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inthemindofdac3 months agoText


An experiment with light cycles, and it’s effect on plant growth, shape, and tip burn. Experiment preserves Daily Light Integral with light distance.

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I’m all for making life easier, no dig gardening seems as easy as it could be. Charles explains the importance of feeding the soil and not disturbing the life within the soil. A side by side comparison shows the difference in tilling and mixing compost into soil and merely just covering the soil with the same amount. Carrots fork much less in no dig, even with compost.

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A bit more on no dig gardening, touching on the Mycorrhizal Fungi in the soil and it’s benefits to your crops and their roots. A side by side comparison shows the difference in how much no dig and surface composting and mulching can make in plant growth. Dedicated compost piles can reach some pretty impressive temperatures, it’s nice to see that they don’t always have to be turned more than once.

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Excellent idea for those who compost, having another source of compostable material is always nice.

In short, saving seeds that would otherwise be thrown away to be grown into sprouts for the purpose of harvesting tender sprouts for composting.

In this video, the commentary suggested melon seeds as an example but I wanted to highlight that as a gardener, sometimes crops aren’t great for eating but great for compost. In cases where the vegetable is full of seeds, like tomato and bell pepper, extraction of seeds could be done to maximize on hand resources for composting.

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Here this couple talk about the ease of maintenance over their various permaculture garden. There really is something to working with nature rather than against it.

Their garden is really interesting as they’re using a few different permaculture methods, and how well they do. The hugelkultur is conceptually my favorite for it’s water retention, but it’s a bit of set up work, also natural resource intensive if you live in an urban environment. If I had logs lying around, I would put in the effort for this method, but I don’t.

The Ruth Stout method is my next favorite due to its purely simplistic method of just having a thick mulch. Set it up ahead of time, to allow for the bottom of the mulch to start to break down, and plant in the fresh compost generated by this method.

If starting a garden over a lawn, why not just flip the sod? Continue as Ruth Stout after. Easy raised bed.

That channel has plenty of interesting videos more specific to each permaculture method they employ, it’s been quite enjoyable.

I have a pine tree in the back yard and haven’t done much with cleaning up the needles in a while, definitely using that for mulch to reclaim my yard from the weeds and maybe starting some heat tolerant vegetables (IDGAF about maintaining a lawn).

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A pretty rounded guide on growing tomatoes, learning that cutting off the leaves up to the canopy of a seedling and planting deep in order to encourage more root growth up the stem was a new one to me, also his tip at the end really was a real gem.

Turns out making a solution of 600mg uncoated aspirin to 1 gallon of water, to periodically spray on tomato plants, stimulates it’s distress response and immune system. Better fruit and root growth are some key responses, along with extra resistances to diseases.

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inthemindofdac10 months agoText

So.. I’m into the idea of gardening again

I forget what triggered the itch again, probably seeing an artist who’s kitchen sponge surprise sprouted a few tomato seeds. I thought it might be an easy experiment to see how well cheap sponges do as a hydroponic growing medium.

My previous growing adventure ended in failure after the plants, in my best estimate, were starved for light as I only had one 30W full spectrum LED bulb to spread light across many plants. I also took too long to do anything with the plants in the small pots they came in.

I currently have a few things going on in my grow tent, pictures will come if successful. There’s a basil plant from the 99c store in which I tried my hand at washing out the soil and transplanting into hydroponic, couple of bell pepper seeds sprouted in a sponge, and a couple of grape vine cuttings rooted. Waiting on wild flower seeds and a spinach seed to sprout currently.

Anyway, I thought I could start logging all the interesting videos that taught me something new or unique, I’ve watched quite a few recently and should have something to show for it.

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do u guys understand how creepy the pledge of allegiance is though like every day when ur a kid everybody just chants how great america is every morning it鈥檚 creepy

You do that every morning???




is this a real thing i thought that was just in the simpsons

no son

Wait, other countries don鈥檛 do this.

*whispers* Not even Russia

I remember when my dad had a conversation with me

because I asked him what the Austrian pledge of allegiance was (because he鈥檚 from Austria)

and he said 鈥渨e don鈥檛 have a pledge of allegiance鈥

and I said 鈥渨hy not?鈥

鈥渉oney, think about what training your children to mindlessly pledge to a flag, without really knowing what they鈥檙e talking about, sounds like to Austrians鈥

鈥渙h. hitler.鈥



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Today I learned about a couple that decided to rebuild their deserted piece of land of 600 hectares in Aimor茅s, Brazil. They planted more than 2 million tree saplings. As a result, the site has 293 plant species, 172 bird species and 33 animal species, some of which were on the verge of extinction. It only took 18 years!

In the early 1990s, Brazilian photo-journalist Sebasti茫o Ribeiro Salgado was stationed in Rwanda to cover the horrific accounts of Rwanda genocide. The on-ground experience left him traumatised. In 1994, he was returning to his home in Minas Gerais, Brazil, with a heavy heart, hoping to find solace in the lap of a lush green forest, where he had grown up.

But, instead, he found dusty, barren land for miles and miles, in place of the forest. In only a few years, his beautiful hometown underwent rampant deforestation, leaving it fallow and devoid of all the wildlife. For him, everything was destroyed. 鈥淭he land was as sick as I was. Only about 0.5% of the land was covered in trees,鈥 he shared in an interview with The Guardian. Salgado was shattered.

Saldago鈥檚 Wife Wanted to Recreate The Forest

It was at this time that Salgado鈥檚 wife L茅lia made a near-impossible proposal. She expressed her wish to replant the entire forest. Salgado supported her idea, and together the couple set out on a heroic mission.

Brazil Photographer Forest

Salgado bought an abandoned cattle ranch from his parents and started building a network of enthusiastic volunteers and partners who would fund and sustain their mammoth project. In 1998, the couple founded Instituto Terra 鈥 the organisation which tirelessly worked to bring a forest back to life.

PNHR Bulc茫o Farm | by Weverson Rocio 鈥 2012

Salgado sowed the first seed in December 1999. The couple hired around 24 workers in the beginning and was later joined by numerous volunteers over the years. They worked day and night 鈥 from uprooting the invasive weeds to planting new seedlings. Soon, their hard work bore fruit as tropical trees native to the region started flourishing in the area. They received a donation of over one lakh saplings which gave rise to a dense forest. The handcrafted forest comprises mostly of local arboreal and shrub varieties. Latest satellite imagery revealed how a soothing green forest cover has enveloped the area which once was a devastating arid eyesore.Since 1998, they have planted more than 2 million saplings of 293 species of trees and rejuvenated 1,502 acres of tropical forest. The biodiversity-rich zone has recently been declared as a Private Natural Heritage Reserve (PNHR).

The Impact of Salgado鈥檚 Forest

The afforestation project, which is undoubtedly one of the greatest environmental initiatives in the world, has also helped to control soil erosion and revived the natural springs in the area. Eight water springs which once dried up, flow at around 20 litres per minute at present, relieving the drought-prone region of its woes. Salgado鈥檚 forest also happens to solve the much-debated notion about climate change, proving that the trend can be reversed if tried. His forest has resulted in causing more rainfall to the area and cooler weather, bringing a drastic and desirable change in the climate.

Instituto Terra鈥檚 Fauna | by Leonardo Mer莽on 鈥 2012

The most important positive aspect of the forest till now has to be the return of the lost fauna. More than 172 species of birds, 33 species of mammals, 15 species of amphibians and reptiles have been spotted in the forest interiors, something which was beyond imagination two decades ago. Many of the plant and animal species in his forest actually feature on the endangered list.

Efforts For Good

Climate change is a harsh reality. Mankind is bearing the brunt of the relentless destruction they inflicted on the planet. Yet, people like Salgado and L茅lia fill us with hope, proving that patience and persistence can be our keys to heal the wounds of nature. If two people can create a 1502-acre forest in just 20 years, then imagine how much can be done if everyone comes together to protect the environment. It must be reminded that for every tree we plant, we are adding 118 kgs of oxygen to the air every year, and reducing the carbon footprint by 22 kgs.

Efforts For Good urges all the readers to actively engage in planting trees and gradually turn this into a fixed habit.

Sources: http://www.scienceinsanity.com/2019/03/brazilian-couple-created-1502-acre.html


It can be fixed

Actually, Sebasti茫o Salgado is聽 REALLY famous, really good photographer as well. You can check out some of his work here: https://thephotographersgallery.org.uk/print-sales/explore-artists/sebastiao-salgado

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The point of voting blue in 2018 isn鈥檛 to make the US perfect. We cannot accomplish that in one fell swoop. There鈥檚 gerrymandering, voter apathy, voter suppression, and generations of older party-line fucks we have to deal with.

Voting blue in 2018 is to make it less immediately threatening for PoC, LGBT+ people, the disabled, and any other marginalized demographic. It鈥檚 a stopgap against Republicans who are aligned with Nazis, white supremacists, and sexual abusers.

Correcting politics in the United States is going to take decades of new voters staying on top of politics and not falling prey to apathy, like our predecessors.聽

People telling you not to waste a vote on 3rd Party this midterm aren鈥檛 saying聽鈥渘ever vote 3rd party.鈥 Republicans have united behind one utterly heinous front. We need to unite behind Democrats, for the time being.

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TIL that door knobs made out of brass automatically disinfect themselves in about 8 hours through the oligodynamic effect

via reddit.com

Fascinating. Good post.

Silver does this also, which was probably handy for silverware before antibacterial dish soap was invented.

That鈥檚 mentioned in the article as well. They also stated that a copper or silver container can disinfect a pot of water in a few hours. im gonna add a copper vessel to my emergency provisions now. @yourunclejingo you may find this stuff interesting too.

Its almost like our ancestors did shit that made sense even if they didn鈥檛 always fully understand why.

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inthemindofdac2 years agoPhoto







Susanna and the Elders, Restored (Left)

Susanna and the Elders, Restored with X-ray (Right)

Kathleen Gilje, 1998

Oooh my gosh this is rad. This is so rad.

For those who don鈥檛 know about this painting, the artist was the Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi.

Gentileschi was a female painter in a time when it was very largely unheard of for a woman to be an artist. She managed to get the opportunity for training and eventual employment because her father, Orazio, was already a well established master painter who was very adamant that she get artistic training. He apparently saw a high degree of skill in some artwork she did as a hobby in childhood. He was very supportive of her and encouraged her to resist the 鈥渢raditional attitude and psychological submission to brainwashing and the jealousy of her obvious talents.鈥 聽

Gentileschi became extremely well known in her time for painting female figures from the Bible and their suffering. For example, the one seen above depicts the story from the Book of Daniel. Susanna is bathing in her garden when two elders began to spy on her in the nude. As she finishes they stop her and tell her that they will tell everyone that they saw her have an affair with a young man (she鈥檚 married so this is an offense punishable by death) unless she has sex with them. She refuses, they tell their tale, and she is going to be put to death when the protagonist of the book (Daniel) stops them.

So that painting above? That was her first major painting. She was SEVENTEEN-YEARS-OLD. For context, here is a painting of the same story by Alessandro Allori made just four years earlier in 1606:聽


Wowwwww. That does not look like a woman being threatened with a choice between death or rape. So imagine 17 year old Artemisia trying to approach painting the scene of a woman being assaulted. And she paints what is seen in the x-ray above. A woman in horrifying, grotesque anguish with what appears to be a knife poised in her clenched hand. Damn that shit is real. Who wants to guess that she was advised by, perhaps her father or others, to tone it down. Women can鈥檛 look that grotesque. Sexual assault can鈥檛 be depicted as that horrifying. And women definitely can鈥檛 be seen as having the potential to fight back. Certainly not in artwork. Women need to be soft. They need to wilt from their captors but still look pretty and be a damsel in distress. So she changed it.聽

What鈥檚 interesting to note is that she eventually painted and stuck with some of her own, less traditional depictions of women. However, that is more interesting with some context. 聽

(Warning for reference to rape, torture, and images of paintings which show violence and blood.)

So, Gentileschi鈥檚 story continues in the very next year, 1611, when her father hires Agostino Tassi, an artist, to privately tutor her. It was in this time when Tassi raped her. He then proceeded to promise that he would marry her. He pointed out that if it got out that she had lost her virginity to a man she wasn鈥檛 going to marry then it would ruin her. Using this, he emotionally manipulated her into continuing a sexual relationship with him. However, he then proceeded to marry someone else. Horrified at this turn of events she went to her father. Orazio was having none of this shit and took Tassi to court. At that time, rape wasn鈥檛 technically an offense to warrant a trial, but the fact that he had taken her virginity (and therefore technically 鈥渄amaged Orazio鈥檚 property鈥. ugh.) meant that the trial went along. It lasted for 7 months. During this time, to prove the truth of her words, Artemisia was given invasive gynecological examinations and was even questioned while being subjected to torture via thumb screws. It was also discovered during the trial that Tassi was planning to kill his current wife, have an affair with her sister, and steal a number of Orazio鈥檚 paintings. Tassi was found guilty and was given a prison sentence of鈥. ONE. YEAR鈥︹. Which he never even served because the verdict was annulled.

During this time and a bit after (1611-1612), Artemisia painted her most famous work of Judith Slaying Holofernes. This bible story involved Holofernes, an Assyrian general, leading troops to invade and destroy Bethulia, the home of Judith. Judith decides to deal with this issue by coming to him, flirting with him to get his guard down, and then plying him with food and lots of wine. When he passed out, Judith and her handmaiden took his sword and cut his head off. Issue averted. The subject was a very popular one for art at the time. Here is a version of the scene painted in 1598-99 by Carivaggio, whom was a great stylistic influence on Artemisia:


This depiction is a pretty good example of how this scene was typically depicted. Artists usually went out of their way to show Judith committing the act (or having committed it) while trying to detach her from the actual violence of it. In this way, they could avoid her losing the morality of her character and also avoid showing a woman committing such aggression. So here we see a young, rather delicate looking Judith in a pure white dress. She is daintily holding down this massive man and looks rather disgusted and upset at having to do this. Now, here is Artemisia鈥檚:


Damn. Thats a whole different scene. Here Holofernes looks less like he鈥檚 simply surprised by the goings ons and more like a man choking on his own blood and struggling fruitlessly against his captors. The blood here is less of a bright red than in Carrivaggio鈥檚 but is somehow more sickening. It feels more real, and gushes in a much less stylized way than Carrivaggio鈥檚. Not to mention, Judith here is far from removed from the violence. She is putting her physical weight into this act. Her hands (much stronger looking than most depictions of women鈥檚 hands in early artwork) are working hard. Her face, as well, is completely different. She doesn鈥檛 look upset, necessarily, but more determined.聽

It鈥檚 also worth note that the handmaiden is now involved in the action. It鈥檚 worth note because, during her rape trial, Artemisia stated that she had cried for help during the initial rape. Specifically she had called for Tassi鈥檚 female tenant in the building, Tuzia. Tuzia not only ignored her cries for help, but she also denied the whole happening. Tuzia had been a friend of Artemisia鈥檚 and in fact was one of her only female friends. Artemisia felt extremely betrayed, but rather than turning her against her own gender, this event instilled in her the deep importance of female relationships and solidarity among women. This can be seen in some of her artwork, and I believe in the one above, as well, with the inclusion of the handmaiden in the act.

So, I just added a million words worth of information dump on a post when no one asked me, but there we go. I could talk for ages about Artemisia as a person and her depictions of women (even beyond what I wrote above. Don鈥檛 get me started on her depictions of female nudes in comparison to how male artists painted nude women at the time.)聽

To sum up: Artemisia Gentileschi is rad as hell. This x-ray is also rad as hell and makes her even radder.

I love art history.

I鈥檓 reblogging this again to add something that I also think is important to know about Artemisia Gentileschi.
Back in her time and through even to TODAY, there are people who argue that her artworks were greatly aided by her father鈥. As in he either helped her paint them or just straight up painted them himself. Hell, there are a number of works only recently (past several years or so) that have been officially attributed to Artemisia because people originally saw the signature with 鈥淕entileschi鈥 in it and automatically attributed it to Orazio.
So, not only was Artemisia Gentileschi an amazing artist and amazing historical figure, but I don鈥檛 want it to be ignored that there are people over 400 years later who still won鈥檛 give her the credit she deserves, just because she鈥檚 a woman and obviously women can鈥檛 paint like she did.

I fucking love Artemisia Gentileschi!!

Just because by reading this post I have learnt a lot and it麓s worth sharing. Now i know a new painter Artemisia Gentileschi !

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I grew up hearing the phrase聽鈥測ou never stick with anything, what鈥檚 the point鈥 a lot. I鈥檝e always been attracted towards seemingly disconnected interests, and gone through phases of being really聽into something. But eventually my interest would fade and I would move onto something else.聽

Or at least that鈥檚 always how it鈥檚 been phrased for me, by others. Now I realize that my interest for the old thing didn鈥檛 fade so much as my interest for something new outshined it, and that鈥檚 vastly different.聽

I was always made to feel bad about it, with every abandoned endeavour I was told I needed to stop starting things if I wasn鈥檛 going to stick with them. I was told I was wasting time and money picking up these random interests and abandoning them after a year.聽

So eventually, I stopped picking things up. I told myself聽鈥渨hat鈥檚 the point, I鈥檓 going to give up in a year anyway鈥. Even worse, I started dismissing every聽new interest, because I had no way of knowing if my interest was聽鈥渞eal鈥 enough or just another passing phase. I stopped trying new things, I stopped looking up stuff that piqued my curiosity, and having chronic depression made it really easy to leave everything on the dirty floor of neglected ideas. The more they piled up, the more depressing it was. All these things that could be nice, but I just can鈥檛 take care of them.聽

I realize now how bullshit that kind of thinking is. So what if I stopped doing karate after a year? That鈥檚 one more year of karate than most people I know. And in that year I learned discipline, I learned to listen to a teacher, something I had never done before in all my years of private education. I learned the true meaning of respect, that it鈥檚 something you do out of faith at first and maintain as it鈥檚 reciprocated, not something you do blindly and regardless of how you鈥檙e treated.聽

It gave me the foundation for the determination and grounding I needed to practice yoga. Another year. Not enough to be good at it maybe, but again a year more than most people I know and a year that is not lost, but gained. I learned balance, I learned to listen to my body, I learned how to let go of emotional tightness through physical stretching.聽

And then iaido, only a few weeks because I couldn鈥檛 afford to keep going. The year of yoga I had done a couple years previous had given me a better starting point than the other newcomers to the class. I already had balance, I had strength in my legs and I had better posture. In those months I learned the importance of precision, the true definition of efficacy, the zen state that is incessant repetition.聽

Did I practice long enough to get good at iaido, and yoga, and karate? No. Of course not. It takes years to become proficient and decades to master any of those things, but I learned other skills and those skills were an invaluable part of my growth both spiritually and emotionally. Likewise for my forays into painting, sewing, graphic design, film. I鈥檓 a photography student now heading into my second year of school, and every single second of practice I have in those other disciplines has given me more experience in those areas and made learning easier.聽

Skills carry over. They intersect and connect in ways that are sometimes unexpected. Nothing is ever lost, experience is never a waste of time or worthless or stupid. Allow your focus to wander, reflect on what you learn, and consider how you can keep using it in other aspects of your life. Stop telling people their interests aren鈥檛 worth their time.聽

鈥楢 jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one鈥

^^^^The real jack of all trades quote if anyone鈥檚 i interested.

For a week I was super into making LED arrays.聽

For a few months I was really into costume makeup.聽

For a year I was into sewing clothes

For a few months I was into sculpting and molding and casting

I鈥檝e always had a sustained interest in animals, but the hyperfocus on birds in particular made me very familiar with feather formations.聽

Couple months I loved the idea of engineering moving sculptures.聽

Add all that together, and hot diggity shit, that鈥檚 some SOLID basework for making costumes, cosplay, and other impressive props.


For a week I was into welding and took a welding class.

A year of interest in woodworking and fiddling with the tools means I鈥檓 fairly good at that as well.聽

Add that to the engineering from earlier and the focus on balance and stable structures means I can make my own furniture - Couches, shelves, desks, just give me the material and tools and I can make it happen.聽

Brief interest in business law meant two classes taken in college, and an accidental qualification for a business degree.聽

Those same classes let me point out some serious litigation bait in a friend鈥檚 startup company.聽


A wide array of interests means I also have a TON of little nitpicky facts about how the world works, which translates into amazing immersive writing.聽

I know how it feels to use a chisel, and the delicate precision of electronics. I know the smell of forests and barns and old yarn being put to use again. The bloody smell of a freshly slaughtered chicken, and the anticipatory fear moments before skydiving.聽

The pattern of a bad weld and a good one, and the careful calculation of load bearing walls when building underground.聽

Anyway, this world is HUGE and really cool. Why on earth would I want to stick to learning ONE thing, when there鈥檚 HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of things I could learn?

Learn all the things. Satisfy your knowledge dragon. <3

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you have to admit there are some joys in life that can only be felt due to hardship. a common example is steaming hot showers. it takes a cold day, or a sickness, for someone to experience the joy of a hot shower. you can鈥檛 enjoy it in the heat. then there鈥檚 the joy of a fulfilling sleep, often achieved through a tiring day. and there鈥檚 the joy of a reunion, achieved through separation. and there are many more examples. sometimes difficulty carries a special range of joys and that鈥檚 something to be thankful about.

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