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idvthepatient·5 months agoText


I know folks are probably wondering where the hell I’ve been. School sucks, that’s all I’m saying.

Anyway, this blog will be put on an indefinite hiatus. I don’t know if I’ll come back, won’t lie.

Thanks for the fun.

- Ophe

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idvthepatient·10 months agoAnswer
Oooooh, Ears, Legs and Chest for the body part thing please! (If I’m only supposed to pick one then just legs please) ~ask-the-idv-astronomer


“I so very much love music, particularly classical. I am quite biased however, mademoiselle. I used to be a ballerina you see, hence why I tend to favor such more than others. As for non musical sound..”

The Patient hummed, before snapping her fingers.

“Perhaps the wind. It’s an invisible melody that’s both soothing and calming. However, it’s also both strong and courageous. It has so many sides to it, that I love.”

Her head tilts to the side, placing a hand to her cheek as she thought about he next part.

“As for Piercings? I admit, I have been interested in getting them for my ears…but due to circumstances, I’m afraid I can’t quite give it a try now. Any piercing in general would hurt a lot for me.”


“I suppose with how I look; I’m not supposed to be a strong runner but I am. Even in this bandaged state I’m in, I’m quite fast. As a ballerina, I trained my body despite my condition so I suppose you can say I’m quite flexible.”

She says while doing some sort of yoga pose, but soon retracts from it.

“..As for broken bones, well…I think I shall leave that for another day.”


“Where I feel safest…that’s a tough one, really. One can say their home or their bed, yet those aren’t quite suitable answers for me I’m afraid. Perhaps I feel the safest, and most comforted by being in the company of others. I would say ballet would comfort me, but even staying on the tips of my toes would bring me pain now.”

There’s an unreadable smile.

“As for calming myself…, aren’t I always calm now?~”

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idvthepatient·10 months agoText

Sorry for not being active ^^” School’s approaching so i’ve been more focused on it.
I do have some things on the way however! Sorry for being late on replies ^^”

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idvthepatient·10 months agoAnswer
For idvthepatient for the designing fun ouo surprise me!

❝ For the brave mademoiselle who has helped many in matches, I present to you an outfit of a sacred tale told in dance. A fond memory of the heroine, though delicate and held no weapon, saving the Nutcracker with a single act of a shoe reminded me of you so much. Not the shoe part for clear reasons, but the way you are courageous despite what has befallen you is a quirk I admire. ❞

Introducing Noelle’s S-Tier Costume and Special Accessory:

Fragrance of the Nutcracker: “She was delicate and had nothing to fight with, but like a fragrance in the night, she stole the Rat King’s victory and crown with a simple act of throwing her shoe.”

S-Tier Accessory: “A wounded nutcracker protected by the girl’s fierce courage; he is grateful and wishes to return the same favor.”

Special Effects: When using the bandages, a nutcracker will instead appear and take the hit.


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idvthepatient·10 months agoPhoto

I’m jumping on the Modern Verse AU train after seeing soo many creative and amazing modern verse blogs for IDV!

Meet Noelle Lafayette, a dance instructor/assistant. She is very much happier in this verse and very much in less pain (No bandages).

But be warned

She’s Beauty, She’s Grace, And She has no issues kicking you in the face.

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idvthepatient·10 months agoAnswer
eyes icon with 08

A:  She…. she was once a h-happy…. a happy… oh god…  She didn’t deserve this. She didn’t deserve ANY of this. Why did someone get [REDACTED] involved in this?! Why did she have to be subjected to those… those inhumane practices?! Th-that light in… that light in [REDACTED]’s eyes was… was taken away… a-and… and…! …I-I can’t… I… It’s so hard for me to remember the person she was when I first met her. It’s not… it’s not that I don’t remember… It’s just… It’s a painful memory, and… and it’s all my fault…!

N: How could I forget the day I took 08 into my care…? She was in such a dreadful state, truly. In accordance to my occupation, I couldn’t just let her go untreated now, could I? What a lovely person 08 was… Then she turned out to be quite difficult. Because of that, I’m not finished yet. I’m not that worried, though… this isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with someone so… dissatisfied with my methods. I am determined to… “fix” her… after all… I know exactly what’s best for her… I knew it from the start.

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idvthepatient·a year agoChat
Parts of the Body Asks!
Head: How do you like to wear your hair? What hairstyles do you find attractive? Have you ever wanted to do something drastic to your face/hair? What's your favorite part of your face?
Ears: What's your favorite music genre? Do you have any piercings? Favorite non musical sound?
Eyes: What's your favorite color? Time of day, aesthetically? Animal you find the prettiest? What do you find attractive in a person?
Nose: What's your favorite smell? Least favorite? What scent do you find comforting? Is there an outdoorsy smell that appeals to you? (beaches, pine trees, sand, ect.) Boop? Y/N
Mouth: Do you have a favorite taste? Least? Do you like kisses? How do you feel about teeth? Do wear lipstick? What's your favorite shade?
Neck: Where are you most sensitive? How deep is your voice? Do you like your voice? Can you sing?
Shoulders: Do you consider yourself to be easily stressed out?
Arms: Are you strong, physically? Do you think you give good hugs?
Wrists: Do you wear a lot of jewelry? What kind? Is there a certain type of jewelry that you just can't stop getting?
Hands: Are you artsy? Do you play any sort of instrument? Do you draw? Do you write? Do you have soft hands? Do your hands ever idle or do you always have to be doing something with them?
Fingers: Do you paint your nails? Are they painted now? What color?
Chest: Where do you feel safest? What comforts you the most? How do you usually calm down?
Stomach: What's your favorite thing to eat? What gives you butterflies? Have you ever been on a roller coaster? Do you have any food allergies?
Hips: Do you put your hands on your hips a lot? Do you close doors and things with your hips? Can you dance? Have you tried?
Back: What position do you sleep in? Got any tattoos?
Butt: Ever really hurt yourself slipping on something? Ever accidentally sit on something you really wish you hadn't?
Legs: Are you a strong runner? How flexible are you? Do you consider yourself to be a clumsy person? Have you ever broken a bone?
Ankles: Do you feel like you have enough support? What would you consider a weak spot, physical or mental? Have you ever broken something on purpose? (Smashed a window, knocked over a lamp, ect.)
Feet: Do you ever go outside barefoot? Do you like slippers? Have you ever stepped on a lego or something similarly bad?
Toes: Are you a risk taker? How tall are you? What's the worst thing you've ever stubbed your toe on? Can you pick things up with your feet?
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idvthepatient·a year agoText

Hey guys, Mun here!
Just wanted to say this coming Saturday is when I leave for my trip! I’ll be gone for two weeks!

I might be here and there, but we’ll see.

Til then, time to have fun~

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idvthepatient·a year agoAnswer

“So many bandages... are you alright, Miss Noelle? I’ll be happy to assist in any way I can if needed!” ~ask-the-idv-astronomer


“Rest assured, I am quite alright. I ask you focus on decoding, Mademoiselle. Leave the hunter to me, oui?”

The Patient smiled, ruffling the astronomer’s head.

“Now then…time to start the chase~ Adieu!~”

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idvthepatient·a year agoText

Hi folks! Mun here!
Sorry for the inactivity..and thanks for dropping by and following!
Mun is currently trying to prepare for Europe and other school things, but there will be activity..just very slow. ^^”
It’s a pleasure to meet you all! 

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