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Sora: Just this once, everybody lives!
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Tumblr media
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ARCANE + raccoon meme (insp.)
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Tumblr media
Thought I’d play around with eye designs.
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Chapter 4 is here!
With special thanks to @ghostatjoes 
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Tumblr: It’s “Out of Touch-
Me: *punches Tumblr* No. It’s-
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Me: I’m fine.
Me, internally: The Jedi weren’t just an order of space monks, they were a living breathing culture with thousands of years of history and knowledge behind them filled with both accomplishments and failures. What Palpatine did to them was genocide, both literal and cultural. Even though Luke rebuilds the Order and more Jedi come out of hiding so much of what they were and what they stood for has been lost and will never be recovered because Palpatine did his damndest to erase them from history. The fact that people blame them for their own genocide and Palpatine’s crimes when they were trying to save both themselves and the Republic from destruction and corruption from within is infuriating and a little bit horrifying. They made mistakes, yes, but they did not deserve what was done to them.
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Sora teaches Cloud how to be happy: Part 1
Sora: Hey Cloud, old buddy, old pal!!
Cloud: We're not friends, I hate you, go away.
Sora: Aww, come on! What did I ever do to you?
Cloud: I hate your cheery ass attitude, how you beat me through the power of "friendship". Life isn't a game, Sora. It sucks.
Sora: Well, do you wanna be like that guy? All moody and no friends?
(Sora points to Sephiroth being moody and drinking a coffee, whilst stabbing Dr Mario)
Sephiroth: Man, life sucks... Even murder bores me these days...
Cloud: I take it back. I TAKE IT BACK!!! How do I be happy like you?!!!
Sora: Oh, that's easy... Buddy, old pal.
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listen people are starting to realize tumblr isn’t dead we all need to be as cringe as possible for the next few months, it’s vital to our survival
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Really loving this tumblr feature where it forces me to view posts I don’t want to see from blogs I don’t follow
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She's still only 17, and fate has been so unfairly cruel. I think she'll be okay, but it's going to take time.
Let her grieve...
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All of Arcane happened because Jayce walked into the Undercity and Ekko clocked him as the biggest dumbass he'd ever seen
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this scene is so fucking funny the english dub of this show is so good
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Ah yes, I remember when they accidentally made Samus an LGBTQ+ icon because Nintendo didn’t want to give away the twist.
Too late, she’s ours now. 
Tumblr media
Based on that one comic panel
Tumblr media
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those mobile game ads that show them playing a simple game so horrendously, disgustingly bad are so devious they almost get me to install them. ALMOST. sitting here on my phone watching the ad like
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Basically my thoughts too.
How do you feel about Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard?
Typically I'm totally against the giant company monopolizing a market-space by eating up their competition but blizzard was on a warpath to becoming the worst, most toxic company in the gaming market (if they weren't already there) and blizzard under new management, instead of the creeps and boomers they currently have running things - might actually be a pretty good thing for that misguided little company. They somehow have some of the largest IP’s in gaming history and MASSIVE fanbases, yet they still managed to make everyone unanimously hate their company due to their garbage decision-making, so Microsoft will come clean things up.
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Dating Test with Robin
Robin: Hi, everyone! Today, we're going to be testing the datability of Smash Bros' swingiest bachelors! First up, King Dedede!
King Dedede: Get ready to fall in love, Smash Bros! ...Is the camera getting my good side?
Robin: Dr. Mario!
Dr. Mario: Who're you making this for, again?
Robin: And Wario!
Wario: I'm only here because you promised bacon.
Robin chucks a piece of bacon at Wario, which he eats.
Wario: I'm pacified.
Robin: And now for a simple 9000 question dating quiz!
Wario: Should men always pay for dinner? What am I, Luigi?
King Dedede: How many kids would you like? As many kids as I have Waddle Dees. That's enough me for everyone!
Dr. Mario: How do you treat a gal? Well, hovering around and giving random medical facts is a no brainer! Nailing this....
Robin: While they're doing this, we present to you...Hoshido v. Nohr in who has the best people to date! Starring the Corrins!
Corrin: On one hand, Rinkah is buff and I'd gladly let her throw me across the room like a ragdoll, pin me against the wall, and put me in a headlock, along with numerous other submission holds. On the other hand, Effie is in Nohr, and I've heard her biceps are almost as strong as Samus', which is a feat all on its own, so you already KNOW she can snap me like a twig. And Nohr also has Peri if you're into Yandere's. I've seen her eviserate a man before, and its sort of artistically beautiful in a way. But Kagero is like, a ninja who covers her eye with her hair. That's like, 20 points hotter than a Samurai. But, if you can't decide between the two, there's always good ol' Azura and Felicia! 
Corrine: As for me, Jakob. Butlers are hot, what can I say? Especially ones with accents. And there's Kaden, his tail is super fluffy. But so is Keaton's hair....plus he smells nice. And I can't forget about Azura, I love Azura.
Back to Toon Link....
Robin: Welcome back! The results are in! Wario, on a scale of 1-5, you scored a three!
Wario: Yes! Yes!
Wario is DATABLE!
Robin: This limits your dating pool to widows, lady plumbers, and convicts.
Wario: I see that as a win. 
Robin: Dr. Mario....yikes. Well, scores don't really matter all too much in the long short. Just focus on being you, kay buddy?
Dr. Mario is Questionable?!
Robin: King Dedede, you scored....a 12?
King Dedede: Mama was right! I'm the most perfect man in the world!
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