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wwx 🤝 nmj

  • blatantly suffering from mental illness and trauma but remains in denial about it
  • being forced to take on ridiculously stressful roles and responsibilities which compound and worsen their conditions and then being blamed for manifesting the symptoms
  • accepting that their death as inevitable
  • refusing to talk to their little brothers in an effort to protect them
  • being driven to the brink by jin guangyao
  • having their own mental illness turned against them
  • *sees any form of support* eyes shut, I Do Not See It
  • “explaining your situation to your loved ones in order to foster understanding is for chumps”
  • being forced to lead a war and then suddenly being told to stop being so violent by the very people that sent them into war in their stead
  • hero syndrome
  • “I’ll keep all of my emotions in here and then one day I’ll die”

In other words, wei wuxian and nie mingjue are Sudden And Violent Mental Breakdown Following Unexpected Trauma and Slowly Being Chipped Away By Chronic Mental Illness Made Worse By An Extreme Stressor solidarity. Kings of being surrounded by people who all conveniently forget they’re suffering unless it’s to blame them for acting crazy but it’s fine. Lords of not talking to anyone. Absolute chads of trying to protect their brothers by refusing to explain a single, solitary thing about what’s happening but accidentally hurting them even worse with their deaths as a result

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Wei Wuxian: it’s an impossible task. Water unbroken. Metal unbent. Never before has Lan Wangji shared his lunch

Wen Qing, cracking knuckles: Hanguang Jun can i have ur pringles for the week

Lan Wangji: …no

Wei Wuxian: see? What did i tell you

Wen Qing: what if I pull one (1) tiny, the smallest, hair from wei wuxian’s scalp?

Wei Wuxian, not bothered, not threatened, wholly unconcerned: babe, wait, you don’t have to—

Lan Wangji, removing rolls and rolls of pringles from his backpack and flinging them at WQ: done.

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Wei WuXian, caked in blood & makeup: I’ve got this

Lan juniors: lol he’s got this

Lan JingYi: oh god it speaks

Wei Wuxian: no really I’ve got this

Lan juniors: aight fuckers let’s do it, let’s bring dishonor upon our whole clan and ET Phone Home this bitch & get us some help

Lan SiZhui: hold on i think he’s got this

Lan JingYi: if by this you mean venereal disease then sure let’s call in the big guns

Wei Wuxian, grandmaster of demonic cultivation, only person present qualified to deal with this shit:

Am i a joke to you

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Lan SiZhui: I’m about to take responsibility for things out of my 14-year old control :(

Wei Wuxian: I’m about to risk exposing myself as Not Mo Xuanyu b/c OH NO THE FUCK YOU ARE NOT

Lan Zhan: I’m about to jusy straight up become an alcoholic because everything I love in life is in one place and NOBODY is letting me enjoy this

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kidnapper: we have your husband

jiang cheng: i don’t have a husband

kidnapper: he made us reevaluate our life choices and now we feel really bad so can you come pick him up? please?

jiang cheng: oh my god, you have lan xichen

kidnapper: i’m going to become a painter

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Wei Wuxian’s slow crawl out of the closet:

WWX stealing LWJ’s purse: how far can I push this like how far is this gonna go it can’t go much longer can it? Jesus it’s been weeks he is just one a man for christ’s sake I can DO THIS STEALING IS ILLEGAL SURELY THIS WILL—

LWJ, thinking he needs money for food: Have you eaten?? My treat.

WWX, belly full, crops fed, applying rouge: does this makeup make me look like a prostitute? I mean OBVIOUSLY it makes me look like a prostitute but I mean are you into it? You’re into that, right? ;)

LWJ, nothing if not supportive: Prostitute? No, look lovely, as always.

WWX, barely clinging to hope, climbing into LWJ’s bed as a last hail mary: he can’t keep this up forever, someday I’ll get to him, or the fucking rouge will, or the sins of the flesh will torment him, or my terrible flute playing, and he’ll free me from this neverending hell—

LWJ, pulling the covers up to his chin: do you wanna be big spoon or little spoon tonight?

WWX: well you were little spoon last night so its only fair that tonight I get to be—

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Wei Wuxian, Yiling Patriarch, Disaster Bi in the Sky trying to get himself booted out of Cloud Recesses

Wei Wuxian in Mo’s body: I? Am gay. GAY.

Lan Wangji: cool story bro

Wei Wuxian: Bu– i. GAY. HOME. OF SEXUAL.

Lan Wangji: …okiedokie…

Wei Wuxian, crawling over Lan Wangji in bed: I AM ABOUT TO COMMIT ACTS OF HOMOSEXUALITY

Lan Wangji: ooh nice, a free weighted blanket, goodnight! :)

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