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30 Day Anime Challenge (2020 Edition) || Day #24

It would have been easier to go with the typical hero/heroine from a shonen or shojo epic adventure, but honestly, when I first read the question, all I could think of was Retsuko from Aggretsuko.

One of the things I love about Retsuko–besides her musical rage–is how she navigates her life by doing the best she possibly can in the most normal and average way possible.  Retsuko is your typical salary-worker.  As a person, she’s caring and kind but sometimes a little too selfish an absorbed with her own worries to really notice what’s going on around her.  Retsuko is lonely and makes the mistake so many people do in putting finding a life partner ahead of finding herself.  Honestly, Retsuko is just incredibly relatable, and that’s largely the point.

To me, this type of heroine is important to have.  There are relatable characters in action/adventure anime, but regardless of how relatable, there will always be a disconnect because their circumstances are so far removed from the real world.  A hero/heroine who goes through normal things an experiences life in a normal way brings a bit of relief and sense of camaraderie that is very real and very human.

And Retsuko, in addition to being amazingly average, is also incredibly cute and just someone you want to root for.  It’s also very important that she copes by singing death metal karaoke.  Very important.

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We always take Mondays off! A piece I did for the cover of @offthecourtzine, which is available here til 21/sept/2020.

[image is a stylized, isometric drawing of what looks to be a street in Miyagi filled with chibi characters. Ukai is stepping half out of his convenience store to yell at Hinata and Kageyama, who are racing ahead of Noya, Tanaka, Daichi, Suga, Asahi, Tsukishima, and Yamaguchi. Aone, Futakuchi, Bokuto, Akaashi, Ushijima and Tendou are also strolling along; Oikawa is stepping out of a bakery to greet a waiting Iwaizumi; and Kuroo peeks and Kenma hiding behind an electronic store.]

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30 Day Anime Challenge (2020 Edition) || Day #23

One of the more visually stunning and narratively profound anime that I’ve watched in the recent years is Terror in Resonance.

This series doesn’t get as much credit as it probably deserves.  The story is absolutely wonderful, and I haven’t really seen many other anime that compare.  However,  I’m using this series in a discussion about animation, so I’ll put my praise of the story aside for now.

Visually, however, Terror in Resonance is stunning.  It hits both the “beautiful” and “unique” animation for this question.  There are many beautiful sequences of animation within this anime–the water-play scene, the motorcycle ride, the tears–and all of them are just so striking. 

At the same time, the series makes some incredibly unique choices when it comes to its animation style.  The animation is both very realistic and somehow still very disconnected from reality.  The realism makes a major impact considering the type of narrative and serves in making the most terrifying and horrifying moments even more poignant because of how real they seem.  At the same time, the moments that are very disconnected from reality are served by animation that is stretched and warped in a way that serves that narrative dissonance well.

Terror in Resonance might not be the most beautiful anime I’ve seen, but it’s animation sticks out and serves answering this question well.

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30 Day Anime Challenge (2020 Edition) || Day #22

Mii from How to Keep a Mummy is just the most adorable little squish I’ve seen in an anime. 

There are probably a lot of characters that have a greater impact on the story an are deeper than Mii.  There are probably a lot of characters who I could talk about in a more profound way, but honestly, I had to go with my base urges with this one, and the cuteness won out.

Mii really is adorable though.  Mii doesn’t, initially, have much personality, but Mii turns out to be an incredibly kind little mummy who wants to help and give back to its owner.  Mii also wants to make friends, and all the little creatures that Mii meets throughout the course of the anime are also adorable with their own personalities.

Mii, however, is my favorite, which makes sense since Mii is really the title character.  Just…how could anyone say no to that little face?!

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