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I hate this is on my dash the day, in fact within an hour of me listening to Genghis Khan on loop while playing Minecraft. I would think it’s targeted algorithms but this is tumblr.

Tumblr just really loves this song (with good reason)

I love the song, but the video even more 😊

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Art forgery is the best crime tbh. It requires absolutely incredible artistic talent, technical skill, and attention to detail to make convincing fakes. Does anyone get hurt from it? No! The only people who suffer for it are the extremely wealthy who want the prestige of having original paintings in their own homes. It’s full of international intrigue and mystery. Perfect.

Also… art forgers like van Meegeren sometimes become a kind of folk hero. A swindler, sure, but a gentleman’s swindler.

I liked this guy’s story, Mark Landis, who conned several dozen museums into displaying his forgeries, but when the FBI came after him they couldn’t do anything because he had always given them away as donations. They said if they could have found that he’d ever taken anything in exchange they would have prosecuted him, but all he wanted was get to out of the house and meet people.

“The first painting Landis “donated” was a copy of a work by Maynard Dixon, an artist well-known for his paintings of cowboys and Indians. It started as impulse, Landis says, but then “everybody was just so nice and treated me with respect and deference and friendship, things I was very unused to — I mean, actually not used to at all. And I got addicted to it.”” And it looks like all his forgeries are done with cheap materials, like markers and Hobby Lobby frames.

Ok, but Wolfgang Beltracchi is probably one of the best Fraud Artists in the world.

His career brought him millions upon millions of dollars and lasted almost 40 years. He finally admitted to painting fraudulent art after the white paint he used came under scrutiny. 

Bob Simon: What do you think this Max Ernst would be worth?
Wolfgang Beltracchi: This one?
Simon: Yeah.
Beltracchi: $5 million, I think.
Simon: $5 million.  And you can do it in three days?
Beltracchi: Yeah, oh yes, yes, sure, or quicker”

-From a 60 minutes interview with Bob Simon

In The interview with Beltracchi, he said that none of his forgeries are copies, they’re all original works that the famous artists could have painted.

“Beltracchi estimates he has done 25 Max Ernsts. He is not copying an existing work. He’s painting something he thinks Ernst might have done if he’d had the time or felt like it.”
 -  The Con Artist: A multi-million dollar art scam

His wife was also in on the scam, she would dress up in old clothing and take pictures holding the paintings with old cameras to fake proof of the paintings’ ages.

At the end of the interview with Wolfgang Beltracchi he was asked if he felt he had done anything wrong, his answer was “ Yeah, I used the wrong kind of paint”

Just … the levels of con there, the fake photos and … wow. That’s incredible. 


Also fun fact we learned in class today: Michelangelo carved a sculpture of a Roman god, broke off the arm, and then buried it. The sculpture was dug up and was considered to be an authentic Roman artefact, until Michelangelo came along with the missing arm and called shenanigans on himself, just to prove he was as skilled a sculptor as the ancient Romans.

honestly mike? chill.


when you think about this its basically reverse-plagiarism

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I have just read the ending of kill the lights (late to the party i know) and it had me SHOCKED. HOLY SHIT THIS WAS AWESOME! I MEAN I SUSPECTED THAT PERSON BUT JUST AS MUCH AS EVERYONE ELSE! THIS WAS PERFECT! WELL DONE!

oh my gosh, thank you so much!  I’m so happy you enjoyed <3

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That one scene from Thor Ragnarock about Loki as a snake with a knife

But it’s Remus turning into Janus to trick Roman, because Roman has a crush on Janus, and then stabbing him

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  • Roman loves Shakespeare. He especially loves Hamlet. Once Logan overheard him rehearsing the “to be or not to be” soliloquy and it was delivered so well that Logan got a very slight lump in his throat. 
  • Roman’s favorite comedic role in Shakespeare is Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing. He made the mistake of sharing this detail with Remus, who still teases him about the name through… colorful mispronunciations. 
  • After misunderstanding the meaning of one of his sonnets in the Valentine’s Day video, Roman asked Logan if he’d like to talk more about shakespeare and analyze some poetry together. 
  • Roman also really loves being Romeo. Virgil used to tease him about it–about how Romeo is kind of an idiot and a player–and Roman kinda clapped back about how he thinks of Romeo as this very desperate-for-affection kid, pointing to how his parents never once have a conversation with Romeo in the entirety of the play, and how he reads an earnestness to Romeo’s character… that Romeo is desperate in a way that is a little heartbreaking, rather than pathetic. Virgil stopped teasing him about it after that.
  • That said… Roman sometimes uses Romeo’s lines to flirt with other Sides, mostly jokingly. like: “but soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Patton is the sun” “I’m not a son, I’m a dad!”
  • Roman and Logan debate some of the finer points of Juliet’s character. They both agree that Benvolio and Mercutio are gay.
  • Roman reads Macbeth every October. Eventually, Virgil starts joining him in that tradition. They get to the point after a year or two where they read it together, swapping off lines. Janus does it too, and is happy to engage in spirited friendly debate about Macbeth and Lady Macbeth with Roman. 
  • Roman quotes a lot of Shakespeare and sometimes it kinda makes the others go “…you good, man?” like. Once, Thomas had some bad luck with a date and Patton was like, “I guess it just wasn’t meant to be” and Roman goes “the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings” and Virgil was like “hey now, it’s my job to make Thomas feel inadequate after a bad date, not you”.
  • Roman and Logan and Janus all debate whether or not Hamlet actually went crazy during the course of Hamlet or not at least once every year. 
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(clear version here)

Thanks to @thuriweaver for tagging me!

I’m tagging @vintage-squid, @rosesisupposes, @potestessemagishomosexualitatis, @tulipscomeinallsortsofcolors, @wisherbysharlight, @phantomofthesanderssides, @averykedavra, and anyone else who wants to!!

I don’t have enough brains to tag anyone, but do it if you want to!

i like this a lot!

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oh god oh fuck 

@kitkat1003@impatentpending@fanartfunart​ this is important information (and if i didnt tag you and you want to do it, go for it !!! <3 )

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Unsure who enjoys being tagged in these things, but I’ll go out on a limb and say @purplepatton@airam413@lemurr-kin@blinksinbewilderment​ and whoever else wants!

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1. She is exclusively attracted to princes, despite having never met one.


She won’t even DANCE with boys at her party who aren’t princes despite thinking they’re good boys who would treat girls well (she advises the boy she doesn’t want to dance with to find someone eager to dance with him, rather than tell him to go home).


To me this comes across as her choosing “prince” as the ideal that she finds attractive solely because it’s theoretical, the imaginary Perfect Boy who doesn’t exist. This is common among young people who aren’t exposed to homosexuality but don’t feel attraction to people like they’re “supposed” to.

2. She’s never comfortable around Naveen, always thinking about things that have or could go wrong.


Part of this self-consciousness is obviously because he’s a fake, but even when she’s set for marriage and all her dreams are coming true she’s antsy and upset and lashes out at her dad while trying to over-please the fake Naveen.


She also glances nervously at the priest right before the pronunciation, as though still dwelling on things that could go wrong rather than her happy moment–and this is the scene in which she’s been the MOST visibly relaxed with the prince.


She’s realized something’s wrong with HER not feeling attracted to the prince, despite him being “perfect” for all intents and purposes, and she doesn’t know why that is.

3. She doesn’t kiss Naveen right away despite saying in the opening that she’d kiss 100 frogs if it meant becoming a real princess.


Tiana interrupts her sure but only AFTER she’s been counting and recounting Naveen’s story back to him. She’s stalling because she doesn’t want to lock herself into another marriage with someone she’s not attracted to.


4. She doesn’t actually want to marry a prince, she just wants to be a princess. When she’s proposed to she barely pays any attention to her rapidly-transforming, lying fiancee because she’s so enamored with the image of herself as royalty. She actually shoves him away.


5. She’s absolutely in love with Tiana and still doesn’t know it.


She compliments Tiana more than any man in the film. She respects all of Tiana’s life decisions even if she doesn’t even slightly understand them because of their different perspectives, supports her dream of a restaurant even if she doesn’t share it, and is willing to give up potential romance with a prince, the thing she has dreamed about all her life, at the drop of a hat to comfort a humiliated Tiana.


And then there’s this line.


Charlotte La Bouff is only actually willing to kiss a prince if it means her best friend Tiana’s dreams will all come true.

This makes a lot of sense actually

Lotte is a lesbian icon holy shit

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how about nico for the send me a character thing

Tl;dr: Mr. Flores deserves the world, and all the good things therein.

+ First impression - I don’t know who this man is, but he has strong adorkable nerd vibes. (It was the glasses and the polo shirt, I think.)

+ Impression now - Adorkable nerd vibes confirmed! Good nerdy Latino man!!! (Also he’s such a genuinely kind, friendly, chill person; he’s a lovely match for Thomas. I can’t wait to see more of him.)

+ Favorite moment - I love the whole ending scene in the food court, but I think my favorite bit is his little “Are you okay? after Thomas admits to knocking over the trash can. The teasing, the fond sympathy, the hint of genuine concern, the knowing tone of someone who’s had days like that before… Full props to Manny for his excellent VA work; he found the perfect reading for that line.

+ Idea for a story - Hmm… not sure how/if it would work with the constraints of canon, but I like the idea of Nico somehow getting pulled into one of Thomas’s daydream scenarios and being able to meet the sides through the power of Shared Imagination™. Idk, I’ll have to brainstorm some more; I haven’t done too much with Nico yet because we’ve only just met him.

Barring that, I can do no better than to recommend @impatentpending​​’s delightful one-shot about how the other sides react to Nico after the events of FWSA, and how each of them eventually falls in love with him too. It’s really soft and sweet and definitely worth a read if you haven’t already.

+ Unpopular opinion - I’ve seen some people speculating that the relationship is gonna fall apart and go hardcore angst midway through Season 3, but tbh I don’t see it? There’ll be conflict, definitely (the series runs on it, after all), but “Moving On” already covered dealing with the end of a relationship, and I feel like Thomas/Nico is more likely going to be about making a relationship work in spite of the challenges that arise.

+ Favorite relationship - I mean, the only canon one we have so far is Thomas/Nico, but they’re off-the-charts adorable, so I feel okay saying they’re my favorite anyway.

+ Favorite headcanon - I like the idea that he’d bond really well with Logan because they’re both geeky poetry nerds.

This was really fun! If anyone wants to send more of these, the original post is here!

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“My friends have been intolerably rude,” Janus says, examining his perfect manicure. “They have the audacity to question our love.”

“Please,” Elena says with a sniff. “What’s a little murder between husband and wife?”

“Precisely.” Janus stretches out on the couch, resting his head on your lap. “I do hope you won’t be offended by the way I handled the situation.”

“Poison, my love?” Elena asks, stroking his hair.

“Fire,” says Janus, his eyes closed.

Elena smiles, pecking Janus on the lips. She then slides a dagger out of her pocket and stabs him in the throat.

Janus chokes for a moment, staring up at her with wide eyes. Elena pulls the knife out, admiring the pattern of blood splayed across Janus’s smooth skin and trailing down into his suit.

Janus sits up with a short gasp, shaking himself slightly.

“A little stabbing always hits the spot,” he says. “Dinner, my love?”

Elena wrinkles her nose. “Shower first. I can’t abide it when you get blood all over the fine china.”

Janus gently dabs his neck with his handkerchief and exits the room.

@impatentpending the saga continues

the amount of serotonin this gave me is unreal

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what's your thoughts on logince.. i am in a Logince Shipping Moment

I mean I just finished a 78k fic on them so overall very positive 

But in general, I adore them!!!  They’ve got that Immaculate rivals to friends to lovers energy, and every time I watch Why Do We Get Out of Bed I lose it a little more because they’re so Soft 😌

It says so much that they’re, arguably, two of Thomas’ most powerful (or at least prevalent) sides, and have so much potential when they work together!  It’s the realizing that their misconceptions were wrong,, realizing they’re better together than they ever could be apart,,, finding someone that doesn’t complete them but braces them,,,, someone you know relies on and trusts you just as much as you trust them,,,, 

I Just Love Them A Whole Heck of A Lot

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