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what are you going to tag season 2 spoilers as? i want to filter the tag until i watch it. love your blog by the way!!!!!

Just as #tua spoilers since my season one posts don’t really have any spoilers in them. Also, thank you so much! It’s nice to know that I’m making people happy :)

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All future incorrect quotes relating to the plot of season two will be tagged as spoilers! I suggest reading the tags first if you haven’t seen/don’t want to spoil season two!

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Five: Klaus what you need is a kids menu, a margarita, and to be left alone by ghosts

Klaus: *slightly tearing up* they grow up so fast Delores

Delores: …

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Klaus: Why do you even drink coffee? Isn’t it disgusting?

Five: you’ve never even tried it before. Taste mine

Klaus: *coughing fit*

Klaus: it’s good

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Klaus: Hey, Patch! *gets down on one knee* Will you be my sister in law?

Patch: Did…did you just propose to me?

Diego: For me?!?!

Klaus: well, someone had to do it

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hey guys! This isn’t a quote but my mom surprised me with a custom jean jacket based on Klaus and I thought I would share it with you in case the idea inspired anyone to make their own

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Reginald: there are seven chairs and ten kids, what do you do?

Diego: have everyone stand

Allison: bring three more chairs

Luther: have the most important sit down

Five: kill three

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Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted but a lot has changed in my life. I’ve recently picked up a job, got a step mom, and I now have some siblings of my own. It’s been hard trying to find any free time in my life but luckily, with everything shut down, I’ve had enough time to force my entire family to watch The Umbrella Academy with me. Because of all this extra time, and some newfound inspiration, I’ve decided to get back in the rhythm of things so, starting tomorrow, I will be posting again!

Thank you to those that have been patient enough to stick around!

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