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im-just-star-dust·2 days agoText

Headcannon: Jesse has an emotional support dog, and/or service dog to help him with his new life and former traumas while in Alaska.

I want fanart of jesse with dogs, plz lol

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im-just-star-dust·11 days agoText

I have a question about the Avatar universe. What puts you in a tribe if you cant bend. For instance, the water tribe, Katara is the only water bender there, so why is there other people there too? Idk if that made sense, but i thought everyone could bend?

Im only on episode 7 or so, so itll probably be answered later, still tho.

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im-just-star-dust·11 days agoText

Hi. So currently on my island, i have








And Huck. I have two more but i like them.

If anyone wants these villagers lemme know, or if u wanna trade villagers that would be great too. :)

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im-just-star-dust·12 days agoText

Could someone make a flag for me on acnh? Im not very good at pro designs but i want something unique for my island flag. If u wanna help, lemme know.

Island name: Wysteria

Colors i would like in the background or something idk: black, blue, purple. Galaxy theme

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im-just-star-dust·13 days agoText

Is naruto worth the watch? Iv never seen it and a bunch of people have told me its amazing. But iv also heard it has tons of filler and that the show pretty much never ends. What do u guys think?

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im-just-star-dust·21 days agoText

Yooooo why tf are so many people sexualizing Five? Hes like 14 in the show and the actor is 15! Wtf! I’m not saying u cant make fanart or fanfics of the dude, thats all fine, hes a great and intresting character, and im sure the actor is a good person. But for fucks sake dont sexualize a kid!! It makes me sad that i even have to say this, i thought some of u guys would know better. Also! Stop sending so much hate to the actor! The kid is only 15, 15 year olds make dumb and questionable decisions, its okay if he makes mistakes sometimes, we all do. I know that was ranty but i needed to talk about it. Moral of the story.

Dont 👏 sexualize 👏 literal 👏 children!!

Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk

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im-just-star-dust·25 days agoText

Ok, so i watch the first 2 or 3 episodes of The Umbrella Academy a few months ago and didnt really like it. I thought it was okay, but iv seen alot better. Since a new season is coming out, and everyone really likes it, should i give it another chance? I thought the premise of 5, and how he gets stuck in the future was awesome, and i liked Klause too. I forget 5s power, but i know i wanted to see more of those characters, however i dont wanna drag threw it just for 2 characters, when theres so much more to watch the show for. Idk if that made sense xD but do u guys think i should give it another chance?

Edit: apparently i only saw the first episode, i just saw the second one and i love it!

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im-just-star-dust·a month agoText

I heard u can pre order the last of us 2 again, but i cant find it. Iv seen it in the playstation store online, but its not showing up on my acual ps4 in the playstation store. I checked for updates, and everythings fine. Could anyone help, i wanna preorder it.

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im-just-star-dust·a month agoText

Why is everyone so upset with TLOU2 leaks? I’m pretty sure i saw all of them (i could be wrong) but from what i saw nothing that major happened. Yes a character dies, but i feel like we all knew that was coming. It still seems like a great game to me, and i dont get why people are turning there backs on a game just for a few leaks.

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im-just-star-dust·a month agoText

Legit thought someone broke into my house cause the alarm went off. Turns out it was just my dog walking infront of the sensor. I was so scared holy shit ;-;

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im-just-star-dust·a month agoText

Anyone remember when Tumblr was obsessed with the main character guy from The Lorax? Was this an actual thing or did i just have some weird fever dreams? I swear it was real but it was so weird and bizarre that i kinda don’t want it to be xD

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