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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

iranoutofsnarkycomments13 days agoAnswer

Any tips for panel layout for pacing? I feel like yours really lends itself to the stories u tell.

thank u. its random comic tips which may or may not answer your question time, cookie edition

did that help

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iranoutofsnarkycommentsa month agoText


fuck it i鈥檓 finally making this post because goddamn i wish i saw it when i was younger

to the minors who follow me:

if anyone significantly older than you approaches you on the internet or in real life in a romantic or sexual way, do. not. communicate with them. the second it becomes anything other than respectful or friendly in any way or if they make you even slightly uncomfortable, block. them. cut them out of your life. they are not worth it and they will hurt you. run. protect yourself. and be safe.

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iranoutofsnarkycomments5 months agoText


everyone in the world has a crush on at least one person from the bon appetit test kitchen and that鈥檚 just a fact of life

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iranoutofsnarkycomments5 months agoText


Gourmet Makes: gaze at beautiful gray streak claire as she recreate snack foods in a gourmet style while she slowly loses her mind and dissociates for 48 minutes, but it鈥檚 okay cause wlw are still madly in love with her.

It鈥檚 Alive: follow the human embodiment of a golden retriever brad as he makes fermented foods, builds his own grill, and goes on adventures, all the while mispronouncing the simplest words known to mankind.

Reverse Engineering: watch a blind folded chris as he uses his super taste buds to recreate famous peoples recipes while also giving himself way worse grades than he actual gets and proving why he鈥檚 claire鈥檚 favorite.

Back-to-Back Chief: gape at celebrities as they try to cook only by verbal instructions from the ever amazing carla lalli music, who probably low-key loves making these celebrities doubt their talents in not only cooking but everything else they do in life.

Molly Tries: observe molly as she gets followed, kidnapped, and forced to do scavenger hunts which ultimately leads her to do ridiculous but fun things on a scale from pancake art to cooking an ostrich egg, and also making sure everyone knows how great her dog tuna is.

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iranoutofsnarkycomments5 months agoText


The Bon Appetit test kitchen have 8 brain cells shared between them and Chris has five of them.聽

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iranoutofsnarkycomments5 months agoPhoto


Texas Oval Patera roemeri

always nice to see one of these guys! they鈥檙e classified as a vulnerable species and they鈥檙e getting harder and harder to find聽

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