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inkykeiji · 6 minutes ago
hi clari just stopped in to say ily <3
HELLO I LOVE U MORE hehehehe thank you for stopping by <33333 i rly appreciate it!!! u gave me a big warm smile <33
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inkykeiji · an hour ago
Clari, idk if you've ever watch Aggretsuko (it's a great show!) but for some reason your description of BMB!Reader made me think she sounded like Tsunoda and now I can't get it out of my head. Tsunoda's one of my faves though!
oh my no i've never even heard of this show!!!! so i have absolutely no clue who tsunoda is hehehe but!!! maybe i'll check it out!!!
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inkykeiji · 3 hours ago
I am speechless
I couldn’t read the fic in one sitting because I had to do life things but I just finished it now and re read it to get full experience and omg I just have no words <33
I love it so much and honestly is up there with some of my faves of yours I just love the natsuo and touya dynamic like girl that shit had me hooked I found it so well written (as always mind you) but also vvv interesting, obviously toxic and not good but that’s the point - smut was intenssseee but I did enjoy a lot - I also love your characterisation for many reasons really, you just create such in-depth and real characters that are diverse and interesting - it just makes for such an enjoyable read when the characters have personality
I now want to go to the country club with natsuo decked the fuck out in the most expensive shit just living the dream (besides from the whole unhealthy codependency)
I don’t know if all this is clear enough because it’s just me basically saying that I loved it and I don’t know how to express very well with proper words so I hope you could understand my gibberish - I know I have another long ask so I apologise for sending another, I hope you are well and having a great day - seeing you post this really made my day I was looking forward to reading this for ages so thanks for making my day, I will love you and leave you now <3 sending you all my love and hugs <33-🍯
oh my gosh okay first of all i can’t even tell you how flattered i am that you re-read it to get the full experience aaaah wow!!! <33333 i can’t exactly explain why that flatters me but it does lmaooo
OH MY, REALLY!? that’s incredible omg!! AH HEHEHEHE I AM SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH THIS DYNAMIC TOO i find it so interesting and fun to explore and i’d really love (and plan) to do more with it in the future!!! yes yes ehehe exactly that’s the point, and the whole fic also has a subtle overarching be careful what you wish for type vibe to it, too. oh honeybee 🥺🥺🥺 oh thank you so much for such kind, beautiful words, i cant even tell you how much i appreciate them!!!! i know i’ve said this before but character + character relationships are of chief importance to me when writing so hearing that you felt that way really fills me with warmth <33
no no please don’t apologize, sorry i haven’t had a chance to get to your other ask yet, but rest assured i will!!! <33 AWWWWWWW HONEYBUN PLEASE UR MAKING ME SO SO SO SOFT!!! i am honoured to have made ur day with that fic <33 i might even have a lil something coming out soon 🙊 hehe i love u so very much and i hope you’re having a fabulous day my luv <333 thank you so so so much for sharing your thoughts with me, i really appreciate it!!!
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inkykeiji · 4 hours ago
hi clari!! i hope you’re having a wonderful day thus far! 😁😁 i’m same anon who recommended the song “monsters” a while ago. i’m compiling a playlist of song that remind me of touya/dabi and i found another one from tiktok recently that really reminded me of touya-nii! it’s called “stay” by the kid laroi and justin bieber. the lyrics SUUUPER remind me of the my snowman & me series and how touya-nii feels towards reader. i would highly recommend giving it a listen!
hello sweetpea!!! <33 lovely to hear from you again!! i hope you’re doing well <3 omg okay i went to listen to it and first of all i fell absolutely in love with this song and added it to my own touya-nii playlist LMFAO so thank you so much for introducing me to it <333 but secondly oH MY GOD YES YES YES I CAN ABSOLUTELY SEE EXACTLY WHERE UR COMING FROM!!!! like i was going to pick out a few lyrics or verses to be like ‘oh especially this’ but it’s literally the whole dang song hehehehe <33
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inkykeiji · 5 hours ago
hiii !! i love u so much n holy shit DADDY NATSUO AHHH IT WAS AMAZING IM ON MY KNEES IT WAS SO GOOD <333
i think this was my first time being active on ur blog while you were in the process of producing this fic and i lovedd how determined u were to finish it even though it was a shit ton of work and takes a load of time to get something like that done,,,i have a lotttt of trouble staying motivated to do things i really wanna do (nd things i have no desire to do but have to get done :/) bc i’m so lazyyy n just keep pushing it off…which leads me to askk….what keeps you motivated to do the things u do n don’t desire even though it can take a lot of time n work to accomplish that goal?
if u have a lot of asks to respond to don’t worry about this one! ur health is wayy more important! i love uuu pls take care of yourself n drink some tea n take naps!
AAAAH HELLO!!! <333 i love u more!!!!! ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )
ehehehe thank you so much bb i’m super duper glad to hear that you enjoyed it!!! <33
OH hehe thank you!!! AH OKAY. hehehehe i know i’ve definitely talked about this a long long long time ago but i can’t find the ask to link you SO!! <3
when it comes to writing, this is going to sound SO fucking cheesy but what keeps me motivated is purely the fact that i love doing it so much. i love the craft, and writing makes me feel better and happy, so that’s my main motivation most of the time!! but in addition to that, i went to school for film (with a focus on screenwriting), and we were taught (forced) to continue working despite a lack of motivation; to just grit our teeth and force our way through because we love creating and want to do it for a living, and this is a very important skill to have if we plan on pursuing that! so that’s a skill i developed and strengthened while in university!
moreover, i love seeing my own hard work pay off; i love finally finishing a piece, reading it and going ‘wow, i’m really proud of this/happy with this’ you know??? especially after working on it for a long time. so that’s also a massive driving force; just creating something i’m happy with!!!
making playlists also helps keep me motivating while writing!!! and i’m always thinking about how excited i am to share it with my blog, and to see how they’ll react to specific parts, etc etc <3
when it comes to things i don’t want to do, i do a few things!
- i usually break the task down into smaller, more manageable pieces, especially since most things i don’t want to do cause me immense anxiety
- i try to keep the outcome in mind and remind myself of how relieved i’m going to feel once it’s over, or how accomplished i’ll feel once it’s done
- i promise myself small rewards if i work for a set amount of time and achieve that goal!! my rewards are usually just watching something or spending time with someone special to me, but it works well for me!! it helps me really sit down and focus on the few hours i’ve set aside for myself to do the work, knowing that i get a nice little break after it’s over <3
aaaah anon bb i hope this helps a little bit!!! it definitely requires some self-discipline, but self-discipline is a skill we’re all capable of, and a skill we all possess!! all you have to do is strengthen it!
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inkykeiji · 5 hours ago
Hello! Are you currently open to requests?
hi!! as my rules state, i don't take requests! <33
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inkykeiji · 6 hours ago
CLARII what is your fav ice cream flavour? and are there certain things you enjoy about writing dabi? (if you haven’t answered already!)
WING!!! <33333 ah okay don't judge me but my favourite ice cream flavour is mint chocolate chip!!! with moose tracks as a close second <3
AH god like i'm gonna sound like a total kook but i literally love that character so much that i enjoy writing every single thing about him; i love completely deconstructing him and then putting him back together in my own way to fit new situations + scenarios, to explore how i personally think he'd behave/react in certain circumstances. BUT with that being said, i especially love exploring (my interpretation of) his psychology, both in general/as a whole and in relation to his childhood trauma!
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inkykeiji · 6 hours ago
The way you write Tomura is so amazing! I always find myself coming back and rereading your work because I love Tomura so much and you portray him so well🥰
AAAH THANK U SO MUCH UR SO SWEET BB <33333 oh you’re so so lovely, thank you for taking a moment out of your day to send me this cute lil message, it genuinely means so much to me!!!! ily <333
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inkykeiji · 7 hours ago
hi clari!! just wanted to send an appreciation message because i always thoroughly enjoy seeing you on my dash and you are literally the biggest angel on this hellsite. thank you so, so much for sharing your ideas and thoughts with us! i’m in love with your writing and touya-nii universe and i hope you have a lovely day ♡
WAAAAAAH you're so precious oh my gosh thank you so much!!! <33333 this whole ask has made me so incredibly soft omg 🥺🥺 thank YOU for taking the time out of your day to send such a thoughtful and compassionate little message my sweet friend, i appreciate this (+ your support!) more than words can tell you!!! <333 i'm so thankful to have you here with me and i'm beyond glad to hear that you enjoy my work <333 ily lots bb i hope you have a fantastic day as well!!! <33
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inkykeiji · 7 hours ago
Wowowowowow you're an italian???? Is your boyfriend an italian too??? A curious question, is dabi or your boyfriend taller??? And and and are we gonna be hearing wedding bells anytime soon??? Anywho, i appreciate you answering my questions and you have a nice day too!
i am!!! he is!!! my boyfriend and canon dabi are exactly the same height :) and we hope so!!! unfortunately the wedding we want is like,,, extremely expensive and currently out of our budget LMAO
aw hehehe you’re sweet <333
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inkykeiji · 8 hours ago
Touya-nii with 100+ body count: cool
Touya-nii when he hears you once kissed a boy at an 8th grade dance: *gun out* who was it
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inkykeiji · 9 hours ago
firstly, thank you for accepting me into the anon club i’m so happy to be here💗 secondly, i am utterly in love with your creations and different universes. they are phenomenal. the past few days i have spent hours on your blog reading anything and everything because i’m absolutely obsessed with your writing. you are very talented, your writing gives me 50 shades of grey meets edgar allen poe vibes and i’m so here for it.
I have a question regarding the touya-nii universe and i’m sooo sorry if you’ve answered it already or talked about it! what do Rei and the readers dad think about touya-nii and the readers relationship? By now they must notice that they don’t act like normal step-siblings right? was there a point where their parents sat them down and talked to them about how they’re acting inappropriate and need to stop? or do they choose to ignore it??
take your time with answering and thank you for reading my ask♥️
first, you are very welcome!!!!! <33 SECONDLYYYY ARE U TRYING TO MAKE ME CRY BECAUSE OH MY GOSH, WHAT BEAUTIFUL WORDS!!! i’m so insanely flattered to hear that you’ve spent so much time here and that you’re enjoying my work so much!!! AND TO BE COMPARED TO POE IS SUCH A FUCKING COMPLIMENT ICARUS BABIE I AM ACTUALLY SCREAMING LIKE !!!!!!!!!! thank you SO much, i love his work!!!
AH OKAY i had to go digging for this question but i did answer something similar, right here!! <33
in terms of if they’ve ever sat them down and talked to them about it, they haven’t. reader’s father downright refuses to, and as rei mentions in my snowman & me, she just doesn’t have the heart to do it; she just can’t take this away from her eldest (and her favourite). i believe a long long loooong time ago (like back in october or november) i might’ve talked about how it would’ve hypothetically went had she tried to intervene, but it’s buried somewhere waaaay back in the touya-nii tag!!! in terms of canon tho, no, she’s never said anything and at this point she feels like it’s just too late and not worth it </3
hopefully these answer your questions, but if they raise any others please never hesitate to ask!!! ah you’re so so so lovely hehehe i’m so happy to have u here on my blog!!! and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience, that means the world to me <3
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inkykeiji · 9 hours ago
Hey hey hey clari!!! I have questions i need answering, where are you frommm?? I thought u live w your boyfriend??? Are we gonna get a face reveal???? 👀
hello hello anon!!!!
1. i’m from canada!
2. no no no god i wish i lived with my boyfriend; i moved back home after i graduated uni since it literally coincided with the beginning of covid, and i’ve been stuck here ever since :/ he also lives at home rn; it’s customary for italians to live with their parents until they get married (heck our moms want us to live between our two houses AFTER we get married, too!)
3. maybe sometime in the distant future, but not anytime soon!! <3
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inkykeiji · 10 hours ago
pls take care of yourself and be careful with what you eat 🥺 or i will slap you all the way to mars if you dont okay? pls take care i love you 🤍
THE WAY THIS MADE ME SNORT LMAO THANK U BB THANK U i am trying my best i promise!!!! i love you!!!! <33333 pls take care as well ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )
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inkykeiji · 10 hours ago
this is such a weird question to ask but do you find it weird when people mass read your work? like you see in your notifications someomn has liked pretty much everything you've written and kinda just gone through it in one night??? i really hope it's not too weird of a question, i just feel kinda self conscious or embarrassed when i do it idkidk
no, not at all!!!! i actually think it’s super cute and super flattering, and i love watching someone go through it!!! especially if it’s like a specific series hehehe like it’s very special to see ‘[blank] liked break my bones but act as my spine’ ; ‘[blank] liked i can’t tell my wrongs from my rights’ hehehe or to watch someone slowly make their way through all of my touya-nii works or one of my tags etc <333 i love it!! don’t feel self conscious or embarrassed bb it’s so cute!!!
besides my notifs are broken as hell and i’m lucky if i get any of them on time so don’t even worry <3
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