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I love Bunny!! Do you have any headcannons on Bunny? :0
I have this list linked here with all my h/cs for her if she had lived!! Outside of that I don’t have much for her. Usually, when I write I try to stick to canon as much as possible, so when it comes to Bunny, I try to incorporate her through family homage.
So, aka, what the girls and the Professor do to respect her in death. For example, in Another Buttercrush, I have Bubbles state that their lucky color is purple and she makes use of the color in her meditations.
I also remember an old fan artist who depicted the girls wearing purple eye shadow in Bunny’s honor. And in one of their drawings, the artist tape a group pic to their vanity mirror along with the scrape of dress fabric that survived Bunny’s explosion. I loved that idea! I can’t remember who that person is anymore. They’re no longer active in the fandom, so they’ve faded from memory, but if I ever do, I’ll link!
I just enjoy seeing Bunny incorporated in small ways like what I described above—as if she’s a beloved sibling that passed away and the girls still pay their respects. However, I don’t have a specific preference to how that should be done. To each, their own!
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Tumblr media
“Hey Dad!”
Late Father’s day thing??? Once again Tumblr crushes my quality.
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Some of y’all just straight-up missed the text of “Waiting on a Miracle” huh
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The Dragon Prince hurts my heart, reblog if you agree.
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Tumblr media
Sisters Madrigal
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Toph is highly emotionally intelligent but a lot of people don’t see it because we tend to associate empathy with femininity and Toph is an unfeminine girl who is unapologetic about who she is and what she wants and a lot of people will look at those types of characters and go “unfeeling murder child.”
I mean, she gives advice to Iroh about his relationship with Zuko, despite never having met zuko and despite Iroh being one of the wisest characters in the series who usually gives advice to others.
She cares deeply about her parents, despite knowing that they don’t understand her, and tries to live up to what they want from her and doesn’t want to worry them. WIth the money she was making in the earth rumble, she actually could have left on her own, but she obviously loves them and even after she runs away, she worries about causing them pain.
She was gutted when she couldn’t save Appa, and Aang accuses her of not caring but that’s clearly not true at all. She holds herself accountable for not being able to save everyone and spent most of that episode blaming herself for him getting taken.
She makes an effort to enjoy the spa day with Katara even though it wasn’t what she wanted to do because Katara is her friend and that was what Katara wanted to do.
She takes a “tough love” approach to teaching Aang earthbending but also tries to build up his confidence and is super excited for him when he finally gets it.
Her face when Iroh is hurt
Tumblr media
and Jet
Tumblr media
The way that she quickly forms emotional bonds with every single member of the gaang and gives them ridiculous affectionate nicknames.
“Do you really think friendships can last more than one lifetime?”
The way that she is the first one to believe in Zuko’s sincerity and defends him multiple times to the gaang even though he burned her because she knows it was an accident.
The way that she comforts Zuko and reassures him that Iroh still cares about him.
The way that she does rely on Katara as a motherly figure but also reassures Katara that she can still be a kid, too.
The way that she clings to Sokka, the guy who wants to be needed and feels like he needs to be the protector of this group of kids, but also has playful banter with him and can rival him for sarcasm.
The way that she gave up her comfortable life to join a fight that she wasn’t even involved in because other people needed her.
Yes, she can be rude and crude (and often does so on purpose), but she also deeply cares about people and forms strong bonds with every member of the gaang. She also has a deep understanding of other people that goes beyond just being able to detect when they’re lying through earthbending. She is really good at assessing people’s flaws and strengths. She sees no problem with cheating a cheater or pummeling some jerks into the dirt, and ignores stuffy social conventions if she sees no value in them, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have morals and doesn’t care about people.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Do’s and Don'ts of Designing for Accessibility
Autistic Spectrum
Physical or Motor Disabilities
Low Vision
Screen Readers
Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Find the PDFs for Do’s and Don’ts of Designing for Accessibility here.
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I have minimal memories of Powerpuff Girls and maybe three hours of consideration under my belt, let's see if I can put together a better PPG reboot than CW's atrocity.
It's twenty years later and the girls are all struggling to make their own ways in the world. It turns out a childhood of heroics and living with an eccentric inventor means they missed out on some important parts of being human. When the Professor is attacked, and most of his research stolen, the girls come back together to recover the research, shut down the abominations of science twisted from his work, and hopefully finish learning to be humans as well as heroes.
Blossom is partway through a masters' degree in political science. She was the sister who really understood the complexities of crime statistics, government corruption, and income inequality, and decided to go into a career in politics to fix things. When she's not at class she's organizing protests, speaking with politicians, or trying to dismantle the lobbyist industry. She hasn't had a free day in three years, but she insists she's fine, she's superhuman and can handle it. She's lying to herself more than her family.
Bubbles went into animal conservation. Her ability to talk with animals makes her perfect for it, and really, she always loved protecting animals. She's also heavily involved in activism, especially climate activism, and can be found at the front of every protest within flying distance, standing between protestors and the cops like a guardian angel. She's very well known because of it, and is using her fame to spread awareness however she can. She hides it well, but the constant trauma of facing the world's evils is slowly crushing her spirit.
Buttercup is a full-time superhero with the Society of Associated Puffketeers, formerly the Association of World Super Men, and the only one still actively doing hero work. She doesn't work with other heroes often, preferring to chase down more mundane criminals instead of making headlines fighting the latest supervillain. She's beat up a lot of domestic abusers, human traffickers, and the like. She enjoys it, enjoys the rush of a fight she knows is vindicated, but deep down she's afraid that she's not worth anything outside of her capacity for violence. She also doesn't know who she is outside of the ass-kicking superhero life.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is so wholesome
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
I just think lil yakko meeting his sibs for the first time 💛-
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Top Ten Times Sokka DidThatShit™️
we stan one (1) Irresistible Royalty Magnet™ 
Tumblr media
Did Sparky Sparky Boom Man just…die?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Get Wrecked™️ Mouth Wheat Boy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
in which one (1) 15 year old boy managed to find a lost spirit library AND discover an eclipse that will leave the Fire Nation defenseless (something that no one in the Earth Kingdom bothered to figure out with any kind of astronomy database within the last 100 years) 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
might fuck around and invent submarines
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(part one) 
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so i’m trying to write duke and i don’t think i’m writing him right. how would you describe his personality because with don’t trust fanon lmfaooo
(this was only supposed to be a paragraph or two i swear to god)
1. first things first, duke is a hardcore gryffindor. don’t let the yellow color scheme mislead you, okay. and while most of the time he’s depicted in fanon as “omg this family is crazy and i’m the only sane one,” it’s actually pretty much the opposite? if anything, i think the other batkids would be like “oh finally, someone who can match our level of chaotic energy. HEY DUKE WANNA BUNGEE JUMP OFF WAYNE TOWER—” and an hour later they’d all be in the batcave getting lectured by bruce for leading poor sweet innocent duke astray when really he was already planning on doing that this weekend.
listen, this is the kid who once jumped off a bridge to escape police. this is the dude who decided to fight criminals while they’re still eating their wheaties at 6am in a bright yellow suit. and while duke seems to be the best at following bruce’s command at the moment due to having been trained by him most recently compared to the others and is still figuring out how to be a hero, i’m positive that if bruce weren’t here to guide him, duke would be running around gotham taking down criminals anyway. i mean, he literally did do that with the “we are robin” kids. plus there was the whole thing when he was like ten years old and decided “i am going to singlehandedly stop the riddler in my light up sketchers and pikachu backpack. try and stop me.” 
duke is headstrong and has a strong drive toward heroism. he’s an extremely enthusiastic and passionate person in general, and i try to capture a little of that when i write him, even with mundane things like trying to beat his siblings to the last cupcake. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
2. another thing i noticed is that duke swears like a sailor in comics? seriously, this boy could give jason a run for his money with how many “@#!%” speech bubbles there are. i don’t know if this is just a trend the writers added in the comics i’ve read of him, or if it’s a genuine trait throughout every comic he’s in, but that’s something to make note of when writing dialogue for duke. after all, he did grow up in the narrows, so it makes sense that he’d use a lot of swearing and slang in his everyday vernacular.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
3. i would also make a point of noting that duke is fairly young compared to the rest of the batfamily, being the second youngest after damian. duke is still a teenager in high school, and he acts like it. he’s got homework and friends and is eager to make a difference in gotham, trying to juggle everything and make it all work somehow. he’s stubborn and doesn’t give up easily, so it’s important to write him as someone who is trying to save the world while also struggling with finding time to study for his next math test. he's human. he doesn’t get to dedicate all of his time to fighting crime like cass or jason might be able to, since duke is still a mostly normal teenager with teenager problems.
Tumblr media
4. and don’t forget that unlike the other batkids, duke still has two living parents. sure, they’re jokerized and might not ever be the same again, but they’re alive and that’s what holds him back from letting himself get as close to the waynes as he wants to. duke won’t be calling bruce “dad” anytime soon, and i think he’d have some internal struggle over stuff like holidays and birthdays with the waynes, remembering what his parents are missing out on and wondering if joining the wayne family is a betrayal to them. duke is very conflicted over this, even if he doesn’t say it directly. stuff like ducking out of movie night early or feeling a bittersweet pang during thanksgiving dinner makes sense for someone in his situation. 
(i usually ignore that aspect in my fics because i want duke to just be adopted and part of the family already, but not everyone does that, and that’s perfectly fine.)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
5. honestly, duke is such a caring individual and we as a fandom need more of him being a shoulder for people to lean on because he’s?? so soft?? duke can be so sympathetic and rational when it comes to emotional problems. it seems like duke internalizes every bit of advice he gets from the people around him and uses it to inspire others and help them through their own problems. as tough and hotheaded as duke can sometimes be, he really is good when it comes to emotions.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
6. duke is a smartass. he will 100% use sarcasm against any and every authority figure he meets, usually just for the hell of it. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
7. he’s very frank in general, usually the first to be like “okay full disclosure, we’re about to die right now. that sucks. anyway—” in a situation. he’s honest and tends to be upfront about his fears/anxieties, usually for comic relief, but i think it still counts.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
8. okay i have to add that duke is also kind of a punk? he and jason have a lot in common because of this: they both grew up in one of gotham’s worse areas (jay in crime alley and duke in the narrows) and they’re both highkey deliquents. duke has no problem getting into fights or talking back to authority figures, and it’s gotten him in hot water on more than one occasion. it’s why he kept getting moved around the foster system before bruce took him in because no one wanted to keep him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
9. he’s also gotten so close with the other batkids and we love to see it!! duke calls cass “sis” and treats damian like the annoying little brother he never had and i adore every second of it. we haven’t gotten a lot of interactions between duke and the others aside from training and stuff, but he and jason have the whole “punk kid who got adopted by batman and is baffled by how rich people live” going for them, so they can bond over that. and duke is a thinker like tim, so they can hang out and do puzzles or play chess or whatever it is that smart people do. (and duke and steph are BESTIES i don’t care what anyone says.)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
10. most of all, duke is still learning how the whole hero thing works. he’s young and he’s trying his best, but he also makes mistakes. he will be impulsive and screw up, and he’ll try and merge the lessons batman’s taught him and that his parents taught him and that other heroes teach him until it all makes sense in his own mind. duke isn’t experienced like dick or even damian, so he’s going to be lagging behind for a while until he grows until the role he’s made for himself.
Tumblr media
other miscellaneous details to include: 
- duke is dating izzy, who used to be part of the “we are robin” gang with him - he used to live at the manor and now lives with his cousin jay, but honestly i just have him living at the manor in everything i write because i like it better that way - he can control shadows and light now! what a king! - duke secretly writes poetry and is good at creative writing in general  - this:
Tumblr media
- duke is super smart?? he figured out that agent 37 was dick grayson without even trying?? i’m so proud of him - his biological father is this supervillain called gnomon so now duke has got four parents: his mom, his dad, his supervillain dad, and bruce (plus selina if you count her as the batkids’ stepmom, which i do) - jason calls him “narrows” and i love that
- and, lastly, the most important panel in the history of comics:
Tumblr media
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The Naboo Archives: the Queens
A series of posts that explores queens, handmaidens, and more
Queen Apailana
Tumblr media
Apailana in Canon
one of the youngest queens ever elected at only 12 years of age
her campaign was supported and endorsed by Senator Amidala
she came to power directly after the former Queen Neyutnee
she only has one appearance in the movies, where we find her leading the funeral procession of Padmé Amidala
the rebel alliance named a ship after her, the 'Apailana's Promise'
Apailana in Legends
Apailana received much more attention in Legends, where we learned that she instructed her council to harbour any Jedi survivors of Order 66 that might be found hiding on Naboo
She did not believe Emperor Palpatine's statement that the Jedi had caused Amidala's death, but out of respect for the Naberrie family, did not order an investigation into the deceased
When it was exposed that she was hiding Jedi, Palpatine sent Vader and the 501st legion - they were met with armed resistance from her regime and people. The battle lasted several days
During the battle, Apailana was assassinated on Palpatine's orders
None of the Jedi she was hiding survived - they were either killed during the battle or subsequently hunted down
Queen Kylantha was appointed in her stead, but was quickly recognised to be a puppet of the Empire
The Makeup
Tumblr media
One striking feature of her ensemble in Revenge of the Sith is the change of the royal makeup.
The stylised beauty marks and the Scar of Remembrance are still present, but the colour has changed from the traditional red to blue, as a symbol of mourning.
Two crystals, one on each inner corner of the eyes, look as though they are meant to symbolise a gathering of unshed tears, and two long, blue lines travel vertically from the beauty marks to the forehead - possibly another indication of grief or tears flowing.
My theory is that the blue lines and makeup represent the tears of the people of Naboo, freely shed and allowed to flow uninhibited - but the crystals, which are made to mirror unshed tears, represent the stoic and hidden grief of the monarch, who must continue to carry on and support her people and traditions even in times of calamity and sadness.
The Outfit: Details and Symbolism
Tumblr media
One very interesting detail about the choice in outfit and design is that it almost directly mirrors the ensemble that Padmé wore when in Coruscant to address the woes of her people in Episode 1.
The headdresses, kimono-inspired gown, details, beading, and cut are almost exactly the same. This could possibly be yet another ode to the relationship they held. Padmé was the first to endorse Apailana's campaign, and Apailana considered Amidala and Jamillia as role models. Another theory is that she chose this particular outfit on purpose, knowing that the Emperor and the Senate would be watching and would remember Padmé's fight against injustice. Perhaps a small act of defiance or symbolism of a continued fight for justice?
I like to think so.
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someone had to do it
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The issue of abled people mourning us using extremely helpful mobility aids is actually part of a much larger problem.
Often, the people closest to a disabled person criticize them for acknowledging, accepting, and/or accommodating a disability.
There’s a very common phenomenon of family members accusing disabled people of “giving up” on not being disabled. They may act as though pretending nothing is wrong is the best way to address a permanent or ongoing disability.
Part of this problem is that many friends and family members don’t bother to learn much about the specific disability their loved one has. They assume they learn everything they need to know just by osmosis, and they don’t bother to do any research on what their loved one is dealing with.
The ones who do any research may neglect to learn from the perspectives of people with that actual disability, and may wallow in “family support groups” of people who overtly or covertly make a loved one’s disability a personal affront to themselves.
Friends and family members who do no research, or who stop at the level of people complaining about disabled people, may develop inaccurate ideas about, for instance, the most helpful treatments for an illness, or the permanence or impermanence of a given disability, or why or how various aids or accommodations are useful to people of this disability, or even how this disability is likely to impact the life of the disabled person.
People often see their experience as the default, and don’t bother to learn or consider what things are like for someone with different experiences.
This often results in abled loved ones assuming a disabled person is lying, exaggerating, or letting their disability impact them “too much”.
This happens even to disabled people who have had a reputation for honesty or for being thoughtful and kind people. Abled people can have a hard time adjusting their understanding of what we experience, and it can take actual effort to believe and support a disabled person - effort that not everyone is willing to make.
Every single disability comes with the risk of friends and family members assuming that the reason it’s “this bad” is that the disabled person just isn’t “trying hard enough.”
Whether the problem being discussed is pain, fatigue, cognitive impairment, lack of accessible accommodation for physiological differences (like limb difference or sensory impairment), or anything else, friends and family members are likely to assume that a disabled person could improve their circumstances or even our bodies themselves if we “just try harder!”
They may also assume resources are available that just aren’t - like treatments or cures that don’t exist for an under-researched illness, or attainable prosthetics that can do magical things, or even suitable accommodations for school or work.
They may blame their disabled loved one for not accessing these resources without learning if they a) exist or b) are attainable for this person specifically or c) are worth the trade off for the disabled person - because there often is a trade off, and only the individual involved can decide what’s actually worth pursuing.
Knowing someone for a long time doesn’t automatically make you an expert on their experiences. But loved ones of disabled people often assume it does, and when you dig in to that belief and become entrenched there, you are at risk of doing very serious harm to your disabled loved ones.
The root of all these problems, of course, is the idea that disabled people are somehow lesser, and/or are doomed to be miserable.
Some people have the implicit belief that by “giving up” on being an abled person, a disabled person is dooming themselves to an awful life.
This isn’t only wrong because willpower is not an effective treatment for impairments or being disabled.
It’s also wrong because disabled people can live fuller, happier, and often healthier lives by acknowledging, accepting, and accommodating our disabilities.
Disability can come with grief, but it doesn’t mean never experiencing joy. There are so many joys that can remain even for someone who doesn’t follow the life path you or they expected them to follow. Even impairments that come with a lot of limitations don’t necessarily preclude joy.
However, a lot of joy is lost when a disabled person feels pressured to constantly minimize the role their disability plays in their life. Unnecessary suffering occurs when we are implicitly or explicitly expected not to use accommodations like mobility aids, or expected to attempt to hide the fact of our disabilities.
Many joys are only possible with accommodation and support!
I feel joy when I can do things with a mobility aid that I couldn’t do without one, or when a new medication works out, or when I get a new diagnosis that finally explains something about my health that I’ve struggled with. I feel joy when I can participate in something I find interesting, instead of being exluded because accommodating my disabilities is “too complicated”. I feel joy when I can actually get the rest I need to feel as good as it’s possible for me to feel - and that’s a lot more rest than most people need!
I feel joy when I can be truly myself with someone and actually be honest about what my life is like, safe in the knowledge that they believe and understand me. Also, there are times when using a wheelchair just feels good and fun!
Some disabled joys have a lot in common with yours, but may look different. We all like to achieve things, but some disabled people won’t ever do that in an employment setting. Many of us won’t be athletes or write books or climb mountains, but we can still celebrate our own accomplishments - many disabled people do have hobbies.
Many of us feel a sense of achievement when we do something particularly difficult for us - and that may be something you take for granted or that you don’t find especially interesting. These achievements are still worthy of celebration, and they still bring a sense of satisfaction and joy.
You need to remember that our lives have a different context than yours, and try to understand our experiences in OUR individual contexts, not just in your own. You need to internalize the fact that different isn’t automatically bad. Kill the ableist stigma in your head, it can only harm your relationship with any disabled person.
And most importantly, if you want to support a loved one with a disability, you need to recognize that your job isn’t to “push their boundaries” - it’s to support their autonomy and their right to decide what a happy and full life looks like for them, as they actually are.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I thought we would have a different life – a difficult night
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The Riddler hijacks the local TV airwaves and appears onscreen holding a comically long roll of paper. After dramatically clearing his throat, he proceeds to read from it.
“The following is a list of people who can suck it. Number One: The Joker. I don’t think I need to explain that one. Number Two: Cluemaster. Fuck you, you stole my bit, and I will be like a plague unto your house. Number Three: King Tut. You also stole my bit, but did it while killing people and got me arrested for murder. Also, I’m, like, 93% sure you’re a white guy and your costume is racist.
“Number Four: The Scarecrow. I know you ate my leftover Chinese, Jon, even though I wrote my name on it. I was saving that for lunch. I had to eat a goddamn peanut butter and jelly sandwich like a five-year-old. It was all you had in the hideout. For fuck’s sake, go shopping, not all of us can live like a bridge troll.
“Number Five: The Penguin. You- No, no, wait, wait… That one should be crossed out. He replaced that and apologized. Never mind, Oswald, you’re fine. Drinks at 7:00 tomorrow, right?
“Anyway, where was…? Ah, yes. Number Six: The Mad Hatter. You carded me and left me like that for six hours because I, and I quote, ‘would not stop talking about Mythbusters.’ Well, excuse me for trying to make intellectually stimulating conversation on a level you could understand. I suppose every time you prattle on about mome raths and borogoves it’s goddamn Shakespeare? Well… Well, it’s Carroll, but… Oh, you know what I mean!
“Number Seven: Catwoman. You left me hanging by one hand from a ledge five stories up and holding a twenty-pound bag of jewels and very pointy  objets d'art while you ‘distracted’ the Dark Knight. I know you were making out with him, Selina. You were gone for fifteen minutes. My shoulder almost dislocated. Very unprofessional.
“Number Eight: Kite Man.”
Here the Riddler pauses, lifting his narrowed gaze to glare at the camera, voice dropping to an ominous tone.
“You know what you did…”
His demeanor shifts quickly, and he’s back to reading from his list almost cheerfully.
“Number Nine! Th-”
He’s interrupted by a crashing noise in the background and looks over his shoulder just an instant before a deep voice angrily growls, “Riddler!”
“Oh, for the love of-” He turns to glare at the camera, speaking quickly. “Number Nine: Batman! Interrupting me while I’m on television making very important- Hm-mmph!”
He’s reduced to muffled curses as a black gloved hand covers his mouth and pulls him out of frame. The camera tilts, a cracking noise is heard, and the broadcast turns to static.
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