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I had my calendar open on my phone today to look at my plans for the week, and someone walked by and looked at it and noticed that it said "Anniversary" on the 22nd
Immediately without hesitation, they said "Awwww is that you and your boyfriend's anniversary?? That's sooo cuuute congratulations!" And then she walked away
It was a nice gesture, but I didn't have the heart (really, I was dead tired) or the patience to tell them that that's the day of Overwatch's Anniversary event 😂😅
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Wanna hear a bad joke?
What was Aang full of as a teenager?
*ba dum tss*
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I feel like being a Michigander is one of the best things ever for simply ONE reason and I'm going to teach you (ʃƪ¬‿¬)
STEP 1: Hold out your right hand like you're about to high five your face
Tumblr media
STEP TWO: That's literally it
look at you you bad ass motherfucker, you just made yourself a map (⌐■_■)
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"How would you describe your anxiety?"
I think an accurate representation of this is getting the star in mariokart except you can't move and are stuck in one place
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