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insidemalewife · 9 days ago
Imagine just Andre holding you. Like your both just laying in bed and the sun hasn't come up yet and you feel his breath on your shoulder and the weight of his arms around you. Am I making sense?
i hear you loud and clear jjsjjssjsjdkfmfmm
no because early morning sleepy cuddles are SO FUCKINF GOOD 💥💥💥💥
i feel like he's the type of person that just groans and mumbles while waking up?
"baby get up we gotta go to work" *various groans and mumbles*
probably sleeps in just boxers so you can feel the warmth radiating off of him </3
gives ur back and neck kisses SOBS
god i just wanna cuddle him I can't
he'll pull u in close and hold you tight grumbling out a sleepy "good morning" 🤩🤩
hes absolutely not a morning person. definitely more of a night owl, so your always stuck with making him get up.
but what if HES waking you up??
maybe you just wanna stay in bed and cuddle all day but have shit to get done? he'll try his hardest to get you up with kisses and little nudges.
you'll just furrow ur eyebrows and roll over on top of him. you'll straddle him and wrap your arms around his neck while digging your face into his neck.
how is he supposed to get you up when you're being so cuddly with him!! whatever plans you had he's already canceled and is content with cuddling you and feeling the weight of you on him.
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insidemalewife · 10 days ago
Can you do Brett trying his best to be dominant?
(plz i cant cut it off with the read more thing cuz my laptops broke sobs)
"can i… try something?" he asked while fiddling with his fingers. you paused the movie and turned to him, "of course!! what is it sweetheart?" you replied. he fumbled over his words, mumbling, and nervously wringing his hands together, avoiding eye contact. "what was that baby? i cant hear you" you asked while grabbing his hand. brett flushed, eyes flicking to your interlocked fingers.
"do you… do you think I could try being the uh.. the uhm… the one that does like- like the stuff? likewhenwehavesex…" he sputtered out. you smiled softly, gently cooing at him. you grabbed his face and made him look at you, "of course you can! no need to get all embarrassed about it sweetheart".
brett's face lit up with a large grin, "thank you!! oh man i am so excited" he exclaimed while happily shuffling his feet around on the ground. you match his smile, slowly climbing onto him to straddle his lap. his face immediately turns red as he nervously holds your hips. you press your chests together, gently holding his neck, and bring him into a slow kiss, giving him a chance to take over.
his grip on your hips tightens as the two of you kiss. starting to get impatient, brett gently prods at your lips with his tongue, asking for you to part them. you smirked slightly, wanting to see how far you could take this, and you kept your mouth closed. brett huffed and tried again, but to no avail. you kept your lips shut.
eventually, brett had enough and thrusted up into your crotch. you gasped against his lips and he immediately initiated a full blown make out session. you pulled him in closer and moaned lightly into the kiss.
you started grinding down on brett (s very obvious boner lol) which caused him to groan into your mouth. he started getting more handsy, shoving his hands under your shirt and caressing your bare skin.
the kiss started getting more desperate and aggressive, but you both eventually had to part to catch your breath. you could still tell that brett was holding back a bit, so you gave him a gentle nudge. you placed your hands at the hem of his pants and tugged lightly, signaling that you wanted them off.
once he gave you the okay, you sank to your knees and pulled down his pants, leaving him in his boxers. you could see a faint wet spot from how much precum he was leaking. you decided you hadn't done enough teasing and softly mouthed at his clothed cock, sucking where the tip was. brett started breathing heavily and quietly moaned, weaving his fingers through your hair.
you even decided to go as far as kissing down his thighs, nipping at his inner thighs. brett whined but quickly snapped out of it and gripped your hair harder. you moaned as he forced you to look him in the eye and he smiled tightly, "c'mon babe don't tease me.." he said with underlying impatience.
you grinned bashfully and bit your lip as you finally pulled down his boxers. brett hissed as his cock slapped against his stomach, precum dribbling out of the tip. you gently wrapped your hand around it and started pumping your fist.
but brett wasn't having it, he pulled your mouth close to his member by your hair, "suck" he demanded. you felt your groin throb in anticipation. hearing brett be so demanding and passive agressive turned you on IMMENSELY, you could already feel yourself dripping with excitement.
you licked a strip up his cock and enclosed your mouth around the tip, gently sucking on it. you placed your hands on his thighs as you took more and more of him into your mouth.
brett groaned loudly and visibly relaxed. he started stroking your hair and gently thrusted up into your mouth testing the waters. once he realized you were okay with it, he gripped the sides of your head and started shallowly thrusting. as soon as he felt his tip hit the back of your throat he let out an open mouthed moan.
he started picking up the pace and moaning more frequently. just knowing that your usually submissive boyfriend was fave fucking you made you shudder. while brett was busy with your mouth, you snuck your hands down to your crotch to try and relieve some of the pressure.
brett was quick to pull out of your mouth and jerk you up to be face to face with him, "and just what do you think you're doing? who told you that you could touch yourself?" he asked menacingly. you whimpered and attempted to look away from his intense gaze. he pulled you up into his lap and held you by your jaw, "aww c'mon baby.. what happened to my usual dominant (y/n)? where are they now huh??" he teased.
his bare cock brushed against your clothed core and you moaned at the sensation. you tried to chase the feeling by pushing yourself down onto him but to no avail, his grip on you was too strong.
brett smirked and lifted your shirt over your head. he lightly dragged a nail across your chest and tweaked your nipples between his fingers. you gasped and arched your back into the touch, chasing any sort of relief he gave you. he lowered his head to your neck and started nibbling and sucking at your neck, leaving red and purple blooming wherever he touched.
you gripped at his hair and whined loudly, "brett please just touch me" you said desperately. you felt bretts grin against your neck, "but i am touching you baby, what do you mean?" he taunted.
you huffed, "you know what i mean!!" you exclaimed and you threw your head back in annoyance. brett immediately pulled away from you neck and moved his hands down to rest at your waist. "now now (y/n), what's with that attitude? bad (boys/girls) don't get what they want y'know" he replied.
you panicked, "no no!! i'll be good, promise". brett raised an eyebrow and thrusted up into you. you gasped and lurched forward, gripping onto his shoulders. he massaged your hips and demanded, "beg for it then. beg for me to touch you like the good (boy/girl) you are then.
you flushed, "p-please?" you asked meekly, not used to being the one begging. brett barked out a laugh, causing you to blush a darker shade of red. "is that really the best you can do? you basically just wasting my time now" he retorted while trying to seem bored.
you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and pressed your bare chest against his clothed one and pushed your face into his neck. while still blushing like a tomato, you pleaded, "please please please touch me please brett i'll be so good i'll let you do whatever you want just please touch me".
brett grunted and roughly pulled you into a heated kiss. you sighed heavily into the kiss and melted into it, trying to impossibly closer to him. he furiously licked the inside of you mouth as he palmed at your crotch.
you hesitantly pulled away from the kiss to stand up and take the rest of your clothes off before jumping right back onto his lap. you pressed your drenched core onto his cock and he groaned out loudly, bucking his hips up to rub against the warmth. you whined and tugged at his shirt, the only thing keeping the two of you from being completely skin to skin. he quickly pulled it off his torso and pulled you into him, starting to mouth at your neck again as you began to grind down onto him.
brett pushed you onto your stomach and pulled your hips up to be flush to his pelvis. you arched your back and attempted to push back and impale yourself on his cock, but he kept you still. you huffed and whined as you teased the head against your wet folds.
you desperately whimpered out "brett please!! i cant take it anymore please fuck me please please plea-" you were cut off with a yelp as brett bottomed out inside of you. you immediately clenched around him and howled in pleasure as he hissed from the tightness of your hole.
after you were adjusted well enough, brett set a slow pace. hunched over you with one hand on your hip and one next to your head he languidly dragged his cock in and out of you. he groaned as you moaned quietly, digging your nails into the cushions.
brett leaned down and bit your shoulder, practically growling into your ear. you whimpered from the pain but soon moaned loudly, the sensation mixing in with pleasure. "f-fuck brett fuucckkk please go faster please-" you rambled.
he wrapped one hand around your neck and the other one on your hip and pulled you up so your back was flush with his chest. he gently kissed your neck before pounding into you, taking your breath away. "this better baby? you want me to fuck you nice and hard?" brett grunted into your ear.
you quickly nodded and dropped your head back to rest on his shoulder. brett was quick to turn your head and smash your lips together as he kept up his brutal pace. you moaned into his mouth as he pushed his tongue against yours.
Brett moved his hand down to rub at your most sensitive area causing you to push jolt. you gasped into the kiss and arched your back, pushing brett even deeper into you. brett started murmuring dirty things into your ear, like you sound so pretty and you look perfect on my cock.
his words caused you to clench around him, which only encouraged his to fuck you harder and rub you faster. you could feel the knot in your stomach tightening, you wanted to try and warn brett that you were getting close but all you could get out was gargled moans and gasps.
brett changed his angle inside you and began hitting your sweet spot directly and you practically ascended. all of the sensations plus brett being dominant all piled on top of each other and soon enough caused the dam to break.
your whole body shuddered and your legs quaked as you came hard. you let out a long drawn out open mouthed moan as your body convulsed. brett slowed his pace and moved his hand from your throat to your hair, letting you ride out your orgasm.
you whimpered as he pulled out of your sensitive heat and allowed you to sit down. you took a quick glance down and saw that he was still rock hard. you slowly sank down to your knees and sleepily smiled up at him.
he flushed and flapped his hands around "n-no its alright!! i can go take care of myself later you need to rest!!" he blabbered out. you rolled your eyes playfully, "be quiet baby let me take care of you now. you deserve it after giving me the best orgasm of my entire life" you said as you winked up at him.
he blushed harder, but allowed you to touch him. you took the tip into your mouth and sucked hard while you pumped the rest with your hand. brett gasped and hunched forward, gripping onto your hair. your gently dug your tongue into the slit and he let our a loud high pitched moan. you picked up the pace and took more and more of him into your mouth. "(y/n) please im so close fuck fuck im gonna cum-" he sobbed out, weakly trying to push you off of him. you kept up your pace, and he whined.
brett soon let out a loud sob, cumming down your throat. you gently sucked on the tip, wanting to get every last drop of it in your mouth. you only pulled away when he whined and tried closing his legs. you smiled up at his red face and reached over to grab both of your underwear. you threw him his, and put yours on.
once you both were 'dressed' you grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. once you reached the bed, the both of you flopped into it and immediately began tangling your limbs together, white brett pushing his face into your chest and you wrapping a leg around his waist.
you kissed his forehead and whispered a soft i love you into his hair and he replied with a muffled one as well. completely exhausted, the two of you almost immediately fell asleep.
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insidemalewife · 12 days ago
All I can think about since watching inside job is Brett and his stupid lil mullet and his stupid lil apron and how stupidly cute he looks in them 🤧
god plz he looks so good with the mullet I can't </3
I wish he had it all the time >:(
the brettfast club is probably my favorite episode mainly because of all the cute brett time we get in it MWEHEHSHDDMCMF
hes so excited to go back to the 80s im crying diamonds jesus
and the lil apron :(
the cute lil pink apron :(
im sobbing
imagine him being a stay at home husband that cooks and cleans PLEASE
coming home to him cooking in that I can't just fuckmfmgvm
mod has a nuclear family kink but the masc of the relationship stays home 💥💥💥💥
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insidemalewife · 13 days ago
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insidemalewife · 13 days ago
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insidemalewife · 14 days ago
cutely eats my house
Yooo ur post about sleepy brett, how about sleepy sex with Brett😏🤤😩
It's,, not hard to get this fella worked up. It's shockingly easy, actually.
Some soft murmurs in his ear?? Feeling you hook a leg around his waist and pull him close?? Lazy kisses?? You can already feel him thickening on your thigh <3
Depending on your parts this can go a lotta ways!!
If you possess the Ween?? <3 just some lovely frotting <3 he might loosely wrap a hand around the both of you but mostly it's just gonna be Fantastically Lazy Hip Rolling
Run your fingers down his back??? Just,, gently scraping n coaxing?? <33 he gets the most fantastic shivers.
He's gonna be dribbling,, a lot. Enough to make things slick for grinding against each other <3!!
<333 this man is,, just speaking complete nonsense. Complete mush about how safe he feels in your arms <33 just little mewls about how perfect this moment issss <3
if he feels your cock twitch?? and your cum dripping down onto his own?? Nah he's gone he's seeing Jesus dsmndsm
He might get a bit Too Loud for 6am, but it's okay <33 he melts into a puddle of needy kisses afterwards.
If you Do Not?? The noise he makes when he slips inside you is akin to Seeing God.
Just,, this low, open-mouthed moan against your cheek.
His thrusts are moreso just,, very Needy Rutting. He's barely thinking about anything except how warm and cozy he feels +,, just,, the bliss of being inside you <3
His lips are,, everywhere at once. Extremely clumsy, eager kisses <33 his arms are probably gonna wrap around you too - hope you like being warm!!
He'll ask before he cums if he can finish inside you <333 he's gonna be rambling about how close he is for a solid 5 minutes before it actually Hits bc,, <333 it feels vv good and his brain cells aren't active.
If you clench around him when he cums, he might actually cry <3 he's not nearly awake enough to stop himself from sobbing when The Good Feelings hit <3
IN EITHER SITUATION <333 just lots of quiet thank you's <33 long, moaning kisses and all!!
<3 cleanup can come later, you two are going tf back to sleep <33
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insidemalewife · 14 days ago
fucking obliterates the entire planet
okay but hear me out
face sitting with Andre/Brett
brett would probably cream his pants at you even asking to do it and andre would be over the moon dude.
bretts probably one to moan whine while doing it, pulling you close to his face by your hips (FORCE HIM TO MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH YOU 💥💥).
andre would be like way too enthusiastic about it?? like this boy is EAGER. he'd encourage you to start grinding on his tongue sighs dreamily. definitely likes to be suffocated by your thighs
SIT on his face, if he catches you trying to hover he will actively ynak you down until you're seated. Weight doesn't matter, his mom didn't raise a coward. He wants to Positively Drown. If his jaw and neck aren't killing him at the end
Similarly, he's definitely gonna urge you to grind/bounce your hips on his mouth <333 he
The sloppiest, wettest noises in the UNIVERSE. Smth about the combination of scent, taste, and overall excitement has this man drooling like a fountain. It's gonna be dripping.
Also? clawing at your thighs - he has no nails so there won't be any marks, but,,,,,,, he just gets vv into it <3
SMTH I CAN SEE BOTH OF THEM DOING??? Thrusting into the air. Andre does it bc,, The Taste (tm) works him stupid, and,, he gets a bit too excited. Also he craves Stimulation of any kind smdnsd.
If you decide to lean back and wrap your hand around his cock??? He's gonna fuck your fist like he needs it to survive.
AND YOU KNOW HE'S ALL ABOUT THOSE CONTRASTING SENSATIONSSSS <3333 Tug his hair?? Pet his stomach and thighs?? Run your thumbs along his face?? <3 you're gonna see those feet twisting
He can't really talk when you cum but,, you'll definitely hear some adoring, eager, "mm-hm <3333" coaxing you to cum on his tongue
Where andre is,,,, vv chaoting with face sitting, Brett is a lot more slow
He treats this shit like a meal - his lips + tongue are so wet it just kinda,, melds into one sensation??
He's very,, purposeful and loving with every movement <33 it really is just,, Body Worship Plus. Extremely,, passionate <3333 He pays close attention to the stuff that makes you moan or gasp so,, expect some very nice orgasms.
plural, bc he'll genuinely go as long as you want without a single complaint smdnsd. Doesn't matter if it takes you a while to cum, he's got plenty of time for you <3
Oh this man is cumming in his pants <3 possibly a few times. Sorry but feeling you gush on his tongue when he does smth right?? He literally doesn't stand a chance
You hear him getting all Gasping and for a sec you think he's struggling to breathe, but when you try to raise up he instinctively yanks you back down???
It's only when you notice him,, yknow,, grinding against the air that it kinda hits <3
he's gonna cream his jeans no matter what, but if you want him moaning against you, give him smth to grind against!!! Esp like,, very gently caressing his bulge with your hand?? <333 goddd he pops so fast w/ gentle, loving caresses <333
He's gonna try to continue while he cums but,, it's mostly gonna be very shaky moans and some sporadic licks. He picks up right after his peak tho!!
<333 he might start begging against you when you're close. HE DOESN'T EVEN REALIZE HE'S DOING IT TBH smdnsd he just,,,, seeing your eyes go all hazy while you look down at him???
You stg he's dying when you cum bc,, his whole body siezes up for a second?? <333 he's a mess
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insidemalewife · 15 days ago
For your consideration: Andre’s happy trail
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insidemalewife · 15 days ago
the lil andre
my heart
squeezes him like a dog toy
Tumblr media
My queen, my everything! I love this woman sm I cant wait to see her in part 2
Bonus Andre + GiGi
Tumblr media
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insidemalewife · 15 days ago
*3 mins after being kidnapped*
Me (blushing) so what made y‘all choose me :)
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insidemalewife · 15 days ago
hot take anon back at it again with the brett brainrot- he's. a crier. not in a 'im not having a good time and need to take a minute' kinda way, but in more of a 'i love my s/o so fuckingn much how did i get this lucky' kinda way, both in general and when you're getting intimate with him. you intertwine your fingers with his while you're going down on him?? his back arches so hard you swear you hear it pop. you press your forehead against his? look at him all lovingly nshit??? he's kissing you like he'll die if he doesnt. just. god. god?? gd. god. i love him a whole hell of a lot and he means the world over to me ok byegsdJGKSDM--
he just,, has A LOT OF FEELINGS OK?? and sometimes it all bubbles up and just gets to be A Lot <3
So its no surprise that during sex he also?? gets teary eyed?
You’ll notice it first happen,, when you start kissing his neck? Something about how sensitive the area is makes his eyes start Tingling.
if you keep eye contact with him?? Whisper in his ear about how lovely he looks? Oh yeah expect some embarrassed tears!!
y’know when your face gets so red that your eyes start watering? <3 yeah. 
The moment he notices it happening he’ll,, 100% start apologizing bc.. He feels silly. He feels completely stupid for crying over feeling good of all things.
he doesn’t wanna worry you over nothing!!,,,, and he really, really, really doesn’t want you to stop just bc he’s getting teary eyed smdns!! The tears are good ones!! Please god don’t stop!! <3
Give Him Reassurance Please He Needs It
Genuinely just a little,, ‘its okay baby, let it out <3′ and he’s gonna be full-throat sobbing against your neck. <3 he bottles up his emotions,,,, and they all just kinda come out at once??? 
He just,, feels so cherished and safe?? That + the perfect physical sensations = some extremely happy tears. Eventually it peters out into these Lovely Long Hum-whines as he just,, lets himself enjoy the bliss <3333
If he’s getting railed??
Honestly that’s one of the only times his Filter slips, so expect some very shameless begging smdns.
Enough that his throat gets raw?? So his voice starts dragging n cracking??
He tends to get caught up in loops of,, a few words??? usually punctuated by sobs n gasps?? (need-it gasp need-it gasp need-it gasp). His brain is absolutely shutting down smdns its Essential Words Only.
He loves the kind of sex where its,, short hard thrusts <3 the kind that makes his legs turn into jackhammers bc it just,, Hits Right Where He’s Been Needing? Eyes rolled back, full sobbing. He’s in a state of pure bliss. His entire body is gonna be wrapped around you <3333 he wants you CLOSE dammit!!
His whoooole body curls into itself when he cums - might accidentally bonk your heads together, bc he just,, lurches <3. His fear of accidentally hurting you prevents him from digging his nails into your back - instead, lots of vvvv fast, light slapping?? Either open hand/fingers or his knuckles - never enough to hurt, just something to Work Through The High <3
He gets,, so mushy during the afterglow. Just quietly rambling about how,, special it feels to be loved by you, and how beautiful you look right now and Oh Look He’s Crying Again <3
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insidemalewife · 15 days ago
Absolutely obsessed with Robotus. What do you think his love language would be (assuming he moves past the whole "destroy all humans" thing and he gets a whole-ass body again)? Gifts? Acts of service?
idk why but i feel like his love language would he physical touch?
like the only amount of time he spent outside of the tube was while he was trying to destroy humanity, and the most amount of touch he got was some handshakes.
the second he's out of the tube and is getting along with everyone, you (assuming there's already something between the two of you) cling to his side all the time and are usually relatively close to him.
since he's not used to being touched, he's a littleeee,,, awkward. so you end up distancing yourself from him to avoid making him uncomfortable.
but then he just becomes frustrated, because why did u stop!! when he sees you at work he'll expect you to pull his arm to your chest but you just, smile at him and greet him.
he doesn't understand why he wants you to touch him so badly? cuz he's never experienced this kind of thing before and now even he wants to touch you!! he'd seen enough friends so he knows most physically affectionate acts, but how would he even go about doing that? just walk up to you and wrap his arms around you? what if he squeezes too tight!! he is very nervous >:((
while thinking about how to hug you, he gets lost in thought. now insert reader into the scenario mwehehehe. you walk over and place your hand on his back to gain his attention. he immediately jumped, not expecting it. you pull your hand away quickly, apologizing but he just grabs your hand again. just,,,, just holding it.
you blush and lightly tug at your hand, but he doesn't let go. "why don't u touch me anymore (y/n)" he'd ask while squinting at you. you sit there and process what he said for a minute before barking out a laugh.
"is that why you've been so grumpy lately!!" youd ask, amused, before draping yourself across his back, wrapping your arms around his neck. he'd huff and mumble out a small yes.
from then on you'd make sure to give him lootss of attention (gotta keep him happy so he doesn't kill anyone yknow). anytime you'd be around each other, he'll most likely make sure you keep your hand in his at the very least.
(plz its late if this doesn't make sense then shhhh. also sorry for taking such a long time on getting asks done!!)
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insidemalewife · 15 days ago
*goes to the corner of shame*
andre footjob as promised. contains feet (obv), established andrexreader, gn reader, consensual somno, no penetration
You're sharing the bed with Andre, your absolute perv of a boyfriend. You're fast asleep and, while you gave him consent to "do whatever" while you were sleeping quite some time ago, he's never taken you up on that offer. You're starting to wonder if he's forgotten. Your wondering ceases when you're woken up one night.
You're asleep, laying on your side with your feet poking out of the covers when you wake up. You're awoken by the soft sound of fabric shuffling and, squinting, you realize that Andre's no longer in the bed with you.
Then you feel something press against your foot.
Now that wasn't something you were expecting, exactly, but you can work with it.
You stay still for a little while, wanting him to think you were still asleep. Your eyes adjust to the dark and at the foot of the bed you spot you boyfriend, cock pulled out of his pajama pants and pressed against the soft sole of your upturned foot.
Andre's got a hand firmly pressed to his mouth to smother any sounds he might make. This was a secret he was keeping from you, he doesn't quite want you to know. But it was just something he was too drawn by, he couldn't put off at least trying it any longer.
He starts to roll his hips, choking down groans. His other hand is lightly rubbing your other foot, over your heel, the sole, and the ball of your food, committing it to memory.
Andre swears under his breath and he keeps rutting. He's usually out of timing with his thrusts but this is a level higher than you've seen before. The motions of his hips are completely rhythm-less and jagged. Desperate.
"Andre~" You hum, pressing your foot further into his hand. He immediately gasps and freezes, looking at you with wide eyes as you smile softly at where he is at the foot of the bed.
"I'm uh, actually I'm sleep walking. I'm not actually awake. Uh. Good- good night!" He starts moving back to his side of the bed to try and lay down next to you, but you stop him with a foot to his chest.
"Nuh-uh." You keep him right where he is. "You have to show me what you were doing."
His hands squeeze into fists a few times before he moves back to where he was. His erection hasn't flagged in the slightest, and he's grateful that the room is dark enough that it hides his bright red face. With unsteady, trembling fingers, he caresses your foot and repositions it. Wanting to help, you keep your foot wherever he puts it.
Andre swallows hard before he takes his dick in one hand and pushes it against the sole of your foot once more, softly rocking.
"Ah, it kind of tickles," You giggle and, surprisingly, he moans at that. "You want me to help?"
"You- heh- you already are," He groans, "Fuck, you're so soft here." He whimpers.
"Let me try, let me try," You flip over onto your back and prop yourself up on your elbows. Carefully, making sure not to put too much pressure, you sandwich his dick between your two feet. He gasps and doubles over, hands holding onto your legs as he starts to fuck into the space that you've made for him.
"Fuck, babe, fuck, thank you, thank you," He grunts out, murmuring with every uneven thrust.
"Yeah? You like this?" You purr. Andre whimpers, unable to stop himself from moving. "You gonna make a sticky mess all over my feet? I want you to. I wanna see what your cum looks like dripping from my feet."
He's speeding towards his climax, and he doesn't think that he could stop even if he wanted to. He's so desperate for this, he's wanted this for so long, he's so, so close.
Then you say something that puts the final nail in the coffin.
"Maybe you could lick it off afterwards."
He cries out, pressing his forehead to your legs and squeezing his eyes shut as his orgasm hits him like a freight train. He's spilling cum between the soles of your feet, cock throbbing and twitching with each heavy pump. White stickiness drips down, trailing down his length and dripping onto the bed.
"So messy," You tease as he pants, pulling is dick out from between your feet. Calmly, you extend one foot out to his face, "Now, I think you know what comes next."
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insidemalewife · 16 days ago
i am loving the jr with a mommy kink agenda
its so <3 💥💥💥💥
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insidemalewife · 16 days ago
Brett: *exist*
Tumblr media
literally me the minute he came on screen
Tumblr media
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insidemalewife · 17 days ago
thinking about., just riding andre while he smokes phat blunt n stuffff hehehehehe - kicks my legs like fagor -
Tumblr media
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insidemalewife · 17 days ago
working on my first actual one shot >:3
obviously it's a brett x reader 🙄🙄🙄
and its smut 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Tumblr media
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