because, Evan.
incorrectbuddie · 3 days ago
*in the bunk room*
Eddie: Hey, what time is it?
Buck: No idea. Pass me that recorder and I'll find out.
Buck: *plays the recorder loudly*
Buck: It's 2am.
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incorrectbuddie · 5 days ago
Eddie: What are you, five?
Buck: Yeah, five feet taller than you.
Eddie: ...
Buck: ...
Eddie: ...
Buck: Please don't kill me.
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incorrectbuddie · 6 days ago
Buck: You okay?
Eddie, crying: Yeah, it's just these onions.
Buck, to the onions: What the fuck did you say to my boyfriend?!
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incorrectbuddie · 6 days ago
I love your blog so much, it is absolutely hilarious :) I don't know if you remember, but I asked you sometime ago about your thoughts on buddie and the chances of them becoming canon and you said that you thought they wouldn't. (I had the exact same opinion at that point of time.) But now after watching season 5, I've definitely changed my mind and I feel like the chances are higher than ever. I would love to hear your thoughts on the new season, and if it has changed your mind on buddies chances!
Hi Nonnie! Super sorry this took so long to respond to but I've genuinely not had much free time until now.
First, thank you! I'm glad you love the blog!
Second, to anyone reading this, please take everything I say with a grain of salt because while I am obviously a big Buddie fan and run this blog, I do not pay as much attention to behind the scenes things like interviews, etc. as a lot of other fans do who are likely more credible in their opinions on the matter. Nor am I well-versed in how things work on television shows/movies. Everything I say is my opinion and largely comes from a place of not wanting to get my hopes up too high only to be severely let down.
I do remember that ask and I remember I said that I did not believe they would ever be canon. At the time, there were a lot of factors that contributed to that, including the fact that it appeared as though Oliver and Ryan weren't really friends anymore and that they were probably not forced to be in too many one-on-one scenes together to minimize the tension on set. Of course, that was never a fact because I don't truly know how these things work behind the scenes. It just made sense to me because when their friendship publicly deteriorated (celebrity social media accounts tell you a lot more than some fans like to make you think they do), their one-on-one scenes did as well. Although the actors do not control what happens with their storylines I think that their feelings are taken into consideration enough to where crew would like to reduce the tension on set and not give the guys who seem to have beef as many scenes together as before.
At this point, I find myself going back and forth between believing there's a chance it could be canon and thinking there's no way that Fox would ever go for it. The chances are definitely higher than they were in previous seasons but I'm still hesitant to get my hopes up too high only to be let down. There have been plenty of instances in which the romantic tension between Buck and Eddie could have been blatantly addressed either by one of them or one of the other main/recurring characters but it hasn't been and I'm not sure why that is other than allowing fans to interpret things as they wish without actually committing to the ship themselves.
However, that doesn't mean that I think there's no possible way that it could be canon. I have hopes for the writers/showrunners to finally give the fans what we've been wanting for a long time. We all know these two himbos belong together and they will not find what they have with each other with anyone else. Add to that the fact that Oliver is more comfortable with openly supporting Buddie happening whereas before he didn't say much of anything about it (at least to my knowledge) since he didn't want to be queerbait fans because, as the actor, he doesn't actually write the episodes and therefore doesn't have much control over where they take his storylines, romantic or otherwise. I think that while Oliver and Ryan likely were always in support of Buddie, they're actually talking about it now because it is actually gonna be romantically canon now.
That being said, this network does have a history of queerbaiting audiences and I feel like because the 9-1-1 universe was given Tarlos from the get-go, they will use that as an excuse to never make Buddie canon and just keep dangling in front of fans the way they have this season to keep us watching. I really really hope that's not what's happening here but at this point all we can do as fans is wait and watch.
TL;DR -- I'm more hopeful about Buddie being canon from what I've seen so far in season 5 but I am still being cautious in those hopes.
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incorrectbuddie · 7 days ago
Eddie, trying to sleep: Stop it.
Buck: What?
Eddie: Whatever you're worrying about. Just stop.
Buck: How do you know I'm worried? You didn't even open your eyes.
Eddie: You think I need to see you with my eyes to know what's going on with you?
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incorrectbuddie · 8 days ago
Buck: Hey Eds, guess what this shirt’s made out of!
Eddie, rolling his eyes: Buck, we’ve been dating for forever. I know it’s boyfriend materi-
Buck, getting down on one knee: Wrong, it’s husband material.
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incorrectbuddie · 8 days ago
Hey Nonnie, I have seen your question regarding season 5 and I will be answering it ASAP. I want to take my time and make sure I give the ask actual attention and consideration before answering so I'm waiting until I have an uninterrupted chance to do so. Just wanted you to know I am not ignoring your ask! 
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incorrectbuddie · 11 days ago
Buck: You can say "Have a nice day" and no problem.
Buck: But you can’t say "Enjoy the next twenty four hours" and not sound vaguely threatening.
Eddie: ...Babe, its 3am.
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incorrectbuddie · 12 days ago
Buck: My moral alignment is chaotic lawful.
Hen: ...
Hen: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
Eddie: He has a strict moral code but nobody can figure out what the hell it is.
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incorrectbuddie · 13 days ago
*in the 118 bunk room*
Eddie, trying to sleep: Why are you poking me with a stick?
Chimney: I’m prodding the sheets in order to determine whether or not Buck is in there with you.
Buck, popping his head out from under the covers: He is!
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incorrectbuddie · 15 days ago
Chimney: Yeeted.
Buck: Yote.
Chimney: YEETED.
Buck: Eds, tell him it’s YOTE.
Eddie: I just want to know who threw Albert out of the third story window.
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