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imdevilmaaaaaaaaaaan·2 days agoText



also like and i think ive said this before, ppl will act like when you say ‘i dont think people should be defending the writing of child pornography or incest porn’ or what have you that you’re saying that you dont want to see anyone tackle topics of sexual exploitation and abuse ever. that you are an enemy of all literary freedom or something. but buddy i know the difference between a piece of writing thats earnestly exploring a heavy topic and a horny smut fic on Ao3 that was written to gratify its readers and its authors. its so frustrating when people pretend like there’s not a meaningful or noticeable difference there.

gonna bounce off you op, a big problem is that these people have actually never read a piece of literature exploring a dark subject that WASN’T a smut fic or w/e so they genuinely don’t know what the difference looks like, which is bad, which is the exact brand of bad we’re trying to describe here, it’s REALLY NOT GOOD for someone’s perception of a dark subject to be built around consuming it through a lens of sexual gratification, it’s all going right over their heads and it goes right over the heads of young people who’s introduction to said dark subjects ends up being consuming them through a lens of sexual gratification, and becuase of that they grow up with a stunted understanding of when a dark topic is being handled appropriately and when it’s not, like, how can people refuse to understand the danger of that? What isn’t clicking?

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imdevilmaaaaaaaaaaan·2 days agoText


Yeah I got past the Noa arc like a day ago and honestly in hind sight I think it should’ve been put after the whole battle city tournament. Because for one you don’t want to put a whole damn filler arc in the middle of a tournament arc because it really kills the pacing. (Like seriously some of the long running shounen manga/anime that were running along side the OG yugioh tended to avoid doing this and the MAR anime did this and that was a reason why I think it had a bad tournament arc) and I think it would work better if you want to develop Kaiba as after battle city he would be at a low point where he’s lost to Yugi and while he blew up his dad’s island we could change it that he’s not all that satisfied because he didn’t really achieve his goal of moving beyond his pain. And the Noa arc would be about Kaiba moving on. And hey as a bonus it could replace the more controversial Orichalcos and Kaiba Grand Prix filler arcs as they wait for the Millenium world arc to be almost finished, and it would give Mai, Bakura, and Marik a bit more to do and I think it would be appreciated for the later two as they are fan favorites.

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