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em “nobody likes u when ur 23”gold coast, aus #1 london boy stan~i enjoy a good wine and the occasional dance party with taylor swift in her home~♡reputation secret sessions♡los angeles // 22.10.17 ~LOVER OF CATS~twitter: emkw97ig: inherwildestdreams / emilywoodfield clinical exercise physiology🕊🕊🕊

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I cannot stress how important it is to be intersectional about your feminism. listen to black women, listen to trans women, listen to disabled women, and please acknowledge the fact that there are different types of women who go through different types of struggles than you

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my nanny asked me what my absolute FAVOURITE song ever is and of course i just don’t really know but i ALWAYS go back to norman fucking rockwell when in doubt.. it’s just…. heaven

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omg at prac today a 70 yr old client requested to play taylor with me and he was so keen on it he was like “she’s so SMART and GOOD” and i love him already hahah

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i feel so weird rn cause all my coworkers are so excited to go back to work and hang out and do the job again but i’m soooo not interested in going back permanently to my casual job now that i’m about to graduate uni!!! like i really don’t wanna go back for long cause i want a proper job but i also have no clue when i’ll be going to london either so i don’t know what job to go for in july and fjsjsjsjs ITS A MESS djsnsn

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i had the BEST day on prac today!!!!!! i got to work very closely with a C2 spinal cord injury client who lives on a ventilator and has lived with it for 25 years and is still pumping!!! and i got to do so so so many cool movements with different clients today and this is why i just LOVE my placement and am so grateful i got this one!!!!!

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it’s 8.45pm and i’m falling asleep HA good night friends

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