jaune as a dad…)


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idrownfishes0 · 8 hours ago

Damn It Blake

Jaune, holding Pyrrha’s sash: “I look at and think about my most prized possessions every day, to remind me of what really matters.”

Blake, flipping through Ninjas of Love: “Same.”

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idrownfishes0 · a day ago

You know a neat little detail? Jaune loves chicken nuggets. So in Giant Chicken AU. Jaune loves to eat anything related to them, he just specially likes nuggets because nuggets are made out of every part of a chicken.

Giant Chicken, walking down the street: “~Well you can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a chicken man. Buk buk bagok.~” *looks through a window and sees a group of young huntsmen*

Weiss: “Don’t you think you’re a bit old to be ordering off the kid’s menu?”

Jaune: “I’m a grown man, and if I want nuggets, I’m getting some nuggets! It’s essential in an Arc’s diet.”

Weiss: “Whatever.”

Chicken: *smushes his face into the window with an angry look*

Jaune: *looks up to see him* “Oh boy, here I go fighting again!”

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idrownfishes0 · 2 days ago

Well That’s Just Nice

Jaune: *stretching and yawning* “Oh man, what a nice dream… I wish I could hear that song some more.” *hears an angelic voice through the walls* “… no way.”

Jaune: *leaves his room and goes to the open door so he can hear better*

Weiss, softly singing while combing her hair: “~Lauf nicht davon, ich kann den Morgen sehen. Wir liefen weit, nun lassen wir… den Winter sehen.~”

Jaune: “Wow…”

Weiss: *jumps* “H-hey!”

Yang, poking her head in from the other side: “Who says you’re not a princess?”

Weiss, blushing: “Close the door!”

Song is “Alba II” by Faun

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idrownfishes0 · 3 days ago



On a Mission

Emerald, watching Jaune: “What’s the plan?”

Cinder, eyes narrowed: “Take care of him.”

Emerald: “Alright.”

-later that day-

Jaune: “Wow, thanks for the soup! I was feeling a little under the weather actually.”

Emerald, beaming: “Best order ever.”

Jaune: “What?”

Emerald: “Nothing.”

Emerald moments before getting fucked silly: Don’t worry about being a virgin I’ll be on top

Emerald after getting fucked silly: i think i have to start planning a wedding!

Kewt to Lood

Jaune: *both arms around Emerald’s waist and thrusting up into her*

Emerald, panting: “H-hey! I was supposed to be taking care of you.”

Jaune: “Remember, even when I’m on bottom, I’m on top! Just upside down.”

Emerald: “Jerk…”

Jaune: “Being in charge doesn’t suit you anyways.” *smacks her ass*

Emerald: “Mmnpf~”

Emerald: “Aaand that was my weekend! I took care of him as best I could.”

Cinder, pinching the bridge of her nose between her eyes: “Emerald you idiot.”

Neo, holding up a scroll with text: “More details!”

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idrownfishes0 · 4 days ago


Nora: Whenever Renny is feeling down I make sure to give him a big hug and shower him with affection.

Yang: Really? I just let Jaune hit it from the back. That usually cheers him up real quick.

Jaune: “Both are acceptable.”

Ren: *thumbs up*

Ruby: *takes notes*

Yang: “Ruby what are you doing?”

Ruby: “Don’t worry about it.”

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idrownfishes0 · 4 days ago

Ruby: “I’m here to kick ass and chew gum, and I’m all out of ass! Wait, uh, lemme start over. I’m here to eat ass- er, crap.”

Cashier at weapons shop: “Miss, the store is closing in ten minutes.”

Ruby: *crying* “I just have to make a return please help me.”

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idrownfishes0 · 5 days ago

Wait a second, if Bleiss is Ruby’s teammate, then where’s Weiss? Who all is in Ruby’s team?

To my understanding, there are only three things about Bleiss that are universally agreed upon: her features (black color scheme, especially hair, and red eyes), her vulgarity, and her obsession with Jaune.

I don’t think it was ever settled what her exact origins are, and so everyone that knows of her takes liberties. Is she a bastard child of Jacques, given up at birth to find everyone later on? Is the rest of her family “bleissified” or not? Is she the result of some kind of experiment? Is she Weiss with a split personality? All depends on who ya ask.

@dam1994s for example often writes her as if she is Weiss’ twin sister. I personally tend to write her as if she replaces Weiss entirely, so the team would just be RBBY.

Beyond her “opposite of Weiss” personality and features, there are no hard and fast rules with Bleiss or the universe she inhabits, and there may never be. Ultimately she’s a meme that was never meant to have much depth.

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idrownfishes0 · 5 days ago

I’ve said it already but to those who’ve sent me asks, I promise I’m not ignoring ya. More giant chickens and shows they’ll never forget are in the works!

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idrownfishes0 · 6 days ago

Another Night (NSFW)

Bleiss: “Cum in my mouth.”

Jaune: “It’s always cum in my mouth and not come over and watch anime.”

Bleiss: “You can literally watch anime while I suck your dick.”

Jaune: “But then you’d miss the fight scenes!”

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idrownfishes0 · 8 days ago

Memes Fill the Void

Jacques: “This suitor is wealthy, has good hygiene, gives to charity and is a perfect gentleman.”

Weiss: “Hmm, not bad…”

Jaune: *holds up a Huntsman license that says “forklift certified”*


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idrownfishes0 · 9 days ago

Good Job Ren

Weiss: “This rice cooker was a good idea Ren, thanks for getting it.”

Ren: *pats the cooker* “Handles the cooking three times as fast! Now you have more time to think about your sad life.”

Ruby: “Uh…”

Ren: “What is it that you’re doing wrong?” *thousand yard stare* “Why do the ones you love always leave?”

Blake: “What are you talking about?”


Ren: “OH now rice is ready! Eat up everyone!”

Yang: *sobbing*

Jaune: “Ren has a… weird sense of humor.”

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idrownfishes0 · 10 days ago



One thing I would really like to see is more people creating content for platonic relationships and family. Platonic love is far too often overshadowed by romantic love and that’s just a damn shame.

(Early in the morning)

Jaune: “Ren! It’s time!” *slams a mug of black coffee in front of Ren*

Ren: “Jaune I hate black coffee.”

Jaune: “Me too!” *holds up his own mug* “On three!”

Ren: “Really?”

Jaune:C'mon! Put some hair on our chests!”

Ren: *sighs and picks up his mug*

Jaune: “One…”

Ren: “Two…”

Both: “Three!” *chugs their coffee in a few big gulps and recoil when they’re done*

Ren: “Ahh, hot!”

Jaune, eyes tearing up: *slams the cup down and stands up* “Yeah! Gimme some!” *holds out his fist*

Ren: *chuckles and fist-bumps him* “Alright, I’m awake now. Eugh.”

Jaune: “Come on man, let’s get training outta the way.”

Ren: “Right behind you.”

Ruby, off to the side: “Boys are weird.”

Nora: “Yeeaahh…” *eyes another mug and picks it up* “Wanna try?”

Ruby: “Ew, no!” *backs away*

Nora: “No fun!” *sniffs at it* *takes a sips and her face scrunches up* “Blegh! How did they do that?”

Weiss: *casually takes the mug from Nora and sips from the mug* “Wimps.”

I say “A favorite” a lot, but this might be a contender for my number 1 favorite post I ever made.

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idrownfishes0 · 12 days ago

Haha Jaune’s a Criminal

Jaune: “Hey Weiss, wanna turn 100 lien into 4,000?”

Weiss: “Jaune I know I warned you about pyramid schemes.”

Jaune: “Oh it’s not a pyramid scheme we’re gonna sell crack.”

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idrownfishes0 · 12 days ago

Protagonists Be Like

Jaune, to Cinder: “I’m going to defeat you with the power of friendship, and also this sword.”

Ruby: “I get it now! The real treasures were the deadly weapons we made along the way!”

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idrownfishes0 · 14 days ago

On a Mission

Emerald, watching Jaune: “What’s the plan?”

Cinder, eyes narrowed: “Take care of him.”

Emerald: “Alright.”

-later that day-

Jaune: “Wow, thanks for the soup! I was feeling a little under the weather actually.”

Emerald, beaming: “Best order ever.”

Jaune: “What?”

Emerald: “Nothing.”

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idrownfishes0 · 17 days ago

its really annoying when bb shippers imply if you ship blacksun over bb you are a homophobe or that if you say there wasnt buildup be it any or enough for bb you are homophobic ( like in response to claims that its been built up since v1 when it hasnt been ) not to mention the claim that because crwby said there will be lgbt characters that it means that say entire team rwby will end up together (like white rose and bb ) or in a same sex relationships

Please, use capital letters and dots. Sometimes it is hard to read your texts 😅

But agree, I’m so tired of idiots for whom not shipping BBBy = homophobic. Like seriously, WTF? “You don’t like this particular part of a medium and that makes you bad person because *I* say that” 😂

There is deeper problem with same gender parings - there is not small group of yuri/yaoi hardcore fans who ships only that kind of parings and kinda fetishise (is it the word in eng?) queer people. The worst is when the ship is their wifus/husbendos. They can be very hostile and angry at other ships for simply existing. Eg. I’ve seen Silent knight fanart and some incel commented “Jaune, hands out from Best Girl!!!” Like seriously WTF?! 🤦‍♀️

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idrownfishes0 · 18 days ago

Sun, flexing: “Do you even lift bro!?”

Jaune: “YEAH I lift! I lift your spirits! How you been? You doing good? We should grab lunch and catch up some time. Bring your team we’ll make a day out of it.”

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idrownfishes0 · 20 days ago

Mama Arc

Pyrrha: “Ohh you’re back! Did you have a good time back at your family’s house?”

Jaune: “My mom called me a son of a bitch, so I slapped her because nobody talks like that about my mom. Then I hit myself because nobody hits my mom, than she hit me because nobody lays a hand on me!”


Jaune: “Yeah it was pretty good.”

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idrownfishes0 · 22 days ago

Ruby: “Can we just have, like, a nap date? Screw going outside I just wanna cuddle up.”

Jaune: “Woo! Sounds good to me.”

Bleiss, seething off to the side: “Filthy whore probably tells him she loves him too.”

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