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Katsuki: Today I learned that double stuffed oreos only contain 1.86 times the filling of a regular oreo
Deku: If you round that up what do you get?
Katsuki: 1.9
Deku: Round it up one more time?
Katsuki: 1.9
Deku: One more time?
Katsuki: 1.9
Deku: Can you round it up again. please.
Katsuki: 1.9
Deku: Incredible. but if you don’t mind. can you round it up. again. please.
Katsuki: 1.9
Deku: That concludes our rounding of oreos. Thank you for your time.
Todoroki: but oreos are already round
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Izuku: Hey Kacchan, can you give me the opposite of these words?
Izuku: Always, Coming, From, Take, Me, Down.
Katsuki: Never, Going, To, Give, You-
Katuski: the fucking Satisfaction.
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Deku: If being sexy is a crime, I deserve to be arrested and jailed for a 100 years.
Katsuki: 100 years? For a crime you didn't commit?
Deku: >:[
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[Deku, Todoroki sitting together sadly]
Bakugou: What the fuck is wrong?
Todoroki: Sit with us and we'll tell you.
Bakugou, sitting down slowly: ...okay?
Deku: The bench is freshly painted.
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Izuku: hey you know what, let’s play spin the bottle.
Izuku: I’ll go first!
Izuku: Oh, looks like I have to kiss Kacchan! Ha ha well if it's in the rules-
Todoroki: no no you have to spin the bottle first-
Katsuki, elbowing him: shut the fuck up idiot it's in the rules.
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Bakugou: These allegations are getting ridiculous!?
Bakugou: Tell them I'm not a bad fucking friend Shoyo!!
Todoroki, softly: my name's shoto...
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hi friend!
just wanted to send some warm wishes your way, your situation seems like a really difficult one and i sympathize with you immensely. it’s so hard to move on from people who played such a big role in our lives, so i encourage you to not beat yourself up over that. there’s loves i lost back in middle school that i still reminisce on and hurt over, there’s no time constraint on these things. 💕
Thank you anon, it is a pretty shit situation but ah i guess I just have to live through it there's no other way is there is there sigh,, !but thank you, being sent such kind words makes me feel very grateful :] ✨!!
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I'm glad it made you feel better!
Lots of love and hugs to you, take care of yourself!
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I'm sorry if the last ask seems as unsolicited advice, I just wanted comfort you.
Lots of love to you, take care of yourself, someone will find you and love when you least expect it.
Nono it was kind and comforting and made me feel warm thank you very much!
I hope love finds us again and again and we're the happiest we can be <3
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Mine's not as long as 2 years, but it's been 10 months since I last talked to her.
How am I supposed to just stop grieving the person who made living easier? I can't. I don't think I ever will.
And there's something my best friend always tells me, healing isn't linear. You're allowed to grieve and hurt you know? Don't be rough on yourself or force yourself to heal, it'll do more harm than good. You're allowed to mourn him, you're allowed to cry over him.
People are like waves you know, they come and go but then, the water leaves you wet. And how you dry is completely on your surroundings. If it's sunny it'll be easy, if it's cold and cloudy it'll be harder. But that doesn't make you any less valid.
And you're not any less of an adult. You're awesome, and you'll fall in love again, whether in a year or ten, and they'll stick around forever. They'll treat you right and they'll love you so much, and you will love them too, and you'll be happy.
i love you i love you i love you i love you
the waves and drying analogy is fucking brilliant and God it's so true- i feel like im seeing people around me heal and dry so easily, and im still stuck here, sopping wet, two years down the line but Maybe you're right, maybe the air's been too cold, the sun too hidden, to warm me up, but it fucken will eventually right. as long as I don't fucken die from hypothermia before that lmao-
im sorry you're grieving too and i hope you receive what you need to be happy and im sending you love ✨
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uh. whats up with ur tragic lovelife?
my ex boyfriend is my current best friend and i haven't gotten over him in two years since he broke up with me and like that's not bad enough-
he's two months away from becoming a doctor and i still have 2 years to go and it feels like ill never catch up-
and and then the icing on the cake is that he's leaving the country in the next year and i don't know yet how well i'll do on the exam,
and if i do, idk where ill end up going and if we'll stay in each other's lives, stay this close especially,
and god he (probably) doesn't love me like he did, and that fucking sucks, but ill learn to live with it, right?
but fucking Separation is so fucking hard and it hurts and i hate being an adult about all of it
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incorrect-bkdk-quotes · 14 days ago
whats happening in your tragic love life?
it's tragic and sad and full of separation and falling out of love or trying to at least and i've just started processing it after nearly 2 years of numbness and i have to be a fucking grown up about it and that fucking sucks. look i want to either be allowed to make stupid decisons and be happy in the now or get what i want and be happily in love forever. @ the universe what's not clicking genius gimme happiness rn.
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hi i want attention someone ask me about my tragic love life
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Aizawa, on the first day of class: okay everyone stop training it’s nap time.
Bakugou: Hah!? You know we we're not pre-schoolers right? We don’t need daily naps??
Aizawa: Oh no. Nap time is for me. I don’t care what you guys do then.
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Bakugou: Hey did you hear about Joe? He contracted ligma so they had to do surgery on his updog.
Todoroki: Who's Joe?
Todoroki: What's Ligma?
Todoroki: What's updog?
Bakugou: *inhales*
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Kaminari: *hits Bakugou in the head with a ball*
Class 1-A three hours later, trying to coax him down from the tree: It’s okay he’s gone you can come down now-
Kaminari, still shaking: He’s not gone, he’s waiting.
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Tumblr media
This is why they threw Todoroki out of the window.
Deku: yeeted!
Kacchan: yote!
Deku: YEETED!!
Kacchan: YOTE!!
Aizawa, sighing: i just want to know who threw Todoroki through the window
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