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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Hello people馃槃

This is a place for us to share our writings. It is addressed mostly to young writers but of course everyone is welcome. The point of this blog is to share our content and talk about it with other people. If you want your story to be read and have a feedback this is the place for you. My intention is that all stories should be heard, so please if you think your story may trigger some people to do something harmful to themselves or to others please please please state it on the top of the post, so that everyone can be safe. The moto of this community is help share grow. Love to all, stay safe and happy sharing 鉂


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Reblog and tag your tumblr platonic crushes! Let鈥檚 spread love to our favorite bloggers!

Mine are @dawnoftheagez @jade-island-lives @franky-ts @leafgreen6 @dczwrites

<3 love you, ladies!

@books-of-lunacy, @abalonetea, and @immawritethat 馃槈馃槈馃槈

I awww鈥檇 at this for like鈥 30 seconds before I got my act together

@hannahs-creations @pens-swords-stuff @abalonetea @leafgreen6 because you should expect a tag back on this

awww thanks so much!

@milkyway-writes @mvcreates @dove-actually @madammuffins@roselinproductions @writinginslowmotion @aelenko @quilloftheclouds @erinoddly just to name a few off the top of my head 馃挋 There are so many people I鈥檓 not listing too!!

How dare you make me feel feelings this early in the day?! Aaa thank you!! Your writeblr crush is requited!!!!!

@adorhauer @indecentpause @radley-writes @christinawritesfiction @elaynab-writing @gaslightwestern and many more I鈥檓 too tired to list out right now but I LOVE YOU ALL AAAAA

My favorite platonic tumblr crushes? So glad you asked!聽

Tagging: @cogesque @roselinproductions @mimzy-writing-online@knightmarelair @skekteksfurby @sassypandacandy @paperandredink

All of these people are amazing writers! Seriously, go check out their blogs!

N鈥檃www, you鈥檙e a sweetie!

The crush is reciprocated, so @maggie-wolff-writes of course! I also second @mvcreates because I鈥檓 positively salivating for her work to come out. I miss @theouterdark and @power-of-ages-writeblr/ @haroldosaur!

Right back at you! I haven鈥檛 been around as much, but I鈥檒l probably come out of my cave and update y鈥檃ll soon! Also shoutouts to @zmlorenz, @byjillianmaria, @dotr-rose-love, and @doubleviewfinder. Hope everyone is staying safe and getting lots of writing done!

Thank you so much, Dylan! ^^ The feeling is mutual ^^ Can鈥檛 wait to see more from your @theouterdark blog. @kainablue , @catharticallysarcastic , @mgcorvo-author , @kittensartswriting , @toboldlywrite , @inesnenci , @kiesinger are big favorites too. ^^

Awwwww, that鈥檚 sweet! You know how I feel about you and your stuff聽锛*锛3锛撅級 Adding my twisted sis @catharticallysarcastic and my estranged waifu @cawolters, awesome @kittensartswriting, shy @paper-shield-and-wooden-sword and the only sci-fi creator about whose wip I鈥檓 actually excited for @extraisthmus

Tumblr didn鈥檛 notify me once again 馃槪馃槪馃槪

Right back at both of you @dotr-rose-love and @kainablue because damn, two wonderfully talented women 鉂も潳鉂

I add @adie-dee @quadraphonictypewriter @foxesandmagic you鈥檙e so awesome!!!!

Right back at you 馃挏

And @elaynab-writing @cirianne @dove-actually @pheita @kosmosian-quills @eluari @alternativeforensicscientist @vexed-hexed-perplexed @ellatholmes @pertinax鈥搇oculos as well because you鈥檙e all wonderful people

EeeEEEee and same to you @adie-dee !! ^_^

And naturally can鈥檛 go past my lovelies @kd-holloman , @sybil-writes , @spacetimewraithwrites and I鈥檒l throw in @abalonetea as a totally one-sided but equally heartfelt crush. 馃馃槀 Plus there鈥檚 a whole heap more people I admire and I鈥檓 probably forgetting. 馃槄

LIKEWISE !!!!!!!

I gotta note on my end as well: @starlitesymphony, @pen-in-hand, @howdy-writes, @madammuffins, and @drabbleitout in absolutely no order because they are all wonderful people and I hope they鈥檙e all doing well and if I haven鈥檛 mentioned you it鈥檚 because where my brain once was now exists only a fog and I am so sorry lol

SAME @spacetimewraithwrites! Thank you, this is so sweet!

Also catch me excited anytime to see works by @simplelinesunfashiond, @abalonetea, @idreamonpaper, @gaslightwestern, @danger-writes, and @loopyhoopywrites (tons of others I know I鈥檓 forgetting since I鈥檝e been gone awhile)

Thanks for the love @drabbleitout!

I鈥檇 have to shout-out @anomaly00 , @writinglyra @pen-and-inks, @myhusbandsasemni and @the-violet-writer for my inspiratons 馃槫

You鈥檙e so sweet, Brandyn 馃槶

I gain joy everytime I see your posts, as well as posts from @mayawritesbooks, @inky-duchess, and @vitrichor !! You all are such inspirations!

Thank you @anomaly00 @pen-and-inks 馃挏馃挏

@trapped-inadystopianovel @mayawritesbooks @writinglyra @serpentarii I love you all 馃槏

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Thoughts on Anne of Austria? (I wouldn’t mind reading a long answer) Thanks :)

(sorry I pushed post too early)

So Anne of Austria is like the one Regent I can actually say knew what she was doing. She got her head in the game her main objectives being the preservation of her son King Louis, the dismantling of the thought of Philippe as a threat to Louis’s reign (therefore saving his life), keeping France together & making sure the alliances stood strong.

  • She handled the first extremely well considering the motherfuckery that was the Fronde. I doubt anybody could have dealt with the nobility better & she likely kept Louis sharp as a tack with dealing with the nobility
  • By imposing a more effeminate manner over Philippe (or nurturing his already feminine side) she saved him from plotting nobles and keeping him alive because he could not be presented as a viable contestant for the throne (and he was still the only Bourbon wroth knowing, a true icon)
  • She kept the Spanish alliances going, marrying Louis to Marie Therese & kept the alliance with England strong by sheltering the Stuarts & wedding Philippe to Henriette, effectively strengthening France as whole.

People want to remember Anne of Austria as the poor childbride who married a likely asexual monarch or a bawdy Regent who kept lovers or the doting mother figure but in truth, she was probably one of France’s strongest rulers.

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Niya was supposed to be their best, yet the witches ostracized her.
Kisthet were brought in as a punishment, yet became a trusted friend.
Galina wanted nothing to do with war, yet she thrived because of it.

All while Primordial Khaos looms鈥

Captured Lightning is a story set in the 1850s during the heights of Victorian England and brings the reader into the midst of the Crimean War.

Keep reading

How I have not seen this before? Could I please me added to the taglist?

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So the Period Drama posts will go as follows

  1. The Spanish Princess
  2. Versailles
  3. The White Queen /Princess
  4. The Tudors
  5. Outlander
  6. Reign
  7. Marie Antoinette (2006)
  8. Musketeers

I will be going through these on a one episode basis. If anybody wants to nominate a particular episode them fire away 馃槉

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Boring fact about me: I don鈥檛 eat red meat very often

@deanobeanoqueero @elliechan @nia23 and anyone else, what鈥檚 your boring fact about yourself

Ty for the tag! @xdarthsanchezx :)

Boring fact about me: I sleep with my socks on.

Tagging: @meetmebackstage @slytherin-simp @alideetoo @corellians-only @obirain

I sometimes sleep with socks too Julia!!! Thanks for the tag, darlin鈥

Ermmm鈥 love rings but I don鈥檛 wear them very often because my hands are too small; they don鈥檛 fit! Ha.

Tagging: @roseofalderaan @valkyrieofthehighfae @clonewarslover55 @nelba @lilhawkeye3

Damn y鈥檃ll need to get better blankets so you can let your toes be freeeee

Plot twist: all facts about me are boring lmao

V tired too tag rn so if you would like to participate, go for it! 馃ぉ

I also sleep with socks on lmao

I sleep with a purple stuffed bunny called Puffelong/Puffy and he鈥檚 like 35 years old 馃憖

No pressure tags: @simping-for-fives @royalhandmaidens @snippy-tano @iscream4clones

oh my gosh this is hilarious

boring fact about me鈥 really love savory dishes that have pumpkin, it鈥檚 one of my fav foods

also, i don鈥檛 sleep with socks on (BECAUSE ONLY WEIRDOS DO THAT) but with at least three blankets bc i鈥檓 always cold

no pressure tags: @morganas-pendragons @notreallybeccab @obirain @amukmuk @cobaltexpositor

Hello yes I鈥檓 late to this akjdhsahdkj

I, too, do not sleep with socks on because I like sticking them out of my blankets for temperature control

A boring fact about me? I take my coffee as 3/5 coffee, 2/5 milk, 2 spoons of sugar, and it has to be brewed coffee from home, not a kurig or nespresso or w/e. I am hella particular about my coffee XD

Tagging @colorfulloverbatturkey @quoththeraven-nevermind2 @jadetheaverage @bladelei @anstarwar and anyone else who wants to do this uwu

聽it looks like this is聽鈥榓re you socks on or off at night鈥+ boring fact up here lol. Thanks for the tag @notreallybeccab!

i actually sleep w my socks on because i like to tempt death by sticking one leg out of the covers for temp control and my dogs like to lick my bare feet, the weirdos

my boring fact, i drink milk w ice, especially with cake (would totally recommend, ice cold milk is The BEST) picked the habit up from my grandma when i was a kid

Tags going out to @reversedthoughts, @quimerathetraveler, @forcesensitivebantha, @danatooine, @merspots, @theorderoffallenstars @jadetheaverage i feel like youd have fun ones

Boring fact: I have a very small room, but I make due

@princessjay @raf-loves-everything @metalwing666 @kurithedweeb @fancycheesebread @thechosen-wan @darkdreamymuse

Uhh a boring fact about me hmmm

I don鈥檛 drink coffee, tea, or pop/fizzy drinks, and I guess I make my cocoa a particular way? I only make it with a specific mix powder from Bulk Barn, two and a half small spoons (they鈥檙e just a little smaller than a tea spoon), fill the mug with hot water to the top of the handle, stir, add four seconds worth of milk, stir. I don鈥檛 usually take marshmallows in my cocoa but when I do I take six and they will be half melted before they are to be consumed

@i-am-a-fish @frogitivity @izzysuniversestuff @inky-duchess

A boring fact. Hmm, there are just so many 馃ぃ

I always eat my food sequentially. I don’t know why but I always start with the protein, then the vegetables and then the starch. Even with a fry up, I have a sequence (sausages, pudding, hash brown, rashers) I really don’t understand it.

Tagging @serpentarii @anomaly00 @trapped-inadystopianovel @mayawritesbooks

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I humbly offer up a family tree of the gods/royalty of Ironwood. I spent way too much time on it and had several breakdowns in the process so any likes or reblogs will be appreciated.聽聽


@anomaly00, @thebestmollygrue, @noloumna, @time-space-and-the-muses, @eccaiia @ungodly-scribe @alternativeforensicscientist @manonmansa @treesandwords @druidx @radley-writes @inky-duchess

If you want to be added/removed from the taglist just let me know

Detailed family trees 馃槏馃槏馃槏

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Me: I should write something that draws on my personal experiences – really dig into the big questions that have defined my life and the answers I believe I have for them. Drawing from my own struggles would only lead to a more personal, believable narrative I think people could get a lot out of, including myself, and the fact that I haven’t yet says a lot about how much I suffer from imposter syndrome.

Also me: Except I already did that with that fanfiction I wrote in middle school and I obviously can’t do that again.

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a聽 聽{ r e } i n t r o d u c t i o n ; by聽@serpentarii

hello, hello and welcome! my name is pris/priscilla (formerly alona), she/they, seventeen, wtw member, and a certified mess鈩. graphic design is my passion, but i also enjoy anime, internet horror, kpop, and basing my opinions off of youtube commentary videos. i currently track the tag #userpriscilla, so feel to tag me in your wonderful creations!聽

c u r r e n t聽 聽w i p s ;

starborne ; main, adult, fantasy, adventure, romance, lgbt+聽

vale, a knight and the reluctant protector of prince asenri, is tasked with accompanying his liege on a sacred and deadly quest through the terror-filled blightlands. in the wake of an imposter who wears their faces, vale and asenri must learn to place trust in each other, or risk certain death as their realities begin to shatter in their hands.聽

to the beasts ; nanowrimo 2020 project, y/a, high fantasy聽

aleksander fox has found his fortune when he sells the enchanted feather cloak of a cygnette, capable of transfiguring one into a swan. voir v茅ratre receives her most difficult mission yet when tasked with claiming the life of the reiken, leader of the faith. and when the swan queen vows vengeance for her missing son, only the gods will remain to weep.聽

{聽carrd聽}聽 鈥斅 {聽wattpad聽}聽 鈥斅 {聽projects聽}聽 鈥斅 {聽creations聽}聽

bothering some of my lovely mutuals for attention ;

@inky-duchess, @anomaly00, @sprigofbasil, @bulletgirl, @breadcrumbs鈥,聽@vitrichor聽and聽@nikolae

Welcome back 馃槉

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ty for tagging me @alicewestwater, @sprigofbasil, & @cheshawrites聽馃挋聽

favorite movies: monty python and the holy grail, young frankenstein, mean girls, howl鈥檚 moving castle聽

favorite bands:聽studio killers, goblin, bts (yes really)聽

favorite decade: the 2000s nostalgia is hitting hard聽

day or night: night night聽

nicknames: pris, prus, piss, serpentoerii聽

zodiac: cap! sea-goat!聽

mbti: intp-t (90% turbulent HELP)聽

favorite vehicle: an electric blue lamborghini with a spoiler聽

pets:聽no pets聽馃樋聽

tagging @inky-duchess, @anomaly00, @lasbrumas, @silverstqrs, & @paperandredink (i literally don鈥檛 know who鈥檚 already been tagged lmao)聽

Thank you @dhampier

Favourite films: Beauty & the Beast, The Shawshank Redemption, Anastasia, Hamilton, Indiana Jones Trilogy, Xmen: First Class, Marie Antoinette

Favourite bands: Bastille, Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, Florence + the Machine, Breaking Benjamin

Favourite decade: Ah, I thoroughly enjoyed the 1530s

Day or night: Night

Nicknames: Gilbert, Nell,

Zodiac: Scorpio

Favourite vehicle : Horsedrawn carriage

Pets: 1 cat & one wild fox. My dog recently passed away

Tagging @anomaly00 @trapped-inadystopianovel @mayawritesbooks

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What is in my heart, if not the desire for home? Undoubtedly, I pray for a fixed place in the world like the stars in the sky and the stones within the earth. His question rings in my ears, tolling like the groan of the bronze bells of the island fastness where once I been loved. What do you do now?
The challenge in his eyes is clear cut as diamonds on jeweller’s cloth, the edge to his words almost rattling like a coin upon a table. What are you willing to do? How far are you willing to go to?

-Extract from Val 7, BOOK 9 of The Thirteen Kingdoms series

Taglist: @authoressasusual @you-reblogged-from @word-by-word @trapped-inadystopianovel @wanderingalonelypath @mysthicrider @thebestmollygrue @reignnyx @writinglyra @anomaly00 @thewordsinthesky-andstars @heldinhishands @dhampier @writing-in-rain @paperandredink @writeblrfantasy @mayawritesbooks @valiant-wielder @treesandwords @nicopeppah @ink-and-stories @ezra-ezra-ezra @dragonauthor @violetcancerian @cheeseplatypusandiceskates @ravens-and-rivers @sprigofbasil

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