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incorrectborhapquotes·8 days agoChat
: [As Roger joined Smile]
Roger: So what’s Brian’s type?
Tim: Blonde, talented, smart, not too tall, oblivious, blue-eyed, good sense of humor, musician
Roger: Sounds kind of like me. Too bad we’re just friends
Tim: Did I mention oblivious?
Roger: Yeah, why?
Tim: Okay, just making sure
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incorrectborhapquotes·13 days agoText

[Smile era, exams season - modern au]

Brian: Caffeine no longer gives me the rush I need to finish work, so instead, I have Rog periodically text me “we need to talk” to give me the right amount of fear and adrenaline to keep me going.

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incorrectborhapquotes·20 days agoText


BoRhap Boys Event Announcement

Announcing our next event, themed around the wonderful cast that made the movie we love possible! This exchange will be all about the cast of the bohemian rhapsody movie, though you are definitely allowed to include members of queen as well. 

Sign ups will start the second this post goes up, April 6th 2020, and will stay open for a few weeks, closing around early May, most likely the 6th (depending on our response). 

Fics/Art will be due starting on June 30th, 2020 unless we encounter worse circumstances, though this is also subject to change if you guys absolutely need it. Official schedule is here

Inbox, as always, is open for any and all questions, no matter how silly you might think they are, I promise someone else has the same question. Sign ups will be posted here and on another post coming soon, and please follow the blog for any and all updates as well as the discord link for those who sign up!

Most importantly, stay safe, wash your hands, and follow your area’s instructions so we can beat this thing and get back out there someday soon!

this super fun event is looking for its last participant! so if you wanna join now’s your chance !!

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incorrectborhapquotes·23 days agoText

Never really left, but I guess you could say I’m back. The last 10 days or so have been kind of rough on me and although I thought the worst of this whole lockdown/ quarantine/ global scare were the first weeks for me, and that I had adjusted pretty well, my mental health took a dip these past few weeks. For the first time, I would log in and feel like I had little to nothing of interest to offer, and even though hanging around here and creating content usually make so so happy, I gave in to the anxious thoughts that told me I couldn’t do it or it wasn’t good enough. I’ve been reading all your messages and asks but it was tough for me to communicate, so I’ll try my best to reply these upcoming days. I’m trying to be kind to myself and not over push my energy, but also don’t want to spiral again into giving up on the things that excite me and distract me.

So because I was feeling like the worst blogger ever I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: we got ourselves a new theme, new sidebar (couldn’t let go of the “it’s a hard life” music video, sorry) and, maybe what I’m most excited for: a proper tag page! now you can sort your quotes by Queen member, Bohemian Rhapsody cast, couple, source (at least the most used ones), and easily access the series of posts. You can find that on our tags page

You guys know I don’t cross tag so that should work fine if you’re looking for any specific quote, but I’m still on the process of checking my tagging system from when this blog started, so bear with me. I spent the weekend working on it and tbh, it reminded me why I loved being glued to the computer switching around stuff, overworking my photoshop and scouting for quotes. Things might be a bit slow the first days as well and I can’t guarantee I’ll constantly be around while I rework everything, but I’m very happy to finally give this blog the love it deserves again.

I hope all of you are safe and as okay as you can be in the midst of all this craziness. Please take care and be kind to yourself and one another. I love you!

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