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incorrectquotesbybustajuice13 days agoText

Tony and Steve having an intense starting contest, literally face to face

Tony: I will spit on you like an alpaca.

Steve: *slowly steps back*

Rhodey: Oooh, what an insult.

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Welcome back to our weekly rec list! We hope that you had an amazing week, and if you haven鈥檛 already, don鈥檛 forget to check out our story rec and author shout out! Thank you to all those who participated in the vote this week, we can鈥檛 wait to see you next time!

Trope: Trans Peter Parker

Will you still love me (of course) by Coal_burningbright

Part of my trick or treat special on tumblr this next month- a drabble requested by @littlemissagrafina 鈥淢aybe a lil irondad drabble about Peter coming out to Tony? Sexuality/identity etc can be your choice:))鈥 and so here it is

| 190 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

link to story

Shoes by MetalPhoenix

Peter needs to get new shoes but he can鈥檛 find any small enough for him in the mens section. He almost starts crying from dysphoria. Good thing Tony is there to help.

| 341 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | Teen and Up Audiences |

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Cramps by ThisRoseHasAnotherName

鈥淚鈥檓 not sick, okay?鈥 He pulled a splinter from his palm.
鈥淭hen what is it? You got hemorrhoids?鈥
Actually, Megan, I can鈥檛 sit anywhere. I have hemorrhoids.
Peter let out a defeated groan of discomfort.
鈥淣o, Mr. Stark, I don鈥檛! I have cramps!鈥
The groan of discomfort turned to tears as Peter hunched in his seat, shame too heavy for him to sit straight.
鈥淲ell, shit, kid, you shoulda just said,鈥 was not the response Peter was expecting.

| 875 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

12:07 by peter_parkerson

his binder is tucked away in a drawer in his dorm room. he鈥檚 wearing too tight sweatpants and the stupid convocation shirt columbia gave out to all the freshman, sitting on his bed with his back against the wall, and his binder is in a drawer in his dorm room.

he could put it on. he could, of course he could, but it鈥檚 12:07 am on a sunday night (monday morning? he does not care) and his roommate is asleep and he really should be too. putting on his binder now would be like admitting defeat, because he鈥檚 should be sleeping, not desperately trying to avoid having a breakdown at 12:07 am in his dorm room while his roommate is sleeping ten feet away.

and anyway, the binder isn鈥檛 the problem right now. his - his chest isn鈥檛 the problem right now.

it鈥檚 everything else. which is funny, because usually it鈥檚 his chest - it鈥檚 the most obvious issue and the one people are most likely to notice - but now, at 12:07 am on a sunday night, he鈥檚 picking apart every single other part of himself that doesn鈥檛 match how he wants to be.

| 949 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

awesome facial hair woes by humanveil

Facial hair, is all May鈥檚 text says. Tony doesn鈥檛 understand, and then he does.

Or: Tony teaches Peter how to shave.

| 1,500 Words | 11/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

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Becoming Spiderwoman by FrenchKey, JayofOlympus

Something is making the Spider-Kid nervous, and Tony just wants to help.

| 1,556 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

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He/Him/His by galaxieswashonshore

Peter Parker comes out to Tony as a trans dude. Brief descriptions of anxiety, ends in fluff because I love my childe Peter :)

| 1,157 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | Not Rated |

link to story

grinding up rocks with your molars by ftmpeter

鈥淚 just,鈥 Peter starts, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 understand cis people.鈥

Tony snorts.

鈥淚 mean, you鈥檙e good - 鈥

鈥淭hanks, kid,鈥 he says sarcastically.

| 955 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

link to story

Pride Pin by romeoandjulietyouwish

Peter accidentally wears his pride pin to the lab.

| 893 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |聽

link to story

Rebloging to find later my dudes

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incorrectquotesbybustajuicea month agoVideo











The fact that nobody is talking about Secret鈥檚 new commercials pisses me off

This makes me so happy 鈽猴笍

Yesssss馃槶 I damn near cried



Can someone help me understand I wanna cry to ..I feel something went over my head

The woman in the bathroom is trans and is scared that if she comes out of the stall the women that walked in will insult or harass her. but when she comes out they compliment her on her dress instead. The add ends with saying聽鈥渟tress tested for women.鈥 It means Secret is including trans women in their definition of women.聽

I have reblogged this three times now, each one mentioning the fact that Secret not only included a trans woman, but that they /had the other women compliment her dress and treat her with respect/. I will reblog this every time I see it because it鈥檚 so important. More companies should involve trans people in their marketing - we do exist. Props to Secret for getting in on this movement. It makes me really happy to see more of the trans community represented in daily television.

Reblog the shit out of this

This is fucking amazing

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incorrectquotesbybustajuicea month agoText

Peter: Have you guys done your daily sacrifice for the day??

MJ: “daily sacrifice for the day”

Ned: it’s Peter, don’t question it.

MJ: That’s not what I mean.

MJ: Isn’t that the definition of daily tho.

Peter: Shh, answer my question, shithead.

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incorrectquotesbybustajuice2 months agoText

Tony*holding a cup of coffee*: I love you.

*Peter, Pepper and Rhodey all turn towards him*

Tony*waving his hand*: Not any of you guys.

Tony* in a gremlin voice*: But this drink.

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i havent tried to paint anything like this in a long time and it shows ;A; anyway here are some鈥︹ baby engineers鈥︹︹︹


Yessssssss, I love MIT Tony and Rhodey and I wish to seee moreeeee

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incorrectquotesbybustajuice2 months agoText

Tony Stark is a Good Dad鈩

Peter’s hands were shaking. He decided that today was the day; he was finally going to tell his father figure, Mr. Tony Stark (Doctor actually) about his sexuality, or lack of. He’d done months of research, trying to find anything that could clue him into how Mr. Stark though about LGBTQ+ but the search came out dry. “Hello, Mr. Parker,” F.R.I.D.A.Y spoke, making Peter jump from his thoughts, “Would you like to go to Boss’ lab?” It was a rhetorical question really.

“Yes please, F.R.I,” he replied. His heart beat increased so high that it was worrying, even for his spideryness. The lifts doors opened with a ding and Peter stepped out of the enclosed space. He made his way to the kitchen to grab a snack before making his way down to the lab. He slowly walking while opening his packet of crisps till he was outside the frosted glass door. He took a deep breath before placing his spare hand onto the ID pad. The door made a beep, signalling that it was unlocked and peter pushed the door open. The music that was previously blaring decreased to a more normal level.

“Hey, Kid.” The mentor spoke as he lifted his gaze from the invention on his desk, eyes crinkling as a smile graced his face.

“Hi, Mr. Stark, ” the mentee replied.

“Underoos, how many times do I have to tell you, call me Tony. In fact, call me anything other than Mr. Stark, that’s my father.”

“Okay, Dr. Stark,” Peter quipped with a smirk as he made his way to Tony.

“I walked right into that one. You’re a little shit, you know.”

“ Well, what can I say. I learnt from the best,” Peter plopped down on the stool next to Tony, “ so, what are you working on?”

“ Something Spider-babies don’t get to know about till they have finished their homework.”

Peter sighed, “fine,” as he dug around in his bag to find the sheet of homework he shoved in last minute and tried to straighten out the wrinkles before getting started.


Tony sat quietly tinkering with some parts as Peter worked on his homework quietly, which was weird. He didn’t even come into the lab rambling about his day like he usually did. He glanced over to Peter who was staring into space while chewing on the tip of his pen.

“A penny for your thoughts, kid,” Tony spoke softly, trying not to startle the kid.

“ What,” Peter’s head shot up, “ what do you mean, Mr. Stark?”

“You’re quiet for once and that’s unlike you. I don’t even know what you got on your maths test today.”

“Oh, I got an A, Sir.”

“Hey, what’s up? You never call me sir anymore, I thought we were past that.”

“It’s just…” Peter trailed off.

“Kid, what ever it is. You can trust me”

Peter took a breath, “I’m just going to say it and get it over with,” he look at his fidgeting hands.

“Say what, kid.”

“Mr. Stark, I’m,” Peter took another breath before look away from Tony’s worried eyes, “ I’m asexual.”

There was a pregnant pause before Tony started laughing.

“Was that all kid. I couldn’t care less about your sexuality,” he chuckled before sobering, “ but thanks for trusting me, underoos.”

Peter spluttered, “What?”

Tony looked in disbelief at Peter, “Kid, you didn’t think I was straight, did you?”

He stayed quiet.

“Oh my God,” Tony’s eyes widened, “You did.”

Peter’s mind finally caught up to the conversation. “Wait, Mr. Stark, you’re not straight?” He questioned.

“No kid, I am very much bisexual.”

“But,” Peter started, “but Google.”

“What, you couldn’t find my many sex tapes and other scandles.” He joked before changing his tone, “not that there’s much out there. My dad and Obie covered most of it up. Something about bad press.”

“Eww. Mr. Stark, that’s like hearing about my dad’s sex life,” Peter retorted, “ Seriously though, Tony. Thanks.”

Tony mustered a half smile at the kid, “ No problem, Spider-baby. Anyway, I’m tired of tinkering, let’s go watch a movie and order Thai.”

“Yes, movie time,” Peter spoke with excited before rushing towards the door.

“Calm down, Pete,” Tony spoke as he rose slowly from his chair, knees and back popping as he moved, “ Don’t think you’re able to get out of basically saying I’m your dad as well,” he shouted after the hyperactive teen, smiling to himself.

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incorrectquotesbybustajuice2 months agoAnswer

I'm really really REALLY anxious right now, for no reason whatsoever. Think you could hook a sister up with some, Tony helping anxious Peter fic reqs?

I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS I鈥橫 SO SORRY!!! Hopefully these fics can help you a little bit!! 馃挏 (big thank you to @canonismybitch for sending me some of these)

I鈥檓 gonna start with a shameless self-plug *ahem hope you don鈥檛 mind *ahem*, I have this ficlet,聽It’s Not About How You Say It, But About What You Say聽that鈥檚 about Peter being anxious before a presentation.

And I have a couple where Tony is the one with anxiety and Peter helps him, I know it鈥檚 backwards but maybe they鈥檒l help you???聽Safety Net聽and聽Let Me Help You

As for recs, here鈥檚 some that I hope you enjoy:聽

Will I ever Make a Sound?聽by聽SaluWriter

hence the balloons by聽iron_spider_suit

Apartment 43B by @ironfamjam

Petvengers (Or, how Peter tricks NY heroes into pet adoption) by聽Lurafita

Campling Blues by聽chvotic

What Happens in the Blanket Fort Stays in the Blanket Fort by @theoceanismyinkwell聽

chocolate chip cookies (alternate words for i love you) by聽hopeless_hope

I Don鈥檛 Want to Talk About it Anymore by聽Bees_and_Wasps

Hello! My Name Is Peter by @canonismybitch

Matter by @canonismybitch

Little Ducklings by @canonismybitch

Bouquet by @canonismybitch

I hope that can get you started!!! I hope you feel better soon. As someone who experiences this too sometimes, this will pass and you will be just fine, hang in there 馃挏馃挏馃挏

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incorrectquotesbybustajuice2 months agoText

You know, I forgot starker existed for a minute and now I need to bleach my eyes.

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