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i argue a lot irl with racists and bigots, and one of my pet issues is racial profiling in policing, since it has hit my personal friends directly, and i think it is very important for us to pause now and consider how crafty the modern identitarian has become. because no longer will they just directly say that they think dark skin makes crime and the darker your skin, the more crimer it is. instead, they say, “no, it’s not actually a racial thing at all, it just looks really bad because it happens to map that way. look, YOU are the one who just told me that poverty is one of the main causes of crime, and that by funding communities, crime will go down on its own. YOU also just told me about how many black americans live in poverty. it has less to do with skin colour than with their position in society, indeed i think it is terrible that black people occupy such a crappy place in our society, but that doesn’t make it inaccurate or morally wrong to use these statistics to guess who to stop and frisk.” 

and i just think it’s funny how many ostensibly progressive people will spin round and say the exact same thing about profiling men - “it’s not about gender essentialism, it’s about their position in society making it more likely that they think and act a certain way. it’s not bigoted, it’s not throwing more vulnerable men under the bus, it’s not upholding a hierarchy and switching the players out, it’s simply statistical probability making it much, much easier to just assume that any given man i’m around has already done something or is about to do something and really needs to have that self-doubt.”

now i can see just how high my horse is here, but i am comfortable, because my horse is named I Am Just Unilaterally Opposed To This Kind Of Essentialist Profiling In General As A Matter Of Principle, Regardless Of Whatever Arbitrary Socially Constructed Category We Are Talking About At The Moment. and that’s only a little bit unusual as far as horse names go. but seriously, don’t be stupid and buy into the other side’s arguments, especially if you’re worried about muh dogwhistles and cryptofascism and other online panic mobs. you can agree that there are problems - obviously i believe misogyny exists, and poverty and crime are definitely closely linked - without going right for the stupidest, worsterest possible responses - i do not hate or fear men as a class, and i know that punitive criminal justice is both ineffective and abhorrent. i would propose different solutions to these problems.

i only learned this by getting outside of my ideological bubble and accepting that i had some bad tactics.

@cipheramnesia’s tags deserve to travel with this post.

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For decades straight people have portrayed bisexuals as sexy, suave & promiscuous, and I’m so grateful that as soon bisexuals were actually allowed to talk about ourselves via social media, we immediately corrected that perception

Straight people: *fetishizes bisexuals*

Actual bisexuals: we are not your kink and are in fact extremely confused and a little bit goofy basically all of the time

#Team ‘im attracted to all genders and can’t flirt with any of them’#‘flirting’ what is this concept? do you mean having long one sided conversations about how nuts are botanically a category of fruit?#to clarify we are not confused in a ‘who am i really attracted to’ way#we’re confused in a ‘what the fuck is going on rn’ sort of way#our identities are valid but we are also very tired and overwhelmed

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Not when used as a self-identification, and not when used as an umbrella term within the community, at least.

See, here’s the thing: The most common identifier used by bi, pan, and trans people to describe their sexuality? Queer.

Given that multiple studies have shown that bi people alone comprise about half the community, that makes it by far the most common term we use to describe ourselves.

What’s more, it’s not just an identifier: it’s a rallying cry. It’s a banner the whole community has assembled under forever. “We’re here, we’re queer” is a cliché for a reason. It’s a statement of power, and of pride - yes, we’re weird. We don’t fit into the “acceptable” categories cisheteronormative society gives us. And that’s a good thing. It’s a call to demolish those “acceptable” boxes, to build a world we’re all part of.

Its rejection is a relatively recent move by the same homonationalism that brought us “Bi people don’t belong,” the thrilling sequel “Trans people don’t belong,” and the stunning conclusion “Ace people don’t belong.” It’s a deliberate strategy employed by respectability politicians seeking a seat at the table - taking the work we’ve put in and distancing themselves from us so they can tell the straights “We deserve your respect because we’re just like you! We even hate queers!”

(And don’t think it’s a coincidence that the community suddenly forgot the massive, massive overlap between “queer” and “poly” when building the very self-conscious image of two clean-cut upper-middle-class smiling young professional men or women either. Anything that wasn’t “respectable” enough had to go. My deepest thanks to the person who pointed this out.)

In the rush for our place in an oppressive hell, we’ve lost our revolutionary edge, lost our fire, and lost a lot of what drove us in the first place. Fuck. That.

I’m queer, and you will never take that away from me.

It’s nice being Tumblr Old and having some recollection of the self-identifiers we used before this website. The slogans alone should tell you the motivators behind using “queer” as opposed to other terms. There was “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!” There was “queer rage”. There was “not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you.” That last one especially shows rejection of any neat essentialist boxes – go away with your binaries, your easy categorization, and last but not least your respectability politics.

I’ve never seen “q slur” used before Tumblr, and even that only in the last maybe two years. I’m not playing the whole “you kids turn everything into a trigger” game, that’s not the point. My point is that almost uniformly older LGBTQ+ people on this website associate “queer” with empowerment, and it’s teenagers and early 20-somethings (who are almost the same age group as me, I’m 27) constructing this idea that it has always only been a slur, that it’s more prevalent than any other slurs still in use, and that this is somehow the “historically correct” view of the term and everyone using queer is ignorant of history. Which is just not true.

So anyway, here are some great functions of “queer” that aren’t replicated by any other term:

1) Wide relevance. Queer can be related to gender, sexuality, or both.

2) Opacity. It can be a stand-in for some other term (gay, bisexual, trans, etc), or it can actually mean something else altogether! Something that isn’t fully covered by any of those categories!

3) Queer could, therefore, actually function as an umbrella term (yeah, I know I can’t get away with that in the present climate, thanks for that). Calling everything gay, as has become the norm on Tumblr, isn’t only sticking it to The Straights ™; it’s also sticking it to all the LGBTQ+ people who don’t identify as gay specifically (not to mention straight trans people), and who never see ourselves brought up in casual conversation anymore. It’s back to “gay rights” style language.

And you know what, of course it is, because “LGBTQ+” and other versions of the abbreviation aren’t catchy. “Gay” is catchy. “Queer” is catchy. But for some reason, gee I wonder why it could be, “the community” has decided to eliminate precisely the term that does actually by default encompass a wide range of identities. And replace it with one that again gives primacy to “gay” as the default descriptor, as if the rest of us just don’t matter or should be happy with being “obliquely included” (that is to say, erased). We’ve come up with all this specialized terminology for gender and sexuality, but when it comes to being actually talked about aside from specifically describing yourself in an intro to your blog, it’s underused.

I could go on about how targeting “queer” disproportionately affects MGA and trans/nb people, including people with multiple marginalizations, who especially are likely to have a problem with all these discrete one-dimensional categories and feel that “queer” expresses something the other terms can’t. But that’s already covered in the OP under good old respectability politics.

TL;DR: You can’t just take away a term that many, many people in the community have been actively using for decades before your latest iteration of SGA discourse and expect no meaning to be lost or broken.

This. Learn your history.

I was at the 1993 March on Washington, where we had over a million signatures to prove how many of us there were and the national park service still “estimated” we were 500,000. I can remember chanting until we were hoarse: “We’re here, we’re queer!” (What do we want?) “We’re here, we’re queer!” (Equal rights now!) And that was at the height of the AIDs epidemic, when being out could lose you your job, and when a woman I’d met was murdered by her ex-husband after she came out.

Being queer was a matter of life and death. Yet lately I’ve seen some posts dismissing the term as “cute.” I find that attitude mildly insulting, not to mention clueless.

Only within the last year have I started seeing young people on Tumblr policing our language, telling us we shouldn’t use it because it’s a slur. But it was no more and no less a slur than gay. You’ve reclaimed that, right? Even though it’s still used perjoratively. Why?

For the same reason we wore pink and black triangles (Google it) to denote gay and lesbian, before the rainbow flag caught on: they were a symbol that had meant death for us, for being what we were, and we claimed and took them back in defiance. We were standing up to be counted: “You can’t smear all of us. You can’t kill all of us. WE ARE HERE.”

I’ve tried to be patient with those who say they dislike the term. But attacking us for using it really is problematic, for all the reasons the posts above mine have explained. Now, more than ever, we need to hang onto our history, our insistence that we are here and we’re not going away.

Don’t erase us. Don’t take that away from generations who marched before some of you were born. Don’t exclude those of us who are queer but not gay.


ALL OF THIS. Thank you all for the smart, brave words.

I’ve written about it before, partly because the penchant for chanting “queer is a slur” kind of blindsided me on tumblr. Really not something I’m used to or have come across elsewhere. I tried to think through the logic of it, and honestly, I can’t come up with any good reasons for using that mantra. None. It’s bullshit.

If you want to deprive homophobia of its power over you, then don’t ever grant it any power to hurt you. As my nerdkru homie said, “It’s only a slur if you think it’s a slur”

Queer is a way of transforming the world around you. It’s powerful rainbow science.

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Police using a water cannon against peaceful protesters against the law that is being voted tonight which would forbid to share any image in which a cop could be identified. From Taha Bouhafs.

Ok Tumblr, now that the US election is over, let me tell you about France and how fucked up the situation is here.

The video you see here is from a demonstration that happened on the 17th of november in Paris to protest against a law that’s been brought to parlement by the majority, that would prevent the recording and diffusion of images of the police.

Originally, the law project was written to “protect police forces from physical and psychological harm”, but it will be used to protect them from the law and from justice in a time of extraordinary increase of police brutality.

Policemen are already preventing journalist to take images of them as it is, even though it’s legal for now: they arrest them and issue bans on demonstration, they target them with rubber bullets and gas grenades (grenades that have been banned this year because they killed and amputated people but they are still used because the stocks have to be finished), they force them to erase their photos. Police forces can already arrest people for “outrage” and “rebellion”, and they use these vague terms to arrest political opponent, protestors and journalists.

For context, police forces began to have more and more impunity since the beginning of the yellow vests movement, but people have also been recording them more often. That led to many scandals for the past few years, like the Benalla case in july 2018, where one of Macron’s bodyguard was recorded dressed up as a policeman (which he wasn’t), beating up some protestors and passerby during a demonstration. The video led to the opening of many different cases about him linked to corruption in the government, but to this day he still hasn’t been judged and still is a free man. The journalist who recorded him is still getting death treats every week and has also been beaten up by police forces in 2019 and his phone, which he used to record his arrest and beating from the police, has been taken from him and he and the justice system couldn’t have acces to it for 8 months. (source here, in french sorry).

There have been many cases like the one of George Floyd, where police killed a man and journalists proved they lied about it in their reports (about the timeline, the victim’s behaviour, the care they gave to the victim etc…) and then the justice system still gave reason to the police: Adama Traoré, Cédric Chouviat, Liu Shaoyao, and actually there are so much it would take me days to tell you about all of them from the past 4 years.

The police is racist as fuck (young men perceived as black or arab are 20 times more likely to be stopped in the street), with more than 80% of them voting for extreme right parties at the 2017 presidential election, and even more worrisome it has extremelly influencial unions, and this law to prevent the diffusion of images from the police is actually made to please them when this whole government is on a thin edge because around 60% of the population disapprouve of their politics (like maybe cutting the founds to the health system and still closing beds in hospitals in the middle of a pandemic is not a good idea). Like right now the so called “centrist” LREM party is playing on the far-right to keep a bit of voters and police to their side, because everyone else could see how fucked up they are.

Oh btw, the body in charge of inspecting and controlling the police (they investigate on the cases of police brutality and give a judgment at the end, if the police was guilty or not), the IGPN, is run by…police officers. You can imagine how little of the inspections turn out to accuse the police.

Recently, Amnesty International issued a report on France (only in french here, sorry again) and expressed concern about the level of police brutalities, and journalists freedom, and so did the high commisionner for human rights at the United Nations and Reporters without borders.

Anyway I’m super worried for my country with the rise of the far-right, racisme, corruption and more and more power given to the police.

So yeah, Fuck Macron, Fuck the police, sorry for my bad spelling it’s 4am here.

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I used to think I can’t have ADHD because I wasn’t hyperactive.

Not everyone can allow themselves to act on their hyperactivity, so we find ways to redirect or hide the understimulation.

(Sneak introduction to the new inattentive Alien! A hommage to a collab I did with René ♥️)

If yo u’d like to support my work, check out my patreon :)

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{Witcher characters as quotes from ‘witty’ T-shirts}

Jaskier: If you’re going to be salty, bring the tequila.

Geralt: I’m not for everyone.

Yennefer: I don’t like morning people. Or mornings. Or people.

Ciri: I get my attitude from… well pretty much from all of the women in my family. 

Calanthe: I was taught to think before I act. So if I smack the shit out of you, rest assured, I’ve thought about it. 

Tissaia: 5'2 but my attitude 6'1

Triss: I’m mostly peace, love and light, but a little bit go f*ck yourself

Philippa: That’s what I do: I read books, I drink wine, I know things.

Lambert: That’s a terrible idea, what time?

Eskel: I’m nicer than my face looks.

Vesemir: Old and tired but down to day drink.

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I am just now finally getting to read Harrow the Ninth. I am on page 54, & I already feel a deep-seated need to scream about this book with someone, especially since I now Have A Theory. I don’t want to scream it into the void, because spoilers, but.


Please please please, someone come scream with me while I read.

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I would JUST like to say that Tolkien did not put weed in his books. Its actually tobacco that he renamed because he HATED that word, and most “new” words. So he just renamed it. Tolkien loved old words and old languages, and HATED new words (for some reason). And to him, tobacco was new. A lot of people think tolkien was Down To Get High but REALLY he was not.

hi cons-and-constellations, thank you for ur recent letter and addition to the post itself. i assume this is about me joking that gandalf was hitting up a joint?  i’m genuinely confused about whether you’re 1) very mad at me, 2) this is just a pet peeve for you, 3) you sincerely want to save me from thinking Tolkien was super into weed. i tried to compose a suitable tongue-in-cheek reply but now i can’t decide which is the most appropriate, so I organised them into an alignment chart for your perusal. love you and hope you’re well

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The whole “how the hell does this predatory creature get enough sustenance” thing that plagues fantasy and sci-fi occasionally gets so absurd it loops around into being funny, like the scene in Star Wars when the Millenium Falcon is flying through an asteroid field and gets swallowed by a worm.

I could complain about that, but I could also conclude that the supply of reckless space pilots flying into asteroid fields has been consistent enough for the past few million years for animals to evolve to prey upon them.

Who knows. Maybe there are enough adventuring parties roaming about the Forest of Doom to increase the available biomass at their trophic level in order to sustain tertiary consumers like giant spiderwolves…

“You’re going into the Catacombs? No one survives the Catacombs! Many an adventurer has tried!”

“Uh, how many have tried?”

“Enough to form an entire ecological niche for species specialized to prey upon them!”

“Oh. That, uhh, that is a lot.”

“Right? It’s pretty fascinating actually. I’m writing my thesis on it right now.”

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