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ihavenocluedude · 198 days ago


Hey y’all! The other day I hit another big milestone and to thank all of you for being here and putting up with me I’ve decided to do another giveaway! There will be THREE winners!

The giveaway will run from today (14 January) to Valentine’s Day (14 February)!

Here’s what you can win!

1st place:

A Mandalorian jewelry set (this is a picture of mine so your CoA will have a different number!):


2nd place:

A Triple Frontier poster featuring our boy Frankie along with a custom made version of his hat! 


3rd place:

An assortment of stickers of Pedro characters and some of Pedro himself! It’ll be a surprise!



  • Must be following me!
  • Must interact with my other posts, not just this one!
  • Only reblogs count!
  • If you win you have to be comfortable with giving me your address to be able to receive your prize.


Ah gosh, I never really reblog stuff (though imma start, soon… I think??) but with stuff like this you gotta give it a try. Wish me luck

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ihavenocluedude · 3 years ago

I was tagged by the wondeful @itssimplydior (check out her monthly fic/oneshot recommendation lists they’re always sooo good). The purpose is to tag 9 people you want to catch up with, but since I don’t quite have any mutuals quite yet (applications are open my friends), I’ll be tagging some of my followers as well as some of the creators I follow that I’d love to get to know a bit more :)  but of course there’s no pressure to answer!

@xxidontwikeitxx @citronbleuglace @mrs-l-mccoy @ironictechtonicplatonic @batmanunicorns523 @helen19blog @softpedropascal @twomoonstwosuns @ithinkhesgaybutwesavedmufasa

3 ships: Beth Harmon/Benny Watts (The Queen’s Gambit), Annie/Abed (Community)… I’m not one who ships characters that often so that’s like the two I have in mind atm.

Last song I listened to: Take a slice by Glass Animals

Last film I watched: Jurassic World; Fallen Kingdom

Currently reading: Gerald’s game, Carrie and Fight club all at the same time (can I ever read a book that doesn’t have a movie already? no…)

Currently watching: Community! Rewatching for probably the hundredth time (though I’m also watching Succession and Breaking Bad)

Currently consuming: Gingerbread cookies

Currently craving: Hot chocolate with marshmallows (paired with a cheesy christmas movie)

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ihavenocluedude · 3 years ago

Chapter 6. Push your chance?

Chapter    1   2   3   4   5

Link to reading this on Ao3

Word count - 2657 

Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott (AOS) x OFC

A/N - I’ll just keep using general Simon Pegg gifs for these honestly unless I choose to sometimes not use a gif at all. But I love the look of having a gif up here so… enjoy this gif of him from Shaun of the dead :) And of course I hope you enjoy this chapter of the fic :)


“Hello.” Scotty announced his presence as he awkwardly entered the room. Of course he’d gotten the message that she didn’t really want to see him right now, but he felt that he needed to do the right thing. Whatever that may be. Leaving her alone, leaving her to be out of his life didn’t feel like the right thing but if that was what it came to, then that would be it. But he didn’t think she wanted that either. 

“I’m sorry.” 

Well that wasn’t what he expected her to say

“You’re sorry?” He wondered, walking up to her slowly, sitting down on the armrest of the couch still way too far from her in his opinion, but this wasn’t the time to test limits. “Why are you sorry?” 

“For avoiding you.” She mumbled quietly, with no words in response and no words from the latest source, the room felt sort of haunted. The quietness of it all. “Look I’m just… I’m just gonna go.” Max felt almost like she was speaking to herself as she stood up from the couch and walked out to see a small crowd assembled around the door to the office, staring at it. Pushing through the small crowd, she began working again, ignoring the way the small crowd stared and trying to ignore the feeling burning in her head.

— — —

“You shouldn’t have let her go.” Kirk sighed as he walked into the office, of course he knew that it hadn’t gone along to whatever image of the situation Scotty had planned when he stepped into the room. “Sure she’s stubborn but I’m sure she didn’t even have to put up a fight. How many words did you even say? Did you tell her any of the stuff you’ve wanted to tell her for months?” Kirk’s slight ramble scolding to Scotty was getting annoying, but the usual temper of the Scotsman had dampened. 

“Yeah yeah.” He mumbled finally, slumping down into one of the seats of the couch, planting his feet on the ground below, placing his elbows against his knees and clasping his head in his hands. Slowly trying to rub some sort of emotion or energy back into his head as he massaged his forehead. 

“We’re going to fix this. Somehow, at least there’s… Well at least something’s happening? Right?” Kirk had started walking around in the room in a small circle. “I just want you both to be okay god damnit.” He muttered after a while, slowing down his walk and came to sit down beside Scotty, patting his back once.  

— — —

Max had been so distracted by her thoughts throughout the morning that she almost wanted to scold herself for not doing work when she was scheduled to do so. However, being distracted and doing work as a doctor… That’s not always a good mix, so of course McCoy told her to go away. And now… now there was nothing to do. Max simply wandered around the ship in her uniform, waving and saying hi to the people she knows around the ship. Sort of clueless on what to do with the rest of her day

The avoidance of Scotty, it hadn’t been for nothing. However she wasn’t surprised that Scotty hadn’t noticed, she had only started that morning so fair enough. Scotty had once again pulled the fantastic move of ‘getting way too close and then pretending like it was nothing’ the move that had been on repeat for way too long. They’d gotten to know each other, they started getting more confident around each other and so there were… moments. Moments that Max hadn’t told Jen about so as to not be scolded. Montgomery Scott was sometimes an awkward man. That she couldn’t deny but why, why would someone ever get just centimetres away from a kiss just to loudly interrupt themselves with a quip, pretend nothing happened and then bolt off? That she would probably never get a true answer to. 

Max had begun worrying that it simply was just her leaning in, him realizing that she was leaning in and cutting it off before she’d smack her head into his. Hence the avoidance. It wasn’t as if she would have been able to avoid him anyway, not really. She saw him practically everyday, not that she’d ever complain about that. Sometimes it was simply a visit, sometimes it was reminding her of a promised ‘lunch date’ in the mess hall and sometimes it was him with a small wound that was usually intentionally caused by Jen. Which of course earned her some harsh ‘pats’ against the back of her head, friendly smacks so to speak. 

However the ‘moments’ didn’t really happen on those occasions but rather when the very late night was approaching, usually sitting in Scotty’s makeshift office, leaning their backs against his wobbly desk. “How long do you think we can stay here without dooming our day tomorrow?” She once asked him, leaning her head against his shoulder. Max is to no one’s surprise a night owl, her sleep schedule during shore leaves is chaotic to say the least and while she wishes she could say that staying up all night wouldn’t cause any harm to the following day; of course it does. Scotty is however surprisingly a morning person, someone who was up bright and early and probably went to bed ‘way too early’ according to Max.  However his answer that night was; “As long as you wish. I’d like to think that time makes exceptions some times”

The true moments that caused Max’s sudden avoidance were the moments that followed moments like that, the way it would become quiet in the small office, her head coming off his shoulder as she wanted to see his eyes again. Something she had fallen in love with especially, his eyes. One of them had a very unique dot in them, well the dot itself wasn’t unique maybe but rather what made his eyes unique. A single rather large brown fleck in those green-ish blue-ish eyes. She both loved and hated to try and analyze his eyes, when they’d look as lost as she felt during one of these moments, the feeling bittersweet in her overthinking mind. Whenever she leaned into one of these moments there was always that worry that he wasn’t leaning in as well, that he hadn’t heard the beating in her chest the last few months. That he simply wasn’t ever going to explain this and that her tremendous fear of his rejection would keep her from ever asking what’s truly going on. 

And so… Max had decided to try and avoid Scotty. And it had already failed. Apologizing swiftly to Jen about earlier, at the entrance of her quarters went easier and quicker than Max had thought it would. 

“I’m not actually mad at you El, I mean it’s not like I’m expecting you to suddenly realize that ‘oh my, my practically already boyfriend actually likes me!’” Jen’s tone was slightly mocking. Not that Max was extremely surprised at the fact. “So are you going to continue ignoring him?” 

“How did you know that I’m-”

“-Oh please, I mean I might not be the smartest crewmember but you not wanting to see Scotty even if it’s just for a moment, is reason enough to suspect you avoiding him. So for how long is it truly going to last?”

— — —

It had lasted for two weeks so far and those two weeks weren’t even comfortably avoiding each other but rather, bumping into each other every goddamn day. When Max was going into the mess hall, Scotty was sneaking out of his early lunch, trying to not go over any boundaries. The feelings of guilt always seemed to punch Max in the gut every time they bumped into each other, the awkward smiles, the way both of them mouthed ‘hi’, all because Max didn’t feel like she could be around him if their ‘friendship’ had gone on like it had. The feelings of guilt felt better than the self doubt and sadness over the feeling that her love felt unrequited. And even if it was, maybe they were better off without the drama, without the back and forth, without the small ‘moments’ that threatened the view of their friendship. At least her work was going well, her and McCoy had started some experimental treatments, trying to find some sort of scientific breakthrough. 

So Max threw herself into her work, working from the break of ‘dawn’, whatever that’s supposed to be when you’re in space, to the crack of the night. Since she couldn’t seem to avoid Scotty, why not just live in the office? Nurses and other doctors can deliver food right? That’s not… that’s not ethically wrong? In the worst cases; when McCoy wouldn’t help her through taking some food back from the mess hall or would forget… She’d hidden a few foodbars in a drawer in the office, one of the ones that McCoy never went into. If another doctor found it, sure, fine, no big deal. If McCoy found it, well she’d probably get forced to go to mess hall everyday or at least get somewhat of a scolding. 

So hiding it in one of the drawers he never went into was the answer to that ‘small’ problem.

And now… Well now of course shore leave was coming up, they were going to the closest resort planet and were going to rest for two weeks. Two weeks of basically nothing to do, after two weeks of doing way too much? Well this was going to be a pleasant crash of her mental state. Time to throw herself into her friendship with Jen? 

“So if I were to just… hang onto you during the whole duration of this trip would you mind?” Max felt weird asking this, it wasn’t as if she and Jen hadn’t hung out whilst she was throwing herself into work, Jen came into the office every once in a while and Max hung out in Jen’s quarters when she decided to take breaks from the incessant research. However right now the two of them were sitting in the office that Max had spent her latest two weeks in, Max in the same office chair as always whilst Jen sat on the small couch. 

“El, who else were you going to hang out with?” Jen chuckled, setting her elbow on top of the back support of the couch and keeping her glance towards Max instead of the book she’d brought in case Max had once again deep dived into her research focus. “I mean no offense but usually we cling onto each other as if we were each other’s lifebuoy. I say we spend the first night at the watering hole, spend time with Kirk and McCoy at least for an hour or two, let me flirt with a few people who’re not from engineering as I’ll never make that mistake again. Then we can just go hang out and rest for the rest of the two weeks, I’ve heard they got an absolute masterpiece of a spa.” Jen was officially planning their shore leave, putting down her book to explain her seemingly masterpiece of a plan through hand gestures. Jen would never put down planning a shore leave, on the ship everything is very touch and go all the time, taking it day for day. But with shore leaves, at least a few days of just rest (unless emergencies arise) where she could plan out every second seemed like heaven. 

“I mean unless you have something else planned?” Jen then smirked at her best friend, Jen knew that Max deeply deserved a shore leave, however Max didn’t seem to think the same thing. Whilst Max had thrown herself into work, Jen had gotten slightly less and less enthusiastic about coming into the engineering station. If she could she’d usually spend her whole day on that couch in the office, or just fixing the equipment in the office. Seeing Scotty had gotten weird. It wasn’t that… Well it was exactly that the situation between Scotty and Max had caused a slight disruption in Jen’s professional relationship with Scotty, especially since Scotty was keen on getting updates on Max. And what was she supposed to say ‘yeah no she’s great… she’s just avoiding you and practically the entire crew completely. And y’know she’s sort of suppressing her feelings and instead putting all of her energy into her work until she has no energy left to express her feelings with… yeah she’s doing great!’ honestly it’s sort of what Jen wanted to say. 

But Max would figuratively kill her.

“Like what?” Max responded after a short while, probably too focused on fixing the grammar for a few seconds to really take in Jen’s question. 

“I don’t know… Maybe we could schedule some time for you to… well… I mean… rebound?” Jen’s voice shrank the minute she said her last word of her stumbling sentence, it wasn’t that Max would react badly, but she wouldn’t react greatly either. 

“Oh please, I don’t need a rebound. Also while we’re using you’re whole ‘scheduling every second of the day’ thing, maybe we should schedule in some more than just flirting for you.” Jen grimaced at Max’s response “Don’t give me that look. You were practically undressing one of the security ensigns that we’ve never even spoken to the other day. Maybe you should talk to them?” 

“I mean, maybe?” 

— — —

“I do believe they’ll still join us for drinks on the first night.” Kirk spoke suddenly while they were eating lunch. Scotty’s eyes still focused on the food as the rest of the men beside him started glaring at him. Everyone knew who Kirk meant. 

“Yeah Jen mentioned it the other day.” McCoy smirked, he didn’t like trying to force a reaction out of Scotty, but it had been two weeks. Scotty knew exactly where Max was hiding out, he knew that no one in the medical bay would ever stop him but would if anything they’d lay a red carpet up to the office door. “Jen’s always planning everything way too much. But at least it means we know exactly where to find one of our best doctors and one of our great engineers.” McCoy knew he was pushing it and he’d probably keep this up for the rest of the lunch anyway. 

McCoy desperately wanted Max out of the office at least for a few days, her vitals didn’t seem all too well and sitting in the same room, sometimes almost being completely alone for days… it couldn’t really be that good for her head. So yes he knows that he’s pushing it, he was even the one who’d messaged Jim telling him that they’d be having drinks together on the first evening and that he should bring it up at lunch to inform the rest of their small lunch group. 

If anything the decision about shore leave had been slightly made because of the circumstances with Elfie Maxwell, however she was just one of many examples of their exhausted and overworked crewmembers.

And now even Keenser was trying to show his enthusiasm for the bar where they’ll meet up with the doctor. Scotty was tired, he’d been showing up early for every meal, been working his ass off and sort of avoiding the men he now sat with. He didn’t want to constantly hear about the chance that he might get to see Max again. He didn’t want to make Max uncomfortable, that was his priority, but how the hell was he supposed to know if she was uncomfortable or not if he didn’t even see her. He wanted to see her. Desperately. He wanted to hear her say his name again, he didn’t even care if it was in anger. He just wanted another chance, but at the same time he didn’t want to be the one who pushed the chance into their lives.

A/N - Okay so it’s been a while, I have no real excuse, i’ve been writing sooome. Though I’ve had some writer’s block mostly about this because I was so unsatisfied with where the fic was originally headed… and then I rewrote this entire chapter… every single word. So now this is completely recently written and the next chapters are not written (as I deleted the three chapters I had written for the other storyline… yaaay). For the people who enjoys reading the Star Trek fanfiction though: I might be writing a smut piece for another character in the AOS… So that’s a small heads up for that when that’s finally done and I finally feel satisfied with it (which I hope is way quicker than it took with this chapter.) 

Feedback is always greatly welcomed and appreciated (all the comments, likes, reblogs that I’ve seen just makes my heart flutter incredibly. Love youuuu!)

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ihavenocluedude · 6 years ago


Life has been absolutely crazy lately, hence the slim to none writing done over here on my computer in my lately varying locations. I’ve had two ‘corona-scares’. Which is to mean that I’ve now twice been in contact with people that has later on been tested positive for corona, leading to me taking the test 2 times in just the span of two weeks, last week it was negative and I took my second one today, receiving the results in about 5 workdays… yihoo. (The first time I didn’t even have symtoms but now I did have a fever for 1 or 2 days and I’m still having cold-symtoms + some like migraine/severe headache symtoms as well… So y’know… I’m greeeaat!)

As if that hasn’t been enough of a time spender there’s also been 2 visits home to the parents and a bit of interning at a school that has filled my time. And now I’m also starting to look after a new place to live because I’m not really too fond of the current situation. 

Basically Everything is going to be fine!

Also Imma start fully writing again when my brain returns to normal (although for now I’ll just try writing a little), I would maybe like to do a little like requests thingy? But I’m not quite sure which characters and if I wanna do prompts requests or just a free-for-all sorta thing. If I even have enough followers for that, (and by that I mean please do write in if you’d like me to do something like this and if it’s anything in particular you feel I could write, or you want someone at all to write, and maybe even what characters/fandom) I’ll try to set up some sort of requests guidelines post later on I suppose, but I would generally like to see what it would be like to purposefully write something for a specific reason.

ANYWAY, Thank you all for the notes I’ve been given during my little involuntary break!!!

I might also upload a post with some fic recommendations I have so I at least give you something while my mind is feeling completely dead. (Though I do have about 3-4 chapters of the two fools that hasn’t been uploaded yet…) 

(I also have a small idea for a series with mr Bucky Barnes, where he’s not really feared by the society but rather admired. It’s actually a movie au but I do not want to get ahead of myself, although a hint might be that it’s an absolutely classic (and rather famous) romcom.)

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ihavenocluedude · 6 years ago

Life has been absolutely crazy lately, hence the slim to none writing done over here on my computer in my lately varying locations. I’ve had two ‘corona-scares’. Which is to mean that I’ve now twice been in contact with people that has later on been tested positive for corona, leading to me taking the test 2 times in just the span of two weeks, last week it was negative and I took my second one today, receiving the results in about 5 workdays… yihoo. (The first time I didn’t even have symtoms but now I did have a fever for 1 or 2 days and I’m still having cold-symtoms + some like migraine/severe headache symtoms as well… So y’know… I’m greeeaat!)

As if that hasn’t been enough of a time spender there’s also been 2 visits home to the parents and a bit of interning at a school that has filled my time. And now I’m also starting to look after a new place to live because I’m not really too fond of the current situation. 

Basically Everything is going to be fine!

Also Imma start fully writing again when my brain returns to normal (although for now I’ll just try writing a little), I would maybe like to do a little like requests thingy? But I’m not quite sure which characters and if I wanna do prompts requests or just a free-for-all sorta thing. If I even have enough followers for that, (and by that I mean please do write in if you’d like me to do something like this and if it’s anything in particular you feel I could write, or you want someone at all to write, and maybe even what characters/fandom) I’ll try to set up some sort of requests guidelines post later on I suppose, but I would generally like to see what it would be like to purposefully write something for a specific reason.

ANYWAY, Thank you all for the notes I’ve been given during my little involuntary break!!!

I might also upload a post with some fic recommendations I have so I at least give you something while my mind is feeling completely dead. (Though I do have about 3-4 chapters of the two fools that hasn’t been uploaded yet…) 

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ihavenocluedude · 7 years ago

I’m dead, like I’m so dead. I’m like omw of sobering up and I seriously maybe talked to a guy about trying out bdsm or like at least some sort of “kink play” together… I’m dead. Who am I? Have I died and gone to some sort of fanfic?? He seriously said “maybe we should play some time.”

I’m dead. Also I’m so using that in a future fic lmfao. I need someone to rant about this sort of shit to but most of my friends are like cinnamon buns or full on subs. Or at least cinnamon buns in hiding.

I’m seriously not going to get that phrase out of my mind the entire time I’m gone next week. Omfg

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ihavenocluedude · 8 years ago

Just read like one of my new favourite things within fanfiction *cough* LINK *cough*. Starting to think I should maybeeee do a fic rec list that I’ll keep like frequently updated.

Are they all going to be about men (whether they are characters or actors doesn’t matter) who are old enough to be my dad, playing authoritative roles with the fic having maybe a bit of drama or at least somewhat morally… wrong relationships… yup.

(The link above is a fic that fulfills 2 of these. Ish. Though there isn’t an age gap between the characters really. But between me and the characters… huh… yup. +one technically morally wrong relationship… and just in general absolute fantastic writing)

If you guys only knew how many professor!character fics I’ve read. My fic rec list will pretty much be “oh you want to know how much I’m attracted to people in authoritative roles? Here ya go!” (Or in other words *cough* daddy issues *cough*)

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ihavenocluedude · 8 years ago

Updated - 30/9-20

* - my tries at smut

Montgomery “Scotty” Scott (AOS) x reader or OC

Oneshots -

Probably coming soon 

Series -

The Two Awkward Fools (x OFC) -  1  2   3   4   5   6

Hamish “Merlin” x reader or OC

Oneshots -

Series -

None yet

Jack “Whiskey” Daniels x reader or OC

Oneshots - 

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ihavenocluedude · 8 years ago

Chapter 5 . Whoever it is

Chapter  1   2   3   4

Link to reading this chapter on AO3

A/N : Another part of my current favourite thing to write on. 

Word Count: 1008

It had been a few months and McCoy had regretted his offer after only a week or two, seeing the doctor and the chief engineer talk or ‘flirt’, if you could call it that. Was way worse than hearing Scotty’s pining at meal times. It was completely embarrassing at this point, especially when Scotty would come into the medical bay when he had been wounded or simply need a hypo for a headache. Max was there as quickly as possible, ready to help him heal up the wound, fix the hypo or whatever he needed. 

“We need to do something about Scotty and Max, I’m going insane Jim.”

“Well hello to you too Bones, I’m just fine, y’know everything’s just great, I’m totally great! How are you?” Kirk rolled his eyes while putting on a smug smile as he glanced at his friend, continuing his fast pace through the hallways of the enterprise. Barely even surprised by McCoy’s sudden appearance by his side. “Look just let them be, they’ll figure it out. If not we’ll simply send them down to Delta Vega, I’m sure that’ll give Scotty the push he needs.” Kirk chuckled whilst thinking back to the planet he’d found Scotty and Keenser on, Scotty had after all hated being on that planet with barely any food, if the only way back was confessing… Scotty might take it. 

“-tell him that I don’t want to see him right now!” They heard Max’s rushed voice from the medical bay they were just about to pass by. “Tell him I’m… I’m busy! That I have way too much…-something at the moment… Tell him that I… ugh fuck.” Max groaned as she paced in front of one of the nurses, repeatedly lightly hitting her forehead with her closed hand as if she had a headache. 

“Kiddo? You okay?” 

“-Stop calling me kiddo! And no- yes… I don’t know McCoy, shut up.” Max glared at the man before walking over to the office, slamming the door shut behind her. 

“What the hell happened there?” Kirk questioned, looking towards the nurse who seemed to have completely given up on whatever her small assignment from Maxwell was. 

“Commander Scott may have… excuse my language, fucked up. She won’t tell us what happened but something definitely seems to have happened Captain.” The nurse shrugged, practically muttering the words whilst running their hand over their face in irritation. 

“Could you message Lieutenant Jen Rogers and ask her to come to the medical bay, do tell her it’s nothing urgent though.” Kirk said calmly to the nurse whilst McCoy just stood there shaking his head lightly. “Look at this! This is probably what would happen if we did lock them up somewhere.”

“Yeah well it is better than having to see the two fools standing here talking for hours and completely denying their feelings. Now something could actually happen.” 

“What happened to Elfie?” Jen rushed into the medical bay, running over to McCoy and Kirk, panting as she now stared at the two men, urging them to talk. “Come on! I got a message that said it was from the captain and told me to get to the medical bay, I’m Elfie’s emergency contact on the ship, now where the fuck is she?” Kirk and McCoy had never heard Jen sounded so demanding, the girl who usually stumbled over her words was for once the one who seemed in charge, almost more so than the captain himself.  

“It’s not really one of those emergencies Jen, apparently something’s happened between Maxwell and Scotty and Maxwell just shouted at a nurse.” Kirk explained as he felt himself shifting around, now slightly flustered as him and McCoy just had been yelled at. “She’s in the office…” He then mumbled, averting his gaze away from the woman in front of him, scratching the back of his head. 

“Jesus Christ, you tell me to come to the medical bay but she’s completely fine? I swear to god I’ll get you back for this. For now this’ll do-” She started calming down as she then swatted the boys on their arms hard “And now I’ll go and talk to my best friend like you clearly ~couldn’t~.” Jen sighed and walked over to the office door, knocking abruptly before walking inside without a response, seeing Max sitting in the small couch in the corner of the office. “What happened between you and Scotty?” Jen asked quietly, sitting down next to the girl who looked as tired as a sloth. 

“I’m just tired of it all, I’m tired of feeling like this. I’m tired of being the only one feeling like this between me and him! He has shown zero interest Jen-“

“You’re kidding me El! Do I have to get you both drunk to get you to get the two of you together? Haven’t you seen the way he looks at you?” Jen’s voice came out rushed and irritated, now pacing in front of Max as she rambled through the clearly obvious acts of affection that Jen herself had claimed to see (but not telling her the excuses she’d caused for him to get to the med bay more often than needed, it’s not like a little laser to the arm will really hurt her superior. And it was an excuse to get Scotty to talk to Max some more than usual. So of course Scotty didn’t really complain that much either, even when it was happening way too often to be an accident.)

“Hey Doc! There’s someone here for you!” Kirk’s voice came out more annoying than usual as he had opened the door slightly, breaking Jen’s rambling. Jen just huffing out a sigh before walking out the office, she needed a break. 

“Let whoever it is in, please help her stop fussing about this and show her the goddamn truth?” Jen groaned to Kirk, passing him by quickly before leaving to go to her quarters, not having the energy to try to get Max to stop fussing about the whole thing. 

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ihavenocluedude · 8 years ago

Another part of The two fools has now been added on AO3, it’s just much easier to copy and paste on there, the part will be posted on here tomorrow. Maybe in the morning… We’ll see. Also the Agent Whiskey thingy is finally up!!! I’m so proud of myselfnah. Well I’ll be proud of myself when I see the reaction bc I really don’t know. Or as according to my username, I have no clue dude. 

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ihavenocluedude · 8 years ago

Destruction of clothes

Agent Whiskey x Female!Reader

A/N: I finally finished it! Look between like insecurities of publishing smut for the first time as well as insecurities about writing it for the first time for a while (I tried once a few years ago to write it, I’m pretty sure I deleted the things from my google docs just a short time afterwards). But I really hope it’s good, I think it is?? 
Summary: You would never really confess to finding Jack ‘Whiskey’ 'cowboy douchebag’ Daniels attractive, well that was until he helped you after a mission injury, starting to care for him and starting to not call him a douchebag, bitch or anything like that. And after that it was just a slippery slope to 'attacking’ him on the jet after a mission. With both the mission injury and with the 'attack’ there was two types of very different and light destruction of clothing.
Word count: 2 571
Link to reading it on AO3 
Warnings: Smut, hair pulling, fingering, curse words so often you wouldn’t believe, fingering,Vaginal sex, like a second of a handjob tbh, also reader isn’t a total sub but neither is Jack. 

“Don’t you dare touch me!” You held your injured leg away from him, hissing your words in pain, you had worked with Whiskey for years now but it’s not like there’s any trust between the two of you. After all seeing him in the cocky cowboy mood all the time wasn’t really a stable ground for becoming friends. “Look I’ll just call for Ginger or something, go- Agh- go finish the fucking mission!”

“The mission can wait, your leg can’t. Can you just- Just let me help you dangit!” Of course he wasn’t sincere or careful with the situation but rather abrupt and demanding. As always.

“Fuck off Whiskey” You punctuaded your words with harsh breaths as you started to take off the flannel shirt you’d kept around your waist. The mission had for once let you be casually dressed, as tourists. Which was perfect considering the current situation. Ripping the flannel apart with shaky hands, wrapping the piece of fabric tightly above the bullet wound in your thigh. Well ‘thank fuck’ it wasn’t just that injury too, thank fuck to the scumbags that led you into the forrest. Not only had they put a bullet in your thigh but they’d also made you dislocate your knee when you fell. Wonderful.

“Go finish the fucking mission, I’ll still be here when you come back. Worst- worst case scenario I’ll call for backup to come save m-”

“Maybe you didn’t notice sweetheart, but you can’t really reach Ginger or backup out here, can you hear Ginger right now? Because I don’t. That bullet wound alone is an injury that needs to be treated now, I’m bringing you to the jet.”

“I hope you know that I hate you.” You muttered as he walked closer to you. Whiskey had done the mistake of trying to fight you once, whilst training of course. And while the man is good at fighting and he has his god damn whip and lasso, you were quicker. Did you truly hate the man though? No not really. However denial was always the biggest part in your co-workership “no you don’t find him attractive, no the things he does with his whip and lasso aren’t sexy, no you’re not falling for a man with a god damn cowboy hat”. But when it came down to the truth, yes you were attracted to a cocky man with a cowboy hat and a lasso.

Getting back to the jet? Easier said than done. Whiskey had slowly walked up to you until you told him to ‘hurry the fuck up’. You let him carry you like you were a sack of potatoes and you honestly felt bad for him.

Carrying someone for an extended amount of time = not easy.

“Are we there yet y’ think?” You were almost becoming bored, the pain of your left leg of course always there. But it’s not like you haven’t been shot before. You had sort of learned how to ignore it, sure it wasn’t foolproof and sometimes you just can’t ignore it. But at the moment all your attention was directed at the man carrying you. His eyes were always so dark, his nose was unique and just so beautiful in side profile. You tried looking away but what the hell were you supposed to look at? The trees? The sky? Why not just appreciate that you could maybe stare at Whiskey without as much suspicion than usual.

“Soon.” He muttered out, carrying a person isn’t easy and you did offer to walk when he had been carrying you for a while. But he refused… So here you were, still in his arms.

— — —

When you did get back to the jet there was no time to waste really, Whiskey did what he could and that was that for now. Whiske-Jack had for the first time told you to call him Jack during his little examination of your leg. Sure it may be because you were calling him a bitch rather than calling him Whiskey, but still, you take your invitation when you can.

Not being able to see Jack flying the plane was a disappointment. He was always so focused, so in the zone and… unfortunately, he looked extremely hot while doing it. He was in control.  His moments in the pilot seat were the only moments you’d maybe admit to yourself that you were very very attracted to him. But at this moment you couldn’t see his tongue dart out to wet his lips absentmindedly, or see his eyes relaxing and narrowing every once in a while, no instead boredom was flooding your brain. Staring at the ceiling, laying on the small couch with your leg resting, tilted upwards.

— — —

As you got better from your injuries, he stuck around you. Every god damn step of the way. You had tried pushing him away, didn’t work, you tried to talk seriously to him, telling him to ‘stop pretending to care’ to which he replied: “Sweetheart I ain’t pretending”. It was upsetting, irritating and also just heartmelting. And during all of this, he was starting to open up, talking about his life before The Statesman agency, about his wife’s death and the therapy The Statesman agency had offered.

He started coming to the little medical bay of the headquarters to eat his lunch by your side, talking about what you like to do within your very little free time. Once in a while there’d be a ‘deep‘ moment, a moment where the two of you had actually shared parts of yourself no one knew about, it made your blood turn to ice. Were you really letting him get to know you? Was he just trying to gain your trust only to let you down?

Jack was after all one of those agents who’d risk anything to get the job done, on his own terms of course. But still he would do anything so what if gaining your trust, what if it was all just some ploy?

— — —

The day it all snapped, the moment where the relationship between the two of you changed forever, was the same day as a small mission. Nothing extreme, just you and Jack. During the flight to the mission you sat there in the co-pilot seat, practically staring at him. This time you did get to see his tongue dart out to wet his lips absentmindedly and his eyes relaxing and narrowing every once in a while. Jack however knew you were watching, of course he knew.

“Y’good over there darlin’?” He smirked, it wasn’t the first time he had called you a nickname but each time it made a shiver run down your spine. A small nod and your eyes darting away as an answer was all Jack got for now. You hadn’t intended to stare so heavily, but what can he expect, sitting there looking like that. He was a true distraction, which is why missions with him nowadays could become so… frustrating.

Trying to seduce some high-powered man during his gala was way harder when you heard whispered encouragements from Jack through your comms. Pure distraction. It was like he was doing it on purpose, whispering ‘good girl‘ when getting good information… Not fair.

During the mission he of course repeated this new habit of his, whispered encouragements, accompanied by nicknames that he knew affected you. So when you had finished talking to Ginger for the night, turning off your comms, that’s when you ‘attacked’, pushing him back against one of the interior walls of the jet. Your lips lingering just a small distance from his but not giving him the satisfaction.

“You do that on purpose, don’t you?” Your voice was determined but it sounded more airy than you had thought it would. Jack didn’t even seem surprised by this sudden ‘attack’, a smirk sitting confidently on his face.

“So what if I did darlin’?” Jack winks before placing his hands on either side of your upper neck, pulling your lips to his. Thankful that it all had just finally snapped together, you moved quickly. Taking his tie in your hand before tugging him over to the rather small couch in the jet. It wasn’t even a question of convincing him to sit down, but rather him crashing down himself, making sure to grab your legs so you’d land on top of him already, your free hand going to his shoulder.

“Then will you just take me already?” Your answer was of course rather delayed as your mouth had been occupied with his for the most of the time. His right hand’s fingers seemed at home in your hair but he did seem rather cautious about it. Well at least until you put your hand over his fingers, tightening the grip on your hair, lightly adjusting his hand to pull on it slightly, an airy moan emerging from you, showing your approval. “Perfect. Just like that baby.”

“Shit darlin’, you’re going to be the death of me.” His voice was practically a whisper as he stroked your thigh gently, leading his hand further and further towards your inner thigh. Silently thanking Peggy the fashion advisor who works for the firm for the fancy underwear you ‘had’ to wear for the mission. Even if she was annoying, some times… She came in handy.

One hand on his neck, wanting to grasp his hair harsh in your clutches, the other hand sitting on his shoulder, making sure his chest was now pushed up against yours. “Make me yours.” It wasn’t even a question as it came out of your lips, bringing out a groan from Jack. His finger finally really taking action and moving them slightly quicker to your core. Teasing a finger over the slit on top of the fancy and now soaked underwear, his smirk was almost more teasing than his fingers, that were now applying some more pressure. Your hips started moving automatically against his fingers.

“How long Jack?”

“How long what?”

“How long have you thought about me like this, on top of you, gripping your shoulder. How long baby?” Your words were more demanding than you had thought they’d be. The hand on his chest slid down to the bulge in his pants, lightly tracing it. Jack was a demanding man, he was usually the one in control, now there was becoming a balance. The sounds spewing out of his mouth was just egging you on, however you made sure to shut him up with your mouth. While his fingers slid the fancy underwear to the side, lightly circling your clit with his thumb and with his other fingers teasing where he soon would enter.

“Way too long Princess.” He grumbled against your lips as they parted, a gasp rising out of your mouth as he slowly eased a finger inside of you. It had been… a while. However the reactiveness Jack was getting out of you just made him want to hear more of the small gasps, the sound of his name, ‘Jack‘s slipping out every once in a while and the moans that were almost fighting their way out of you. The want to pleasure Jack as much as he was pleasuring you made you take off his belt, open his pants and take his dick out. Swiping your thumb over the tip before starting to move your hand slowly.

It didn’t take long at all for him to be able to sink another finger in you, going slightly quicker, your legs quivering at the pleasure. Not being able to completely focus on the moving of your hands, Jack took this moment of ‘weakness’ to slowly move the two of you to laying down on the jet’s couch instead of straddling. Taking a second just to look at you, starting to up his pace again after slowing down to be able to move you,

“This is art darlin’, you are art.” He growled as he started moving his mouth down to your collarbone, leaving a few small kisses every where; on your jawline, on your throat, slightly below your ear, and finally sucking onto your skin where your throat and chest met. Your hands resting and gripping his shoulders.

“Would you just hurry the fuck up- Shit Jack!” Slowly muttering out curse words as he focused his fingers on and around your clit instead, . However that wasn’t what you wanted, trying to sit up slightly or trying to pry his pants off with your legs and feet. “Get these off, now”

“Would you just relax?” He muttered back before slipping his fingers away from you, the cold air in the jet finally really hitting it as he dragged the panties off whilst backing off and dragging off his own pants as well. “Are you sure-”


Princess, do you have any-”

“-No but I’m protected.” You didn’t want to wait for him to finish his sentences, even if him saying ‘princess’ sounded heavenly. Finally the pressure of him grinded against you, before finally entering slowly. Jack had noticed the pressure around his fingers earlier, noting that it had been a while so as to go easy and slowly. Until you for probably the hundreth time in your life told him to hurry the fuck up. Like you had done on countless missions before and would do on countless missions ahead.

“Fu-uck.” He almost stuttered when he did finally slide all the way in, already applying a pressure to your clit with one of his hands as he knew he wouldn’t last that long. It had been a while for him too. Putting his other hand next to your head for stability as he started thrusting. Him feeling the tightness of you  and you feeling the fullness of him. Moans, groans and curse words were filling the jet quickly, Jack upping the speed of his thrusts, you clenching around him as you were starting to near your climax.

Finally reaching one of your hands to his hair, yanking his mouth down to yours to swallow his moans and for him to swallow yours as you climaxed. Putting a bit more pressure on your clit to make the feeling linger slightly longer, before he slid away his hand, not wanting to hurt you and instead grabbing the edge of the couch as hard as he could before speeding up his pace and finally reaching the edge you’d just been at and falling over it. His lips parting away from yours to instead suck at the skin of your shoulder, lightly digging in his teeth into the flesh.

“Well fuck, y’know Peggy’s going to be pissed at you.” You mentioned the fashion advisor as your breath finally calmed down a few minutes later, your brain no longer in the haze of Jack and realizing the small mistake you hadn’t noticed earlier. 

“Hmm?” He hummed contently, resting his head on one of your shoulders, lying by your side, tracing shapes onto your other arm as he was almost on the brink of falling asleep.

“We never took off the dress, it’s expensive Jack.” You chuckled, Jack just shaking his head, about to slowly rise away from you before he felt your hands pressing against his back, pushing him back against your chest. Your voice lovingly explaining why a second later; “It’s already messy and… well sort of trashed baby, so don’t you dare leave me yet.”

A/N - It’s done! It’s finally done! Sorry for the really long wait, as I’ve mentioned this thing several times before. Hope it actually was like good quality as well. It definitely wasn’t rushed as you guys who’s seen the earlier posts know. Now Imma sleep, then tomorrow I’ll probably post part 5 of the Scotty x OFC ;) 
I will always love feedback so don’t ever be afraid to comment something or send me an ask, message or whatever. 
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I honestly need like some sort of person to just like send my writing to and get 100% honest feedback and tips. Like anyone got a discord group for that or anything? Like I have like 5% experience of writing smut, the Agent Whiskey thingy will either be great or cringy, I’m sorry in advance dudes.

Though like funny thing I’ve noticed while trying to analyze other smuts (researching smut is actually v fun, though also fkn irritating when you wanna write as well as others), some writers seem to accidentally like change the POV or change the name the reader calls the character during the smutty scenes (e.g one fic I read about bby James Bucky Barnes, where the reader didn’t know the Bucky nickname, but during le smut, she still called him Bucky out of nowhere. I mean it’s hilarious to notice tbh, something you don’t really think about usually.)

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Chapter 4. I forgot you call her that!

Montgomery “Scotty” Scott (AOS) x OFC

Chapter 1   2   3

A/N: Hellu, so like.. as I’ve said before I have like a few of these chapter pre-written so I thought I’d just like… drop this one before I finish le Agent Whiskey One shot, honestly wish me luck, I need to figure out how Imma finish that one… might be a long one tbh. 

Word Count: 1538

The repairs had been done just some hour later after Scotty had left. 

“I’ll just tell Scotty that everything’s under control and that he doesn’t need to check in.” Jen explained to Max as Jen looked down on her PADD, checking to see that everything was truly done and that she had done everything right, the last checks. Max nodded, it was understandable, totally understandable… But did she want to see Scotty? Of course, they’re now sort of officially friends, did she want to admit that she wanted to see him to Jen and get teased to death in public? No. 

While she found a small affection for the man even within probably the first day… That affection had… grown. It had grown, especially during the short time he spent in the medical bay during the repairs. Seeing him care so much for something, seeing him passionate for something he probably does daily? Who doesn’t love passion? And they’d talk! Sure it wasn’t some sort of deep talk but he told her about Scotland, about his home

Much to Max’s pleasure, Scotty checked in anyway. Max, at first being worried that he hadn’t gotten Jen’s message until her eyes caught his, throwing that worry out the metaphorical window. He had searched the room for her and in doing so, making her breathe slightly more shallowly. And then of course he started walking straight towards her, keeping the eye contact but accidentally stumbling into one of the nurses as he hadn’t taken in his surroundings completely. 

“I kno’ that Jen said everything’s fine bu’ I jus’ wanted to stop by anyway…” Scotty smiled at Max, what Max didn’t see however was his slightly antsy body language and his brain trying hard to keep the eye contact and not look away. Whilst Max tried telling herself to look away, don’t make it awkward, but couldn’t look away. 

“Yeah of course, uhm… it’s just over here… But you know that…” Max stumbled slightly, chuckling, finally averting her gaze away from Scotty’s eyes and walking towards the repaired equipment. Scotty nodded, inspecting the equipment, just maybe perhaps trying to drag out the moment by taking a really good look.

“Hello there Scotty.” McCoy of course walked over to the two fools that stood by the perfectly fine repaired equipment “I thought Jen said it didn’t need a check in?” McCoy turned his eyes towards Max with a questioning look, as well as a smug smirk playing on his lips. Max’s eyes somewhat widening at his question, McCoy’s expression constantly being in a smug state around the two fools. 

“Ach no, bu’ it can’ hurt can it?” Scotty looked up at the CMO, picking up his PADD to really get everything checked. Scotty was afraid that he was being way too transparent, to McCoy? He definitely was, to Max? Not at all. 

— — —

“I feel stupid.” Max groaned as she entered her best friend’s quarters, as she had already memorized the code months ago, “Am I stupid? 

“You’re not stupid but you are quite foolish, come here El.” Jen chuckled, embracing her best friend in a hug as Max walked over to her. “Why do you feel stupid? Did you say something to him? Did he say something?” Jen rushed through her words, putting her hands on Max’s shoulders and pushing her away so she could see her face, Max’s hands hooking onto Jen’s elbows’ creases. 

“Nope… But I mean… Ugh! I just met this man, tell me I’m not being stupid? I haven’t had feelings for anyone since like the academy!” Max groaned remembering the stupid guy she had fallen for years ago. His hair was brown instead of blond but he was still slightly older and quite quirky… and yes also an engineer… of course. “What can I do? Like what are my options?” Max then asked Jen, going back in for a hug from her best friend who had started overthinking it all the second she caught Scotty’s eye contact. 

“You can tell him-”


“You could try to get to know him more before you do anything?” Jen then suggested, running her hand over her best friend’s hair, keeping her other arm now locked around Max’s shoulders. They had always been very close with physical contact, Jen was basically the only person Max let that close to her, her thoughts, her heart, herself. It almost felt like a requirement to have someone there for you during the lonesome years in space, even if the ship is flooded with people, you need your number one. The person you could call home. Jen is that person for her. 

“I could… I mean I’m… He and I could probably be just friends right?”

“Why are you so determined on keeping him away from you-” 

“I’m not!” Max walked away a little from Jen, shaking her head and rubbing her hands over her face, trying to beat the sleepiness that was starting to seep in.

“You are, I know it won’t be some… well some whirlwind-falling in love within just a day or whatever but don’t be afraid to let him in Elfie!” Jen told her quite loudly, gesturing with her hands like she was some sort of mad scientist. “He likes you too, you do know that right?” Jen almost whispered now, stepping towards Max who now stood there, her hands just covering her face as she breathed deeply. But at Jen’s words she let her arms go cross over her torso instead. 

“No he doesn’t, we can’t know that. Let’s just let this all be, I’m too tired for this. Let’s go eat and then go sleep.”

— — —

“Scotty you can’t deny this, you like her.”

“Who likes who?”

“Scotty just met Max last week and he’s already falling in love.” McCoy teased the scotsman, Keenser laughing at the teasing as Kirk sat down, joining the three who were eating together. 

-I’m not in love, she’s jus’ very…-She’s simply a friend.” Scotty stammered slightly as he looked at the unconvinced facial expressions of his friends. Keenser nudged his friends in the ribs, shaking his head and went back to eating his- very small meal. Scotty had of course teased Keenser sometimes about being able to eat just one bean and being satisfied, but most times, such as this one, it meant that he dragged out the time of eating that one bean just to sit there with his friends. However at this moment Scotty wished that Keenser would just eat his food so he’d at least have one less person teasing him about his affection for the doctor he’d newly met.

“God- Maxwell, I haven’t seen her in a while, where has she been lately?” Kirk spoke with fondness before shaking his head with a small chuckle.

“Over there, joined at the hip with Ms Rogers as always.” McCoy chuckled, looking over at the two girls who just walked in. Scotty’s eyes may have just may have snapped over to the entrance as he saw the girl he still hadn’t stopped thinking about and was anxious to see again. “And you say she’s just a friend huh? Hope you don’t look at me like that.” McCoy joked as he looked back at his food. 

“We should call them over, have them join us. I don’t think I’ve talked to Maxwell since… way too long ago.”

“Do you really not remember your drunken little fight?”

“Our what?” Kirk questioned McCoy before recalling the last time they had been on shore leave a few months ago. Kirk, Max and McCoy had sat down in a bar, drinking way too much too fast and eventually Kirk and Max had found something to fight about; pretty much everything in this god damn universe “-ooh.” Kirk realised that he hadn’t spoken to her since then. “Do you think she’s still… irritated?” 

“No it should be fine, the kiddo doesn’t dwell on things.” 

“-I forgot you call her that!” Kirk’s laugh could’ve probably been heard from every corner of the canteen, which of course made Scotty’s eyes widen at Kirk, trying to tell him to shut up.

“Look I’ll talk t’ her, I’d talk t’ her everyday if I could but-”

You can.” McCoy muttered, almost wanting to lock the two crewmembers in some closet or turbolift for a few days and see if they’d eat each other up or eat each other up so he’d finally get some peace from the craziness Max brings around. “It’s not that hard Scotty, visit the medical bay once in a while, make up an excuse for her to come down to the engineering station, I bet she’ll take any excuse. I’ll even help you god damnit.”

“Christ McCoy, calm down.” Kirk chuckled, rolling his eyes at his friends. He missed this sometimes, even when he had it, he missed these moments of laughter at the expense of his friends. Especially when it came down to one of his friends falling in love with another of his friends, however with Maxwell and Scotty, he knew it’d take way too long before they’ll truly show their emotions towards each other. Hence why he and McCoy would have to try and push them together. 

A/N - Okay so I’ve already written this on AO3, but like this whole thing about ‘your person’ is so fucking true and I like wrote that weeks ago! Like uni is as I said, kicking my ass. And I’m starting to get hella homesick and just wanting physical affections (hugs pleaaase!). Like I do have friends and such here but damn how I miss my friends and family from back home. 

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Okay so! Uni is kicking my ass, but I love it anyway. I’m sort of having a home exam at this moment, like from last week until wednesday. So I might not post thaaat much but I’ll try to post something before then at least. (Hopefully the one shot with Agent Whiskey that I’ve been working on…)

On another note, I just bought like all the Harry Potter movies and I thought I’d start my little HP marathon tonight with the first movie. And like… I’ve never thought about it before but that first christmas in hogwarts must’ve been the first christmas where Harry ever got any presents or appreciation at all? Like that’s crazy? But it’s even crazier that I’ve never thought about it before? 

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Chapter 3. His choice

Montgomery “Scotty” Scott (AOS) x OFC

Chapter 1     Chapter 2

A/N: Okay so… I said I’d post it in a few hours on monday… Yikes. I did post it on AO3 this wednesday (it’s literally just copy and paste on there) it’s just basically much easier to do this whole thing there but like I wanna post it on here too. So uhm… I’m moving these next 2 days, because of uni. I’m really excited but as I’m probably going to be a bit busy I don’t know how much I’ll write. I will however say that I’ve started an Agent Whiskey x reader… So yup… :)

Word Count: 1266

The amount of reparations McCoy had wanted the trusted engineers to perform were apparently… a lot and quite troublesome as well, so much so that Scotty and Jen had to return the next day. It was in these moments that Max started wondering if McCoy just left reparations that were needed to the very last second, as if he waited for at least three things to break before calling the engineers. Sure McCoy wasn’t one to waste the medical equipment he had but he obviously didn’t want engineers running around the place all the time? 

However all of this was just a theory in Max’s head, trying to distract herself when she sat by Jen and Scott as they repaired the equipment. It had been very slow in the medical bay lately, McCoy had most of the small situations under control, and if not there were other doctors and she could simply sit there waiting for McCoy to call her through her communicator, to tell her that there had been some big accident, several limbs lost and everything. 

Throughout the reparations Max had sat there looking at the two engineers, maybe mostly at Scotty. She had seen Jen fix things before, Jen had fixed, upgraded or repaired her replicator way too many times for Max not to have seen her fix something. Scotty’s engineer ways didn’t seem that different from Jen’s however he seemed to mostly supervise Jen and make sure she knew what she was doing. Scotty was also intermittenly messaged by the other engineers, sometimes small things but eventually it seemed that a few larger incidents that needed to be taken care of. Still he wasn’t leaving Jen and Max, not running to the next situation.

“Scotty, you can go if you want? I’m sure Jen’ll do fine.” Max told him, starting to feel guilty for not only taking her engineer friend’s attention away from perhaps bigger things but now also the chief engineer’s attention. Scotty almost wished he had told her to call him Monty yesterday. Sure it’d almost be a new thing for him, he wasn’t really used to the nickname except from when he’s back home. And well… considering all the alone time with Keenser out in the cold on Delta Vega for way too long. And then beaming to the Enterprise with Kirk, basically inventing (being gifted) the transwarp beaming equation. And after all of that getting out on new adventures with the Enterprise. It had simply been a long time since he’d been called Monty. And to maybe hear it from her? 

“Nae, I can’ jus’ leave ya.” The scotsman claimed, his denial truly truly wasn’t about the way he felt when he caught Max’s eyes on him and the way he had sort of avoided her throughout the week. But now couldn’t resist sitting there just a small distance from her. Scotty wouldn’t really admit it to himself but he found himself drawn to the woman that was as she said ‘just a few years younger than you’. Which intimidated him, he hadn’t truly sought out companionship for the following years on the enterprise but there she was. Sure he had doubts about the whole thing and he wouldn’t ever believe it if she had the same feelings towards him. The thought itself felt absurd to even think about. 

“Scotty, it’s okay, I swear. You clearly have more important things to handle.” Max told him when his communicator called for him again “I won’t hold it against you y’know, you’re the chief engineer. I shouldn’t be keeping you here stuck with me and the medical bay’s problems.” Max chuckled slightly, scratching her neck, looking down on the ground beside the two engineers, Jen also confirming that it’d all be fine if he left. 

“If ya insist, I’ll jus’ check in later?” Scotty shrugged, gathering the tools he might need but that Jen might not need, wouldn’t want to make them take even more time on the repairs just because of his taking of the tools she might’ve needed. It was probably for the best either way, Scotty had sort of blown off the other engineering staff to help Max’s problem. Max nodded at his small question about checking in later. Mumbling something about the next shift as she looked down at her PADD. “Then I’ll see ya later then…” Scotty trailed off, backing out of the room, opening his communicator to hear who needed him at the moment. 

“So… one of the engineers you trust is Scotty huh?” McCoy teased coming from behind Max out of the office she could’ve sat in during all of this if she hadn’t wanted to observe the repairs the pair of engineers performed. “Didn’t know that you two had gotten so close lately?” He mused with a smirk on his face, clearly sensing how Max had instantly tensed up and rolled her eyes.

“Shut up McCoy.” Max rolled her eyes, putting her hand over her face as she looked at the man who had entered the room. “Everything okay? no medical emergencies or anything?” Max questioned, perhaps trying to change the subject. 

“Yeah yeah, everything is fine. Lieutenant Rogers do you mind telling me what’s going on between my little kiddo doctor and the chief engineer?”

“Well…” Jen paused, laying her tools down momentarily, already seeming slightly flustered by the question  “She’s… well… He’s her type-”


“I’m not lying am I? And he has probably ignored way more important stuff just to hang out over here with our sweet little doctor, ‘supervising’ mostly” Jen chuckled and gesturing quote marks with her fingers around the supervising part before returning to the repairs.

“Okay, well kiddo, don’t break anyone’s heart now.” McCoy almost said sternly, as the true grump he is. As Max processed his sentence she simply shook her head, break anyone’s heart, who did he think she was. Sure they had gotten to know each other a little better during yesterday’s and today’s repair sessions but she barely knew him. And sure he was her type, Jen had been right about that ever since that time they were sat in her quarters drinking that vodka mix, she had even confirmed it even more later that evening. 

— — —

“He is quite cute right? I mean he’s… Sweet? I really liked his eyes…” Her tone dreamy as she looked over at Jen with a big smile before her face fell “-God I can never show myself by engineering again can I?” The vodka mix had been settling in very nicely and given both of the girls quite the buzz.

“Oh please it’s not as if you embarrassed yourself…-wait did you?”

“Well no but… I mean… having feelings towards a lieutenant commander, a superior? That’s baaad, really bad. Isn’t it?” 

“It doesn’t have to- It could be great! You could be really cute together.”

— — —

However Max was afraid that Jen was wrong, it wouldn’t be ‘cute’, it wouldn’t be great and it simply couldn’t be. Fuck Max thought, stop thinking about it, push all thoughts aside and simply breathe, look over the lists on the PADD, check if there’s anything else you can fix while the action at the medical bay is slow. Max’s thoughts didn’t stop however and even if she would deny it extremely to both herself or anyone else, she really was happy that the scotsman had entered her life. Whether it would only be temporarily and then not see each other ever again, or if he was there to stay in her life. It would either way probably be his choice. 

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I really don’t feel like time passing at night, I thought it was like maybe 2 something am? It’s nearly 4 am where I live… Not that I’m not used to being up this late… I was up to at least like 6 yesterday, but still. 

The two awkward fools is going pretty well, I’m kinda dreading putting real conflict in the whole thing. But it’s what gonna drive the story forward and honestly I need to make sure my fics and oneshots aren’t just fluffy fluff fluff. It’s supposed to be something resembling life (but slightly better if I say so myself) and I need to remember that. 

Anywho: I might post the third part of the series in a few hours, however for now Imma just keep writing on part 7 of the whole thing. And maybe something new, idk for who yet though so let’s see. 

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Chapter 2. Could lead to sadness

Montgomery “Scotty” Scott (AOS) x OFC
Chapter 1
A/N: I felt bored and wanted to share more of the fic already… oops(?). Nah but honestly I feel like at least the first two chapters are kiiind of slow and maybe doesn’t offer that much, especially with this one being pretty darn short (according to me all the parts I’ve written so far have been pretty short tbh, I’m used to reading one shots that are like 2k, I’ve “been” spoiled by other fic writers basically…) Welcome to another part of: Em absolutely loving tech dudes way too much.
Word Count: 959

“Jen!” Max shouted to Jen who stood farther in, in the engineering station. Max had searched around practically everywhere in the confusing engineering station for her and was just about to give up when she saw her. The place was a mess, tools everywhere and people running around like crazy, Max had probably bumped into 4 people in just the last minute. All Max knew was that McCoy had forced her down there to just grab some engineer, however not wanting to bother with one of the newbies; telling her to grab someone she trusts to not fuck up the medical bay equipment. 

After a few more calls of Jen’s name Max finally grabbed her attention. Jen was the only engineer Max truly knew. Though Max had perhaps hung out with a few engineers during shore leaves or during nights where they may be the only ones with alcohol. But that was irrelevant, she never truly got to know any of them, which made being in one of the engineering stations pretty awkward. 

“Elfie!” Jen called out towards her, finally running over to her “What are you doing here? Don’t you hate this place?” Jen questioned in a rushed tone, still a smile on her lips and chuckling as always but looking around herself to glare back at her workmates that had started staring at them. 

“Look McCoy told me that we need some engineer person who we trust and who wouldn’t screw up the medical equipment, please tell me you can help me.” Max pleaded, pouting slightly. 

“Uhm… I mean… Yeah? I think I can? I should go check with Scotty though. Come with me?” Jen’s sentence had forced a wondering look on Max’s face before she eventually shrugged and allowed Jen to drag her along, placing her hand in Jen’s outstretched hand. Max wouldn’t be surprised if they got lost in the station or lost from each other but she had no doubt Jen would find her way to Scotty eventually. “You haven’t spoken to him since last week right?” Jen questioned looking back at her friend, Max nodded quickly. 

“I haven’t been avoiding him but… We hadn’t met before that so what’s to say we’ll cross each other’s ways again? Well except right now of course but this doesn’t quite count does it? You’re actually physically leading me to him and all.” Max’s flustered voice and expression didn’t go lost on Jen, a smug smirk spreading on her face as she kept heading forward towards where Scotty should be. Scotty didn’t have much of an office, rather a small space where he should be the majority of the time to be available to the people he’s chief to. However as Scotty is someone who likes to be social and also likes to actually manage the engineering, he wasn’t always there. Or actually very rarely there.

This time though, they had been in luck, Scotty sitting in his chair, legs propped up on the desk looking at his PADD. Releasing each other’s hands and looking towards the Chief engineer that seemed lost within the information on his PADD. By the looks of it he didn’t even seem to notice the two friends standing in his little area. 

“Scotty?” Jen said quietly, not wanting to startle her superior. But that was unfortunately not possible as Scotty jolted up slightly and instantly placed his feet back on the ground, his eyes snapping up towards the two girls. “Hi! I… Uhm… Well the medical bay seems to need some help and Elfie came to get me so I wanted to check if I could… well if I could go up there and look at their issues?” Jen stumbled through her words once again, it wasn’t that she was scared or nervous to talk to her superior, it was slightly more that she didn’t know what words to use. 

Well at least not in the professional sense, if it had been a friday evening in the engineering station she would’ve easily had a conversation with Scotty. However now she was completely sober and nervous about doing anything even slightly unprofessional. 

“I though’ no one called ya Elfie, Max?” Scotty joked as he then turned his focus back to Jen “Tha’s fine, I could follow along if ya need any help?” Scotty’s offer was sweet, not in anyway necessary but sweet nonetheless. However before Max could’ve said that it wasn’t necessary, Jen had of course told him that it’d be for the best. ‘You are the chief engineer after all’ Jen had told him with a small smile. “Lead the way.” Scotty told the two girls as they started to walk towards the exit of the engineering station. 

“Scotty? Jen is the only one that calls me Elfie… She’s my best friend. Everyone else just usually calls me Max or Maxwell…” Max felt that she had to explain to Scotty as they had made their way into the hallway, Jen leading the group even if Max probably knew the way way better. “Well… I- … My family does call me Elfie as well, which is reasonable… I suppose.”

“D’ya not like the name?” 

“No not really,” Max answered quickly, it was a question she had answered before and some understood, some did not “it’s just that… I don’t know… I just-”

“Lass it’s fine but jus’ so ya know, Elfie is a very pretty name. Y’know my name’s actually Montgomery, my family usually calls me Monty…” Scotty gives her a big smile, patting her lightly on her back. Monty sounded better, it felt more… Well personal Max supposed, it fit him, he feels home-y. But feeling too at home with him could lead to sadness, Max had just met him after all. 

A/N: I might post part 3 in a few hours too, Idek dudes, hope you liked it. As always I appreciate feedback soooo much so if you have the energy, please do!

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The two awkward fools

Montgomery “Scotty” Scott x Original Female Character
Chapter 1. “Let’s get going shall we?”
Link to chapter 2
Summary:Two awkward fools meet for the first time after being on the same ship for a long while. An obvious crush on both sides makes the friends around them want to just lock them in somewhere until someone confesses. But decides not to. Hence an awkward slow burn arises. This is the story of Elfie Maxwell and Montgomery Scott, two fools who couldn’t see that the feelings were mutual and therefore drove the people around them rather irritated.
It basically revolves just around them and the evolution of it all. And there isn’t really any big superficial descriptions of Elfie so… Yup.
A/N: I decided to finally start posting this! I’m kinda nervous about it but at the same time super excited. I’m currently writing on chapter 6 actually but I’ve been constantly editing the earlier chapters. So here you’ve got a pretty constantly edited first chapter. Here’s to crushing on tech nerds in movies! I can’t find that many gifs of Pegg as Scotty, so have a little Scotty on Delta Vega :) 
Also posted on Ao3 : Chap 1. the two awkward fools

“Kiddo! Maxwell!”

“I’m not a kid McCoy, I’m just a few years younger than you god dammit.” Max sighed, swiveling around with her chair to look at the just slightly older, dark haired grump. The office space of the medical department was usually pretty quiet, reserved for doing paperwork, avoiding certain crew members or just killing time. But now of course here he came calling out her name as she had sat there doing actual work. However whilst turning around, she did not only see her goofy friend who’s somehow her superior McCoy who was looking rather pale at the moment. But also the chief engineer of the ship, Lt Commander Montgomery Scott.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Commander Scott, I’m Elfie Maxwell.” The motion of instantly standing up and reaching out her hand quickly had not only caught herself off guard but also the now slightly flustered Lt. Commander. Max had never really met him before, sure she had heard about him several times. From crewmates, from McCoy, from Kirk, from her best friend, from pretty much everyone who had met him. And she had actually seen him around in the corridors or in the canteen, so she wasn’t actually a stranger to his appearance or his body language. Seeing him this close and actually talking to him for the first time did feel extremely strange however, he seemed slightly different than how she’d observed before.

“Ach, please Maxwell, call me Scotty.”

“People usually call me Max,” She smiled at the man before continuing “So what can I do for you guys?” Max had started worrying about the cause of why the two men were there, well after the minor shock of meeting a Lt Commander for the first time of course… Anyhow, they are after all both Lieutenant Commanders, McCoy is a ‘way’ better doctor than she is (even if she hated to admit it). So why did they come there to her to get her help, unless there had been an emergency again. She did not have the energy for another couple of hours of patching up countless crewmembers.

“Everything’s fine Max, I got- Fuck! I got a bit of a headache and Scotty here, forced me to come here and get someone’s help as I wouldn’t put a hypo in my own damn neck myself.” McCoy muttered, taking a seat in the chair that Max had been sitting in when the two had entered the office. McCoy’s almost normal ‘usual’ muttering of swear words hadn’t truly made sense in this moment until now. McCoy leaned forwards in the chair, catching his head in his hands and letting out a quick groan once more.

“Well mister grumpy let’s take this to the actual medical bay and not the damn office and let’s give you that damn hypo.” Max decided to go behind McCoy and steer the chair he was sitting in into the medical bay. “Scotty, you can follow with if you want, your choice though.” Looking back at him, he nodded and ultimately decided to follow along.

“Look Max, you’re not really helping me by driving me in the chair.”

“Do you really want to walk there instead you buffoon-” Max teased swinging the chair a bit, rolling it side-to-side slightly, making McCoy’s headache flare up a bit.

No!” McCoy suddenly yelped making both Max and Scotty chuckle. Max steadied the chair and continued making their way into the medical bay, the other medics looking at them like they were insane at the moment. “Look just give me the medicine doc’.” McCoy muttered loudly.

“Hypospray, five percent hydrocortilene.” McCoy demanded as he looked up at the woman for a second as she was looking at the hypospray in her hands.

“Oh please you’ll need three percent at max McCoy.”

“Give me seven percent you little-

“Bones, be nice to the wee lass.” Scotty stepped in, seeming to be trying to defend Max. However being called a ‘little girl’, wasn’t quite that nice. Elfie Maxwell always seemed to be thought of as way younger by her superiors even if she didn’t look that much younger. McCoy always calls her kiddo, of course he’s a friend and all but out of all the nicknames? Kiddo? Really? Max isn’t even that short or that small in general, sure her eyes might give of a young vibe but she was by no account a ‘wee’ kiddo.

Please don’t call me a little girl, I’m just a few years younger than you guys. I’ll give the little stick in the mud the seven percent he wants but doesn’t need .” Max muttered, picking up a hypospray, fixing the hydrocortilene setting on the hypospray before injecting the hypo into the side of his neck. McCoy, as the little wuss he is, hissed loudly.

“You’re not supposed to stab me with it.”

“You’re such a baby McCoy, however you should be fine now. Or well… Maybe a bit woozy in a minute, remember that I didn’t tell you to make me give you seven percent, your choice Doc.”

“I’ll be fine.” McCoy rolled his eyes, standing up from the chair, clutching his head quickly as the headache flared up slightly at the quick movement once again.

“So where were you guys before this?”

“Jus’ a meeting.” Scotty smiled at Max, nodding slightly, it was apparent that Scotty and Max weren’t quite acquainted with each other yet but he was truly trying to make the situation comfortable. It was quite sweet, Max had heard several things about the chief engineer, everything from him being extremely loveable to sometimes being very annoying. When Max turned herself back towards McCoy, now sitting down on one of the beds, he seemed completely gone, told him he didn’t need the seven percent. “Well he seems rather pleased either way, even with the headache Kirk gave him.”

“Kirk was the one who triggered this?” Max questioned Scotty with a confused look, snapping her fingers a bit over McCoy’s face, making sure she got at least somewhat of a reaction.

“Aye, cannae tell you how but tha’ headache’s Kirk’s fault.”

Oh… Well I’m sorry you had to be in the middle of all of that.” Max nodded along, knowing how McCoy and Scotty’s conversations could drive someone insane. They were close as hell and whilst Max had sort of joined their little group of friends, she couldn’t compare her friendship with either of the men to the friendship between the two of them. But she did sometimes bet that their friendship couldn’t compare to her and her best friend’s. However that was just a personal little smugness she kept in her head.

“McCoy I swear to everything if you made me give you seven percent to avoid your next shift I’ll make you cover me the next time I want one off.” Max muttered to McCoy, his eyes slightly opening at Max’s words, it was a start but if McCoy didn’t want to spend the night in the medical bay then Scotty or someone else would have to help Max carry him on their shoulders to McCoy’s quarters. “Scotty I need your help with this goofball.” Max turned to the scottish man beside her, who apparently stood way closer now than she had been expecting, making her jolt up.

“No’ a problem Max, let’s get going shall we?”

—- — —

“So… Commander Scott huh? I thought you guys had spoken by now, I mean we’ve been out here a while?” Jen questioned, Max nodded slightly, of course they probably should’ve met before but who’s to say when you’re going to meet someone for the first time. After Max’s shift, Jen, Max’s best friend who works in engineering had dragged Max over to her quarters.

Apparently Jen had bought some sort of vodka mix thingy from another engineer and then hid it somewhere in the quarters and finally decided that today was the day that they’d drink it. They started talking about their day as usual at first, merely sipping on the strong liquid. Max brung up drugged up McCoy and with that also brung up how she had met Scotty for the very first time. “I mean you guys aren’t that… You’re both… I mean… You’re kind of alike Elfie?” Jen stumbled slightly over her words, as she often did. Jen was the sort of person who got the most of her confidence during stress or emergencies, however during normal days, she stumbled over her words especially when she has to talk to a superior. But today it was simply a sign to Max that Jen had been slightly irritated during the day and now was tired, only wanting to relax with her best friend but stumbling over her words to try and find the right ones.

“Thank you?” Max responded with uncertainty “I don’t know him yet so I have no clue if that’s positive or negative Jen. I’ve heard that he’s talkative, from some I’ve heard that he’s annoying, from some I’ve heard that he’s great.”

“All you need to know is that he’s worth talking to, get to know him for yourself Elfie.” Jen smiled at Max “I mean El… Isn’t he kind of… I mean… He is kind of your type isn’t he? Dark blond, slightly older? An engineer? Quite… quirky?” Jen started whispering for some reason, leaning in a bit, Jen’s lips starting to form into a bit of a smug smirk as Max’s skin flushed. “Look I’m not telling you to go fall in love with him… But it wouldn’t hurt you? Or well… I mean… Love does hurt when it ends- nevermind, ignore me…” Jen chuckled, shaking her head at her own tired rambling.

“It has been a while since I’ve been anywhere close to even crushing-ugh. ” Max cringed at her own words, it made her feel like she was just a teenager again “I meant it has been a while since I’ve been anywhere close to even having feelings for someone Jen. He’s sweet and all but I’m not sure he’ll be the one who’ll… well… the one whom I’ll open up that part of my life to again.” Max shrugged, sipping from the glass she had merely sipped from during the conversation. Readying herself to start taking slightly more of the strong liquid.

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Merlin (Kingsman) x Reader

A/N:  Okay duderinos, were my plans slightly delayed because of a family vacation (it was within our own country and we had masks with us and tried to socially distance as much as possible)? Yup. Did I still work on the damn Merlin x reader thing during the vacation? Fuck yeah. So here it is… This is like the first fanfiction I’ve posted since like… 2015 ish? But like I think I’ve gotten better since? Let’s hope huh? 
Pleaaaase tell me what you think!
Summary (I suppose?): I think this is gender neutral? I mean it wasn’t intentional but I mean… that’s great. This is basically about Merlin (Hamish) telling reader what Kingsman actually is (though that’s not explained within the one shot) and features what his partner could be thinking during the experience (I can’t truly say this is realistic though but y’know, fanfiction). This is pre- Golden Circle, however some time after the first movie.
Word count: 1 553
Warnings - mention of death, a few mentions of small amounts of blood, spoilers for the first Kingsman movie, slight cursing, maybe a tad OOC because Merlin is slightly emotional in this but like… ye.
Angst and a bit of fluff? I suppose? I always thought I’d only write fluff but here I am 

“Hamish?” You called out into the apartment as you came home, it wasn’t unusual for it to be met with silence. But silence was very unusual if he actually was there. 

Usually there’d be some music playing softly as he made dinner for the two of you, or he’d simply shout that he was ‘in here!’ from wherever in the flat he was. Hamish works a lot so he’s not at home all the time, his work is after all very demanding, you had gotten quite used to it by now. Of course you sometimes lied and said that it was completely okay. Missing your boyfriend all the time didn’t feel completely okay, if anything it was tolerable at most.

Finding your boyfriend in the living room with a gun? Extremely worrying and not at all ‘completely okay’.

Normally Hamish was almost always calm and collected, everything under control. However at this very moment he seemed to be trembling, clutching his head as he leaned forward, resting his elbows onto his knees, the gun still in his hand. Not to speak about the small amount of blood splatter he had on his shirt and skin.

“What the hell is going on?” It came out sharper than you wanted, sure the situation called for a slight what-the-fuck tone but looking at Hamish who looked completely broken as is… It felt way too harsh, you could sense the frazzled state, you could see how his body trembled. “Hamish?” Trying to put on a somewhat softer tone, slowly walking over to the man and putting your hand on his shoulder felt like the right thing to do. However it made you jolt up when he seemed to snap out of the daze he had been in.

Sweetheart,” He almost seemed shocked that you were home, looking up at you “-It’s… I need to tell y’ something.” His stumbling voice only worried you more, you thought you’d seen Hamish in every single mood you could see someone in. But this seemed unexplored to you, it was unexpected. You’ve known him for so long, you’ve loved him for so long that this almost makes him seem like someone else. “Sit down, please.” 

You should run, you really should. But it was Hamish, sitting there in front of you asking you to please sit down and listen to whatever the hell had seemed happen inside your shared home. So you did, you sat down, took a deep breath and looked at the man you love, who at the moment barely seemed like him.

When Harry, one of his closest friends had died, you had heard him repeating a phrase in a whisper a couple times ‘no time for emotion’. It was a thing you had repeated in your head since in confusion, Hamish has always been a very collected person, someone who almost seems to excel in stressing moments if anything. You weren’t that shocked but of course very worried when you heard the phrase. You had tried to bring it up but Hamish didn’t seem to want to talk about it. 

But during all of that time he seemed to shut off slightly, the ‘no time for emotion’ seemed to be for every feeling. So to say that seeing him in this state was shocking? Yeah that was a bit of an understatement. 

“So…” Hamish began before he himself noticed that he was still holding the gun, looking at it wide eyed before setting it down on one of the tables nearby “I have a lot t’ explain sweetheart.” Giving you a weak smile and taking one of your hands in both of his, trying to keep the eye contact as he began describing his ‘real’ job. You knew he worked tech for some company and so on, however this was way different from what you thought he did. 

And the gun and the blood splatter described something more than what he was telling you at the moment. The missions, the agents in general, how Harry had actually died and who Harry really was, how the whole Valentine thing had happened and everything. 

Hamish? What about the… uhm t-… the gun? And the…” You asked him and gestured towards the small blood splatter on his shirt that your eyes had locked onto for the last few seconds. You hadn’t known that Hamish had risked his life almost every day at work, that the small business trips were really missions that he had to help with on-site, that when he said good bye every morning; it could be the last time. 

He seemed almost confused at your reaction. Trying to look calm and collected but at the same time quite obvious about your real reaction. Your hands-no your whole body was shaking, your eyes looked slightly watery and you had crossed your arms in front of you by now. 

“I had to go on a mission today… It was… Well it didn’t go well.” 

“No shit Sherlock.” You let out a small chuckle before instantly shaking your head and putting your free hand over your face. This really wasn’t the time for a chuckle or jokes.

Don’t leave… I’ll never let anything happen to y’.”

“You’ll never let anything happen to me? How can I trust that, Hamish?” Your eyes met his again finally “The only thing I can trust is that I love you too much to let you go-Fuck, look I need some time to process this.” Your voice was shaking as you tried to make up your mind yourself. It was hard even picturing Hamish with a gun even if one sat right beside him. He isn’t some fucking James Bond or anything, he’s just your Hamish. Sure he was always very charming, he was always very well dressed and sure the way he moves was very… smooth?-Ugh 

You couldn’t rely on your scrambled mind to make a steady, reliable answer to this whole situation. Your tornado of thoughts spinning from one thing to the next. How many people has he actually killed? Is it safe in here? Who’s blood is on his shirt? What the fuck happened tonight to make him react like this?

“Is it even safe in here?” You asked, trying to turn the tornado of thoughts into something useful, information. Pointing towards the gun on the table as to make a follow-up question, the gun still within reach of Hamish and his slender hands. That you thought only fixed IT problems, messaged you love-letters through texts when he worked late, massaged your neck when it was sore and could make a killer meal.

“Yeah, it is now.” His accent and voice seemed rougher and it didn’t really help that he said now. As if it had been dangerous just moments before you walked into your home, your supposedly safe home.

“I love you.” He spoke softly, practically whispering. Taking one of your hands in his once again as you stood up from the couch, he kissed your knuckles gently before letting you walk up to the usually shared bedroom. Hamish had decided for himself though that he’d sleep down there for tonight however, almost like a guard dog. In case the problems from earlier popped up again…

 — — —

The morning after felt awkward, two people keeping each other at a distance out of some sort of fear. Hamish was afraid of going too close, scaring you or losing you just because he told you. He had waited for so long to tell you and this hadn’t been the way he wanted to tell you. But of course there was some big fuck up and he had returned exhausted with the blood splatter still on him. The gun he could’ve hid. Maybe it had been intentional he wondered to himself, maybe he’d pretended to himself that he forgot just so he could just finally tell you. 

Your fears? Who knows, your mind still felt scrambled. What were you going to do? Ask him to quit his job? You couldn’t do that, the way he spoke about his job yesterday just confirmed that he loves it. Sure you used to ask him about his job before and he seemed to love it, but before last night he’d lied about what he truly did during his workdays. He didn’t just fix some computer for some guy in finance. So what would you do, would you just leave him?

Leave Hamish? And what for? He told you that the only one who knew about you two, or you at all, had been Harry. Hamish is clearly trained so needless to say, you would be safe with him if you decided to stay. So what? Leave him because you’re scared of losing him? Pushing him away because you’re scared that you’ll come home and find true silence, you would anyway if you kept pushing him away. 

“Hamish?” Your voice came out rather weakly, as it had been one of the first sentences of your day. His head turned so quickly that you heard a small stretching crack from his neck. “I love you.” You simply told him, having your answer decided in your head. The hug he embraced you in held all the fears of maybe losing you, you could barely breathe but it was completely okay. 

A/N: Idek dude, I was thinking of ending this thing in a way more depressing way but like this is cute? Right? I feel like some of it might be a biiiit OOC unfortunately?? Like you always see Merlin so god damn professional, like even in like golden circle he was so calm and collected. I love Merlin, that’s all. 


(this is seriously one of the first things I’ve posted fanfic-wise since I was like… 14? And that was truly trash back then. But like I like to imagine I’ve gotten better?)

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